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07/30/2006 Vandals deface Berlin's Holocaust memorial
07/30/2006 Push for Bunbury memorial
07/30/2006 Ayrshire memorial to Russian boat
07/30/2006 Vandals etch swastika on Holocaust memorial
07/30/2006 Memorial to Russian boat
07/30/2006 Ashes in Orbit U.S. Firm to Offer Memorial Launches in China
07/29/2006 Memorial Ride
07/29/2006 Ousted Spokane mayor honored at memorial
07/28/2006 Memorial services, charities for crash victims
07/28/2006 Ousted Spokane mayor remembered at memorial
07/28/2006 Christian Memorials Assembles Board of Advisors, Including Founder of Largest Christian Radio Statio
07/28/2006 Memorial Held For Murder Victim Ryan Harris
07/27/2006 Martin Memorial's infection rate climbs, report says
07/27/2006 Memorial Fund Set-up for Steuben County Crash Victims
07/27/2006 Laughery Memorial
07/27/2006 Manjunath gets a memorial an IOC award in his name for retail bravery
07/27/2006 I Want to Know about Mercy's memorial wall
07/27/2006 Exxon Mobil Foundation contributes to King memorial
07/27/2006 Big Thompson memorial Saturday
07/27/2006 Memorial to honour murdered sisters
07/27/2006 Lollipop Theater Network Premieres at Children's Memorial Hospital
07/27/2006 Public Memorial Caps The End of XVI International AIDS Conference AIDS 2006
07/26/2006 Hundreds gather for Lois Dear memorial
07/26/2006 Winnipeg man charged with urinating on military monument
07/26/2006 Holocaust memorial in Belgium defaced
07/26/2006 Humana, Baptist Memorial Health Care extend contract
07/26/2006 Rwanda CNLS Donates 1 Million to Gisozi Memorial Site
07/26/2006 First veteran buried at Druid Ridge memorial park
07/26/2006 Sarasota Memorial names new CFO
07/26/2006 Memorial shares the Love
07/25/2006 Memorial held for teen killed by gunfire
07/25/2006 Fighting over Babi Yar memorial
07/25/2006 Fallen Soldiers Honored with Memorial Garden
07/25/2006 Ashes in Orbit U.S. Firm to Offer Memorial Launches in China
07/24/2006 Nursing Supervisor Speaks Out About Memorial Hospital Investigation
07/24/2006 Socialists call for end to Franco memorials
07/24/2006 Victims of two violent crimes remembered at weekend memorials
07/24/2006 Spartanburg Leaders Say War Memorial Needs Change
07/24/2006 Woman Visiting Brother's Memorial Slain
07/24/2006 Memorial fund established
07/24/2006 Campaigners win access to memorial garden
07/24/2006 A community grieves
07/24/2006 Slain Seattle women, Kirkland family honored
07/23/2006 Roadside memorials can cause friction Safety vs. sanctity
07/23/2006 Memorial for priest killed by car
07/23/2006 Money raised for son's memorial is stolen
07/23/2006 Wording on airport memorial raises questions
07/23/2006 Australian SIEV X memorial Canberra 2006
07/23/2006 Memorials belong in the heart
07/23/2006 Memorial honors Japanese-American secret warriors
07/22/2006 Memorial held for Brazilian man shot by British police
07/22/2006 Memorial for Lange
07/22/2006 Tube shooting memorial
07/22/2006 Gandhi's memorials to be built in S Africa
07/21/2006 Memorial honors righteous Albanians
07/21/2006 Memorial message in a bottle for Blake
07/21/2006 Win Rockefeller remembered at memorial
07/21/2006 Hunters' Memorial Park dedication planned
07/21/2006 Traveling Vietnam memorial lands in Rogers
07/21/2006 Rossford teens on 650-mile trek to raise 1M for 9/11 memorials
07/21/2006 Indian activist Whitebear memorialized in a book
07/21/2006 Engineers work to gather WTC columns for memorial
07/20/2006 Federal Govt urged to fund Anzac Western Front memorial
07/20/2006 DA's Office receives report regarding deaths at Memorial Hospital
07/20/2006 Hundreds gather for Rockefeller memorial
07/20/2006 Memorial Blood Center Supply Running Low
07/20/2006 Sarasota Memorial board to seek tax increase
07/20/2006 Jet restored as a war memorial vandalized
07/19/2006 Flight 93 memorial design spat continues
07/19/2006 Questions About Memorial Medical Center Arrests
07/19/2006 Memorial service for slain mom
07/19/2006 National Police Memorial to get new look
07/19/2006 News Memorial planned for police officer killed in line of duty six years ago
07/19/2006 Memorial planned for Eric Rofes, 51, author, gay activist
07/19/2006 Myanmar bans Aung San Suu Kyi from father's memorial
07/19/2006 Myanmar bans Aung San Suu Kyi from father's memorial service
07/18/2006 POW/MIA Memorial takes another step forward
07/18/2006 At least 1,500 expected at Ark. Lt. Gov.'s memorial
07/18/2006 Memorial service honours helicopter crash victims
07/18/2006 Kirkwood police searching for suspects in slain officer memorial vandalism
07/18/2006 Memorial funds established for five drowning victims
07/18/2006 Fiery memorial planned for the slain and the slayer
07/18/2006 Memorial Hermann to build 35-story tower
07/18/2006 Memorial service to be held for helicopter crash victims
07/18/2006 Doctor, two nurses arrested in connection with patient deaths at Memorial Medical Center
07/18/2006 Rogers VFW hosts mobile memorial
07/17/2006 TWA Flight 800 memorial dedicated
07/17/2006 200 attend groundhog's memorial service
07/17/2006 Babi Yar memorial defaced
07/16/2006 Air Force Memorial a Tribute to Flight and Engineering
07/16/2006 Sheboygan Veterans Memorial celebration draws thousands
07/16/2006 Memorial adds 30 'lost' names
07/16/2006 Twilight movie becomes memorial
07/15/2006 Memorial To Fallen Kirkwood Officer Vandalized
07/15/2006 New Memorial Honors Lao and Hmong Soldiers
07/15/2006 Art Pollard Memorial runs July 22
07/15/2006 Armenian memorial plans outlined
07/14/2006 India‚s Tata Memorial Centre wins global award
07/14/2006 Reward offered after vandalism to new Kirkwood memorial
07/14/2006 Memorial basketball clock beset by problems
07/13/2006 Friends, family gather at Cyrus memorial vigil
07/13/2006 Friends, family remember Meramec drowning victims
07/13/2006 Memorial service held for murdered NUM leader
07/12/2006 Enron Lay memorialised as devout, family man
07/12/2006 Enron Lay memorialised as devout, family man
07/12/2006 Ken Lay's character witness collapses at memorial
07/12/2006 Dignitaries Mourn Lay at Memorial Service
07/12/2006 Former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier collapses at memorial service for Enron founder Lay
07/12/2006 Lanier in stable condition after collapse
07/12/2006 Ken Lay's memorial attracts power elite
07/12/2006 Dignitaries mourn Lay at church service
07/12/2006 Lanier Collapses at Lay Memorial Service
07/12/2006 Kirkwood Memorial Honors Fallen Police Officer
07/12/2006 Freeway Memorial for Tongans Dismantled
07/12/2006 Memorial service for Mumbai victims in London
07/12/2006 Memorial For Tongan Royals Dismantled
07/12/2006 Houston memorial today for Enron's Key Lay
07/12/2006 Friends, family to mourn Ken Lay today
07/12/2006 Garden of Reflection Official state 9/11 memorial
07/12/2006 UK Indians to hold memorial service
07/12/2006 Indian community holds memorial
07/11/2006 Officials considering ¬ĎMemorial Way¬í for Chalos
07/11/2006 Second memorial service for Enron's Lay planned
07/11/2006 WTC site owner taking over 9/11 memorial
07/11/2006 Pair seek credit for Flight 93 memorial
07/09/2006 Private
07/09/2006 Memorial Held For Enron Founder
07/09/2006 Blue Line Shows Support For Memorial Park
07/09/2006 Friends pay respects to Enron founder Lay
07/09/2006 Lay Remembered At Memorial Service
07/09/2006 Memorial Service Held for Convicted Enron Founder
07/09/2006 Private Memorial Held in Colorado for Enron Founder Ken Lay
07/09/2006 Private memorial held for Enron founder
07/09/2006 Sheboygan close to dedicating new Veterans Memorial
07/09/2006 Design complaint on 9/11 memorial
07/09/2006 National Campaign for WTC Memorial
07/09/2006 EDITORIAL by Dr. Eugene E. Narrett “A Memorial & Monument for Eliahu Asheri
07/09/2006 Kasic Memorial
07/09/2006 4 given memorial scholarships
07/09/2006 Design complaint on 9/11 memorial
07/08/2006 Skilling to attend private Lay memorials
07/08/2006 Man finds digs for proposed miners' memorial/ti
07/08/2006 Two professors say Flight 93 memorial includes their designs without credit
07/08/2006 War Vet to Draft Dodger Memorial in Canada You're Just a Pack of Cowards
07/08/2006 Tata Memorial Centre wins global award for fighting cancer
07/08/2006 Man sorry over memorial urination
07/08/2006 2 Professors Seek Credit for Flight 93 Memorial Design
07/08/2006 Flight 93 Memorial Uses Ideas Without Credit, Professors Say
07/08/2006 Professors Say Flight 93 Memorial Design Lifted Their Ideas
07/08/2006 Fallen Wiccan soldier not given memorial
07/08/2006 Pair Seek Credit for Flight 93 Memorial
07/08/2006 Two professors say Flight 93 memorial includes their designs without credit
07/08/2006 Pair Seek Credit for Flight 93 Memorial
07/07/2006 Professors Seek Credit in Flight 93 Design
07/07/2006 Canadian charged for urinating on war memorial
07/07/2006 Teen offers 'heartfelt' apology for urinating on National War Memorial
07/07/2006 Memorial pool open,
07/07/2006 Montreal man charged with mischief after War Memorial incident
07/07/2006 Police charge Montreal man with mischief after War Memorial incident
07/07/2006 Wearing their pain Katrina survivors sport memorial tattoos
07/07/2006 Police charge man with mischief after War Memorial incident
07/07/2006 Police name third suspect in war memorial incident
07/07/2006 Memorial Services Set For Enron's Lay
07/07/2006 Memorials planned for Lay in Aspen, Houston
07/07/2006 Britain's Queen Elizabeth II unveils memorial for late mother
07/07/2006 War Memorial Update
07/07/2006 Private Memorial for Ken Lay
07/07/2006 Memorials Planned for Lay in Colo., Texas
07/07/2006 Private Memorial Service Planned for Ken Lay
07/07/2006 Kenneth Lay Memorial Set For Sunday In Aspen
07/07/2006 Private Memorial Planned for Lay in Colo.
07/07/2006 Private Memorial Planned For Kenneth Lay In Aspen, Colo.
07/07/2006 War Memorial Investigation
07/07/2006 Memorial to Queen Mother to open
07/07/2006 Police to lay mischief charge against urinating reveller
07/06/2006 Two memorials to be held for Lay
07/06/2006 War memorial vandal charged with mischief
07/06/2006 Web Page Memorial For Man Killed By Deputies
07/06/2006 Man faces mischief charges over War Monument incident
07/06/2006 "The Wall That Heals" brings Vietnam Memorial to Aiken
07/06/2006 Queen Mother memorial to open
07/06/2006 WTC site owner taking over 9/11 memorial
07/06/2006 Man urinated on National War Memorial
07/06/2006 Memorial Service Planned For Enron Founder Kenneth Lay
07/06/2006 Owner Of World Trade Center Site To Take Over Sept. 11 Memorial Construction
07/06/2006 Srebrenica Memorial
07/06/2006 Memorials for those killed in London bombings
07/06/2006 Reward prompts callers to ID man desecrating war memorial
07/06/2006 War Memorial suspects are 2 Ottawa teens, visiting 23-year-old
07/06/2006 Reward prompts callers to identify man desecrating war memorial
07/06/2006 Police identify men who vandalized war memorial
07/06/2006 Bridge memorial would help family heal after tragedy
07/05/2006 Man Wants WWII Memorial Repaired
07/05/2006 War Memorial culprits are 2 Ottawa youngsters and a 23-year-old, police say
07/05/2006 Three people who desecrated memorial identified
07/05/2006 2 Ottawa youngsters identified as War Memorial culprits, police say
07/05/2006 Police say men who vandalized memorial identified
07/05/2006 Police identify men who vandalized memorial
07/05/2006 Memorial honors slain Phoenix police officer
07/05/2006 Montreal veteran offers reward after war memorial desecrated
07/05/2006 New Veterans Memorial In Hancock County
07/05/2006 War on terrorism memorial dedicated
07/05/2006 Veterans' Memorial Hall opening new exhibit
07/05/2006 Poland wins in Wagner's Volleyball memorial
07/05/2006 Memorial honors slain officer
07/04/2006 PRIDE to build memorial for fallen heroes
07/04/2006 Now, memorial honors two more
07/04/2006 Moving Vietnam War Memorial visits Bethel
07/04/2006 Fletcher Presents Check For Memorial Parkway Path
07/04/2006 Local Teen Inspires Idea For Soldier Memorial
07/04/2006 Hundreds of motorcyclists accompany Vietnam Memorial replica to Aiken
07/04/2006 PBC soldiers killed in Iraq honored
07/04/2006 Glasgow woman wants to build veteran's memorial
07/04/2006 Police launch probe into war memorial defacement
07/04/2006 Queen Creek memorial to honor fallen vets
07/04/2006 Veterans outraged by war memorial defacement
07/04/2006 `Terrible' act at war memorial angers PM
07/04/2006 Queen Creek memorial to honor fallen vets
07/04/2006 Queen Creek memorial to honor fallen vets
07/03/2006 Police seeking revellers who urinated on Ottawa memorial
07/03/2006 Veterans outraged by war memorial defacement
07/03/2006 Miners Memorial Out of Sight, Out of Mind
07/03/2006 Memorial planned for drowning victims
07/03/2006 National War Memorial urinated on by hooligans
07/03/2006 America Supports You Silent Thunder Memorial Honors Fallen
07/03/2006 National War Memorial defacing disgusts Harper
07/03/2006 High court to consider San Diego's memorial cross
07/03/2006 07/02/2006 America Supports You Silent Thunder Memorial Honors Fallen
07/03/2006 PM incensed by fouling of memorial
07/03/2006 Veterans outraged by people urinating on war memorial
07/03/2006 Silent Thunder Memorial Honors Fallen from Iraq, Afghanistan
07/03/2006 Veterans outraged by photos of people urinating on war memorial
07/03/2006 PA Passes Law Against Protests at Military Funerals and Memorials
07/02/2006 Silent Thunder Memorial Honors Fallen from Iraq, Afghanistan
07/02/2006 Efforts to Save Mount Soledad Memorial Face Deadline
07/02/2006 SUCCESS UP THEIR SLEEVES Music sportswear company finds unusual demand for Proof memorial t-shirt
07/01/2006 Hundreds gather for Paxton Memorial Gardens dedication
07/01/2006 Fort Campbell soldier killed in Iraq remembered in memorial
07/01/2006 3,500 attend abducted soldier memorial
07/01/2006 Fallen soldier honored in Port Orchard
07/01/2006 First World War vets honoured at War Memorial
07/01/2006 Memorial unveiled for man who died in crash
07/01/2006 Memorial unveiled for air crash victims
06/30/2006 Memorial will honor state's fallen heroes
06/30/2006 Lots of fireworks, but not at Liberty Memorial
06/30/2006 Memorial service set for Beach deputy's child
06/30/2006 Universal Gives 250,000 To Flight 93 Memorial
06/30/2006 Universal gives more toward Flight 93 memorial
06/30/2006 Universal Donates 250,000 to Flight 93 Memorial
06/30/2006 Universal Pictures Ups Flight 93 Gift
06/30/2006 State agency moved forward with new Nine-Eleven memorial design
06/30/2006 State agency moved forward with new 9/11 memorial design
06/30/2006 State Agency Goes Ahead With 9/11 Memorial
06/30/2006 Survivor unveils memorial at Vienna school
06/30/2006 Ohio war memorial dedication planned
06/30/2006 Memorial service set for Mount Si student
06/30/2006 Donations sought for Ohio heroes memorial
06/29/2006 Stunned Campus Mourns Its Chief, an Apparent Suicide
06/29/2006 Universal Pictures gives 250,000 to Flight 93 memorial
06/29/2006 Pupils break down at memorial for teachers
06/29/2006 Thieves steal cannonballs from war memorial
06/29/2006 Memorial service today for Army Specialist
06/29/2006 Service planned for Milwaukie soldier killed in Iraq
06/29/2006 SC judge places wreath at Car Nicobar Tsunami Memorial
06/29/2006 Deputy minister sobs at memorial service
06/29/2006 Memorial to Vietnam vets makes stop in Westland
06/28/2006 Westboro Baptist Church to protest at 101st soldiers memorial
06/28/2006 Mayor wants to light up Cape Fear Memorial Bridge
06/28/2006 Memorial Donation
06/27/2006 Turnpike traffic increases for Memorial Day holiday
06/27/2006 9/11 families against new WTC Memorial design as public comments end
06/27/2006 Memorial plan for last known veteran of Great War
06/27/2006 Memorial service to be held after death of last Great War survivor
06/27/2006 Public Memorial Planned For Late UCSC Chancellor
06/27/2006 Public Memorial Set For UC Santa Cruz Chancellor
06/27/2006 City confirms 2m grant for Blake memorial
06/27/2006 La Junta unveils new memorial dedicated to Pike
06/27/2006 Memorial planned when last WW1 hero dies
06/27/2006 Memorial for last WW1 veteran announced
06/26/2006 Memorial service planned for crash victims
06/26/2006 Family's memorial honors missing boy
06/26/2006 Memorial service planed for Springfield soldier killed in Iraq
06/26/2006 Plaque memorials for 7 July dead
06/26/2006 S. Korean government to help pay for Memphis war memorial
06/26/2006 Holocaust memorial in Uruguay defaced
06/26/2006 Crazy Horse sculptor's wife runs memorial despite age
06/26/2006 Crazy Horse Sculptor's Wife Runs Memorial
06/25/2006 Sept 11 memorial gets a cost-saving redesign
06/25/2006 WTC officials face admission-fee friction
06/25/2006 Former TSU president moving from Memorial area home
06/25/2006 Memorial Service Held for Drowned Teenager
06/25/2006 France Dedicates Memorial to Muslim Troops of WWI
06/25/2006 City of Toronto officially opens the Downsview Memorial Parkette MOTH Gardens
06/24/2006 Family Holds Memorial For Brooke Wilberger
06/24/2006 Favorite Colors Highlight Brooke Wilberger Memorial
06/24/2006 Family Holds Memorial For Brooke Wilberger
06/24/2006 Favorite colors highlight Brooke Wilberger memorial
06/24/2006 Memorial for Brooke Wilberger held Sat. in Eugene
06/24/2006 Memorial service planned for Madras soldier
06/24/2006 Fayetteville woman compiling memorial to past sheriffs
06/24/2006 Kanishka victims memorial coming up
06/24/2006 Memorial service planned for Thomas Tucker
06/24/2006 Ground broken for Air India memorial
06/23/2006 To pay or not to pay admission to Ground Zero memorial
06/23/2006 Ground Broken On Air India Memorial
06/23/2006 WTC Officials Face Admission-Fee Friction
06/23/2006 Groundbreaking starts Air-India memorial
06/23/2006 World Trade Center memorial drawings on display
06/23/2006 Air India families attend T.O. memorial ceremony
06/23/2006 Ground broken for Toronto Air India memorial
06/23/2006 Ground broken in Toronto for memorial to Air India victims
06/23/2006 Air India familes gather for memorial ceremony
06/22/2006 Memorial service Saturday for Judy Wolpe, wife of ex-congressman
06/22/2006 Campaign to build police memorial in Battle Creek
06/22/2006 Memorial for former Mich. first lady to be held Sunday
06/22/2006 Clark Memorial adds CT unit, plans second
06/22/2006 Ask E.T. Towers a new memorial for 9/11
06/22/2006 The Ground Zero Memorial, Revised but Not Improved
06/22/2006 PA Volunteers Speed Up 11/6 Memorial Park
06/22/2006 Media Advisory Groundbreaking for memorial to victims of Air India Flight 182 bombing
06/22/2006 At memorial for POWs, a family torn
06/21/2006 Editorial 9/11 Memorial, Version 2.0
06/21/2006 Firefighter killed on duty memorialized
06/21/2006 Water woes at Houston hospital
06/21/2006 Photo War memorial at Dunk to be moved
06/21/2006 Public Hitler memorial abandoned
06/21/2006 Students remembered at memorial
06/21/2006 Sept. 11 memorial
06/21/2006 New River memorial nearly done
06/21/2006 Memorial planned for Fort Carson-based soldier from Michigan
06/21/2006 Veterans invited to ceremony at war memorial today
06/21/2006 Smaller Sept. 11 memorial unveiled
06/21/2006 9/11 memorial plans scaled down
06/20/2006 Scaled-Down Design for 9/11 Memorial Shown
06/20/2006 Columbine Memorial Ceremony Draws Hundreds
06/20/2006 300 Cats Attend Dog's Memorial
06/20/2006 Controversy over 9/11 memorial in NJ
06/20/2006 To rein in spiraling cost, design for Sept. 11 memorial shrinks
06/20/2006 Holocaust memorial in Ukraine vandalized
06/20/2006 Sept 11 memorial gets a cost-saving redesign
06/20/2006 Sept. 11 Memorial Pared Down
06/20/2006 Smaller Ground Zero memorial proposed to cut costs
06/20/2006 Cheaper, scaled-down design unveiled for Sept. 11 memorial
06/20/2006 Newer, cheaper Sept 11 memorial plan unveiled
06/20/2006 Students remembered at Floral Park memorial
06/20/2006 Scaled-down design for 9/11 memorial shown
06/20/2006 Memorial planned for teen who drowned in White Lake
06/20/2006 Veterans memorial to travel to Marion
06/20/2006 Memorial service tomorrow for longtime Springfield court's Robert Fein
06/19/2006 Memorial held for climber lost on Foraker
06/19/2006 Breaking Ground for Sept. 11 Pentagon Memorial
06/19/2006 Memorial set for one of SC's bravest killed in Iraq
06/19/2006 Oshkosh Truck donates to Pentagon Memorial
06/19/2006 Landau Who remembered victims of U.S. covert war on Memorial Day?
06/19/2006 Volunteers To Build Habitat For Humanity Homes At Liberty Memorial
06/19/2006 Bethesda Memorial Hospital and Virginia Mason Medical Center Websites "Go Live" With MEDSEEK Solutions
06/19/2006 Firefighters honor their fallen at memorial service
06/19/2006 Vietnam Memorial
06/18/2006 Relatives of slain soldier gather for memorial service
06/17/2006 Memorial Hall looks to make changes
06/17/2006 Memorial Ride
06/17/2006 Memorial tributes to Lancastria victims
06/17/2006 Clearances memorial is abandoned
06/17/2006 American Legion Post Celebrates Memorial Day
06/17/2006 Sarae Rinker Memorial Concert
06/17/2006 Littleton's community breaks ground for a memorial of healing. 6/17/06
06/17/2006 Memorial service for Lancastria
06/17/2006 'Hallowed ground' crowd gathers for Columbine Memorial ceremony
06/17/2006 Clinton attends Columbine memorial
06/17/2006 Memorial to 4000 troops
06/17/2006 Ground broken for Columbine memorial
06/17/2006 Clinton joins groundbreaking for Columbine memorial
06/17/2006 Memorial tournament was a great success
06/17/2006 Memorial Begun for Columbine