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07/04/2006 Poll Many British Muslims support actions of subway bombers
07/04/2006 Blair asks moderate Muslims to help in fight against terror
07/04/2006 Blair Muslims Must Confront Militancy
07/04/2006 Ayodhya Muslim board angry with Centre
07/04/2006 Muslim soldier who wanted to help
07/04/2006 Blair says Muslim majority must stand up to extremists
07/04/2006 London bombers' cause was just Brit Muslims
07/04/2006 Muslims 'must root out extremism'
07/04/2006 'Tiny minority' of British Muslims condone terror attack poll
07/04/2006 Mainstream News Blair Moderate Muslims Must Do More
07/04/2006 Caucasus Muslims award Orthodox leader for peace efforts
07/04/2006 Muslim parties take exception to security plan at Ayodhya
07/04/2006 'Muslims must do more over extremism'
07/04/2006 How can Muslims be engaged?
07/04/2006 'Significant minority' of British Muslims see London bombers as martyrs poll
07/04/2006 Blair under fire as Muslims split on "martyr" bombers
07/04/2006 Blair storm on 'alienated' Muslims
07/04/2006 Muslim MP criticises 'limited progress' since July 7th
07/04/2006 Blair Moderate Muslims Must Do More
07/04/2006 Blair under fire as Muslims split on "martyr" bombers
07/04/2006 Muslims 'must lead terror fight'
07/04/2006 One in eight British Muslims 'backs 7/7 suicide bombers'
07/04/2006 16pc of UK Muslims back 7/7 cause
07/04/2006 British Muslims believe London bombers cause was just poll
07/04/2006 'Significant minority' of British Muslims see London bombers as martyrs poll
07/04/2006 'Significant minority' of British Muslims see London bombers as martyrs poll
07/03/2006 British Muslims Slam Zionist Atrocities on Gaza
07/03/2006 Heed 7 July lessons Muslim MP
07/03/2006 Mistrust of Muslims on the Rise in Britain
07/03/2006 Muslim Jabron A true Brit
07/03/2006 Proud to be Muslim, a soldier and British
07/03/2006 The only state Muslims have embraced is denial
07/03/2006 Muslim Britain split over martyrs of 7/7
07/03/2006 Central Asia rediscovers its Muslim roots
07/03/2006 Muslim MP issues 7 July warning
07/03/2006 Shiite Muslim Group Claims Attacks on Coalition Forces in Iraq
07/03/2006 Mainstream News Only Muslims welcome at Alton Towers
07/03/2006 U.S. forces Western Union to block money transfers by Muslims
07/03/2006 Pakistanis Muslim cops, the most corrupt in the United Kingdom Report
07/02/2006 Trapped in conflict, Sri Lanka Muslims mull action
07/02/2006 M15 spying on 8,000 British Muslims report
07/02/2006 Shiite Muslim Group Claims Attacks on Coalition Forces in Iraq
07/02/2006 Barred imam speaks to T.O. Muslims by live video
07/02/2006 Tinley Park Muslim family shaken by hate mail
07/02/2006 Muslims Have Trouble Wiring Cash Under Fed Rules
07/02/2006 U.S. Rules Force Western Union to Block Money Transfers by Muslims
07/02/2006 Banned British Muslim cleric speaks by video link to Toronto mosque
07/02/2006 'Banned' British Muslim cleric speaks by video link
07/02/2006 Muslim group condemns reports of U.S. troops raping Iraqi woman
07/02/2006 Muslim Group Condemns
07/02/2006 Muslim group condemns reports of U.S. rape
07/02/2006 Muslim group condemns reports of U.S. rape
07/01/2006 Muslim house raid wrong but justified UK police chief
07/01/2006 Sunni Muslim militant group claims blast
07/01/2006 Dispute over Muslim MP leads to fall of coalition
06/30/2006 Muslim teens seek belief 'in its perfect form'
06/30/2006 Muslim only day in Brit fun park creates a stir
06/30/2006 50 Muslims protest outside Israeli Embassy in London
06/30/2006 Bosnian Muslim Gets Light War-Crimes Term
06/30/2006 Mainstream News UN court sentences Srebrenica Muslim commander to two years
06/30/2006 Muslim-only Alton Towers
06/30/2006 Srebrenica Muslim chief found guilty is freed by UN
06/30/2006 Bin Laden backs killing of Muslims by Zarqawi
06/30/2006 Controversial Muslim cleric to appear at conference via video link
06/30/2006 MySpace for Muslims
06/30/2006 Somalia Says It Will Resist Muslim Militia
06/30/2006 Bosnian Muslim Gets Light War-Crimes Term
06/30/2006 Muslims protest Israeli strikes
06/30/2006 UN court sentences Srebrenica Muslim commander to two years
06/30/2006 Dispute over Muslim MP leads to fall of coalition
06/30/2006 Muslim seeks U.S. congressional seat
06/30/2006 Bosnian Muslim guilty but freed
06/30/2006 Controversial Muslim cleric denies sermons are hate speech
06/30/2006 Hague to rule on Bosnian Muslim
06/29/2006 Controversial Muslim cleric still waiting to find out if Canada will admit him
06/29/2006 Constroversial Muslim cleric still waiting to find out if Canada will admit him
06/29/2006 Precedent? Muslim Seeks House Seat
06/29/2006 UK police must engage muslims more over raids
06/29/2006 4 Muslim Men Hanged in Pakistan for Gang-Rape of Christian Woman
06/29/2006 4 Muslim Men Hanged in Pakistan for Gang-Raping Christian Woman at Gunpoint
06/29/2006 'Egyptian Brokeback Mountain' Marks Liberalization of Muslim Culture
06/29/2006 Precedent possible as Muslim seeks House seat
06/29/2006 IHT reader reactions to a survey on Muslims and the West
06/29/2006 Pakistan hangs 4 Muslims for gang-rape of Christian
06/28/2006 How Muslims Think
06/28/2006 Turkish Urges Tolerance Toward Muslims
06/28/2006 Dutch issue focuses on Muslim anti-Semitism
06/27/2006 U.K. Muslims want police chief to quit, says poll
06/27/2006 Gaza attack threat to Egypt national security Muslim Brotherhood
06/27/2006 Again, American Muslims are MIA
06/27/2006 Gulf widens between Muslims and others over terrorism
06/27/2006 Muslims join Hindus in Orissa‚s rath yatra
06/27/2006 Most Muslims lose faith in British police Poll
06/26/2006 Its fundamentalists vs football in Keralas Muslim heartland
06/26/2006 Denver Safeway Shooter Was A Muslim
06/26/2006 Gwynne Dyer Myth of West-Muslim divide
06/26/2006 Westerners, Muslims consider each other violent, fanatical poll
06/25/2006 CAIR Don’t Call Miami Terrorists “Muslims” http//www.sweetness-light/archive/cair-begs-media-dont-call-miami-terrorists-muslim/l
06/25/2006 European Muslims resort to virginity ploys
06/25/2006 France Dedicates Memorial to Muslim Troops of WWI
06/25/2006 Chirac pays homage to Muslim war veterans
06/25/2006 Exiled leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria ready to hold peace talks with Israel
06/25/2006 World Cup fever upsets Muslim hardliners
06/25/2006 France honours Muslim war dead
06/25/2006 France marks Muslim dead of WWI
06/25/2006 Muslims Address Silence on Europe Attacks
06/25/2006 Muslim silence stirs ire Analysis
06/25/2006 Attacks a dilemma for Europe's Muslims
06/25/2006 Muslims debate public reaction to terrorism
06/24/2006 Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Used to Persecute Non-Muslims
06/24/2006 World Cup fever upsets Muslim hardliners
06/24/2006 Antulay for Muslim census in Army
06/24/2006 As Barrier Comes Down, a Muslim Split Remains
06/24/2006 Poll Relations between Muslims and West are poor
06/24/2006 Muslim Group US Terror Suspects Not Muslim
06/24/2006 Muslim minister deserts Mulayam
06/24/2006 Iraqi Muslims Put Faith in Praying Alone
06/24/2006 'More Muslims radicalised' in UK
06/24/2006 Zawahiri Vows Muslim Holy War Will Continue
06/24/2006 Muslims Address Silence on Europe Attacks
06/24/2006 The Muslim View of Human Nature
06/24/2006 Study shows divide between Muslims, West
06/24/2006 Survey Growing Rift Between Muslims and Westerners
06/23/2006 Muslims, West see each other at fault Katie Stuhldreher / THE
06/23/2006 Poll Muslims Have Broad Differences With U.S., Europe
06/23/2006 Survey Reveals Deep Divide Between Muslims, West
06/23/2006 Poll Muslims, West eye each other through bias
06/23/2006 Suspicion separates Westerners, Muslims poll
06/23/2006 Big divide between Muslims, West
06/23/2006 Court tells U.S. to decide on Muslim scholar visa
06/23/2006 Muslim Advocate Calls Suspects A 'Cultist Group'
06/23/2006 Muslims concerned about 'backlash'
06/23/2006 'More Muslims radicalised' in UK
06/23/2006 Muslim leaders decry terrorism
06/23/2006 Poll Deep divide between Muslim, Western nations
06/23/2006 Survey Finds ‘Great Divide’ in Muslim and Western Opinions
06/23/2006 Survey shows deteriorating relations between Muslims, Westerners
06/23/2006 Muslims, Westerners Same, same
06/23/2006 Muslims and West blame each other
06/23/2006 Poll Muslims, Westerners at odds
06/23/2006 Poll Big gap in Western, Muslim views
06/23/2006 Poll shows Muslims, West split
06/23/2006 Westerners, Muslims still at odds, survey finds
06/22/2006 Survey Details 'Deep' Divide Between Muslims, Westerners
06/22/2006 Mainstream News Muslim world backs talks on Iranís nuclear issue without pre
06/22/2006 Poll Finds Discord Between the Muslim and Western Worlds
06/22/2006 POLITICS "Great Divide" Seen in Muslim and Western Opinions
06/22/2006 POLITICS "Great Divide" Seen in Muslim and Western Opinions
06/22/2006 Muslims have broad differences with U.S., Europe
06/22/2006 Poll Shows Divide Between People in Western and Muslim Nations
06/22/2006 Muslims till in Denial About 9/11, Pew Survey Finds
06/22/2006 Study Shows Divide Between Muslims, West
06/22/2006 Muslims and the West Antipathy and mistrust
06/22/2006 US Needs Turkey to Improve Ties with Muslim World
06/22/2006 Muslim Youths Meet in Denmark to Discuss Cartoon Crisis
06/22/2006 UP Muslim woman alleges talaq at gun-point
06/22/2006 Muslim woman complains of forceful 'talaq' in Uttar Pradesh
06/21/2006 Indonesia's major Muslim groups spearhead moderate campaign
06/21/2006 Board Might Continue Muslims' Early Release
06/21/2006 Mulayam on Muslim wooing spree
06/21/2006 Muslim World Backs Iran Over N-Talks
06/21/2006 Serbia Muslims say prisoners treatment bad
06/21/2006 Muslim leaders urge Armenian withdrawal from Karabakh enclave
06/21/2006 America's message to the Muslim world
06/20/2006 Jawwad asks Muslims to unite, fight for the poor
06/20/2006 Egypt Arrests 31 in Banned Muslim Group
06/20/2006 Jihadist video aimed at Muslim youth
06/20/2006 Arabs and Muslims sue over re-entry harassment
06/20/2006 Muslim delegates said scotching Israel's bid to join Red Cross
06/20/2006 Egypt arrests 31 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood
06/20/2006 US harasses in name of terror screening, suit says
06/20/2006 Muslim nations challenge Red Cross move on Israel
06/20/2006 Muslims to block Israel from Red Cross?
06/20/2006 Iraq War Radicalizes Muslims In Lebanon
06/20/2006 Muslim conference decries Western 'Islamophobia'
06/20/2006 Indonesia president urges Muslims to fight terrorism
06/20/2006 Indonesia asks Muslim countries to help stopping terrorism
06/19/2006 Egypt arrests 31 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood
06/19/2006 Muslims task force nubbed
06/19/2006 Egypt Arrests 31 in Banned Muslim Group
06/19/2006 Foreign Ministers of Muslim Countries Meet in Baku
06/19/2006 Muslims Want to Wipe Out Satan Liberalism
06/19/2006 Kenya KCB Gearing to Launch Product for Muslims
06/18/2006 Two girls burnt to death in Hindu-Muslim riots in India
06/18/2006 US struggles to get message across to Muslims
06/18/2006 Discriminate for Muslims, police urged
06/18/2006 Self-styled Muslim leaders challenged
06/18/2006 Effort to bring together Muslim political outfits
06/17/2006 Muslims demand right to pray in ancient mosques
06/17/2006 American Muslim Clerics Seek a Modern Middle Ground
06/17/2006 Police may let Muslims see intelligence reports
06/17/2006 Two American Muslim Clerics Seek a Modern Reconciliation
06/17/2006 Thai militants seek Muslim world's attention
06/16/2006 Hindu-Muslim 'kidney conversion'
06/16/2006 Egypts Muslim Brotherhood attacks Palestinian president
06/16/2006 Meanwhile The person behind the Muslim
06/15/2006 Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Unhappy With Abbas
06/15/2006 Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood attacks Palestinian president
06/15/2006 15,000-grave Muslim cemetery opens in Westland
06/15/2006 Sister of wrongly arrested Muslim brothers defends cash find
06/15/2006 THAILAND Bombings Hit Peace Plans With Muslim Minority
06/15/2006 Explosions rock Thailand's Muslim region
06/15/2006 Empowering Women in the Muslim World
06/15/2006 U.S. feds to testify on Muslim detentions
06/15/2006 15,000-grave Muslim cemetery opens in Westland
06/15/2006 Political differences involving Muslims is the root cause of global terror Musharraf
06/15/2006 Muslim students get help juggling school and faith
06/14/2006 Another Anti-Palestinian Bill in US Congress This Time to Divide Christians from Muslims
06/14/2006 Muslims' anti-U.S. sentiment up Katie Stuhldreher / THE
06/14/2006 Muslim cleric who blessed the Bali bombing goes free
06/14/2006 Alleged Marine anti-Muslim video condemned
06/14/2006 Muslim family thought police raid were armed burglars
06/14/2006 Militant Muslim gang jailed for plot to destroy the Eiffel Tower
06/14/2006 Jewish days holidays in school, Muslim ones aren't
06/14/2006 Bosnia's Croats, Muslims Clash Over Soccer
06/14/2006 Hadji Girl Marine Apologizes To Muslims
06/14/2006 Empowering Women in Muslim World
06/14/2006 Obey your country's laws, Iraqi cleric urges Muslims
06/14/2006 Leaders urge Muslims in Canada to obey fatwa
06/14/2006 Muslim militant cleric Ba'asyir freed in Indonesia Roundup
06/14/2006 Muslim officer joins raid debate
06/14/2006 U.S. tops Iran as threat for Europeans, Muslims
06/14/2006 2 Islamic sites targeted with anti-Muslim posters
06/13/2006 Muslim militant cleric Ba'asyir freed in Indonesia
06/13/2006 2 Valley Islamic sites targeted with anti-Muslim posters
06/13/2006 Indonesia frees Muslim militant cleric
06/13/2006 Khamenei Urges Saudi-Iran Effort to Unite Muslims
06/13/2006 U.S. troops in Iraq seen by Europe, Muslim nations as danger to Mideast
06/13/2006 FBI reaches out to Muslim, Sikh communities to fight global terror
06/13/2006 Muslim Cleric Convicted For Bali Bombings Is Released From Prison
06/13/2006 Iran says formation of new Iraqi gov. achievement for all Muslims
06/13/2006 Released Terror-Raid Brothers Say Only Crime Was Being Muslim
06/13/2006 Poll U.S. troops in Iraq seen by Europe, Muslim nations as danger to Mideast
06/13/2006 Poll U.S. troops in Iraq seen by Europe, Muslim nations as danger to Mideast
06/13/2006 Muslim Canadian intellectuals denounce Islamophobia, Islamism
06/13/2006 The Right to Outlaw Gay Illegal Immigrant Mexican Muslims
06/13/2006 Europeans, Muslims Say World Is More Dangerous
06/13/2006 Empowering Women in Islam
06/13/2006 British Police Criticized for Raid on Muslim
06/13/2006 Curb donations to religious institutions Muslim group
06/13/2006 London Muslims angry at bungled anti-terror raid
06/13/2006 Released terror-raid brothers say only crime was being Muslim
06/13/2006 Muslims Challenge Canada Detention Policy
06/13/2006 Sheeraz Hasan Wins Bollywood Award For Autobiography ‘Sheeraz – The Muslim American Dream’
06/12/2006 Sonia relieves Indira's Muslim vision
06/12/2006 Chinese Muslims search for sanctuary Bruce I. Konviser / THE
06/12/2006 For U.S. Muslims, an Aversion to Nursing Homes
06/12/2006 Muslim chaplain says Guantanamo suicides expected
06/12/2006 Are Muslims Allowed To Kill Themselves?
06/12/2006 BNP scumbag spotted on Muslim demo.
06/12/2006 Canadian Muslims Radicalized by Saudi Propaganda
06/12/2006 Muslim chaplain says Guantanmo suicides expected
06/12/2006 Sonia upset over plight of Muslims
06/12/2006 Muslim Terror Suspects Face Bail Hearings
06/12/2006 On Increase Abuse Against Muslim Females in US
06/12/2006 Muslims protest over terror raid
06/12/2006 Sonia revives Indira's Muslim vision
06/12/2006 And who speaks for Muslims?
06/11/2006 Sonia relives Indira's Muslim vision
06/11/2006 Muslim community holds Scotland Yard protest
06/11/2006 Justice for Muslims demo New Scotland Yard
06/11/2006 Harper meets with Muslim leaders
06/11/2006 Muslim Extremism see video
06/11/2006 Muslims taken in London raid may sue
06/11/2006 Muslim Community Plans On Being More Pro-Active
06/11/2006 Muslim leader rejects rift theory
06/11/2006 Muslim Community Leader Meet With PM
06/11/2006 Harper Holds Closed-Door Meeting With Muslim Leaders
06/11/2006 Canadian, Muslim Leaders Discuss Terror Arrests
06/11/2006 PM's meeting with Muslims may lead to study MP
06/11/2006 Knife threat against Muslim cleric was hate crime, police allege
06/11/2006 Muslims demand share in politics, jobs
06/11/2006 Iran Urges Muslim States To Go Nuclear
06/11/2006 Muslims protest over terror raids
06/11/2006 Now Muslim groups want reservation
06/11/2006 PM meets with members of the Muslim community
06/11/2006 Syrian, Iran cooperation in educational field, urge Muslim unity
06/11/2006 Muslim cops are more likely to be corrupt in UK Report
06/10/2006 Muslim Imam Attacked in Montreal
06/10/2006 Muslim leaders want 'radical elements' removed
06/10/2006 UK’s Muslim cops more likely to be corrupt
06/10/2006 Muslim Canadian suspects ‘manipulated’ by security agencies
06/10/2006 Muslim Leaders Speak Out About Terror Arrests
06/10/2006 The Muslim who preferred burgers to halal food
06/10/2006 Muslim police officers are more likely to be corrupt report
06/10/2006 Muslim and Christian Leaders Condemn Israeli Terrorism Targeting Palestinian Civilians
06/10/2006 'Muslims are Entitled to Nonviolent Use of Nuclear Energy'
06/10/2006 Truck-Bomb Plot Drives Debate on Canada Muslims
06/10/2006 Muslim community uneasy after police raid fails to deliver
06/10/2006 Second fire in 24 hours hits Muslim building in the Netherlands
06/10/2006 Major blaze hits large Muslim building in the Netherlands
06/09/2006 Muslim youths released, protests against raid
06/09/2006 Op-Ed Contributor The Person Behind the Muslim
06/09/2006 Muslim clerics issue fatwa against Vande Mataram
06/09/2006 Police Release 2 Muslim Brothers Arrested In London Anti-Terror Raid Without Charge
06/09/2006 Police release 2 Muslim brothers arrested in London anti-terror raid without charge
06/09/2006 Local Muslims Protest Vandalism & Stereotyping
06/09/2006 Muslim anger after terror raid brothers found to be innnocent
06/09/2006 Ayman al-Zawahri urges Muslims to reject proposed Palestinian referendum
06/09/2006 Muslims protest over terror raid
06/09/2006 New York Muslims reflect on 'termination' of Zarqawi
06/09/2006 Al-Qaida Deputy Urges Muslims to Reject Palestinian Referendum Plan
06/09/2006 Muslim hardliners vow to protest Playboy Indonesia's second edition
06/09/2006 Muslim women do not consider themselves oppressed survey
06/09/2006 Some Islamic conferences radicalizing youth, critics warn
06/09/2006 Terror suspects' families suddenly become pariahs
06/09/2006 Help us weed out extremists, Muslims tell governments
06/08/2006 Palestinian FM condemns revengeful activities against Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir
06/08/2006 Canadian Muslims ask for help to tackle radicals
06/08/2006 Muslim groups seek summit
06/08/2006 ‘Muslim women want to make free choices’
06/08/2006 Surprises in survey of Muslim women
06/08/2006 Local Iraqi-Americans, Muslims fear death won't stop terrorists
06/08/2006 Play Highlights Muslim Family's Beliefs
06/08/2006 Muslim leaders call for summit to address extremism
06/08/2006 Muslim groups call on PM to support youth summit
06/08/2006 Police try to appease Muslims after raid
06/08/2006 Halal Select Snacks Launches America's First Rice Crispy Treat for Muslims
06/07/2006 Dutch worry about Muslims influence
06/07/2006 Muslim Women Don't See Themselves as Oppressed, Survey Finds
06/07/2006 Canadian Muslims asked to take responsibility
06/07/2006 Muslim group protests school calendar
06/07/2006 A 'real danger' of backlash against Muslims lieutenant-governor
06/07/2006 Muslim Council of Britain Threatens Police
06/07/2006 Imams don't represent all Muslims, say critics
06/07/2006 Muslim MPs speak out
06/07/2006 Muslims not 'culture of criminals' leaders
06/07/2006 Indonesia Says US Alienates Muslims
06/07/2006 London Muslims urged to shun police
06/07/2006 Yes, they are Muslim terrorists
06/07/2006 Muslims craft their own video games
06/07/2006 Malaysia's Islamic opposition party considers admitting non-Muslims
06/07/2006 Muslim Zionism
06/07/2006 Muslims told End respect
06/07/2006 'Muslims Should Stop Talking To Cops'
06/07/2006 Media advisory Québec Muslim Community will hold a press conference
06/07/2006 Muslim org. says will help free Russian diplomats seized in Iraq
06/07/2006 FBI Tries to Reassure Muslims in Irvine
06/07/2006 Call to Muslims over police help
06/07/2006 London Muslims plan protest against police anti-terror raid
06/06/2006 U.S. values push alienates Muslim women Katie Stuhldreher / THE
06/06/2006 Indonesia says U.S. alienates Muslims
06/06/2006 Canadian Muslims praised but asked to weed out extremists
06/06/2006 Poll Finds Muslim Women Admire Western Values, But Dont Want to Imitate Them
06/06/2006 Ghana Director of Africa Muslim Agency in GhanaCommends branch for judicious use of funds
06/06/2006 Virginia Muslim Teacher Accused of Aiding Terror Group
06/06/2006 Blair dismisses Muslim 'backlash'
06/06/2006 Muslim extremists a minority of faith experts
06/06/2006 Muslims seek a haven in Israel after their exodus from Darfur
06/06/2006 British Muslims bristle over shooting
06/06/2006 Muslim cleric involved in conspiracy of Bali bombings to be released
06/06/2006 Trust in police plunging, says Muslim leader
06/06/2006 Raid officers learned about Muslim traditions
06/06/2006 China detains Muslim Uighur
06/06/2006 Top Muslim's Concerns Over Shooting
06/06/2006 Muslim leader warns of breakdown in trust
06/06/2006 Asian Muslims in east London fear being labelled extremists by the police
06/05/2006 Edmonton Muslims Defend Faith
06/05/2006 Muslim Community Anticipates Backlash <!-- Winnipeg News ->
06/05/2006 New Muslim Leader&#8217;s Warning as Police Defend Raid Decision
06/05/2006 Muslims in Canada Brace for a Backlash After Foiled Bomb Plot
06/05/2006 Muslims seek a haven in Israel aftertheir exodus from Darfur
06/05/2006 New Muslim leader's warning as police defend raid decision
06/05/2006 Muslims seek haven in Israel
06/05/2006 Muslim experts warn about drawing conclusions
06/05/2006 Muslims question terror raid tactics
06/05/2006 Police sweep shakes Canada Muslim community
06/05/2006 Muslims seek safe haven in Israel after escaping Darfur slaughter
06/05/2006 Police sweep shakes Canada's Muslims