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06/05/2006 Jeep Liberty diesel production halted
06/05/2006 DaimlerChrysler stopping production of diesel SUV
06/05/2006 Production of Ruslan aircraft resumed
06/05/2006 Tatneft exceeds May crude production plan by 2.4%
06/05/2006 Texas lags behind in states' race to land film productions
06/04/2006 Gas production up, oil down
06/04/2006 Texas lags behind in states race to land film productions
06/04/2006 Kirby Center’s makeover quite a production
06/03/2006 Rourkela steel plant beats production record for May
06/02/2006 Water issues limiting coal-bed methane production
06/02/2006 L.A. Loses TV Pilots, Industry Study Finds
06/02/2006 Fire causes 30 percent loss in production at Valero's Corpus Christi refinery
06/02/2006 Bajaj Auto production to surge
06/02/2006 Volkswagen to launch production in Russia
06/02/2006 L.A. losing TV pilot production, group says
06/02/2006 Japans Industrial Production Rises, Jobless Rate Stays Low
06/02/2006 OPEC Leaves Oil Production Unchanged
06/02/2006 OPEC is set to follow current oil production
06/01/2006 Ultrasonics Boosts Release Rates Of Corn Sugars For Ethanol Production
06/01/2006 Venezuela Chavez Calls for OPEC Production Cuts
06/01/2006 OPEC to Maintain Oil Production Levels
06/01/2006 OPEC Keeps Production Steady
06/01/2006 OPEC rejects call to cut oil production
06/01/2006 OPEC poised to keep production steady, Iran blames U.S. for high world prices
06/01/2006 Oilsands production could triple by 2015 report
06/01/2006 GM to expand transmission production in Michigan
06/01/2006 GTL Provides Ultra Clean Fuel, Exceeds Most Clean Air Standards and Reduces Production Costs
06/01/2006 OPEC Rejects Production Cuts
06/01/2006 OPEC To Decide On Production
06/01/2006 OPEC Set to Keep Production Steady
06/01/2006 Cusac Gold Mines Ltd. 5.75 Million Production/Exploration Financing Closed
06/01/2006 OPEC Not Expected to Cut Oil Production
06/01/2006 GM to expand transmission production in Warren
06/01/2006 'Ist Airbus plant outside Europe to start production in China'
06/01/2006 Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Secures Patent for Reovirus Production
05/31/2006 Sugar firms see no problem in RIL foray in ethanol production
05/31/2006 OPEC brushes off call to cut production
05/31/2006 Opec set to steady oil production
05/31/2006 Report on May '06 Visit to Medis Production, R&D Facilities in Israel
05/31/2006 New SRK-starrer is a BMC production
05/31/2006 Report China taking steps to cut overcapacity in car production
05/31/2006 HiEnergy Technologies' Leading Explosives Detection Technology to be Featured in National Geographic Production
05/31/2006 Quest Sets 90 Day Production Goal for Texas Properties
05/30/2006 AMD Puts 2.5B into Production
05/30/2006 BLM King coal will keep growing
05/30/2006 Xtreme Motorsports of California Highlights Production-Based Sandcar Program at Extreme Motorsports Expo
05/30/2006 Iran nears bomb production with nuclear trigger capacity opposition group
05/30/2006 Production and jobs boost Japan
05/30/2006 Opec set to steady oil production
05/30/2006 Auto Production in Japan Rises in April
05/30/2006 Chavez Calls for Cut In Oil Production
05/30/2006 Serbia April industrial production up 1.4 pct year-on-year
05/30/2006 Nidec Strengthens Automotive Motor Production in China
05/29/2006 Henry Bumstead, 91, Production Designer For Noted Films, Dies
05/29/2006 Japan April vehicle production up 3.9 pct year-on-year at 904,821
05/29/2006 Opec to keep production levels
05/29/2006 Vaaldiam Resources Ltd. Duas Barras Diamond Project Moves Towards Production
05/29/2006 Commercial production at Dunlop to be delayed
05/29/2006 China urges farmers to raise export production standards
05/29/2006 Auto Production-Glance
05/29/2006 GM to build car production factory in Russia
05/29/2006 GM to build car production factory in Russia economics ministry
05/29/2006 Production of Mercedes-Benz E-class sedans still on in China
05/29/2006 OCL to invest Rs 700 cr to hike cement production capacity
05/28/2006 Prius hybrids hard to find as demand exceeds production
05/28/2006 Natural Gas Production to be Increased Via Electricity Production
05/28/2006 QNCC boosts cement production
05/28/2006 Necessary Theatre production tells 7 stories examining women options
05/27/2006 Miyamoto Confirms StarFox Wii Is In Production
05/27/2006 Future Growing Asia Needs Double Food Production
05/26/2006 MPT production chronicles geography whiz kids
05/26/2006 Bush and Congress Should Lift Environmental Restrictions on Energy Production
05/26/2006 Valero bringing Texas City Refinery back to full production
05/26/2006 Skilled labor shortage causes production delays at Union Tank Car
05/26/2006 OVL vietnam signs production contract
05/26/2006 Food production must double to feed Asia
05/25/2006 Lawmaker Asks Court To Force Production Of Lawyer Bills
05/25/2006 Nintendo Reveals Wii Price, Production Plans
05/25/2006 US official Security could help Iraq double oil production
05/25/2006 Joy Global profits double; shares drop on production warning
05/25/2006 Gazpromneft to invest 16.5 bln in oil production through 2020
05/25/2006 Small Picture, Details of Melling Hellcat Emerge; Production Deal with Roush
05/25/2006 TSMC Production-Ready for 65-nm X Architecture Designs
05/25/2006 Syria, Marathon Oil sign production sharing agreement
05/24/2006 Three oil wells burnt, production hit in Assam
05/24/2006 IRAQThe Petroleum Exploration and Production Handbook
05/24/2006 Major petrochemical center stops production due to lack of demand
05/24/2006 Dell's W-S facility hits employment, production milestones
05/24/2006 Emerge Capital Turnaround Subsidiary Nexus Nano Electronics Achieves 250 Percent Record Production Increases
05/24/2006 Tower begins production of Wavion w-fi chip
05/24/2006 3 Japanese automakers report global production rise in April
05/24/2006 Russian natural gas production rises 1.8% in 1Q06 ministry
05/24/2006 Russian oil, gas condensate production up 2.1% in 4M06
05/24/2006 Russia coal production climbs 7.07% y-o-y in 4M06
05/24/2006 Governor to visit Burrillville salami-production plant
05/24/2006 Swiss Medica Annouces That TVA Productions Media Campaign to Support O24 Fibromyalgia Has Commenced
05/24/2006 OIL agitation hits crude oil production hit in Assam
05/24/2006 Steel production declines
05/24/2006 ?The Future Is Hydrogen And We Are There? - Hydrogen Fuel Production Update
05/24/2006 Prime Focus opens new digital post production facility
05/24/2006 Crude oil production down 1.9 pc during April 2006
05/24/2006 Strike hits crude oil production in India's northeast Assam state
05/23/2006 NPCI plan to step up production
05/23/2006 Honda April global production up 4.3 pct year-on-year at 288,394 vehicles
05/23/2006 Mazda April global production up 9.1 pct year-on-year at 105,410 vehicles
05/23/2006 Production remains down at St. Charles Refinery
05/23/2006 Oklahoma firm raises its NM oil, gas production
05/23/2006 Joyous production is playing at the Roxy
05/23/2006 GM mulls production boost for hot-selling Solstice
05/23/2006 Boeing 787 demand stretches into 2011
05/23/2006 New hire Ullman to work to scale up production at Applied NanoWorks
05/23/2006 Congo-Kinshasa Cobalt Production Set to Fall
05/23/2006 Masafi invests 11 million in production and marketing of its new juice line
05/23/2006 787 production hits milestone
05/22/2006 Production suspended at Bangladesh EPZ following workers' riot
05/22/2006 Venezuela Supports OPEC Production Cut
05/22/2006 Wisconsin still tops in paper production
05/22/2006 Iran plans to expand gasoline production oil minister
05/22/2006 Shell Resumes Production at 'Mars' Platform
05/22/2006 Partial production restored at Shell's Mars platform
05/21/2006 GOIC expects the production of ten million tons of urea in GCC in 2007
05/21/2006 India to double power production
05/21/2006 Toyota Mulls U.S. Prius Production
05/20/2006 The "" and the Espionage Act
05/19/2006 Dabur Nepal stops production after Maoist threat
05/19/2006 Sensata to move production lines out of the Netherlands
05/19/2006 Cadence Resources Announces First Quarter 2006 Production Increases 1,013 Percent
05/19/2006 New Audi Q5 Ute Confirmed for Inglostadt Production
05/19/2006 U.S. proposes treaty to halt production of nuclear-weapons material
05/19/2006 U.S. treaty targets nuclear production
05/18/2006 Congress Should Expand Offshore Energy Production
05/18/2006 Water pollution threatens oyster production
05/18/2006 Nigeria Shell to Resume Production in Niger Delta
05/18/2006 U.S. proposes new treaty to halt production of nuclear bomb-making material
05/18/2006 Asustek designers oversee MacBook production run
05/18/2006 ONGC to invest Rs 950 crore for CBM gas production
05/18/2006 Porsche Panamera Production to be in Leipzig
05/18/2006 Bill would allow more wine production
05/18/2006 Bangladesh Expects Bumper Rice Production
05/17/2006 TSMC Ramps 65-nm Tech Into Production
05/17/2006 US to propose treaty on nuclear fuel production
05/17/2006 Cotton production figures give cause for cheer
05/17/2006 ONGC's D1 field kicks off oil production
05/17/2006 Israeli, Japanese artists to work on co-production
05/17/2006 Russia April industrial production up 4.8 pct vs March, up 3.5 pct yr-on-yr
05/17/2006 In China, production pace slows
05/17/2006 ONGC hopes to raise oil production in Assam by 50 percent
05/17/2006 TSMC advances to mass production of 65nm chips
05/17/2006 Union Tank Car to start production
05/17/2006 Drought slashes China wheat production
05/17/2006 China's industrial production up 16.6 per cent in April
05/17/2006 Winfrey production up for 11 Tonys
05/17/2006 Honda to double production in India
05/17/2006 ABS Prototypes Launches Instant Online Quotes for Production-Grade ABS Parts
05/17/2006 Honda doubles production in India
05/17/2006 Honda to double car production capacity in India by 2007
05/16/2006 Senate committee approves plan to increase alternative fuel production in Louisiana Reg Req'd
05/16/2006 Honda to build new plants in U.S., Canada, Japan to boost global production
05/16/2006 Software firm logs on to Bollywood production
05/16/2006 Kelly Carmichael and Carla Gardini upped to VP of production at Weinstein
05/16/2006 Senate committee approves plan to increase alternative fuel production in Louisiana
05/16/2006 Fox halts 'Used Guys' preproduction
05/16/2006 Cubic Energy, Inc. Announces Increased Production from the Moseley 25-1 and the Moseley 26-1
05/16/2006 Wyndcrest Holdings buys California production company
05/16/2006 PDL to scrap 70 jobs in production move
05/16/2006 PDL to scrap 70 jobs in production move
05/16/2006 U.S. April industrial production rises 0.8%
05/16/2006 Edmunds Dodge Challenger Not Ready for Production
05/16/2006 Wholesale prices jump, industrial production brisk
05/16/2006 U.S. April industrial production rises 0.8%
05/16/2006 U.S. industrial production rising
05/16/2006 U.S. April industrial production rises 0.8%, beats estimates
05/16/2006 U.S. April industrial production rises 0.8%
05/16/2006 Bosnian industrial production up 7.4 pct in April from March
05/16/2006 ClydeSight Productions' Subliminal Message Program Helps Make Lucky Winners.
05/16/2006 China's alumina production capacity to reach 30 mn tonnes
05/16/2006 FCRI shifts to new technology for commercial shrimp production
05/15/2006 Foreign automakers ramp up production
05/15/2006 MSU Discovered Effective Biosynthetic Taxol Production Alternative
05/15/2006 Now, eco-friendly shrimp production by FCRI
05/15/2006 Steel production rises
05/15/2006 Foreign automakers ramp up production in booming India
05/15/2006 Rain distribution important for foodgrain production Bhuria
05/15/2006 Hungary March industrial production up 1.5 pct vs Feb, up 11.3 pct yr-on-yr
05/15/2006 Impact Systems, Inc. Announces New Release for Q-Config, EMC Documentum Production Tool
05/15/2006 China to cut calcium carbide production
05/14/2006 Lamb production springs to new high
05/14/2006 Big drop in US wheat production tipped
05/14/2006 Andy Borowitz - Bush Demands That Iran Halt Production of Long Letters
05/13/2006 MySQL 4.0.27 Old Production 4.0.x branch
05/13/2006 GM to end production of gas-guzzling Hummer H1
05/13/2006 GM to end production of hulking, gas-guzzling Hummer H1
05/13/2006 Paulsen Productions, Inc. Opens Office in Brazil
05/13/2006 Newest hot spot for oil production Canada
05/12/2006 GM To End Production Of Hulking Hummer H1
05/12/2006 General Motors to End Hummer H1 Production
05/12/2006 GM to end production of hulking, gas-guzzling Hummer H1
05/12/2006 Admiral Bay's Gas Production Reaches 1.5 Million Cubic Feet Per Day
05/12/2006 News General Motors puts the brakes on H1 production
05/12/2006 GM to end production of gas-guzzling Hummer H1
05/12/2006 GM Stops Production of the Hummer H1
05/12/2006 GM to End Production of H-1
05/12/2006 GM to let Hummer H1 production die
05/12/2006 GM to end production of hulking, gas-guzzling Hummer H1
05/12/2006 GM to End Production of Hummer H1
05/12/2006 Agency forecasts lower winter wheat production
05/12/2006 Strike Halts Production at Stora Enso's Finnish Mills
05/12/2006 Newest Oil Production Hot Spot Canada
05/12/2006 Industrial production growth slows to 8 pc during 2005-06
05/12/2006 Industrial production growth slows down
05/11/2006 Gas pipeline could affect oil production
05/11/2006 JIVET technology helps increase sheep reproduction
05/11/2006 Company trying to iron out production challenges
05/11/2006 Company trying to 'iron' out production challenges
05/11/2006 Penn Virginia buys resource exploration and production company
05/11/2006 Race the Red Planet Production Begins on Mars Mission Mini-Series
05/11/2006 IN VITORIA Michelin spends euro21 million to boost giant tyre production
05/11/2006 Ainsworth Announces Agreement with Manitoba Government on Future Engineered Wood Production Facility
05/10/2006 Experiments Examine Hydrogen-production Benefits Of Clean Coal Burning
05/10/2006 Chrysler adds 3rd shift to Caliber production in Illinois
05/10/2006 Third shift added in Belvidere for Caliber production
05/10/2006 Valero refinery repairs will reduce gasoline-production temporarily
05/10/2006 BW Petrohawk Energy Corporation Announces Strong Start to 2006; Production Up, Lifting Costs Down
05/10/2006 Steel production slips
05/10/2006 ONGC, Halliburton to enhance oil production
05/10/2006 Austrianova Biotechnology Starts Industrial Production of NovaCaps
05/09/2006 Production of Anthrax Vaccine Delayed Again
05/09/2006 Vietnam trials bird flu vaccine production
05/09/2006 Iowans call for increase in natural gas production
05/09/2006 Viropro Inc. An Emerging Player in the Production and Technology Transfer of Therapeutic Proteins
05/09/2006 Terra Nova oil production shut down by mechanical problems
05/09/2006 Vietnam trials bird flu vaccine production
05/09/2006 North Slope production rebounds
05/09/2006 GM may trim production in Europe
05/09/2006 In Line Productions Named Preferred Media Vendor for Specialty Retail Giant Limited Brands
05/08/2006 Ethanol industry eyes production boost
05/08/2006 New Insulin-production Method Holds Promise For Diabetics, Impacts Other Fields
05/08/2006 Imperial Reports First Quarter Production for Mount Polley and Huckleberry Mines
05/08/2006 Abraxas' earnings in the black after strong spike in production
05/08/2006 Industrial Production up 8.9 % in March
05/08/2006 With cereal production dropping, 39 countries face food crisis, UN reports
05/08/2006 Central Africa Oil Production to Drop 15 Percent by 2009
05/08/2006 W2 Energy Inc. Receives Letters of Request for Production Quantities
05/07/2006 Nigeria Mobil Resumes Production After Protest
05/07/2006 Oil industry looks to boost local production
05/07/2006 Cereal production set to decline in 2006
05/07/2006 Wheat production is focus of tour
05/07/2006 World Oil Production 1859-2050
05/06/2006 Production Crew Thinks Outside Black Box in Staging `Julius Caesar'
05/06/2006 ANS oil production bounces back in April
05/06/2006 Has oil production peaked?
05/06/2006 Iran Will Pursue Atomic Fuel Production Ahmadinejad
05/06/2006 Iran intends to boost nuclear fuel production Ahmadinejad
05/06/2006 Surgutneftegaz says 4M06 oil production was 21.4 mln tons
05/06/2006 Delhi court re-issues production warrant against Salem
05/05/2006 Ahmadinejad Iran to step up nuclear fuel production
05/05/2006 Bird Flu Drug Mass Production Technique Discovered
05/05/2006 New way to increase honey production found
05/05/2006 Iran to step up nuclear fuel production
05/05/2006 Defiant Iranian president pledges to pursue atomic fuel production
05/05/2006 Iranian president pledges to pursue atomic fuel production
05/05/2006 Iran to pursue 'industrial production' of nuclear fuel president
05/05/2006 Defiant Iranian president pledges mass atomic fuel production
05/05/2006 U.S. production, pay on the rise
05/05/2006 Small-Screen Hollywood Production Creates a Stir
05/05/2006 Barnett Shale Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Investment Opportunity Announced
05/05/2006 Iran to pursue 'industrial production' of nuclear fuel president
05/04/2006 Havell's to triple fan production
05/04/2006 21% of Gulf oil production still blocked
05/04/2006 Havell's to triple fan production, eyes 50 pc growth
05/04/2006 Steel production rises
05/04/2006 Steel production slowed at Mittal mill in Chicago
05/04/2006 Damaged furnace to cut Mittal steel production
05/03/2006 21 percent of Gulf oil production still blocked
05/03/2006 PDL jobs at risk if production moves
05/03/2006 OnRequest Images Releases World's Fastest and Most Advanced Photography Production Platform
05/03/2006 TGA, Tournament Gifts of America and Ed Ellis formerly of Peter Jacobsen Productions Align!
05/03/2006 Porsche stops production of Carrera GT
05/02/2006 Experts Ponder Peak of Global Oil Production
05/02/2006 Continental Tire to Suspend Production in Charlotte
05/02/2006 BG Group signs Oman exploration and production deal
05/02/2006 Continental Tire says it will suspend production in Charlotte
05/02/2006 Iteration2 Delivers World’s First Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 in a Production Environment
05/02/2006 7 Ford plants resume normal production
05/02/2006 Bolivia seeks control of gas production Alvaro Zuazo / ASSOCIATED PRESS
05/01/2006 Ford resumes production after fixing problem
05/01/2006 Ford Resumes Production In Norfolk After Fixing Problem
05/01/2006 Ford resumes production at 7 plants after fixing problem
05/01/2006 Ford resumes production after shutting down 7 plants
05/01/2006 Force Motors-Man Group JV plans partnership for bus production
05/01/2006 Production ascendant in China
05/01/2006 Ford resumes production at seven assembly plants
05/01/2006 Company Eyes New England Factories for Ethanol Production
05/01/2006 Company Eyes New England for Ethanol Production
05/01/2006 Quickparts Launches QPI A Solutions-Driven Company Making Offshore Production Injection Molding Easier
04/30/2006 Young Allen actors soar to Neverland for production
04/30/2006 No Island Media to produce short documentary about tube amp master craftsman, Benjamin Fargen
04/29/2006 Ashok Leyland to cross one lakh production mark in 2008-09
04/29/2006 IAEA report confirms low-enriched uranium production in Iran
04/28/2006 Biotech company targets New England to launch ethanol production
04/28/2006 Experts Global Oil Production May Peak Soon
04/28/2006 News Ford shuts down production to fix glitch
04/28/2006 Boeing WLAN to help improve production
04/28/2006 Ford Stops Production at Seven Plants to Fix Transmission Problem
04/28/2006 Exco buys oil and gas production company
04/28/2006 Ford stops production at Norfolk, 5 other plants to fix problem
04/28/2006 Ford stops production at 7 plants to fix transmission problem
04/28/2006 Ford stops production at 6 plants to fix transmission problem
04/28/2006 Russia pushing ban on illegal production of Kalashnikov rifles
04/28/2006 Serbian March industrial production up 5.8 pct yr-on-yr
04/28/2006 Japan March vehicle production up 5.4 pct year-on-year at 1,118,009
04/27/2006 Govt approves enhancing production of OCP, Gevra OCP
04/27/2006 Macy's may bring Frango production back to Chicago
04/27/2006 AMDÔs Production Plans Germanium Processors to Arrive in 2007
04/27/2006 Singapore industrial production declines
04/26/2006 Texhoma Acquires an 8% Working Interest in the Little White Lake Gas Field Production
04/26/2006 Steel production rises
04/26/2006 BHP mineral production slips
04/26/2006 15,000 companies in Shanghai to reschedule summer production
04/26/2006 ClydeSight Productions' Subliminal Message Self-Improvement Programs Get Warp Drive
04/26/2006 UK Q1 car production down 2.0 pct on previous quarter
04/26/2006 Reproductions of treasures of ancient nomads presented in London
04/25/2006 Rotating cattle, rice production on land still a good idea
04/25/2006 LUKoil to boost crude production in Kazakhstan by 40%
04/25/2006 Conference To Discuss Peaking of World Oil Production; Permanently Rising Energy Costs
04/24/2006 India Launches Production Of Anti-Nuclear Radiation Suits
04/24/2006 Vicom Systems Delivers High Availability for Xserve RAID in HD Broadcast and Post-Production
04/24/2006 Rosneft to double oil production by 2015 president 1
04/24/2006 Rosneft to double oil production by 2015 president
04/24/2006 India begins mass production of anti-nuclear radiation suits
04/23/2006 Qatar to invest 5 bln usd to boost oil production
04/23/2006 AMDÔs Fab 36 to Manufacture Half of Its Production at 65nm by 2007
04/22/2006 MySQL 5.0.20a Production 5.0.x branch
04/22/2006 Steel production declines
04/22/2006 Suncor Energy ready to raise Commerce City production
04/22/2006 Valero forced to reduce gasoline production in Texas City
04/22/2006 ArcLight invests 125M in Venture Production
04/21/2006 Record production in RSP
04/21/2006 19 million tonnes sugar production in 2005-06
04/21/2006 'BomBots' Roll Off Production Line, Head To War
04/21/2006 Zim farm grabs bringing milk production down
04/21/2006 Oman plans to invest 10 billion dollars to increase crude production
04/21/2006 Scientists look for genetic key to milk production
04/21/2006 SAIL's RMD clocks record production
04/21/2006 Crude oil production falls to 32 mn tonnes
04/21/2006 Natural rubber production to rise by 3.5 pc in 2006-07
04/21/2006 India's oil production dips, gas rises in 2005-06
04/20/2006 Hitit Ceramics Increases Production Capacity
04/19/2006 DNO tees up Iraqi oil production
04/19/2006 Tiny Reactor May Aid Biodiesel Production
04/19/2006 Tiny Reactor Boosts Biodiesel Production
04/19/2006 IPO in the oil patch
04/19/2006 China's CNOOC announces major gas field enters production
04/18/2006 ATi To Delay 80nm Production?
04/18/2006 High added-value compounds from residues from cider production
04/18/2006 Peugeot plans to stop production at English plant
04/16/2006 Chad delays threat to halt oil production over World Bank row
04/16/2006 HOW I GOT THE JOB Jennifer Martin, writer/production designer
04/15/2006 Factory production shows solid increase for March
04/15/2006 Industrial production increases by solid 0.6% in March
04/14/2006 Industrial Production Up by Solid .6 Percent in March
04/14/2006 Industrial output up 0.6 percent
04/14/2006 Industrial output rose 0.6 percent in March
04/13/2006 12:16:39p Honda May Cut Hybrid Production
04/13/2006 07:58:05a Scandinavia Sweden meets green energy production targets again
04/12/2006 05:38:33p Doumit has run production skills
04/12/2006 05:06:50p MySQL 5.0.20 Production 5.0.x branch
04/12/2006 04:39:20p New Release MySQL 5.0.20 Production 5.0.x
04/12/2006 11:15:01a Scientists mull faster vaccine production
04/11/2006 02:41:09p Iran acknowledges additional production of uranium gas KXLY
04/11/2006 01:58:38p Iran acknowledges additional production of uranium gas KXLY
04/11/2006 09:22:10a Egg production unaffected by test
04/11/2006 08:10:58a Report OPEC production fell in March