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06/20/2006 Economics Ministry to submit oil product trading proposals soon
06/20/2006 Ukraine Naftogaz must lower debt to 100 mln by July Gazprom
06/20/2006 Al Qaeda group claims to hold Americans, Russians
06/20/2006 Lavrov to discuss Russia-EU relations at meeting with Finnish FM
06/20/2006 Euro down 2.64 kopeks on MICEX
06/20/2006 Dollar up 0.71 kopeks on MICEX
06/20/2006 UES Chubais pours cold water on mooted electric link to Finland
06/20/2006 Russian Audit Chamber calls for more transparency at the top
06/20/2006 Russia automotive evolution
06/20/2006 Russia looks to pay 51.4 pct of debt to Paris Club at face value
06/20/2006 Russian Expo Arms 2006 to showcase 400 companies, official says
06/20/2006 Iraqi Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Kidnapping, Murder of Russian Diplomats
06/20/2006 Moscow Demands Release of Russian Diplomats Held Hostage in Iraq
06/20/2006 Al-Qaeda in Iraq 'abducts' 2 US troops, 4 Russian diplomats
06/20/2006 Venezuela president to sign fighter purchase contract on Russia
06/19/2006 RUXX investment index set to open down 0.04%
06/19/2006 U.S. and Russia Break Impasse, Renew Program for WMD Regulation
06/19/2006 Putin to talk bilateral issues, Iran, Europe with Italy new PM
06/19/2006 US and Russia Break Impasse, Renew Program for WMD Regulation
06/19/2006 Russia slams UN official over alleged race-hate crime impunity
06/19/2006 Russia to pay 20.8 of Paris Club debt early finance minister
06/19/2006 Russia urges immediate release of diplomats kidnapped in Iraq
06/19/2006 Russia checks claims of al-Qaida abduction
06/19/2006 Al-Qaida-linked group kidnaps 4 Russian diplomats
06/19/2006 Russia welcomes approval of mechanism of aid to Palestine
06/19/2006 Russia demands release of kidnapped diplomats in Iraq
06/19/2006 Claim Abducted Russian diplomats in al-Qaeda hands in Iraq
06/19/2006 Putin nominates justice minister as new Russia prosecutor general
06/19/2006 Russian embassy in Iraq doesn't know who claimed responsibility forabduction
06/19/2006 Al-Qaeda in Iraq 'abducts' 2 US troops, 4 Russian diplomats
06/19/2006 Albright Iraq invasion fueled Iran, NKorea nuclear programs
06/19/2006 ISS Astronauts Discard Russian Cargo Ship
06/19/2006 In Russia, Tax Breaks YOU! Ford Hammered on Tax Breaks by Gov't
06/19/2006 Russia deal on Arcelor looks to be weakening
06/19/2006 Russia building steam as steel producer
06/19/2006 Russia calls for immediate release of diplomats kidnapped in Iraq
06/19/2006 US-Russia nuke deal extended
06/19/2006 Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Russians' Abduction
06/19/2006 Moscow demands immediate release of Russian hostages in Iraq
06/19/2006 Albright Iraq Invasion Encouraged Others
06/19/2006 Al Qaeda-led group claims abduction of US soldiers, Russians
06/19/2006 Russian-Israeli magnate may buy Sonol
06/19/2006 Iraq Group Says Holding 4 Russians in Iraq
06/19/2006 Russia thrives on arms sale
06/19/2006 Russia and the EU energy dialogue or energy conflict?
06/19/2006 Kabardino-Balkaria president nominates new regional PM
06/19/2006 Russia Regains Control of Oil Resources
06/19/2006 St. Petersburg to go on gardening spree ahead of G8 summit
06/19/2006 Russia Needs Urgent Measures as Population Dwindles
06/19/2006 Kabardino-Balkaria president sacks region government
06/19/2006 Russian police arrest suspect in serial killings
06/19/2006 Make-up artists surprise Russian primetime news
06/19/2006 4 Russian Embassy Officials Taken Hostage in Iraq
06/19/2006 Moscow court acquits 2 over attempt on life of Azerbaijani
06/19/2006 Progress M-55 launch vehicle undocks from ISS Mission Control
06/19/2006 Iraqi Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Kidnapping, Murder of Russian Diplomats
06/19/2006 Kidnappers set Chechnya ultimatum
06/19/2006 Al-Qaeda-led group claims abduction of Russian diplomats Internet
06/19/2006 Rosneft to invest 4 billion in oil refining to end of decade
06/19/2006 Russia checking reports on al-Qaeda link to kidnapped diplomats
06/19/2006 Iraq group says holding 4 Russians in Iraq-Web
06/19/2006 Russian Embassy Workers Kidnapped
06/19/2006 Transneft to finish survey work on new Pacific pipeline section 1
06/19/2006 Wrap Lawmakers back Chaika as candidate for top prosecutor
06/19/2006 Iraq insurgents claim four Russian Embassy workers kidnapped
06/19/2006 U.S. soldiers, Russian diplomats kidnapped Iraqi group
06/19/2006 Russian industrial output down 0.8 pct in May
06/19/2006 Georgian parliament speaker urges caution on criticism of Russia
06/19/2006 Prosecutor office can effectively fight corruption Chaika
06/19/2006 Romanov lawyers urge court to review tsar exoneration case
06/19/2006 Georgian speaker urges Russia to act to ease peacekeeper dispute
06/19/2006 Gazprom could make profit on domestic market soon, official says
06/19/2006 Shanghai group has no anti-U.S. agenda diplomat
06/19/2006 Gazprom mulls linking Russia gas pipeline network to Norway
06/19/2006 Russia needs national 'champions' Putin advisor Dvorkovitch
06/19/2006 Russia power sector needs 27.5bln in investment by 2010
06/19/2006 Prosecutor-elect Chaika says against rapid reform of office
06/19/2006 300 Russian soldiers, 40 aircraft taking part in Belarus exercises
06/19/2006 Gazprom mulling joint gas-liquefaction venture with Shell
06/19/2006 Russian Catholics back religious education at school
06/19/2006 Russia to Build Floating Commercial Nuclear Reactor
06/19/2006 Russian Christians Line Up To See John The Baptist Relic
06/19/2006 2008 budget should be adopted ahead of schedule Putin
06/19/2006 Russia communications sector may double GDP share by 2010
06/19/2006 PM Kadyrov pledges to fight Islamic extremists, restore Chechnya
06/19/2006 Russian parliament to back candidate for top prosecutor job
06/19/2006 Russia GDP grew 6.2% in 5M06 economics minister
06/19/2006 Russia, India talk expansion of naval ties
06/19/2006 Russia VimpelCom cell giant hit with 70.5 mln back tax claim
06/19/2006 Duma speaker praises Chaika candidacy for prosecutor job
06/19/2006 Fitch changes Rosbank outlook from stable to positive
06/19/2006 Russia, Uruguay In Talks On Joint Military Venture
06/19/2006 China to build power plants in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan
06/19/2006 The European Union has no reliable alternative to Russia for energy...
06/19/2006 Leading Russian doctor Roshal urges division of health ministry
06/19/2006 Russian spaceship set for fiery end in Pacific after leaving ISS
06/19/2006 Svyazinvest telecoms giant may be privatized by 2007 minister
06/19/2006 Moscow court upholds verdict on National Bolshevik radicals
06/19/2006 US, UN, EU, Russia Agree On Palestinian Aid Plan
06/19/2006 Europe has 'no alternative' to Russian energy German ex-leader
06/19/2006 Stabilization Fund to hit 110bln by end of 2006 watchdog
06/19/2006 Russia to Build World's First Floating Nuclear Reactors
06/18/2006 Khodorkovsky defense team appeals 2nd solitary confinement
06/18/2006 Police arrest suspected serial killer in Moscow
06/18/2006 Kemerovo power plant accident leaves city without electricity
06/18/2006 Main news of June 18
06/18/2006 Morning re-cap of main news of June 18
06/18/2006 Elders seals deal to export beef cattle to Russia
06/18/2006 Russian accused of Bondi Junction murder
06/18/2006 Mainstream News Unreported, undeclared, Russia's war spreads in Ingushetia
06/18/2006 Unreported, undeclared, Russia's war spreads in Ingushetia
06/18/2006 From Russia with love for 007 audience
06/18/2006 Russia Special Forces Kill Chechen Rebel Leader
06/18/2006 India to buy more spy planes for Navy from Russia
06/18/2006 Russian forces kill shadowy leader of Chechnya's separatists
06/18/2006 Russia says Chechen rebel leader is killed
06/18/2006 Russian carrier rocket with U.S. satellite launched from Pacific
06/18/2006 Russian cops mystified by murderous maniac
06/18/2006 Navy Chief to review defence projects during Russia visit
06/18/2006 Russian troops kill leader of Chechen separatists
06/18/2006 Chechen rebels pledge to fight on after head killed
06/18/2006 Morning re-cap of main news, June 17
06/18/2006 Russian rocket delivers Kazakh satellite into orbit
06/18/2006 Russian rocket delivers Kazakh satellite into orbit 1
06/18/2006 Russia Chechen rebel chief killed
06/18/2006 Russia, Belarus begin joint military exercise
06/17/2006 Russian oil giant seeks to win over wary investors
06/17/2006 Russia, China Call for Multilateral Approach to Challenges in Asia
06/17/2006 Russian agents kill Chechen rebel chief Michael Mainville / THE
06/17/2006 India to buy more Russian spy planes for Navy
06/17/2006 US, UN, EU, Russia Agree On Palestinian Aid Plan
06/17/2006 Police Kill Chechen Rebel Leader After Tip
06/17/2006 Russian police kill Chechen rebel leader
06/17/2006 Russia Says Chechen Leader Slain After Tip to Police
06/17/2006 Russia Says Chechen Leader Slain After Tip to Police
06/17/2006 Russian Police Kill Chechen Rebel Leader
06/17/2006 Russian firm to overhaul Indian copters
06/17/2006 Chechen rebel 'president' slain, but hardline fighter takes over
06/17/2006 Russia says Chechen rebel leader Sadulayev killed
06/17/2006 Russian Troops Kill Leader of Chechen Separatists
06/17/2006 Russia close to Paris Club deal on 22bn debt
06/17/2006 Russia Top Chechen Rebel Leader Killed
06/17/2006 Russia, China call for multilateral approach at security summit
06/17/2006 Georgia discontent with Russia 3.7 mln aid to S.Ossetia
06/17/2006 Two militants killed in Ingushetia
06/17/2006 Three documents signed after Russian-Kazakh talks
06/17/2006 Update Warlord killed in Chechnya planned major terror acts Kadyrov
06/17/2006 Russian, Chinese companies sign 2.5 bln contracts at Harbin fair
06/17/2006 So-called Ichkeria president eliminated in Chechnya Kadyrov
06/17/2006 Chechen Rebel Leader Sadulayev Killed
06/17/2006 Chechen rebel 'president' killed official
06/17/2006 Communists plan to spread influence across Russia leader
06/17/2006 So-called Ichkeria president eliminated in Chechnya Kadyrov
06/16/2006 Russia Urges Palestine to Stop Violence
06/16/2006 Rising Russian state oil giant casts huge regional shadow
06/16/2006 Ukraine Russia's ultimate blackmail victim
06/16/2006 G-8 Nations Vow to Cooperate on Terrorism
06/16/2006 Russian law would expand 'extremism'
06/16/2006 Eminent Russian-Israeli Composer Dies
06/16/2006 Russia drafts anti-bird flu program for G8 summit-1
06/16/2006 Russia to discuss Iraq in OIC summit
06/16/2006 Bored? Win a Parliament seat
06/16/2006 Russians double up at the Comrades Stories
06/16/2006 US seeks to sway Russia on jet sales to Venezuela
06/16/2006 Israeli refinery bid veto irks Russians
06/16/2006 Russia UN Racism Official Concludes Inspection Tour
06/16/2006 Iran/Russia Putin Says Iran Is Ready To Resume Nuclear Dialog
06/16/2006 Paris Club, Russia agree on early debt repayment
06/16/2006 Gazprom Neft takes over pipeline builder Zarubezhneftegazstroi
06/16/2006 Moscow court gives lengthy jail terms to credit card fraud gang
06/16/2006 Russia, Azerbaijani leaders discuss Karabakh settlement Lavrov
06/16/2006 New combat vehicles on way to Russian airborne units
06/16/2006 Italy Candy Group opens washing machine plant in Russia
06/16/2006 UN special rapporteur calls for Russian anti-racism institution
06/16/2006 Our Ukraine says no talks yet with pro-Russia party
06/16/2006 Russia sees July WTO entry
06/16/2006 Russian-Israeli Composer Joseph Dorfman Dies at 65
06/16/2006 Russian mission to Mars in 2009
06/16/2006 Russia sees WTO entry next month
06/16/2006 Dealing with Russia All they're asking for is a little respect
06/16/2006 Putin seeks to calm speculation over his successor
06/16/2006 killed, 7 injured in Moscow house gas blast
06/16/2006 Ukrainian nationalists picket Russian Embassy in Kiev
06/16/2006 Beslan investigation extended until Jan.1 2007 prosecutor
06/16/2006 Russia Putin arrives in Kazakhstan for Asia conference
06/16/2006 Shanghai group, West can cooperate over energy Russian FM
06/16/2006 New Russia hockey coach to be named next week federation head
06/16/2006 S.Korea expects stable energy supplies from Russia minister
06/16/2006 Russian parliament approves Gazprom export monopoly law
06/16/2006 Russia could complete WTO talks with US by G8 summit Putin
06/16/2006 Russia Sberbank raises dividend payouts 53-56% y-o-y
06/16/2006 Sberbank net profit in 5M06 1.4 billion board chairman
06/16/2006 Russia FM slams Georgian accusations over conflict resolution
06/16/2006 Russia's nuclear expansion plans cause alarm
06/16/2006 Joseph Dorfman, Russian-Israeli composer, dies at 65
06/16/2006 Russia invited to attend Cuba NAM summit as observer
06/16/2006 Russia oil production in 4M06 rises 2.2% y-o-y stats. service
06/16/2006 Russian Olympic ice skating champion Plyushchenko becomes father
06/16/2006 Russia drafts anti-bird flu program for G8 summit
06/16/2006 Russia expects swift answer on nuclear talks from Iran Lavrov
06/16/2006 G8 to boost anti-terror cooperation Russian interior minister
06/16/2006 Russia GDP growth 5.5 pct in Q1 vs yr earlier
06/16/2006 2 killed, six hospitalized in household gas blast in Moscow
06/16/2006 Duma backs bill to give Gazprom exclusive gas export rights
06/16/2006 Russia sees reform as key to effective OSCE foreign ministry
06/16/2006 Stabilization Fund to gain 57.3 bln under 2007 draft budget
06/16/2006 Russia 2007 budget surplus forecast at 50 bln
06/16/2006 Chávez to Buy Russian Arms
06/16/2006 Venezuela New Russian fighters
06/16/2006 Putin says positive about state of Russia-U.S. relations
06/16/2006 Iran presence at SCO summit contradicts group goals U.S.
06/15/2006 Russian monetary base up 2.6 bln in week
06/15/2006 Russian court overturns acquittal of man convicted in 1999 apartment bombing
06/15/2006 Putin hopeful of inking WTO agreement with U.S. before G8 summit
06/15/2006 Russian court overturns Salikhov acquittal
06/15/2006 Chavez defies US embargo with Russian jet deal
06/15/2006 Russia to build floating nuclear power station
06/15/2006 Russia hoping for intl assistance in releasing diplomats in Iraq Putin
06/15/2006 China in accord with Russia on Iran
06/15/2006 Russia Is Becoming Less Free, Study Says
06/15/2006 Russia-Georgia Relations Remain Strained
06/15/2006 Russia in Spotlight as Host of Next G-8 Summit
06/15/2006 Russian Software Outsourcer Auriga Seeks Wider Skies
06/15/2006 Pakistan seeks Russian help for SCO membership
06/15/2006 Putin takes swipe at US policy in central Asia
06/15/2006 Civil remote sensing craft launched by Russia
06/15/2006 Venezuela's Chavez orders Russian warplanes, plans gun factory
06/15/2006 Venezuela to buy 24 Russian fighter jets
06/15/2006 EU SUMMIT Russia's Putin to attend Oct summit Finnish spokesman
06/15/2006 Russia lower house passes bill to shorten military conscription requirement
06/15/2006 Russia light industry held back by illegal imports ministry
06/15/2006 Russia Foreign Ministry hails donor conference on S.Ossetia
06/15/2006 Russia, Belarus to conduct Union Shield-2006 exercise in June
06/15/2006 Russia, Uruguay in talks on joint military venture
06/15/2006 Fate of Russian diplomats kidnapped in Iraq still unknown
06/15/2006 Russia needs to stop the USA from launching offensive weapons into space
06/15/2006 Russian rabbi Mixed marriages evidence of harmony
06/15/2006 Washington, Moscow to Discuss Security
06/15/2006 Russia's Putin positive on Iran nuclear issue after meeting Ahmadinejad UPDATE
06/15/2006 Russia Proposes "Energy Club", Strategic Agreements For SCO
06/15/2006 Russia says Iran 'has the right' to nuclear technology
06/15/2006 Russian President Calls for International Help to Release Russian Diplomats in Iraq
06/15/2006 Russian visitors get a taste of Motorcycle Week
06/15/2006 MTS shareholders vote for new president for cell phone giant
06/15/2006 Russian Railways halts tender for stake in Elgaugol mine co.
06/15/2006 Russia must not ignore oil price risk ex-deputy PM Gaidar
06/15/2006 Russian oil gunning for Firepower boss
06/15/2006 Russia's Putin positive on Iran nuclear issue after meeting Ahmadinejad
06/15/2006 Venezuela Purchasing 24 New Russian-Made Fighter Jets
06/15/2006 Russia to maintain military cooperation with China Putin 1
06/15/2006 Court hands down jail terms to attackers of Chechen singer
06/15/2006 Russian Air Force set to get 250 Yak-130 training planes
06/15/2006 Moscow court upholds ban on radical National Bolshevik Party
06/15/2006 Russia MTS posts 20.7% year-on-year drop in 1Q06 net profit
06/15/2006 4th train with military hardware leaves Russian base in Georgia
06/15/2006 Nuclear Standoff Iran's President Seeks Chinese, Russian Support
06/15/2006 Russian Empress To Be Reburied in St. Petersburg With Husband
06/15/2006 Putin Iran Ready to Enter Negotiations
06/15/2006 Update Russia could win NPP tender Bulgarian minister
06/15/2006 Russian Christians line up to see John the Baptist relic
06/15/2006 Russia says Iran 'has the right' to nuclear technology
06/15/2006 Russia to deliver 12 Sukhois to India in 2006
06/15/2006 Man sent for psychiatric care after Russian synagogue attack
06/15/2006 Energy riches bad for democracy in post-Soviet space U.S. NGO
06/15/2006 Russia Putin says Iran must allay world nuclear concerns
06/15/2006 Air Force to take delivery of upgraded Tu-160 bomber in July
06/15/2006 Russia's Putin meets Ahmadinejad, says Iran has right to nuclear technology
06/15/2006 President Musharraf meets Iranian, Afghan and Russian leaders
06/15/2006 Mainstream News Venezuela to get Russian aircraft
06/15/2006 Russia gold and currency reserves up 0.9 bln in week
06/15/2006 Russia to fly 5th-generation plane in 2007 air force chief
06/15/2006 Iranian leader suggests Iran, Russia set natural gas prices
06/15/2006 Banks divided on Rosneft value, attractiveness of IPO paper
06/15/2006 Boeing to Russia Tax break is needed
06/15/2006 Russian engineers to play big role on 747-8
06/15/2006 RNCOS Research Mobile Penetration Amongst Russian Young Reaches 100%
06/15/2006 G8 interior and justice ministers, prosecutors meet in Moscow
06/15/2006 Putin urges international help to free Russian diplomats in Iraq
06/14/2006 Venezuela buys more Russian arms
06/14/2006 Russia plans Arabic TV channel
06/14/2006 Russia President Putin proposes SCO "energy club"
06/14/2006 Russia Putin proposes strategic partnership agreement for SCO states
06/14/2006 Putin urges SCO defense agencies to step up anti-terror fight
06/14/2006 Ahmadinejad seeks Chinese, Russian support
06/14/2006 Venezuela to get Russian aircraft
06/14/2006 Shanghai summit opens with Iran crowding the agenda
06/14/2006 Court puts Tax Service on list of Yukos creditors
06/14/2006 Venezuela says to buy 24 Russian fighter jets
06/14/2006 Chavez Venezuela Will Buy 24 Russian Fighters This Year
06/14/2006 Chavez Venezuela to Buy 24 Russian Fighter Jets This Year
06/14/2006 Mainstream News Russia to tighten military draft
06/14/2006 Iran President In Shanghai To Seek Russia, China Support
06/14/2006 In Shanghai, Iran's president sounds out Russian, Chinese backing in nuclear standoff
06/14/2006 Mainstream News Floating atomic plant for Russia
06/14/2006 Russian fighter jets on Venezuelan shopping list
06/14/2006 Russia to build floating reactor
06/14/2006 Chavez Venezuela to buy Russian fighter jets
06/14/2006 Russia plans nuclear plant to float at sea
06/14/2006 In Shanghai, Iran's president sounds out Russian, Chinese backing in nuclear standoff
06/14/2006 Examining U.S. Russia Relations
06/14/2006 Russia Will Not Discuss its Nuclear Weapons With U.S. Official
06/14/2006 Ahmadinejad Seeks Chinese, Russian Support
06/14/2006 Floating atomic plant for Russia
06/14/2006 Russian state to retain 70% of Rosneft stock after IPO Gref
06/14/2006 Global stocks fall unlikely to affect Russian economy minister
06/14/2006 Russia Gref says unruffled by speculation about sacking
06/14/2006 Russia likely to fly fifth generation plane in 2009 Ivanov
06/14/2006 projects recommended for Investment Fund financing-1
06/14/2006 Russia urges Palestinian factions to cease feuding
06/14/2006 Russia to tighten military draft
06/14/2006 Russian Empress' remains to be reburied in St Petersburg
06/14/2006 Ukraine faces new talks on gas deal with Russia
06/14/2006 State should take time privatizing Svyazinvest govt. official 1
06/14/2006 Russia's Kudrin says economy to slow down FM
06/14/2006 The Fight for Russia's Gas Pipelines
06/14/2006 Georgia Saakashvili urges thaw in relations with Russia
06/14/2006 Rostelecom buys out Zebra Telecom for 13.5 million
06/14/2006 Russia to build floating nuclear power plants for remote regions
06/14/2006 Russia to spend 7 bln if Sochi wins 2014 Olympics bid Gref
06/14/2006 Thousands of ex-gunmen joining federal forces Chechen leader
06/14/2006 State should take time privatizing Svyazinvest govt. official
06/14/2006 New trade ministry unlikely in near future govt. official
06/14/2006 Sibur to put 2005 profits in reserve fund, no dividend payout
06/14/2006 Asian Leaders & Russias Putin Head to Shanghai for Security Summit
06/14/2006 Relief on its way for allergy sufferers as Moscow prunes poplars
06/14/2006 Russia monetary base up 13.2% to 120 billion in May
06/14/2006 Russia plans floating N-plant
06/14/2006 Russia to simulate Mars voyage next year
06/14/2006 Russia limits foreign money in oil and gas
06/14/2006 Resurgent Russia aims for the summit
06/14/2006 Russian minister Gref highlights poverty as major social woe
06/14/2006 Strategic-sector foreign investment law may be adopted in 2006
06/14/2006 Russian finance minister Kudrin calls for pensions system reform
06/14/2006 Russia Urges Palestinians to Stop Violence
06/14/2006 Strains at Russia-Georgia talks
06/14/2006 Finance Ministry to draft proposals on taxing Gazprom profits
06/14/2006 Rosenergoatom, Sevmash sign contract to build floating NPP
06/14/2006 Hackers attacks on state computer networks increase official
06/14/2006 70% of Russian defense industry production will be civilian by 2015
06/14/2006 Ukraine Pro-Russia Party of Regions proposes grand coalition
06/14/2006 Kremlin official speaks against tax on Gazprom superprofits
06/14/2006 Russian trawler captain denies guilt in scandal with Norway
06/14/2006 Economy must grow 7.2% a year to double GDP in 10 years Kudrin
06/14/2006 Russian auto plants are Detroit North
06/14/2006 Infant dies, four migrant workers hurt in blaze near Moscow
06/14/2006 Russia, Georgia talk up ties as meeting brings few results
06/14/2006 Russia to Restrict Oil, Gas Access
06/14/2006 Russia, China refuse to back sanctions threat
06/13/2006 VEB provides 1bln to spur Russian exports to Shanghai group
06/13/2006 Annan lauds economic progress made by India, China, Russia
06/13/2006 Russian, Georgian presidents meet to mend soured ties
06/13/2006 Putin reassures US on Russia-China 'Shanghai' club
06/13/2006 China, Russia Refuse to Join Iran Sanctions Statement
06/13/2006 Phone Seizure Seen as Example of Russian Corruption
06/13/2006 Tehran's response to nuclear proposal expected soon Russian FM
06/13/2006 Cheney and Genscher Two Different Views on Russia
06/13/2006 Russia, Georgia leaders talk but no agreement
06/13/2006 Tight Supplies, Weather and Russia Point to
06/13/2006 China, Russia won’t join threats to Iran
06/13/2006 Xenophobia in Russia
06/13/2006 U.S. Policy in Central Asia and the War on Terrorism
06/13/2006 The U.S. Challenge at the Shanghai Summit
06/13/2006 Russia shouldn't be in G-8
06/13/2006 Emerging-market stocks fall; Russia, Colombia, Turkey lead drop
06/13/2006 Gazprom will retain Russian gas transport monopoly Putin
06/13/2006 Russian, Georgian leaders start "very tough" talks
06/13/2006 Russian, Georgian leaders start "very tough" talks
06/13/2006 Russia Appeals for Halt in Palestinian ‘Civil Strife’
06/13/2006 Nissan to build Russian car factory
06/13/2006 Putin Paints Upbeat Picture of Russian Economy at Global Conference
06/13/2006 Russia urges Palestinians to cease feud
06/13/2006 Russia appeals for halt in Palestinian 'civil strife'
06/13/2006 Russian mineral resources to remain open to foreigners Putin
06/13/2006 Russia shouldn't be in G-8
06/13/2006 XPEL inks deal to expand automotive products distribution in Russia