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05/31/2006 Police investigate possible Tacoma homicide
05/31/2006 U.S. to Investigate Deadly Afghan Crash
05/31/2006 Military investigates pregnant woman's killing
05/31/2006 Body in Sun City investigated as a homicide
05/31/2006 HPD investigates 4 homicides overnight
05/31/2006 Dallas officer investigated after man's death
05/31/2006 Iraq To Investigate Alleged Civilian Killings By U.S. Troops
05/31/2006 Man in wheelchair killed; Dallas policeman investigated
05/31/2006 US investigates 'anti-terrorist' data retention
05/31/2006 Iraq PM says Haditha killings will be investigated
05/31/2006 U.S. Military Investigates Kabul Shooting
05/31/2006 U.S. Investigates Possible Attack On Demonstrators
05/30/2006 FCC Investigates Bush Administration Use of Fake News
05/30/2006 State investigates Hitchcock-area fish kill
05/30/2006 Liberals refuse to investigate Volpe donations
05/30/2006 Iraq To Investigate Alleged Civilian Killings By U.S. Troops
05/30/2006 Iraq to investigate Haditha "massacre"
05/30/2006 Officials investigate fatal crash 1140 PM
05/30/2006 MPD investigates rape case at the MED
05/30/2006 Iraq PM says Haditha killings will be investigated
05/30/2006 Officials investigate additional case of measles in same company
05/30/2006 Race investigated as possible motive in brawl
05/30/2006 Memphis police investigate gang related crimes
05/30/2006 Deputies Find Body Floating in Pool, Investigate as Homicide
05/30/2006 Iraq PM vows to investigate Haditha deaths
05/30/2006 Update Police investigate overnight armed robberies
05/30/2006 Police investigate 'hate' website
05/30/2006 Richland authorities investigate Monday night shooting
05/30/2006 Police investigate two traffic fatalities
05/30/2006 Police investigate bizarre display
05/30/2006 Feds, police investigate Uniontown pipe bomb
05/30/2006 Firefighters Investigate Early Morning Fire As Possible Arson
05/30/2006 Police investigate bizarre discovery
05/29/2006 Military Investigates Iraqi Civilian Deaths
05/29/2006 Green Township House Fire Investigated
05/29/2006 Police Investigate Morrisville Rape
05/29/2006 Police Investigate Shooting in Busy Madison County Neighborhood
05/29/2006 Bomb squad investigates report of old grenade in vehicle
05/29/2006 Police Investigate Shooting of Woman
05/29/2006 Coalition investigates after rioting sparked by deaths of four civilians
05/29/2006 Minister of Health Asked to Investigate Psychiatry In The Suicide Death Of Ellie Boisvert
05/28/2006 Marines Investigated In Iraq Death Held At Camp Pendleton
05/28/2006 Police Investigate Accidental Shooting In Green Twp.
05/28/2006 Police Investigate Miami Double Murder Suicide
05/28/2006 Marines investigated in Iraq death returned to U.S.
05/28/2006 Man Who Threw Sons, Self Off Balcony Investigated
05/28/2006 Marines investigated in Iraq death being held at Camp Pendleton
05/28/2006 KSP Investigate Nightclub Murder
05/28/2006 Schumer calls for panel to investigate Amtrak power failure
05/28/2006 Army investigates AWOL soldier's complaints
05/28/2006 Sheriff's Deputies Investigate Mysterious Death
05/28/2006 State police investigate death of man in police custody
05/28/2006 Berlin Police Continue to Investigate Crash that Killed Five
05/27/2006 Police Investigate Fatal Shooting
05/27/2006 Police investigate convenience store robberies
05/27/2006 Marine Officer Being Investigated for Alleged Iraqi Murders Cover Up
05/27/2006 Army to investigate AWOL soldier's charges
05/27/2006 Addl secretary to investigate harassment charges against GCU Faisalabad VC
05/27/2006 Police investigate bike accident in West Haven
05/27/2006 State to investigate Alexandria Housing Authority
05/27/2006 Minister of Health Asked to Investigate Psychiatry In Suicide Death
05/27/2006 Melrose detective investigated about missing drug evidence
05/27/2006 Police investigate fraud complaints
05/27/2006 Iraqi deaths being investigated
05/27/2006 Panel to investigate Iowa regents board
05/27/2006 Police investigate thefts of ATMs
05/27/2006 Chanel to investigate fake perfume claims
05/26/2006 Police investigate string of car burglaries
05/26/2006 Police investigates "sound of gunfire" at U.S. House office building
05/26/2006 Pressure grows on Warner investigate war profiteers
05/26/2006 Police Investigate Beanie Sigel's Shooting
05/26/2006 Capitol office building reopens after police investigate reports of gunfire
05/26/2006 Symantec Investigates Zero-Day Enterprise AV Bug
05/26/2006 Police Investigate Gunfire Heard At U.S. Capitol
05/26/2006 Capitol building open again as police investigate reports of gunfire in House office building
05/26/2006 Gunfire investigated at U.S. Capitol
05/26/2006 Police Investigate String Of Robberies
05/26/2006 Deputies Investigate Rash of A/C Thefts
05/26/2006 Cedar Park Police Investigate Drive-By Shooting
05/26/2006 Police investigate reports of gunfire in D.C.
05/26/2006 Military Investigates Killings of Iraqi Civilians
05/26/2006 Police investigate Cedar Park shooting
05/26/2006 Police investigate thefts of ATMs
05/26/2006 Liberia Investigate Taylor's Son for Torture, War Crimes
05/26/2006 Police Investigate Robbery at Wal-Mart
05/25/2006 UK Should Investigate 'Torture Flights'
05/25/2006 M. Smithfield to investigate development
05/25/2006 FBI wants to investigate lawmakers over leak of secret spying
05/25/2006 Four Seasons Fire Investigated
05/25/2006 Officials investigate additional cases of measles in same company
05/25/2006 Egypt African Union Commission to Investigate 2005 Referendum Day Harassment of Journalists
05/25/2006 McCain returns donations to men being investigated for tax fraud
05/25/2006 Bosnian PM Forms Commission to Investigate War Crimes in Sarajevo
05/25/2006 Windsor Police Investigate Bank Robbery<!--Windsor-->
05/25/2006 Ex-chemist investigated in case of missing drugs
05/25/2006 Newspaper thefts investigated
05/25/2006 Hastert not being investigated, U.S. says
05/25/2006 Police Investigate Overnight Double Shooting
05/25/2006 National Weather Service Investigates Possible Tornado In Bond County, Illinois
05/25/2006 Officials investigate Lempster fire
05/25/2006 Prison officials investigate sex allegations
05/25/2006 Justice Dept. denies Hastert is being investigated
05/25/2006 NTSB investigates report of Boeing fuel-tank incident
05/24/2006 UN investigates 'forced suicides' in Turkey
05/24/2006 Baseball bat attack in Eastburg investigated
05/24/2006 Sheriff's deputies investigate shooting
05/24/2006 Brief FCC declines to investigate the NSA
05/24/2006 CBS11 News Investigates What's In Your Iced Tea?
05/24/2006 Police investigate serial rape case
05/24/2006 Health Officials Investigate Possible Person-to-Person Spread of Bird Flu
05/24/2006 Journalist Investigated for Mocking Putin
05/24/2006 Yale researches investigate leading cause of infant deaths
05/24/2006 Michigan Rollover Accident Is Investigated
05/24/2006 Police Investigate a String of Bank Robberies
05/24/2006 Health officials investigate three case of measles in same company
05/24/2006 Authorities to Investigate Sexual Harassment at Monrovia Middle School
05/24/2006 Committee inaugurated to investigate Police shootings
05/24/2006 Fire at historic restaurant investigated
05/24/2006 Department to Investigate Theft of Veterans Data
05/24/2006 Newport News Police Investigate City's 6th Slaying
05/24/2006 Authorities Continue To Investigate West Duluth Bar Fire video included
05/24/2006 UConn scientists investigate sea squirt invasion
05/24/2006 Federal agents investigate rash of fatal overdoses linked to heroin laced with painkiller
05/24/2006 Officials investigate big fire in downtown Horatio
05/24/2006 UConn scientists investigate sea squirt invasion
05/24/2006 Feds investigate overdoses linked to heroin laced with painkiller
05/24/2006 Police investigate shooting death of elderly Taylorsville man
05/24/2006 FCC Will NOT Investigate AT&T/NSA Allegations
05/24/2006 Police Investigate Suspicious Death In Portsmouth
05/23/2006 Authorities Investigate Fatal Levelland Plane Crash
05/23/2006 Authorities investigate truck for explosives
05/23/2006 Suspicious package downtown investigated
05/23/2006 FCC says it can't investigate phone cos.
05/23/2006 PAC to investigate wheat deal with Iraq in 2001
05/23/2006 UN rights expert wants Myanmar political prisoner deaths investigated
05/23/2006 FCC Won't Investigate AT&T/NSA Allegations
05/23/2006 Tiverton police investigate home invasion
05/23/2006 Mainstream News FCC says they cannot investigate NSA data mining
05/23/2006 FCC says they cannot investigate NSA data mining
05/23/2006 Inmate's death investigated
05/23/2006 Deputies Investigate Cumberland Shooting
05/23/2006 Ukraine&apos;s Tender Chamber to investigate the Cabinet&apos;s recent acquisition
05/23/2006 Police investigate Shelbyville shooting
05/23/2006 Police investigate pair of late-night armed robberies
05/22/2006 News 4 Investigates Party Patrol
05/22/2006 Police Investigate Death Of Baby Monday Night
05/22/2006 Roofer injured in fall, police investigate delayed call for help
05/22/2006 Police Investigate Shooting In Florence
05/22/2006 State Auditor to Investigate DOT Land Sale
05/22/2006 Police Investigate City's 7th Homicide
05/22/2006 16-Month Old Baby's Death Investigated
05/22/2006 Boy's death investigated in Allegan Co.
05/22/2006 New report investigates accusations of gas gouging
05/22/2006 Mitsubishi Investigated In DRAM Price Fix Probe
05/22/2006 US antitrust team investigates Mitsubishi
05/22/2006 Police Investigate Fatal Shooting video included
05/22/2006 Study investigates Nexium. benefits patients with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
05/22/2006 Nigerian Panel To Investigate Charges Of Political Corruption
05/22/2006 Police Investigate Apartment Shooting
05/22/2006 Cause of Kentucky mine blast being investigated
05/22/2006 Authorities Investigate Weekend Violence
05/22/2006 Motive investigated for five shooting deaths
05/22/2006 State auditor to investigate DOT land deals
05/21/2006 Priest suspended while allegation is investigated
05/21/2006 Cause of eastern Kentucky mine blast being investigated
05/21/2006 Goldsmith flies to Israel to investigate shooting of Britons
05/21/2006 FBI, Deputies Investigate Murder in National Park
05/21/2006 FULLY Investigate the 7/7 Bombings!
05/20/2006 Troopers investigate crash that killed 2
05/20/2006 Green Bay Police Investigate Stabbing
05/20/2006 Police Investigate Deadly Shooting In Bond Hill
05/20/2006 Abu Hilal Committee set to investigate Gaza explosion and results to be revealed soon
05/20/2006 Officials investigate possible arson at abandoned building
05/20/2006 Nigeria Investigates Suspected Symptoms of Bird Flu
05/20/2006 Home Office investigates illegal immigrant cleaners
05/20/2006 Police investigate possible rape at Rhode Island Hospital
05/20/2006 DHS had investigated girl&#146;s family
05/20/2006 Deadly insurance scheme investigated
05/19/2006 MP to investigate Dr Kelly death
05/19/2006 Family of starved child had been investigated
05/19/2006 N.C. Democratic chief urges House to investigate Taylor
05/19/2006 Mexico Investigate border shooting
05/19/2006 Mexico Investigate border shooting
05/19/2006 Louisville teacher investigated for allegedly duct-taping student
05/19/2006 EPA to investigate water contamination in Billings neighborhood
05/19/2006 Police investigate death of man who may have been hit by car
05/19/2006 U.S. Capitol Area Reopens After Police Investigate Vehicle
05/19/2006 4 firms investigated over CEO options
05/19/2006 Police Investigate Suspicious Vehicle Near Capitol
05/19/2006 Child's injuries investigated
05/19/2006 Cops Investigate 7th Rockford Homicide This Month
05/19/2006 City explosion being investigated
05/19/2006 Health Dept to investigate doctor's registration
05/19/2006 Counterfeit bills investigated
05/18/2006 Kons to investigate farmland housing approval
05/18/2006 Swiss ambassador to be investigated for visas
05/18/2006 WBAB asks FCC to investigate
05/18/2006 Police investigate death of two-month-old boy
05/18/2006 Police investigate murder of infant child
05/18/2006 Police Investigate Vancouver Stabbing
05/18/2006 Police to investigate gay scarf remark
05/18/2006 Colorado Teen Investigated For Playing 'Boob Tag'
05/18/2006 Police Investigate Kidnap, Sexual Assault
05/18/2006 Police Investigate Shooting in Easton
05/18/2006 Police investigate bank robbery
05/18/2006 Police investigate break-in party in Effort
05/18/2006 Police investigate graffiti at Cresco elementary school
05/18/2006 House ethics panel to investigate Abramhoff, William Jefferson
05/18/2006 Claim practices to be investigated Reg Req'd
05/18/2006 State police investigate evidence tampering
05/17/2006 Best settings for biphasic automated defibrillators investigated
05/17/2006 CBS 11 Investigates 'Secret Gasoline Pill' Claims
05/17/2006 Kan. Justice Investigated Over Lunch Talk
05/17/2006 Green Bay Schools Investigate Postings on MySpace
05/17/2006 Police investigate whether trooper tampered with drug evidence
05/17/2006 Police Investigate Alleged Kidnapping, Rape
05/17/2006 State investigates 'cramming' complaint
05/17/2006 Niagara Falls police investigate woman's death
05/17/2006 GAO investigates Hurricane Katrina's wind vs. water issue
05/17/2006 Child sex exploitation investigated
05/16/2006 Missing water-bill money investigated
05/16/2006 Controversial prof. investigated for misconduct
05/16/2006 Police investigate reports of bomb making in West Haven
05/16/2006 Former Chiefs Investigate SFPD Scandal
05/16/2006 Group alleges flaws in power line, asks regulators to investigate
05/16/2006 Metro Investigates Another Officer Involved Shooting
05/16/2006 What's that charge for? Florida investigates 'cramming' complaint
05/16/2006 Police investigate shooting death of 24-year-old man
05/16/2006 Police investigate murder/suicide
05/16/2006 Police investigate fatal shooting
05/16/2006 B.C. family mourns as police investigate fire
05/16/2006 Observers investigate murders in Sri Lanka
05/16/2006 Police Investigate Hit-And-Run Accident
05/15/2006 News 4 Investigates Soft sentences for sex offenders
05/15/2006 Minority Group Investigates Grand Rapids School Board's Choice For Substitute Teacher Vender
05/15/2006 Porterville Police Chief Being Investigated
05/15/2006 French Officials Investigate Nike
05/15/2006 Auditor General sees no need for police to investigate leak
05/15/2006 Police continue to investigate shooting of 3 in Miami Gardens
05/15/2006 Police Investigate Shooting In Walnut Hills
05/15/2006 Nike's Europe affiliate investigated in soccer probe
05/15/2006 Dept. of Transportation Investigates Ramp Closing
05/15/2006 Netherlands MP's asylum being investigated
05/15/2006 Netherlands MP's asylum being investigated
05/15/2006 Police investigate suspicious death
05/15/2006 Police investigate body found at UAMS in Little Rock
05/14/2006 Police investigate assassination plot against Bosnian Serb PM
05/14/2006 Police investigate suspicious Lakemba death
05/14/2006 Special prosecutor expected to investigate grant
05/14/2006 New Orleans police investigate double shooting
05/14/2006 Police Investigate An Unusual Murder In Montgomery County
05/14/2006 Police investigate assassination plot against Bosnian Serb PM
05/14/2006 Police investigate vicious beating in Claremont
05/14/2006 Authorities investigate after inmate stabs Missouri prison guard
05/14/2006 Bridgeport police investigate fatal stabbing
05/13/2006 Police investigate stabbing
05/13/2006 Police Investigate Triple Stabbing Outside Addison
05/13/2006 Satellite Beach police investigate rape
05/13/2006 Mpraeso Secondary School to be investigated
05/13/2006 Army investigates CS gas claims
05/13/2006 Cruise ship death police investigate
05/13/2006 Thefts investigated
05/13/2006 Investigate phone spying, Clark says
05/12/2006 Army investigates 'gas footage'
05/12/2006 Police investigate triple shooting in Dorchester
05/12/2006 Police Investigate Winhall Homicide
05/12/2006 VS will investigate all sex scandals
05/12/2006 Coast Guard investigates Willamette spill
05/12/2006 Police investigate possible crime ring
05/12/2006 Authorities Investigate CIA Official's Home
05/12/2006 Italy investigates cleric`s abduction
05/12/2006 SJPD Investigates Apparent Murder-Suicide
05/12/2006 Coast Guard investigates Willamette oil spill
05/12/2006 Italy investigates cleric's abduction
05/12/2006 Italy investigates cleric's abduction
05/12/2006 I-Team 8 Investigates 417,000 Grant Agreement
05/12/2006 PSC to investigate Ameren rates
05/12/2006 5 Investigates Is Your Spouse Cheating?
05/12/2006 IEMA investigates EMS
05/11/2006 Police Investigate Three Home Invasion Robberies
05/11/2006 News 4 Investigates Did a doctor&#8217;s influence go too far?
05/11/2006 NYPD Investigates Hip-Hop DJ's Rants As Possible Hate Crime
05/11/2006 Police Investigate Apparent Murder-Suicide
05/11/2006 Lowell police investigate discovery of body
05/11/2006 Police investigate apparent murder-suicide in Lakewood
05/11/2006 ITC To Investigate Toshiba In Lexar Patent Tiff
05/11/2006 Teen girl's death in crash investigated
05/11/2006 Ryanair asks EU to investigate 'illegal aid' to Air France
05/11/2006 High school play thefts still being investigated
05/11/2006 Police Investigate This Week's Second Home Invasion
05/11/2006 Police investigate armed robbery at Warner Robins restaurant
05/11/2006 Officials investigate Nashua apartment complex fire
05/11/2006 Police Investigate Homicide in Downtown Lexington
05/11/2006 Police investigated over e-mail
05/10/2006 Officers investigated over e-mail
05/10/2006 ACCC to investigate Sunbeam price-setting
05/10/2006 Police investigate woman's plunge
05/10/2006 East Windsor police investigate taser incident between officers
05/10/2006 Police investigate senior prank at Desoto Central High
05/10/2006 Police Investigate Marble Vandals
05/10/2006 School investigates alleged sexual assault during recess
05/10/2006 Homeland Security investigates Sellersburg cop
05/10/2006 &nbsp;Suffolk woman accused of housing 80 pets is arrested, house condemned
05/10/2006 6NEWS Investigates Closed circuit security 416 PM
05/10/2006 Teacher investigated over possible strip poker game
05/10/2006 Teens investigated in seven bank robberies in Vancouver, B.C. area
05/10/2006 Met will not investigate Prescott affair
05/10/2006 Police investigate deadly accident
05/10/2006 Sheriff's office investigates report of sexual battery on 13-year-old girl
05/10/2006 Police investigate double shooting
05/10/2006 Boys Ages 13 To 14 Investigated In 7 Vancouver-Area Bank Robberies
05/10/2006 Nepal King to be investigated for abuse
05/10/2006 UHP to Investigate Mayor of Eagle Mountain
05/10/2006 Young teens investigated in seven Vancouver-area bank robberies
05/10/2006 5 Investigates Lost Sex Offenders
05/10/2006 Police Investigate Puzzling Crash
05/10/2006 Authorities investigate missing-persons cases
05/10/2006 Teacher's actions after marches investigated
05/09/2006 Police investigate video showing bloody fights
05/09/2006 Police investigate possible link in two separate shootings
05/09/2006 Sheriff's deputies investigate possible auto theft ring
05/09/2006 School to investigate Texas teacher
05/09/2006 Police investigate string of robberies
05/09/2006 Police Investigate Shooting At Atlanta Courthouse
05/09/2006 Police investigate homicide at Nampa motel
05/09/2006 School to investigate Texas teacher
05/09/2006 State investigates Polygamist group, leader
05/09/2006 Teacher investigated after immigrant students' complaints
05/09/2006 Crews Investigate Material at Memorial
05/09/2006 U.K. Specialist Team Investigates Basra Helicopter Crash
05/09/2006 Colombia Investigates Ex-Secret Police Chief Over Election Fraud
05/08/2006 Spain investigates euthanasia plea
05/08/2006 The Real Price At The Pump Sam Dick Investigates
05/08/2006 FBI Investigates #3 CIA Official In Bribery Probe
05/08/2006 Officers Investigated for Web Misconduct
05/08/2006 Police Investigate Man's Death video included
05/08/2006 New Haven police investigate shooting
05/08/2006 Police Investigate Body Found in Willamette
05/08/2006 Sheriff investigates apparent suicide
05/08/2006 Durham Police Investigate Murder
05/08/2006 THP investigates Brush Mountain bus accident
05/08/2006 Police Investigate Armed Robbery
05/08/2006 Police investigate fatal accident
05/08/2006 Waupun Police Investigate Death Of Foster Child
05/08/2006 Fort Wayne Police Investigate Death Overnight
05/07/2006 Police investigate burning body found near cemetery
05/07/2006 Police investigate fatal incident
05/07/2006 FBI investigates graffiti
05/07/2006 Brigham City Police Investigate Deadly Domestic Shooting
05/07/2006 Pill is investigated over link to depression
05/07/2006 DNR to help investigate discovered bones
05/07/2006 Police investigate crash
05/07/2006 Police investigate case of Spurs and the dodgy lasagne
05/07/2006 Sex assault investigated at local hotel
05/07/2006 Basra helicopter crash investigated
05/06/2006 Police investigate possible rape
05/06/2006 Election Board to investigate validity of hand-delivered ballots
05/06/2006 S1 to investigate 'strategic alternatives'
05/06/2006 Air Force Investigates Political Campaigning By General
05/06/2006 Hamas asks PA attorney general to investigate threats to journalists
05/06/2006 Police Investigate Middletown Stabbing
05/05/2006 Authorities Investigate History of Rifle That Killed Two Teens
05/05/2006 Special prosecutor sought to investigate state Supreme Court justices
05/05/2006 Memphis police investigate latest homicide
05/05/2006 Kent Police investigate double fatal
05/05/2006 Police investigate second pharmacy robbery this week
05/05/2006 Pelosi says ethics committee should investigate Jefferson
05/05/2006 Duke police investigate new rape allegation, search dorm room
05/05/2006 Police investigate burning body found near cemetery
05/05/2006 Police Investigate New Duke Rape Claim
05/05/2006 Police Investigate Roll Over Crash In Oneida
05/05/2006 Duke Police Investigate New Rape Claim
05/05/2006 Fort Wayne Police Investigate Shooting Incident
05/05/2006 Duke Investigates Alleged Date Rape