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05/19/2006 Iraq PM Fails to Reach Deal on Ministers
05/19/2006 Solomon Islands suspends jailed ministers
05/19/2006 Hundreds protest as French minister visits Benin
05/19/2006 Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni wears sunglasses as she listens...
05/19/2006 Italys New Prime Minister Wins Confidence Vote
05/19/2006 Ex-UP minister condemns doctors hunger strike
05/19/2006 Saudi Foreign Minister Backs Bush Approach
05/19/2006 Swedish Prime Minister Rejects Israeli Criticism
05/19/2006 Israeli foreign minister, Peres to meet Abbas
05/19/2006 Greek minister dismisses abduction claims of Pakistani immigrants
05/19/2006 Russia ready to implement Kyoto protocol this fall minister
05/19/2006 Kazakh foreign minister to visit Iran
05/19/2006 Ministers examine middle path as quota stir enters eighth day
05/19/2006 East Timor Marks Independence; Prime Minister's Leadership Tested by Violence
05/19/2006 Black Sea crash plane black boxes may not be found minister
05/19/2006 Fretilin endorses Alkatiri as prime minister
05/19/2006 Hamas prime minister says new army of militants will not be
05/19/2006 East Timor Marks Independence; Prime Ministers Leadership Tested by Violence
05/19/2006 Feroz ban not to affect ties with India Minister
05/19/2006 Azeri, Armenian ministers mull Garabagh in Strasbourg
05/19/2006 Feroz ban is a âpersonal issueâ, says Pakistan minister
05/19/2006 Ukraine’s Justice Minister scaled down registration fee for the social organisations
05/19/2006 Minister calls for women-only Aboriginal refuges
05/19/2006 Former Turkish Prime Minister Suffers Stroke
05/19/2006 Former prime minister's skis up for auction
05/19/2006 Free flights upgrade perk for ministers
05/19/2006 Sportscotland urged to defy ministers on Glasgow move
05/19/2006 Former guerrilla leader is now Assam minister
05/19/2006 Bihar chief minister orders probe into caste killing
05/19/2006 PA Foreign Minister al-Zahar to visit Indonesia next week
05/19/2006 Safe to eat Indian chicken and egg Minister
05/19/2006 Nuclear scientist set to head Iraq's oil ministry
05/19/2006 The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine met US Ambassador John E. Herbst
05/19/2006 Finance Minister promises action against those found guilty in IPO scam
05/19/2006 Poor Pakistan has very rich ministers!
05/19/2006 Mulayam Singh to hold talks with Energy Minister over miserable power situation
05/19/2006 SAARC tourism ministers to discuss air, rail links
05/18/2006 Israel protests over China's invitation to Hamas' foreign minister
05/18/2006 'Support our demands', Himachal minister to CII-NR
05/18/2006 Iranian foreign minister, in Syria, warns against possible regional crisis
05/18/2006 Iran Minister Was Against Regional Crisis
05/18/2006 Iran Minister Was Against Regional Crisis
05/18/2006 Iraq's Prime Minister Set to Present Cabinet Picks
05/18/2006 Indian minister denies Gulf News report on Naxalites in the country
05/18/2006 Former minister caught after two years on the run
05/18/2006 Gun-death aristocrat threatened by minister
05/18/2006 Azeri, Georgian Turkish transport ministers to discuss Baku-Tbilisi-Akhalkalaki– Turkish Amb
05/18/2006 Azeri transport ministry drafts bill on automobile transport – First Deputy Transport Minister
05/18/2006 Privatization of a major mobile operator nearing to end – Azeri communications minister
05/18/2006 Former minister surrenders on Texas-Mexico border
05/18/2006 Iranian foreign minister in Syria to discuss nuclear row, relations
05/18/2006 Mozambique Mozambican Minister Inaugurates Vehicle Ownership Issuing System
05/18/2006 Australia, NZ foreign ministers visit the Solomons
05/18/2006 Indian senior citizens not getting visa-on-arrival facility minister
05/18/2006 Minister's microphone causes a wee splash at church
05/18/2006 Harper's biggest gamble as prime minister pays off for now
05/18/2006 Laisenia Qarase Sworn In As Fiji’s Prime Minister
05/18/2006 NZ Finance Minister introduces 2006 budget
05/18/2006 Ministers to oppose anonymity for accused teachers
05/18/2006 Raw log reviews ordered by minister
05/18/2006 French Minister Defends Immigration Proposals
05/18/2006 Qarase sworn in Fiji Prime Minister
05/18/2006 Australian prime minister arrives in Canada for official visit
05/18/2006 Fiji's Prime Minister offering cabinet posts to Labour MPs
05/18/2006 Australia and NZ's Foreign Ministers to visit the Solomons
05/18/2006 Solomons ministers sacked before Downer lands
05/18/2006 New Italian Prime Minister Calls Iraq Occupation âGrave Errorâ
05/18/2006 US to transfer 16 Guantanamo detainees to Saudi custody Saudi foreign minister
05/18/2006 Australian prime minister arrives in Canada to address Parliament
05/18/2006 Nationalist leader sworn in for second five-year term as Fiji prime minister
05/18/2006 Three Pakistani immigrants sue Greek minister over alleged abductions
05/18/2006 Cambodian Prime Minister Defends Rights Record
05/18/2006 Abbas to meet with Israeli foreign minister
05/18/2006 Australian prime minister arrives in Canada
05/18/2006 China has no strategic involvement in Maldives Minister
05/18/2006 Minister urged to restore citizenship
05/18/2006 Zimbabwe Tobacco Price War Unhappy Growers Meet Minister
05/18/2006 Iraqi PM names defense, interior ministers
05/18/2006 British defense minister visits troops in Iraq
05/18/2006 NZ & Australia Foreign Ministers to visit Solomons
05/18/2006 Israel protests China's invitation to Hamas' foreign minister
05/18/2006 Chinese, Burundian defense ministers hold talks in Beijing
05/18/2006 Merkel Irritated by Hamas Minister Visit
05/18/2006 India gives best returns on FDI Minister
05/18/2006 Achuthanandan sworn in Kerala chief minister
05/18/2006 Ukraine’s Fuel and Energy Minister held a meeting with UCTE delegation
05/18/2006 Finland to back EU enlargement during presidency prime minister
05/18/2006 Prime Minister Aziz addresses Pakistani community in Libya
05/18/2006 Minister to set up study on Forth and Tay tolls
05/18/2006 Iraq's new gov't should show 'politics works' British minister
05/18/2006 SOMALIA Transitional government hails visit by UK minister
05/18/2006 Ex-education minister dies
05/18/2006 VS sworn in as 20th Kerala Chief Minister
05/18/2006 Indian minister urges U.S. investment
05/18/2006 Fiji's prime minister wins second term
05/18/2006 Abbas to meet Israeli foreign minister in Egypt
05/18/2006 Ministers threaten Andrews with boycott
05/18/2006 Fiji Swears in Nationalist Prime Minister After Narrow Election Victory
05/18/2006 S. Lanka wants talks despite attacks, says minister
05/18/2006 Palestinian president to meet Israeli foreign minister
05/18/2006 Iraq TV names ministers, negotiators say premature
05/18/2006 Israel's novice Defence Minister walking a fine line
05/18/2006 Rangasamy takes oath as Pondicherry chief minister
05/18/2006 Abbas, Israeli Foreign Minister to Meet
05/18/2006 N Rangasamy sworn in as Pondicherry Chief Minister
05/18/2006 Ex-Tory minister Eric Forth dies
05/18/2006 Iraq's new prime minister to unveil Cabinet Saturday
05/18/2006 United Nations rights body criticises arrest of former Nepal ministers
05/18/2006 Ministers plead to save prisoner
05/18/2006 Iraq TV names ministers, negotiators say premature
05/18/2006 Danish defense minister meets PLA chief of general staff
05/18/2006 Iran's Ambassador to Ukraine submitted his credential to Ukraine's Foreign Minister
05/18/2006 State pipeline operators merger possible Russian energy minister
05/18/2006 Study on Sakhalin-II costs to be finished in summer minister
05/18/2006 Ministers Exchange Handing-Over Note
05/18/2006 Rangasamy sworn-in as Pondicherry Chief Minister
05/18/2006 NZ's finance minister unveils 'commonsense' budget
05/17/2006 Former separatist to be sworn-in as Assam minister?
05/17/2006 Saudi Minister warns against isolating Hamas
05/17/2006 Chinese Commerce Minister to visit Pakistan Friday
05/17/2006 Merkel calls unannounced Palestinian minister visit 'vexing'
05/17/2006 Ministers enjoy high life with free airline upgrades
05/17/2006 Prime Minister faces bitter fight over his support for nuclear option
05/17/2006 NT Chief Minister to boycott violence summit
05/17/2006 Palestinian Minister of Education and Higher Education hailed King's decision
05/17/2006 Angola Home Deputy Minister Ends Bengo Visit
05/17/2006 Minister's deputy jumps to his defence
05/17/2006 Censor board to decide on 'The Da Vinci Code' minister
05/17/2006 Prodi sworn in as Italy prime minister
05/17/2006 Merkel Calls Unannounced Palestinian Minister Visit ‘Vexing’
05/17/2006 Pak exports to India register 207 per cent increase Minister
05/17/2006 Merkel "angry" over Hamas minister visit to Germany
05/17/2006 A Change in position Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is willing to meet...
05/17/2006 NWFP chief minister suspends SHOs
05/17/2006 Prodi sworn in as prime minister
05/17/2006 Minister Strahl to Speak on Federal Budget
05/17/2006 Iraq's incoming prime minister to unveil Cabinet on Saturday
05/17/2006 Public Safety Minister to address the media
05/17/2006 Saudi foreign minister 16 Saudi Guantánamo detainees to be released this week
05/17/2006 Iraq's prime minister-designate says he's closer to forming a government
05/17/2006 Ministers and their portfolios
05/17/2006 Ministers panel to study quota issue
05/17/2006 Six Ministers sworn in
05/17/2006 Italy's new finance minister offers hope for ailing economy
05/17/2006 Hamas minister meets with German lawmaker
05/17/2006 Kenya Minister denies blocking probe
05/17/2006 Prime Minister admits Israel is plagued with organized crime
05/17/2006 Annan discusses DPR Korea’s nuclear programme with Japanese Prime Minister
05/17/2006 Malians Protest Visit of French Minister
05/17/2006 Censor board to decide on âThe Da Vinci Codeâ minister
05/17/2006 Iran's foreign minister visits Jordan to discuss Iraq, Hamas and nuclear issues
05/17/2006 Africa holds key to UN reform S.African minister
05/17/2006 French foreign minister says he opposes unilateral Israeli moves
05/17/2006 Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi gives U.N. Secretary-General Kofi...
05/17/2006 Iran Foreign Minister Visits Jordan
05/17/2006 No wrongdoing in Embraer jetsâ purchase minister
05/17/2006 Merkel angry over Hamas minister's visit to Germany
05/17/2006 Army has brought down terrorism in Kashmir minister
05/17/2006 No wrongdoing in Embraer jets' purchase minister
05/17/2006 No troop pullout from Siachen minister
05/17/2006 NAC chairperson exempted, but not Congress minister
05/17/2006 Ministers abuse claims hit rough territory
05/17/2006 Three senior Cabinet Ministers to work out formula on quota
05/17/2006 Kenya Minister's Raid Threat Sparks Fresh Outrage
05/17/2006 Deputies say Iraqi prime minister-designate to present Cabinet Saturday
05/17/2006 Kenyan Human Rights Commission Calls for Resignation of Security Minister
05/17/2006 Manipur Chief Minister escapes attack on life
05/17/2006 Indian chief minister survives assassination attempt
05/17/2006 3 Ministers to study quota impasse
05/17/2006 Quebec minister urges a health care user-fee debate
05/17/2006 Chinese VP meets with Tajik foreign minister
05/17/2006 Indian rebels attack chief minister convoy
05/17/2006 Scottish minister urges reduction in cancer waiting times
05/17/2006 Palestinian minister visits Germany despite Berlin protests
05/17/2006 Save more water, minister urges
05/17/2006 PM forms ministerial team to examine quotas
05/17/2006 Sino-Arab ministers plan new partnerships
05/17/2006 Manipur chief minister survives rebel ambush
05/17/2006 Prodi names new Italian govt; Padoa-Schioppa confirmed as economy minister
05/17/2006 Drugs minister smoked marijuana
05/17/2006 Chinese, Arab foreign ministers to discuss new partnership
05/17/2006 Minister urges a health care user-fee debate
05/17/2006 Ex-minister hits out at nuclear
05/17/2006 NEW PRIME MINISTER Italy's Romano Prodi ready to take power
05/17/2006 Media Advisory Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to make important program announcement
05/17/2006 Situation in Kashmir has improved Defence Minister
05/17/2006 Three new ministers appointed to Tongan cabinet
05/17/2006 PNG prime minister calls for end to teachers' strike
05/17/2006 US President George W. BushL walks with Prime Minister of Australia ...
05/17/2006 Fiji's Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase
05/17/2006 Ex-minister hits out at nuclear plans
05/17/2006 Drugs minister admits smoking cannabis
05/17/2006 Blast kills Ingush minister
05/17/2006 French Prime Minister Villepin blasts censure bid in scandal
05/17/2006 Russian foreign minister says Beijing, Moscow won't support force against Iran
05/16/2006 Two Royal govt ministers challenge legality of their arrest
05/16/2006 Kenya minister threat to media sparks anger
05/16/2006 Minister 'smoked marijuana'
05/16/2006 Israeli Defense minister pledges peace
05/16/2006 Israeli minister makes peace pledge
05/16/2006 Bihar ministers, officials may soon get new cars
05/16/2006 Drug minister smoked pot
05/16/2006 Minister Blackburn supports the Coopérative de développement Centre-du-Québec / Mauricie
05/16/2006 Minister MacKay to Meet Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs
05/16/2006 Australian foreign minister to visit Solomon Islands
05/16/2006 New Zealand Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet employee named as Telecom mole
05/16/2006 Baig to move privilege motion against labour minister
05/16/2006 Manpower export to Malaysia Minister biased in manpower quota allocation
05/16/2006 Opposition slams absent ministers in Senate
05/16/2006 Chinese, Arabian foreign ministers to convene in Beijing
05/16/2006 Students buttonhole minister on school
05/16/2006 Drugs minister used marijuana at university
05/16/2006 Enterprise network for Highlands to face further streamlining, minister suggests
05/16/2006 Pedophile rings in black towns minister
05/16/2006 CPI finalises list of Ministers
05/16/2006 Labour laws must be respected, says Prime Minister
05/16/2006 New Zealand Prime Minister office employee named as Telecom mole
05/16/2006 Fiji's prime minister claims victory in elections
05/16/2006 Former Minister Sentenced For Child Porn
05/16/2006 Minister aims to draw women attention to lung cancer
05/16/2006 White House Welcomes Australian Prime Minister Howard
05/16/2006 Prodi officially appointed Italy's new prime minister
05/16/2006 Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh on the Quartet, US Measures, and Relations with Jordan
05/16/2006 Britain's drug minister admits smoking pot
05/16/2006 Drugs minister 'smoked marijuana'
05/16/2006 Denmark's ex-foreign minister blasts newspaper for printing blasphemous cartoons
05/16/2006 Madhya Pradesh attracting large investments minister
05/16/2006 Angola Foreign Minister Receives EU`s Special Envoy To Great Lakes
05/16/2006 Kenya Minister Threatens Fresh Raids on Independent Media
05/16/2006 Chinese, Russian foreign ministers hold talks in Beijing
05/16/2006 White House Welcomes Australian Prime Minister Howard
05/16/2006 Federal fisheries minister apologizes to seal hunt observers
05/16/2006 Minister Josée Verner Announces Funding for the Festival franco-ontarien
05/16/2006 Prime Minister pays tribute to Olympic and Paralympic medalists
05/16/2006 Prime Minister appoints new Commissioners to the Public Appointments Commission
05/16/2006 No plans to expand SCO Russian defense minister
05/16/2006 Maharashtra minister leads pro-reservation rally
05/16/2006 Russian foreign minister says Beijing, Moscow won't support force against Iran
05/16/2006 Japan Says Prime Minister Did Not Ask to Address US Congress
05/16/2006 China, Russia Foreign Ministers Discuss Iran in Beijing
05/16/2006 CIS needs reform, Ukraine to remain member Minister Tarasyuk
05/16/2006 Indonesia economic minister sees rupiah, stock market falls as 'temporary'
05/16/2006 Keelty in security talks with PNG minister
05/16/2006 White House Lauds Australia Prime Minister
05/16/2006 Gogoi likely to meet Sonia, PM to finalise council of ministers
05/16/2006 Former Solomon Islands minister charged with arson
05/16/2006 Nepal's jailed ministers ask court for release
05/16/2006 Israeli defence minister makes peace pledge
05/16/2006 Former Solomons minister on riot charges
05/16/2006 Nepalâs jailed ministers ask court for release
05/16/2006 Minister, Unions Disagree on Germany Crime Level
05/16/2006 Former government minister in the Solomons charged with arson
05/15/2006 Ministers call for action in Jude case
05/15/2006 Iran in focus as China, Russia ministers meet
05/15/2006 Israeli defense minister makes peace pledge
05/15/2006 New Meghalaya minister to take salary from one post
05/15/2006 Iran in focus as Chinese, Russian foreign ministers meet
05/15/2006 President Bush to Welcome Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel to the White House
05/15/2006 Ecuador's Energy Minister Terminates Occidental's Block 15 Contract
05/15/2006 Minister defends harbour anti-terror drills
05/15/2006 SCO Foreign Ministers' meeting convened to prepare for summit
05/15/2006 Minister defends Civil Defence against confusion claims
05/15/2006 Vietnam's prime minister chooses successor
05/15/2006 Vietnam's Prime Minister Chooses Successor
05/15/2006 Cote D Ivoire Prime minister nudges divided country to peace
05/15/2006 EU ministers to debate Palestinian aid issue
05/15/2006 EU ministers discuss nuclear offer for Iran
05/15/2006 Myanmar purges ministers in minor shuffle
05/15/2006 Prime minister calls for far-reaching reform of Britain's criminal justice system
05/15/2006 State minister refuses to present budget details
05/15/2006 Minister accuses Beg of smuggling manpower
05/15/2006 Iran membership in SCO not discussed by foreign ministers
05/15/2006 Kenya Minister Blamed in 'Standard' Raid Probe
05/15/2006 PNG minister can't understand rejection of guest worker scheme
05/15/2006 Minister Hearn Issues Statement
05/15/2006 CPI to select its Ministers today
05/15/2006 Achuthanandan to be Chief Minister
05/15/2006 Buddhadeb invited to form new Council of Ministers
05/15/2006 - Israeli Prime Minister to Visit Bush
05/15/2006 Ministers Dazed At The Castle
05/15/2006 Its official, V.S Achutanandan will be the next Kerala Chief Minister
05/15/2006 Mali Lawmakers Ask French Minister to Cancel Trip
05/15/2006 Sri Lankan foreign minister to visit Japan
05/15/2006 Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day issues statement on Police Week 2006
05/15/2006 Minister in court for contempt
05/15/2006 Libyan Foreign Minister Says U.S. Move Serves 'Mutual Interests'
05/15/2006 British Prime Minister Tony Blair to stand down next summer news reports
05/15/2006 Israeli prime minister to visit Bush
05/15/2006 Ex-minister to defend drug traffickers
05/15/2006 Minister-coach charged with molestation
05/15/2006 EU ministers to debate Palestinian aid issue
05/15/2006 Australian prime minister begins tour of Washington
05/15/2006 Hiccups in CPI-M over selection of ministers
05/15/2006 Defense minister meets Bangladeshi Army Chief of Staff
05/15/2006 Australian foreign minister in Singapore to meet with senior officials
05/15/2006 Côte d'Ivoire Prime Minister Nudges Divided Country to Peace
05/15/2006 Nigeria Court Awards N1 Million in Damages to Former Minister
05/15/2006 EU Ministers 'Profoundly' Concerned Over Uzbekistan
05/15/2006 Minister takes out pro-reservation rally
05/15/2006 Zimbabwe Minister Quizzed Over New Economic Plan
05/15/2006 EU foreign ministers approve 2007-2013 budget pact
05/15/2006 Griffen followed path into law, Army service then became minister
05/15/2006 Moscow court says ex-nuclear minister custody extension legal
05/15/2006 Minister resigns, another inducted in Meghalaya Lead
05/15/2006 Meghalaya minister charged with embezzlement of funds resigns
05/15/2006 Minister stands firm on Palm Is alcohol limits
05/15/2006 Jharkhand ministerâs defeat in cricket body may threaten NDA
05/15/2006 Indian Affairs Minister pressed to adopt controversial policy
05/15/2006 Palestinian aid, Iran nuclear case top EU foreign ministers' talks
05/15/2006 Shanghai group ministers approve election-control mechanism
05/15/2006 Bulgariaâs Defense Minister to Take Part in Regular Session of ...
05/15/2006 India ready for launch of Agni III, says scientific advisor to Def. Minister
05/15/2006 Probe black money in media, says ex-minister
05/14/2006 Israeli minister wanted by FBI to visit Cuba
05/14/2006 Australian prime minister begins tour of Washington
05/14/2006 British Prime Minister Tony Blair To Stand Down Next Summer
05/14/2006 Ministers out to woo voters despite heat
05/14/2006 Minister heads to NT to talk welfare, work changes
05/14/2006 Justice ministers corruption crusade puts Romania back on road to ...
05/14/2006 Reports British Prime Minister Tony Blair to stand down next summer
05/14/2006 Trust to administer 1m bequest to animals
05/14/2006 Saudi oil minister warns producers not to expect continued growth
05/14/2006 Oil Minister Don't Bank on High Growth
05/14/2006 Saudi oil minister warns producers not to expect continued growth
05/14/2006 Amir Cheema’s death should not be allowed to go in vain minister
05/14/2006 EU ministers weighing new incentives for Iran
05/14/2006 Rural housing policy soon, says Minister
05/14/2006 CPIM likely to have ten Ministers in State Cabinet
05/14/2006 Gogoi sworn in Chief Minister
05/14/2006 Canada’s Environment Minister Understands the Issue but not the Solution
05/14/2006 Fiji Prime Minister confident of victory
05/14/2006 Tuscany minister calls in Nablus for dialogue to resolve differences
05/14/2006 Ivory Coast Prime Minister Launches New Peace Initiative
05/14/2006 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert began the quest to secure US...
05/14/2006 Turkish Prime Minister makes brief stopover in Lahore
05/14/2006 Leak came from minister office
05/14/2006 Jharkhand home minister loses cricket body polls
05/14/2006 Prime Minister leaves on four nation tour
05/14/2006 Canada stockpiling antivirals in case of pandemic
05/14/2006 Owensboro minister leaving church formed in split over gays
05/14/2006 Media Advisory Minister Takhar to make Highway 410 announcement
05/14/2006 Minister leaving church formed in split over homosexuals
05/14/2006 Iraq PM set to unveil cabinet without security ministers
05/14/2006 Ministers confident in Israeli govt stability
05/14/2006 Iranian foreign minister to visit Baghdad
05/14/2006 Fijian prime minister says lower ethnic Indian vote helps his election chances
05/14/2006 Iranian foreign minister to visit Iraq
05/14/2006 Enough antivirals for all Minister
05/14/2006 Saudi Minister predicts 100m bpd
05/14/2006 Office of the Prime Minister Public Events
05/14/2006 Michael O'Leary, 69, former Irish deputy prime minister
05/14/2006 Probe black money in media, says ex-minister
05/14/2006 Iraq PM set to unveil cabinet without security ministers
05/14/2006 Iraq foreign minister's guards killed in bombing
05/14/2006 Iraq foreign minister's guards killed in bombing
05/14/2006 A Timely Stand by Bangladesh Home Minister
05/14/2006 India will prepare for Star Wars, says prime minister
05/13/2006 Nepali Gov't to curtail king's power, privileges minister
05/13/2006 Somalian PM warns ministers on militia
05/13/2006 Somalia Warring Somali ministers warned
05/13/2006 Stephen sets sights on First Minister job
05/13/2006 Feds promising medicines during a pandemic
05/13/2006 Norwegian Foreign Ministry officials meet Hamas cabinet minister
05/13/2006 Feds to offer anti-virals during pandemic
05/13/2006 Nagin, minister deny contract wrongdoing
05/13/2006 French interior minister 'I want justice'
05/13/2006 Nagin, minister deny contract wrongdoing
05/13/2006 Karunanidhi, Ministers sworn in
05/13/2006 Arrest of former Nepal Ministers condemned
05/13/2006 Hamas minister meets Norwegian foreign ministry official
05/13/2006 Rabbi, Hamas minister in 'joint coalition'
05/13/2006 Jordan refuses to receive Palestinian foreign minister