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Stem Cell
09/22/2006 Cancer research gets 100 million fillip
09/21/2006 Researchers help online shoppers improve diet
09/21/2006 Ark. researchers urge caution in biofuel enterprise
09/21/2006 School seniors spending 1,300 on formals research ABC
09/21/2006 Five Wyeth Research Scientists Honored by Science Spectrum Magazine
09/21/2006 Hamdan awards go to scientist and two UAE research centres
09/21/2006 Two-faced Protein Can Stop Metastasis Or Promote It, Researchers Say
09/21/2006 School seniors spending 1,300 on formals research
09/21/2006 MN1 Research Issues GTHA, Inc. Buy Recommendation
09/21/2006 NSW Govt gives 2.5m for farming environ research
09/21/2006 Gene Offers New Lead In Cleft Lip Research
09/21/2006 Researcher Lights The Way To Better Drug Delivery
09/21/2006 Research opens way to study early stages of Alzheimer's
09/21/2006 Researchers Locate Genetic Link for Nicotine Dependence Among African Americans
09/21/2006 Africa Highway to Freedom Science Policy Research in Africa
09/21/2006 Police investigate theft of rabbits from research Hardwick lab
09/21/2006 EU benefits for Romania and Bulgaria, say researchers
09/21/2006 SA enters research project with Airbus
09/21/2006 Research. Napolitano To Invest Is An Utmost Priority
09/21/2006 New Research Puts 'Killer La Palma Tsunami' At Distant Future
09/21/2006 Acne Treatment Linked To Depression, Research In Mice Suggests
09/21/2006 Researchers Use Statistical Technique To Find Mix Of Biomarkers Predicting Mortality
09/21/2006 10,000 gather at U.S. Capitol to urge cancer research funds
09/21/2006 Indiaforensic Research Foundation IRF launch course on Bank Frauds
09/20/2006 Cancer survivors press Congress for research funding
09/20/2006 Researchers U.S. scores poorly on health care
09/20/2006 Dying salt marsh patches in Delaware worry researchers
09/20/2006 Fundamental Research Releases Valuation on North American Gem Inc.
09/20/2006 Cancer Research Backers on Capitol Hill
09/20/2006 Doyle proposes 2.5 million for biomedical research
09/20/2006 Research Looks at How Open Source Software Gets Written
09/20/2006 Research into stem cells inconclusive
09/20/2006 UAlbany researcher to study nanoparticles with 496K grant
09/20/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Researchers search for ways to eliminate side effects of chemo
09/20/2006 Cameroon IT Centres to Boost Research in Schools
09/20/2006 Fidelity launches new research institute
09/20/2006 Researchers Urged to Publish Their Work
09/20/2006 Biomedical research grants announced
09/20/2006 New research puts 'killer La Palma tsunami' at distant future
09/20/2006 Scientists Discuss New Frontiers In Single-molecule Research
09/20/2006 Fidelity to create research institute
09/20/2006 Jefferson Researchers Find Potential Biomarket For Heart Failure
09/20/2006 Researchers Examine Why Food Tastes Bad To Chemotherapy Recipients
09/20/2006 Pioneering Danish researcher dies while visiting Syracuse
09/20/2006 GrowthStockResearch Features OTC BB RENG
09/20/2006 CSIR research to help TB sufferers
09/20/2006 IBS to set up research and product development facility in India
09/20/2006 Paypal Co-Founder Backs Anti-Aging Research Prize
09/20/2006 Ramadoss for a research dept in Health Ministry
09/20/2006 Fletcher in Ireland for Ryder Cup research
09/20/2006 Research funding aids ASU, economy
09/20/2006 Researchers track growth on Beauty Lake
09/20/2006 Ukrainian researchers urge revision of energy strategy, adopted in 2006
09/19/2006 Researchers work on way to regrow nerves in damaged limbs
09/19/2006 Brief Researchers warn of Internet Explorer 0-day
09/19/2006 Changes at forest research joint venture
09/19/2006 FCC Scandal Explodes with Second Revelation of Suppressed Media Ownership Research
09/19/2006 Researchers What's going on in gym class?
09/19/2006 Acne-treating drug leads to depressive behavior research
09/19/2006 Mars mission Risk 29 Scientists research ways to reduce radiation-induced brain damage
09/19/2006 Researchers establish scientific link between acne treatment and depression
09/19/2006 Dabur Research mulls drug discovery centre in Oman
09/19/2006 Taglich Brothers Issues Updated Research Report On Samaritan Pharmaceuticals
09/19/2006 Key UMKC researcher will join KU
09/19/2006 Batswana Get Intoxicated At Childhood Research
09/19/2006 Funding boost for heart research
09/19/2006 China Needs More Research on Korea
09/19/2006 Hwang Didn't Notice Forged Research
09/19/2006 Albanian And European Communities Compare Their Findings In The Advanced Child Neurology Research
09/19/2006 Dabur Research mulls drug discovery centre in Oman
09/19/2006 Wake Forest To Hire Five Diabetes Researchers For New Center
09/19/2006 Congress researcher says barred from Iran
09/18/2006 New research on ADHD cases in U.S. kids
09/18/2006 Researchers Upbeat As Rare Fish Species Returns to Lake Victoria
09/18/2006 Researchers Uncover a Secret of the Black Death
09/18/2006 Terrorism researchers fear reprisals under new laws
09/18/2006 Transforming sub-Saharan Africa's rice production through rice research
09/18/2006 Research Claims Vista Will Benefit European Economy
09/18/2006 U.S. researcher rebuffed to enter Iran
09/18/2006 China to build five more research institutes for new science fields
09/18/2006 Cane toad impact will boost croc hatchling numbers, researchers say
09/18/2006 Hurricane Rita research shows progress, obstacles
09/18/2006 Group pushes embryonic stem cell research
09/18/2006 Kenya Researchers Upbeat As Rare Fish Species Returns to Lake Victoria
09/18/2006 Research finds that largeish objects can follow the rules of the microscopic world
09/18/2006 Research shows who dies when and where
09/18/2006 Researchers Uncover a Secret of the Black Death
09/18/2006 Researchers Grow Neural, Blood Vessel Cells from Adult Stem Cells
09/18/2006 Researchers Find Underwater Lost World
09/18/2006 Researchers work to ensure rare bird's survival
09/18/2006 Univision tops research findings
09/18/2006 Controlling Bleeding Researchers Create Roadmap To Integrin Activation
09/18/2006 UAB to develop training programs in research ethics
09/18/2006 Researchers struggle to save rarest of American songbirds
09/18/2006 Ground-breaking new Canadian research shows students thrive in both co-ed and single-sex schools
09/18/2006 Institutional Research Partners Initiates Coverage of Kingsley Coach
09/18/2006 Researchers work to ensure survival of a rare songbird Boston Globe
09/18/2006 East Africa Young Scholars Receive Research Grant
09/18/2006 Federal agency backs unique meth research project in Portland
09/18/2006 InternetWeek U.S., U.K. Launch Research Coalition
09/18/2006 China should unify corporate tax rate at 24 pct NDRC researchers
09/18/2006 Funding boost for research unit
09/18/2006 "so-called" pro family "research" and a disturbing pattern of deception.
09/18/2006 Top researchers recruited to Finland from abroad
09/18/2006 U.S., Chinese Researchers To Collaborate On China's Moon Missions
09/18/2006 The New Newton Unpublished Papers Reveal Lesser-known, But Significant Research Of Sir Issac Newton
09/18/2006 Researchers work to ensure survival of a rare songbird
09/18/2006 New Zambian Research Contradicts Ugandan Study On Nevirapine
09/18/2006 Researchers identify unique genetic susceptibility to viral encephalitis
09/18/2006 ChangeWave Research 3Q/4Q 2006 Corporate Sales Report
09/18/2006 Research leads to lasers on chips
09/18/2006 Research In Motion launches BlackBerry Pearl
09/17/2006 Happiness plunges in Top End, research says
09/17/2006 Roof top research to pave way to greener buildings
09/17/2006 China to build five more research institutes for new science fields
09/17/2006 Energy firms commit to £1 bn low-carbon research institute
09/17/2006 Coonamble council to research opportunities for farmers
09/17/2006 Thousands walk marathon trail to raise money for research
09/17/2006 Research links air travel with timing of flu season
09/17/2006 Nanotechnology Propels Advances In Regenerative Medicine Research
09/17/2006 Researchers Identify Neurons That Assign Value During Learning
09/17/2006 What's Next For Gene Therapy? Plastics Researchers Design Polymer Macromolecules As Gene ...
09/17/2006 'Run For Hope' raises over 200,000 for cancer research
09/17/2006 Pioneering researchers given Lasker honour
09/17/2006 Research balloons drop in on storms
09/17/2006 Financial Services Groups Take Their Own Advice… At Last
09/17/2006 Researchers work to save rare songbird AP via Yahoo! News
09/17/2006 Research council hits back at critics
09/16/2006 Researchers Work to Save Rare Songbird
09/16/2006 Mane-less lions keeping cool researchers
09/16/2006 Researchers Still Learning from Romania Orphans
09/16/2006 Harvard researcher wins prestigious Lasker award
09/16/2006 Otter Research Gives Insight Into Lead Pollution
09/16/2006 Morning-after pill does not cut British abortion rate research
09/16/2006 Research Claims Vista Will Benefit European Economy TechWeb via Yahoo! News
09/16/2006 Bahrain must utilise solar power says researcher
09/16/2006 Researchers find drug for diabetes yields prevention
09/15/2006 McDonald's grant super sizes Scripps research on obesity, diabetes
09/15/2006 Alaska SeaLife Center research halted by judge
09/15/2006 Transforming sub-Saharan Africa's rice production through rice research
09/15/2006 Researchers find hope in diabetes battle
09/15/2006 In Shanghai For University, Research And Expo 2010
09/15/2006 Industrial Production Bersani, Dynamism Of Research
09/15/2006 Mane-less lions keeping cool researchers
09/15/2006 M.D. Anderson, Baylor team up on asthma research
09/15/2006 Researchers Find Evidence Of The Earliest Writing In The New World
09/15/2006 Researchers Some People Don't Mind Hearing Voices
09/15/2006 For Research On IPTV, Microsoft Turns To Bill Gates
09/15/2006 Ossrea Awards 15000 to Best Proposals of Young Researchers
09/15/2006 UAB to receive 876,000 in federal support of medical research
09/15/2006 'Ticking time bomb' Prisons unprepared for flu pandemic, says new SLU research
09/15/2006 Researchers watch seeds in 3D and discover an unknown air path
09/15/2006 Senior researcher warns of negative effects of foreign financial
09/15/2006 Stem Cell Research The Missouri Debate
09/15/2006 Researchers make discovery that may help liver disease treatment
09/15/2006 Dismantling The Research Being Used Against Video Games
09/15/2006 B.C. researchers tackle paraplegic sex issues
09/15/2006 Wikipedia Use as Research Tool Growing on College Campuses
09/15/2006 Researcher’s mistakes were unintentional, says U of Iowa leader
09/14/2006 Off Oregon's coast, researchers hope to pump electricity from surf to turf
09/14/2006 Researcher’s mistakes were unintentional, U of I says
09/14/2006 Princeton Researchers Hack Diebold E-Voting Machine
09/14/2006 Princeton researchers hack the vote
09/14/2006 Stone slab bears early writing, researchers report
09/14/2006 Researchers decode the genome of a tree for the first time
09/14/2006 Research notes, drafts of 'The Black Dahlia' at USC library
09/14/2006 Researchers Unlock For First Time The Genetic Code Of A Tree
09/14/2006 Research notes, drafts of Ellroy's 'The Black Dahlia' on display at USC
09/14/2006 Boren hails OU funding for research
09/14/2006 Researchers Unlock Genetic Code of Tree
09/14/2006 TGen given 10.7M grant for breast cancer research
09/14/2006 Brief Princeton researchers demonstrate Diebold voting virus
09/14/2006 Research 'blames West for terror'
09/14/2006 Secunia Research Tagger LE PHP 'eval' Injection Vulnerabilities
09/14/2006 Researchers Teach Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells to Diversify
09/14/2006 Researchers Unlock Genetic Code of Tree
09/14/2006 Coalition seeks research 'megacenter', jobs
09/14/2006 Gates Foundation funds 68M in tropical disease research
09/14/2006 Allocating drugs to city residents effective against AIDS pandemic in S. Africa research
09/14/2006 Researchers 'Extremely Serious' Vulnerabilities in US e-Voting Machines
09/14/2006 Government invests in environmental research
09/14/2006 Researchers believe spam should be fought at network level
09/14/2006 NIH Scientists escape ethics punishment
09/14/2006 Food Miles Research Good News For Exporters
09/14/2006 Researchers looking into dying aspens
09/13/2006 Yamiri Gold and Energy Inc. forms uranium research project in Argentina
09/13/2006 Fishing hotspot closed for research project
09/13/2006 State House passes bills for adult stem cell research
09/13/2006 Court to hear racial vilification research
09/13/2006 Australian senate committee to examine laws for stem cell research
09/13/2006 Researchers Looking Into Dying Aspens
09/13/2006 New Zambian Research Contradicts Ugandan Study On Nevirapine AllAfrica
09/13/2006 Moscow unaware of nuclear research in N. Korea
09/13/2006 Clemson research cleans up with edible oil
09/13/2006 Nevada Website Named Among Best for Family Research
09/13/2006 KU Med gets 1M grant for kidney research
09/13/2006 Researchers reveal 'extremely serious' vulnerabilities in e-voting machines
09/13/2006 Nano researchers build new and improved humidity sensors
09/13/2006 Phoenix center lands big role in cancer research
09/13/2006 Allocating drugs to city residents effective against AIDS pandemic in S. Africa research
09/13/2006 V Foundation awards 3.2M in research grants
09/13/2006 Cornell researchers developing napkin to detect biohazards
09/13/2006 Researcher wants to look into the hearts of OSU athletes
09/13/2006 UAF researcher finds new species of familiar Alaska arachnid
09/13/2006 Companies Withhold Research on Medications and Children
09/13/2006 Researchers find a more faith-oriented America
09/13/2006 EVGN Zebrafish Platform Boosts European Research On Cardiovascular Disease
09/13/2006 Molecular Sieve Advances Protein Research
09/13/2006 Wearing A Helmet Puts Cyclists At Risk, Suggests Research
09/13/2006 No evidence of SARS treatments having worked, claim researchers
09/13/2006 Lyme Disease Researchers Announce Audio Interview Series with Lyme Experts
09/13/2006 Radio doctor researches celebrities
09/13/2006 Researchers call old pain reliever as risky as Vioxx
09/13/2006 Researcher urges against panic on diclofenac risks ABC
09/12/2006 Sun setting on TVs, research shows
09/12/2006 Team Creates Uncanny Cell Replicas for Treatment, Research
09/12/2006 Companies wait on Congress to renew research tax credit
09/12/2006 Research centre to focus on inland aquaculture
09/12/2006 InvestSource Provides Research Report of Peace Arch Entertainment to the Public
09/12/2006 Washington University researchers determine that rice was domesticated independently at least twice
09/12/2006 Research Ethics
09/12/2006 Earth storms lead to space storms, researchers say
09/12/2006 No such thing as Gulf War syndrome, research says
09/12/2006 NIH Scientists Escape Ethics Punishment
09/12/2006 Scientists discuss new frontiers in single-molecule research at ACS
09/12/2006 At 34, Colts' Harrison Not Slowing Down
09/12/2006 MIT's molecular sieve advances protein research
09/12/2006 Scientists Create Uncanny Cell Replicas for Treatment, Research
09/12/2006 Unpublished Papers Reveal Significant Research of Sir Issac Newton
09/12/2006 Congress Slow to Renew R&D Tax Credit
09/12/2006 East Africa Region's Women Researchers Win Awards
09/12/2006 Plug to collaborate on market research, R&D on solid oxide fuel cells
09/12/2006 Moscow unaware of nuclear research in N. Korea Putin aide
09/12/2006 Report Ethics violators getting light punishment from NIH
09/12/2006 Cyclists' helmets increase accident risk research
09/12/2006 AP Researchers Escape Ethics Punishment
09/12/2006 Researchers Create Mouse Lacking Key Inflammation Gene
09/12/2006 Research park firm grows from hobby world to security, military
09/12/2006 Milder alcoholism easier to treat, research shows
09/12/2006 Philips, Agilent and Cascade to set up new research laboratory in Netherlands
09/12/2006 Research Update
09/11/2006 China PBoC researcher says concerns remain over yuan speculation
09/11/2006 Researchers Identify Dart-like Molecule In Age-related Macular Degeneration
09/11/2006 Researchers Discover That Sheep Need Retroviruses For Reproduction
09/11/2006 Fire Damages Research Lab On Duke Campus
09/11/2006 Mussi, Significant Share Of Tax Yield Will Help Research
09/11/2006 Researchers find asthma-common cold link
09/11/2006 US researchers make progress in search for bird flu vaccine
09/11/2006 ASU hits 200M plateau in research spending
09/11/2006 Uganda Kyambogo's Bio-Ethanol Fuel Research Promising
09/11/2006 Unpublished Papers Reveal Lesser-known, but Significant Research of Sir Issac Newton
09/11/2006 Fire damages research lab on Duke campus
09/11/2006 Researchers Propose Energy Plan
09/11/2006 Philips, Agilent and Cascade to set up new research laboratory in Netherlands
09/11/2006 Researchers say cardiac therapy saves lives
09/11/2006 Federal researcher engaged in 'serious misconduct'
09/11/2006 Toyota Breaks Ground for New Research Facilities in U.S.
09/11/2006 Umbria to Showcase Blogosphere Analytics at 2006 DEMOGala
09/11/2006 Research Finds Blogs are a Powerful Presence in the B2B Marketplace
09/10/2006 Walk, run benefits research, education for National Suicide Prevention Day
09/10/2006 Paper Cancer Scientist Took Firms' Cash
09/10/2006 Paper Cancer scientist took firms' cash
09/10/2006 Mayo Researchers Discover HIV Dependence On A Human Protein
09/10/2006 Beattie win defies party's research
09/10/2006 Breakthrough brain scans could aid mental health treatment researchers
09/10/2006 Parents of EEE victim raising money for disease research
09/10/2006 Bird flu lingers in the throat, researchers discover
09/10/2006 Drug Treatment For Premature Ejaculation Is Effective, Researchers Show
09/10/2006 Faculty active in research work at CSU-Pueblo
09/10/2006 Professor pumped for heart research
09/10/2006 Australian research shows higher cancer rates among Vietnam veterans
09/10/2006 Malaysia offers millions for biotechnology research
09/10/2006 NIH researcher accused of misconduct
09/10/2006 It up to buyer to research the area
09/10/2006 Norway atomic research reactor shut by leak
09/09/2006 Terrorism research shifting to study of new information, investigations
09/09/2006 Lentigen Corporation Signed Second Collaborative Research Agreement with the University of Pennsylvania
09/09/2006 Researchers Identify Key Step In Cocaine-induced Heart Enlargement, Sudden Death
09/09/2006 China, India for joint research
09/09/2006 Researchers find 'warrior effect'
09/09/2006 Researchers identify 'male warrior effect'
09/09/2006 Researchers Men have 'warrior' psychology
09/09/2006 Norway atomic research reactor shut by leak
09/09/2006 Ireland to become leader in Alzheimer's research
09/09/2006 Space experiments advance research
09/09/2006 FDA panel urges research into safety of dental fillings containing mercury
09/09/2006 Russia, China adopt joint space research programme
09/09/2006 Qatar University, HMC to carry out research on smoking
09/08/2006 Club fundraiser benefits Alzheimer research
09/08/2006 Industry players keen to tap into funding under Environment, Water Research Programme
09/08/2006 Dutch chipmaker plans US20 mln research center in S. Korea
09/08/2006 Ralphs Bay's impact on fish species 'needs more research'
09/08/2006 Boost for drug research
09/08/2006 NGO plans gay-research awards
09/08/2006 Researcher lights the way to better drug delivery
09/08/2006 Advanced Cell Technology gets stem cell research money
09/08/2006 Reach Car Buyers Where They Research
09/08/2006 Trimeris extends drug research deal with Roche
09/08/2006 Researchers hatch theory that mayflies add to Lake Erie algae woes
09/08/2006 Malaysia offers millions for biotechnology research
09/08/2006 STIs Cause Infertility, Social Stigma In Sub-Saharan Africa, Researcher Says
09/08/2006 Danforth center gets 15 million Monsanto grant for crop research in Africa
09/08/2006 Tough fight for Beattie Labor research
09/08/2006 City chosen for research project
09/07/2006 Pape threat research 'flawed'
09/07/2006 CRISL launches commodity research and Agri risk monitor service
09/07/2006 Research Center Wins Grant
09/07/2006 Researchers say cardiac therapy saves lives
09/07/2006 Cyclists To Raise Money For Multiple Sclerosis Research
09/07/2006 Vice-Chancellor readies research roadmap
09/07/2006 Rice awarded 10M DOE grant for computer research center
09/07/2006 Iranian researchers find new AIDS treatment
09/07/2006 Researchers say new drug helps prevent premature ejaculation
09/07/2006 UAB lands 8.6M grant to develop regional hub for neuroscience research
09/07/2006 Sex is Good for Evolution, Researcher Says
09/07/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Researchers work worldwide to develop vaccines for bird flu virus
09/07/2006 Investment in rhino research pays off SOS Rhino chief
09/07/2006 Fox Chase researcher gets 11M cancer grant
09/07/2006 Senators fault stem cell research claim
09/07/2006 Researchers tackle problem of data storage for next-generation supercomputers
09/07/2006 Researchers use sound to search for gas, oil
09/07/2006 Researchers identify key step in cocaine-induced heart enlargement, sudden death
09/07/2006 RedChip Visibility Issues Quarterly Research Update on TelePlus Enterprises, Inc.
09/07/2006 Senators Slam Stem Cell Research Breakthrough
09/07/2006 * Researcher links neck and sleep
09/07/2006 Iran claims AIDS research breakthrough
09/07/2006 Senators Fault Stem Cell Research Claim
09/07/2006 FAO aids Myanmar in forestry research
09/07/2006 Researcher casts doubt over dark matter 'proof'
09/07/2006 United States company to launch thorium research division
09/07/2006 Senators fault claim of stem cell research breakthrough
09/07/2006 ChangeWave Research Baby Boomer Work, Leisure, Savings & Retirement Report
09/07/2006 Research In Motion announces release of BlackBerry Pearl mobile handset
09/07/2006 Uni research not to be sniffed at
09/06/2006 CSU names research VP
09/06/2006 Research on Cancer Gene Poses a Dilemma
09/06/2006 New Research Points to "Climate Time Bomb"
09/06/2006 'Quark' research sheds light on matter
09/06/2006 Senators fault stem cell research claim
09/06/2006 Top EPA scientist to join CSU research team
09/06/2006 Hormone explains full feeling after protein-rich meal, researchers say
09/06/2006 STIs Cause Infertility, Social Stigma In Sub-Saharan Africa, Researcher Says
09/06/2006 Danforth center gets 15 million Monsanto grant for crop research in Africa
09/06/2006 U.S., Europe export fat, diseases, says researcher
09/06/2006 Iran claims AIDS research breakthrough
09/06/2006 Microsoft Research Builds 'BrowserShield'
09/06/2006 Iran Claims AIDS Research Breakthrough
09/06/2006 Conflict Studies Research Centre Multi-Ethnic Armies Lebanese Lessons and Iraqi Implications
09/06/2006 Google unveils historical research service
09/06/2006 Research Med Center offers liver, pancreas institute
09/06/2006 Howlett Research Corp. Publishes Research Report on Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.
09/06/2006 Jean-Luc Laydevant Joins Vision Research as Director of European Sales
09/06/2006 Researchers Develop Mouse Model For Poorly Understood Human Myopathy
09/06/2006 Green pledges to spend 25M on stem cell research
09/06/2006 Andale™ Launches Honesty, Free eBay Buyer Research Site
09/06/2006 New Survey Consumers Doing Their Homework, Planning More Research on Auto Financing Options
09/05/2006 Bigger hardware needed to prevent website crashes, researcher says
09/05/2006 Danforth center gets 15 million Monsanto grant for crop research in Africa
09/05/2006 Grain researchers inspect crops' weather-coping abilities
09/05/2006 Researchers seek genetic key to lymphoma
09/05/2006 NYT researcher appeals China fraud sentence
09/05/2006 Australian research shows higher cancer rates among Vietnam veterans
09/05/2006 Researchers develop mouse model for muscle disease
09/05/2006 Kenya Key Roles Are Curriculum Development And Research
09/05/2006 Langevin calls on states to promote stem cell research
09/05/2006 Research shows how ultrasound can deliver therapeutic molecules into living cells
09/05/2006 Research Study High-Risk HPV
09/05/2006 Telephone telepathy? Researcher says it rings true
09/05/2006 RFID Chip Veteran to Run SecureRF Research & Development
09/05/2006 Researchers Find Validity in 1918 Treatment for Avian Influenza
09/05/2006 Purdue researcher work in orbit today
09/05/2006 Researchers Map Out Networks That Determine Cell Fate
09/05/2006 Mature Muscle Fibers Can Revert To Become Cancerous, Researchers Find
09/05/2006 Researcher Studies Gene Families To Explore Diversity And Evolution
09/05/2006 Number of animals used for research up report
09/05/2006 Australia PM mulls ban on clone research
09/05/2006 Microsoft Research Builds 'BrowserShield'
09/05/2006 LRA Worldwide to Exhibit at The American Marketing Association Marketing Research Conference in Chicago
09/05/2006 Chubby toddler? It's not just a phase, new research finds
09/05/2006 Australian research shows higher cancer rates among Vietnam veterans
09/04/2006 Research finds older fathers more likely to have autistic children
09/04/2006 Research centre pulls in funding
09/04/2006 17,000 more animals used in research
09/04/2006 Bird flu research must be shared faster
09/04/2006 Early cancer research in Singapore holds hope for new treatment
09/04/2006 Research at Argonne helps Abbott Labs develop anti-HIV drug
09/04/2006 Netherlands Donates 166M To Help Establish AIDS Research Institute
09/04/2006 State snags 3rd research lab
09/04/2006 Otter research gives insight into lead pollution
09/04/2006 Researchers Find Validity in 1918 Treatment for Avian Influenza
09/04/2006 Jailed Chinese researcher appeals sentence
09/04/2006 Change of guard at IBM Research Lab
09/04/2006 Superconductivity Is Key To Conserving Energy, Says Researcher
09/04/2006 Chinese researcher for NY Times to appeal-lawyer
09/04/2006 AOL Shuts Down AOL Research
09/04/2006 New kind of sleep apnea identified by Mayo Clinic researchers
09/03/2006 Bio-incubator hatched to aid researchers, startups
09/03/2006 NZ-based researcher elected onto elite scientific body
09/03/2006 Avian flu research 'could be cut'
09/03/2006 New Technique Allows Researchers To Statistically Analyze Results Of Clinical Trials
09/03/2006 German researchers say they've found the oldest manuscripts of J.S. Bach
09/03/2006 MOH To Conduct Filarial Research
09/03/2006 China to increase support for drug research, production
09/03/2006 Teen Researcher Seeks A Better Way To Treat Tuberculosis
09/03/2006 Researcher to aid transfer of musical scores to computer
09/03/2006 AOL Shuts Down AOL Research
09/02/2006 Stem cell research raises questions
09/02/2006 Researchers Find New Way To 'Sweeten' Key Drugs
09/02/2006 Research Showed Homosexuality Is Real In Ghana
09/02/2006 Stem-cell research, minimum wage hike lead in poll
09/02/2006 Screening Tools Slow to Arrive in U.S. Airports
09/02/2006 World of Warcraft is online game to beat, says research firm
09/01/2006 Researchers Make Chemical Warfare Protective Nanofibers Out Of Deck Sealer
09/01/2006 Research 2000 poll - Illinois governors race
09/01/2006 Research 2000 poll - Missouri U.S. Senate race
09/01/2006 Osaka Univ. researcher commits suicide in laboratory
09/01/2006 A Cancer Research Breakthrough In Texas
09/01/2006 Stem Cell Research Destroyed Embryos
09/01/2006 Allen Foundation gives 5 million to cancer research
09/01/2006 Researchers now expect just 5 hurricanes
09/01/2006 Researchers find clue to antibiotic resistance
09/01/2006 IBM Disk Storage Systems Continues Growth, According to Leading Research Firm
09/01/2006 Pest Control Research Leads To Pain Control Discovery
09/01/2006 Researchers uncork wine-tasting robot
09/01/2006 Researchers create new system to address phishing fraud
09/01/2006 Researchers find clue to antibiotic resistance
09/01/2006 Research students 'go it alone'
09/01/2006 Method hailed as breakthrough in stem cell research destroyed embryos
09/01/2006 Stem cell experiment killed embryos, researchers say
09/01/2006 U.S. researchers tout cancer success
08/31/2006 DNA research centre opens at Adelaide Uni
08/31/2006 Online Tool Aids Research On Certain 'Orphan Diseases' Linked To Tiny, Hair-like Cilia
08/31/2006 Research links poor housing conditions, sickness rates
08/31/2006 Cancer researcher 'This is just a start'
08/31/2006 Home drug use more likely in regions research
08/31/2006 Australian government remains divided on stem cell research
08/31/2006 US researchers successfully attack cancer with gene therapy
08/31/2006 National Centre for Education is Seat of Human Development Research Minister
08/31/2006 Tory government pays for focus-group research on environmental policy
08/31/2006 Only 1.7% of Brazilian Companies Invest in Research and Development
08/31/2006 British Press Promotes "distorted Views Of Mental Illness" New Research Suggests
08/31/2006 Nigeria President Obasanjo Reappoints Root Crops Research Institute Boss

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