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05/16/2006 PAKISTAN Key medical facility in quake zone faces closure
05/16/2006 Doctor lodges fresh appeal in medical negligence case
05/16/2006 UC Riverside Seeks OK for a Medical School
05/16/2006 Medical Spas Medical Spa Consultant and Laser Expert Provides Information and Training
05/15/2006  Cancer treatment damaged teen's heart
05/15/2006 Surgery helps even if breast cancer spread
05/15/2006 Separated twins making steady progress
05/15/2006 UN lauds Cairo for quick response to bird flu
05/15/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Working moms healthier than stay at home moms
05/15/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment New procedure to clear sinuses
05/15/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Pregnancy after bariatric surgery may cause problems
05/15/2006 Diabetic women need birth control advice
05/15/2006 Medical examiner says woman found dead in Lowell was strangled
05/15/2006 VA Medical Center hosts fair Tuesday
05/15/2006 Medical Emergency Briefly Stops BART
05/15/2006 Xilas taps former Caremark executive to lead sales at local medical firm
05/15/2006 New medical lab to concentrate on AIDS research
05/15/2006 Indian medical students on strike
05/15/2006 Cardiovascular disease costing UK billions
05/15/2006 Medical students boycott classes in Bengal
05/15/2006 Third Frontier awards 32M for biomedical projects
05/15/2006 Walsenburg hospital earns medical education status
05/15/2006 STAT Medical News Stay-at-Home Moms More Likely to Be Obese
05/15/2006 Anti-reservation stir hits Gujarat medical colleges
05/15/2006 Prison Medical Care
05/15/2006 Blair supports use of animals in research
05/15/2006 Anti-quota medical strike gathers momentum,health services hit
05/15/2006 MedicTag USB Medical Alert wins Today's Caregiver Magazine 2006 Caregiver Friendly Award
05/15/2006 Medical and Holistic Communities Applaud Pharmaceutical Insider Film Side Effects
05/15/2006 Reservation Medical students to chart out protest plan
05/15/2006 Medical services badly hit as doctors continue strike
05/15/2006 Police lathi-charge on peaceful medicos in Mumbai, medical facilities in Delhi hit
05/15/2006 Doctors' strike cripples medical facilities
05/15/2006 Medical, engineering students stage protest in Bangalore
05/15/2006 PNA appreciates India's decision to supply medical aid
05/14/2006 You are in Health24 Medical Head 2 Toe Abdomen
05/14/2006 Djibouti asks for help in bird flu battle
05/14/2006 PG medical counselling postponed
05/14/2006 Medical students begin hunger strike
05/14/2006 State may lose 1,350 medical seats
05/14/2006 The future of primary care home sweet medical home?
05/14/2006 Now, get medical reports on phone
05/14/2006 Doctorsâ strike cripples medical facilities
05/13/2006 Medical College aims to keep rising
05/13/2006 15 people require medical attention after using bad heroin
05/13/2006 Fire wipes through two homes near Medical Lake
05/13/2006 Blair's Pledge To Medical Research
05/13/2006 Medical students to go on indefinite hunger strike
05/13/2006 Lords reject assisted dying bill
05/13/2006 Eight-year-old girl was strangled, medical examiner says
05/13/2006 NC health insurance HSA qualified medical expenses
05/13/2006 NSW joins calls for medical training review
05/13/2006 New medical center eyes growth
05/12/2006 Medical students gear up for big fight
05/12/2006 GOP falls short on its pledge to curb medical-provider fraud
05/12/2006 Delhi medical students' stir affects emergency services
05/12/2006 Head injury likely caused woman's death, medical examiner says
05/12/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Winning the fight against postpartum depression
05/12/2006 Medical condition of conjoined twins unchanged
05/12/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Taking Melatonin to fight jet lag
05/12/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Chocola speaks to citizens at the Battel Center
05/12/2006 Electronic medical record boosts quality, efficiency
05/12/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Michiana medical makeover
05/12/2006 Eight-year-old girl was strangled, medical examiner says
05/12/2006 Bullitt County gets new medical facility
05/12/2006 Police fire tear gas to control protesting medical students
05/12/2006 Medical devices cure VCs' biotech blues
05/12/2006 Khandaker Partners to Initiate Coverage of Diamyd Medical
05/12/2006 Fears of medical crisis for Palestinians
05/12/2006 `Rover' endures speculation, medical woes
05/12/2006 Hotel guests fail to complain about fat fee
05/12/2006 Cut in aid to Palestinians stirs fears of medical crisis
05/12/2006 Breast size could pose cancer risk
05/12/2006 Phone brain tumour scare leaves offices bare
05/12/2006 Medical students restart anti-reservation stir
05/12/2006 Medical conference kicks off in Beirut
05/12/2006 QuietCare, the Medical Alarm System that Allows Elders to Remain Independent
05/12/2006 Reservation Del medical students go on indefinite strike
05/11/2006 Medical researchers set records straight
05/11/2006 Punjab National Bank inks MoU with OICL on post-retirement medical insurance
05/11/2006 Polish Girl Comes To St. Louis, Hoping For Medical Miracle
05/11/2006 Delhi medical students plan quota protests
05/11/2006 Stanford Medical Center Worker Held In Drug Bust
05/11/2006 Botox helps many migraine sufferers
05/11/2006 Medical Officials Denied Bail In HIV Case
05/11/2006 Is your music player making you deaf?
05/11/2006 Djibouti confirms human case of bird flu
05/11/2006 Schilling has medical issue checked
05/11/2006 Critics complain decision on medical pot violated disclosure laws
05/11/2006 Migraines could be linked to hole in heart
05/11/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Getting high on sunshine?
05/11/2006 Choosing between apples and oranges
05/11/2006 This week in the medical journals
05/11/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Are green tea benefits authentic?
05/11/2006 Surgical team work lacking, US study says
05/11/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Relearning basic functions through your favorite movie
05/11/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Allergy relief could only be a kiss away
05/11/2006 Protest at medical fees increase
05/11/2006 A Closer Look at Medical Malpractice
05/11/2006 40 % of U.S. medical legal cases groundless study
05/11/2006 Study Four out of 10 medical malpractice cases are groundless
05/11/2006 Palestinians to get funds for medical services
05/11/2006 College organizes fundraiser to help family pay medical bills
05/11/2006 Dr. Gozna Goes Online with MSOlineTraining for Medical Certification
05/11/2006 AdvancedMD Re-Launches Website and Features New Electronic Medical Records Product
05/10/2006 Medical Office Burglaries
05/10/2006 AllMed Healthcare Free Guide The Role of IROs and Medical Management Companies
05/10/2006 40% Of Medical Malpractice Groundless?
05/10/2006 Medical Civic Assistance Program Helps Korengal Valley Afghans
05/10/2006 Study Four out of 10 medical malpractice cases are groundless
05/10/2006 Protest over medical fees rises
05/10/2006 Study Nearly four out of 10 medical malpractice cases are groundless
05/10/2006 Four in 10 Malpractice Cases Groundless
05/10/2006 Waupaca medical center joins ThedaCare
05/10/2006 Unionization effort for nurses at Flagstaff Medical Center
05/10/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment New drug combo reduces chance of fracture for osteoporosis patients
05/10/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Exercise and reduced calorie intake could extend lifespan
05/10/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Off-label prescriptions in abundance
05/10/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Grapefruit comeback
05/10/2006 BSD Medical Launches Hyperthermia Website Dedicated to Patients and Caregivers
05/10/2006 As Medicare deadline approaches, local groups offer help for seniors
05/10/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Preparations underway to prepare for possible bird flu pandemic in U.S.
05/10/2006 House upholds Sanford veto on heart center for Lexington Medical Center
05/10/2006 Mother sentenced for not getting daughter timely medical help
05/10/2006 Yaklich killer runs costly medical tab
05/10/2006 L.A. County To Issue Medical Marijuana Cards
05/10/2006 U.S. Sending Emergency Medical Aid to Palestinians
05/10/2006 30 000 suicides in Japan yearly analysts
05/10/2006 Guv forges Australian biomedical agreement
05/10/2006 U.S. offers medical aid to the Palestinians
05/10/2006 U.S. to give Palestinians 10 million in medical aid
05/09/2006 US freeze on medical aid takes its toll
05/09/2006 The case for medical data online
05/09/2006 Medical marijuana dispensaries OK'd for certain areas of L.A.
05/09/2006 Skin patch may improve flu vaccine experts
05/09/2006 Women are on target in the mating game
05/09/2006 U.S. to give Palestinians 10 million in medical aid
05/09/2006 Meth Crackdown Could Compromise Medical Privacy
05/09/2006 US to redirect some PA aid for new medical program
05/09/2006 U.S. offers medical aid to the Palestinians
05/09/2006 American Medical Systems buys Solarant
05/09/2006 Tue, 09 May 2006 161511 0400Three-Stage Surgery May Alleviate Tuberous Sclerosis Seizures YORK - For children with tuberous sclerosis who have medically intractable epilepsy that retards their development profoundly, a three-stage operation can eliminate or significantly reduce the seizures, surgeons here reported.
05/09/2006 US Sending Emergency Medical Aid to Palestinians
05/09/2006 `Budhia's medical report premature'
05/09/2006 U.S. to give Palestinians 10 million in medical aid
05/09/2006 Race is over for India marathon boy
05/09/2006 Britain tops European yobs league survey
05/09/2006 Test may help diagnose Alzheimer study
05/09/2006 Melatonin may promote daytime sleep study
05/09/2006 J&J Buys Device-Making Firm
05/09/2006 US to provide 10 mln usd medical aid to the Palestinians
05/09/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Importance of eye care
05/09/2006 NCDRC holds medical malpractice verdict
05/09/2006 Nat Consumer Comm reserves order in highest medical claim case
05/09/2006 Senate Democrats block medical liability bills
05/09/2006 Nationwide bike ride by medical students to raise health awareness in Bloomington
05/09/2006 Many 'off-label' prescriptions lack medical basis, study says
05/09/2006 V-A medical center in Leeds has a new director
05/09/2006 VA medical center in Leeds has a new director
05/09/2006 Senate Defeats Effort to Limit Medical Malpractice Awards
05/08/2006 Senate blocks 2 medical malpractice bills
05/08/2006 Senate Dems Block Medical Malpractice Reform Bills
05/08/2006 Dems block medical liability bill
05/08/2006 PU to open medical college in Gujranwala
05/08/2006 Vernalis gets menstrual migraine drug boost
05/08/2006 Senate Dems Ready to Block Medical Malpractice Reform Bills
05/08/2006 Budhia medical report under study
05/08/2006 Medical examiner Salem man was stabbed
05/08/2006 Study finds increased risk of breast cancer with long-term estrogen use
05/08/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Study concludes aspartame does not raise risk of cancer
05/08/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Capturing autistic behavior on tape
05/08/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Eat veggies? Make sure to take care of your teeth!
05/08/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment New treatments to fight leukemia, give patients new hope
05/08/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment The Reality Diet
05/08/2006 Aquinas student graduates despite serious medical conditions
05/08/2006 Portland, Ore., may test medical procedure
05/08/2006 AzerbaijanÂ’s Health Ministry fixes new prices for medical services
05/08/2006 Health Hero Network Continues to Expand Medical Device Support With Pulse Oximetry
05/08/2006 Historical Treasure Medical artifacts show quite a bit has changed
05/08/2006 Senate Dems Ready to Block Medical Malpractice Reform Bills
05/08/2006 U.S. Senate fights deadlock on medical malpractice limit
05/08/2006 Medical society hosts simulation training to help reduce medical complications
05/08/2006 Medical board Doctor abused prescriptions
05/08/2006 Israeli bars 274 gravely ill patients from getting medical care
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Showing your love with the gift of a nip/tuck
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Israeli bars 274 gravely ill patients from getting medical care
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/08/2006 Medical device maker Cook launches women's health unit
05/07/2006 Nanotechnology to target major diseases
05/07/2006 Genetic marker shows prostrate cancer risk
05/07/2006 Bird flu in Abidjan prompts poultry slaughter
05/07/2006 OU medical students to volunteer in Kenya
05/07/2006 Police drop rape case, medical report reveals abuse
05/07/2006 Greenville residents get first look at new medical facility
05/07/2006 Feeling unsafe as asthma trigger in teens
05/07/2006 Tap water may raise bladder cancer risk
05/07/2006 Smoking alternative has risks of its own
05/07/2006 Groups State Budget Leaves Medical Bills Unpaid
05/07/2006 Inflammatory polyarthritis a lymphoma risk
05/07/2006 Medical equipment fixed for 3rd World use
05/07/2006 Palestinian medical crisis looms
05/06/2006 Greenville residents get first look at new medical facility
05/06/2006 Brief More protections urged for medical records
05/06/2006 Boxes of medical records dumped in parking lot
05/06/2006 Bush Promotes Medical Benefit for the Elderly
05/06/2006 Government Policy and Regulation of Medical Device Market in Netherlands Analyzed
05/06/2006 Burglars strike Hampton medical offices
05/06/2006 PanAfrica Africa's 'Nobel Prize' to Honour Medical Research
05/06/2006 Blaine to get medical treatment
05/06/2006 Medical students defend skill level
05/06/2006 SC clears confusion for PG medical course, lifts 10% reservation
05/05/2006 Andhra Pradesh bid to promote medical tourism in Middle East
05/05/2006 Medical Plaza Building being demolished
05/05/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment The intricacies of shoe shopping
05/05/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Lacking nutrition in America's youth
05/05/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment School Walk for Diabetes
05/05/2006 No quota in PG medical seats SC
05/05/2006 Budhia taken for medical check-up
05/05/2006 Pvt medical college entry centralised
05/05/2006 Budhia undergoes medical check-up
05/05/2006 Nine cases of mumps reported in Virginia
05/05/2006 No quota in medical courses this year SC
05/05/2006 Wilford Hall medical team heads to Iraq
05/05/2006 Elizabeth City student being treated for bacterial meningitis
05/05/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment New therapy helping patients with mitral valve regurgitation
05/05/2006 SC nulls SC/ST quotas in PG medical courses
05/05/2006 May sell medical imaging unit, says Kodak chief Perez
05/05/2006 Budhia taken for medical examination
05/05/2006 Supreme Court cancels quotas in post-grad medical courses
05/05/2006 SC vacates order on 10 pc quota for SC/STs in medical courses
05/05/2006 New Zealand Represents a Small but Highly Developed Market for Medical Equipment
05/05/2006 No quota in PG medical seats this year
05/05/2006 Chamomile and warfarin a possible lethal mix
05/04/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Is it a good idea to let your baby watch T.V.?
05/04/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Numbers of autism cases rise
05/04/2006 Scott+Scott Files Investor Class Action Against St. Jude Medical
05/04/2006 Brief More protections urged for medical records
05/04/2006  Modern baby gear slows child development
05/04/2006 Court rejects medical marijuana defense
05/04/2006 Ore. court sides with employers in medical marijuana case
05/04/2006 Jewish medical school wins state approval
05/04/2006 Some medical firms blacklisted Anbumani
05/04/2006 Oregon Court Sides With Employer in Medical Marijuana Case
05/04/2006 RSystems to support medical info system in U.S.
05/04/2006 Court sides with employers in medical marijuana case
05/04/2006 Medical ID Theft a Growing Problem
05/04/2006 Psychologist to be UK oldest mother at 63
05/04/2006 Electronic Medical Record Software Upgrade Saves Doctors Time, Money
05/03/2006 Medical-device company Ekos attracts 26 million
05/03/2006 Group offers financial assistance to medical marijuana patients
05/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Improve your sleep habits
05/03/2006 Inmates may need medical tests over touching of bat
05/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Crippling hand condition could no longer require surgery
05/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Popcorn health concerns
05/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Regular soda in schools, no longer an option
05/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Surprising trend among college aged men
05/03/2006 Deal will stop most non-diet soda sales to schools
05/03/2006 Ontario creates new medical positions
05/03/2006 100 inmates may have touched bat, may need medical tests
05/03/2006 Allergan Hit by Inamed Costs
05/03/2006 Philippine Medical Brain Drain Leaves Public Health System in Crisis
05/03/2006 MEDICAL MYSTERY Americans Sicker Than Brits
05/03/2006 Half-ton man seeks life-saving surgery
05/03/2006 Medical REIT buys nearly 800 properties
05/03/2006 Patients urged to question medical costs
05/03/2006 Mid-aged Britons healthier than in US study
05/03/2006 News Medical Visits and Drug Therapy Help Alcoholics Stay Sober
05/03/2006 PET-CT, Medical Cyclotron Centre inaugurated at AHRR
05/02/2006 Medical Cyclotron Centre for premier army hospital
05/02/2006 Media alert Hazelden's chief medical director available to comment on drug treatment for alcoholics
05/02/2006 Medical copters refuse to fly meth victims
05/02/2006 Taser Victim Says He Suffers from Medical Condition
05/02/2006  Program helps insure children at low or no cost
05/02/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Study finds new ways to treat Asthma
05/02/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment More exercise needed in American schools
05/02/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Creating a breakthrough in alcoholism
05/02/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment The effects of underage drinking
05/02/2006 Medical Mystery Americans Sicker Than English
05/02/2006 Early obesity not linked to heart disease
05/02/2006 Medical Mystery Americans Sicker Than Britons
05/02/2006 Sanford to announce decision on Lexington Medical Center heart surgery center
05/02/2006 Medical students protest quota policy
05/02/2006 The Real Story Encore Medical Primed for 2007
05/02/2006 IOL Medical
05/02/2006 Enzyme May Play Role in Weight Loss
05/02/2006 Medical students protest against proposed OBC reservation across country
05/02/2006 Centre not in favor of 10 per cent reservation in PG medical
05/02/2006 Medical students hold rally against reservation proposal
05/02/2006 The Perfect Prescription Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation Picks Convio for Online Co
05/02/2006 Call to ban drug adverts in medical journals
05/02/2006 Japan mulls matchmaking to boost population
05/02/2006 Quota row Delhi Medical students hold rally
05/02/2006 Shedding some light on the winter blues
05/02/2006 Banyan Corporation Subsidiary Premier Medical Group Acquires Assets of Competitor National Diagnostic
05/01/2006 Medical professionals and addiction
05/01/2006 Medical journals should ban drug adverts, say researchers
05/01/2006 Medical journals should ban drug advertisements, say researchers
05/01/2006 Two-sided anthrax treatment more realistic
05/01/2006 Repeat After Me Simple Change Cuts Medical Errors
05/01/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Parents baby proofing homes less
05/01/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Genetic mutation could cause blood clots
05/01/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment The benefits of music therapy
05/01/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Program helps disabled exercise on their own
05/01/2006 Germany plans heroin therapy for addicts
05/01/2006 Alberta may pay for 'medical tourism'
05/01/2006 Medical association passes resolution on universal health care
05/01/2006 Court Limits States Seeking Medical Costs
05/01/2006 Cash crisis threat to Capital's place as medical world leader
05/01/2006 Earnings Decline at Humana
05/01/2006 Medical device producer has come a long way from sheep farm roots
05/01/2006 Va. Studies Medical Needs of Transgender
05/01/2006 Asthma sufferer finds relief at last
04/30/2006 I can feel my new face, says transplant woman
04/30/2006 All the ins and outs of asthma
04/30/2006 Safety of medical trial participants must be our first consideration
04/30/2006 Medical Headlines From Ivanhoe
04/30/2006 SA review for global DNA project
04/30/2006 China tops list of piracy offenders
04/30/2006 More UK chickens test positive for bird flu
04/30/2006 Harsh punishment in medical billing scandal
04/30/2006 St. Jude Medical may offer buying opportunity again
04/30/2006 Study shows racial/ethnic disparities in medical/oral health status and care for minority children
04/29/2006 Deadline for import, registration of medical devices extended
04/29/2006 Verbal medical order errors reduced to zero, according to new Cincinnati Children's study
04/29/2006 Genetics Researcher Wins $500,000 Award
04/29/2006 Medical campus expansion eyed by WiFi group
04/29/2006 Hip Hop’s Eminem Covers His Mothers Costly Medical Bills
04/28/2006 Medical checkup clinics to get first regulations
04/28/2006 Behavioral Geneticist Wins Top US Medical Award
04/28/2006 Medical device co MCS to try to raise NIS 35m on TASE
04/28/2006 Survey Britons favor using medical data
04/28/2006 Chile's Integramedica Selects IBM to Integrate, Optimize Medical and Business Applications
04/28/2006 Marijuana is medically useful, whether politicians like it or not
04/28/2006 Advanced Medical's Profit Falls
04/28/2006 Medical students continue protest against reservation, threaten to widen it
04/28/2006 Report Injured Soldiers Drowning In Medical Debt
04/28/2006 Report Injured Soldiers Drowing In Medical Debt
04/28/2006 Medical examiner, now in Australia, needed for murder case
04/28/2006 Medical students in Delhi boycott classes
04/28/2006 Doctors, interns join work; medical students boycott classes
04/28/2006 Budget will fund medical networking
04/28/2006 SA bans Botswana cloven-hoofed animals
04/28/2006 India Medical Tourism EXPO 2006
04/28/2006 ISO 11607 Revisions Webinar from DDL Describes Changing Requirements for Distribution of Medical Devices
04/28/2006 New Sony UP-55MD Medical Printer with USB Flash Memory Interface Replaces the Sony UP-51MD
04/27/2006 Blood clot killed man charged with setting woman on fire, medical examiner says
04/27/2006 Bluefield Regional Medical Center Experiences Turnaround
04/27/2006 Pregnancy cuts cancer in mutation carriers
04/27/2006 Handheld device helps spot oral cancer
04/27/2006 Ex-CMAJ members plan new medical journal
04/27/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment The weight loss conundrum in America
04/27/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Selenium may NOT help prevent heart disease
04/27/2006 Medical students threaten nationwide strike "in case Government goes back on its word"
04/27/2006 American Medical Systems licenses Israeli technology
04/27/2006 This week in the medical journals
04/27/2006 Medical students to continue anti-quota strike
04/27/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Gene therapy could improve quality of life for Parkinson's patients
04/27/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Advancements in technology, making heart surgery a little easier
04/27/2006 Legislature Approves Medical Malpractice Bill
04/27/2006 Bird Flu / Avian Flu News From Medical News Today
04/27/2006 BARRX Medical's esophagus device OK'd
04/27/2006 HRD minister to meet striking medical students
04/27/2006 Quota talk after polls, Singh tells medical students