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07/12/2006 San Francisco Fugitive Arrested In Kitsap County
07/11/2006 Israel says top Hamas fugitive wounded in airstrike
07/11/2006 Elusive fugitive inspires T-shirts, 'Bucky Burger'
07/11/2006 Fugitive’s father charged with obstruction
07/10/2006 Community Members Help Track Down Fugitives
07/10/2006 Cage doors close on famous fugitive Jin
07/10/2006 Oklahoma fugitives nabbed in Wisconsin
07/10/2006 Judge expected to rule today in fugitive trial
07/10/2006 Hearing in fugitive trial postponed
07/10/2006 Fugitive calls detective, tells him to watch his profile on 'America's Most Wanted'
07/10/2006 N.H. family holds out hope for fugitive
07/10/2006 ‘Magdalo fugitives spent P3.5 M in a month’ - PNP chief
07/09/2006 Fugitive otter recaptured after month on the run
07/09/2006 Fugitive Continues to Elude Searchers while Enjoying Support from Some video included
07/09/2006 Fugitive extradited to U.S. to face murder charge
07/09/2006 Fugitive Urges Cop to Watch TV Program
07/08/2006 Fugitive's arrest reopens murder case for ex-sheriff
07/08/2006 Grand Jury Clears Troopers In Death Of Fugitive
07/08/2006 Fugitive Called Detective Days Before His Capture
07/08/2006 Fugitive calls detective days before being captured
07/08/2006 Oklahoma fugitives spotted in Wichita
07/08/2006 Feds Arrest Fugitive Criminal Alien Convicted of Shooting Border Patrol Agent
07/08/2006 Fugitive wanted for murder returned to TN
07/07/2006 Fugitive wanted on murder charges returned to Tennessee
07/07/2006 Conn. fugitive arrested in N.H.
07/07/2006 Oklahoma fugitives spotted in Wichita
07/07/2006 Iraq Issues List Of Top Fugitives
07/07/2006 Six fugitive military officers arrested in the Philippines
07/07/2006 6 military fugitives, 2 others nabbed
07/06/2006 Fugitive officers nabbed near Manila
07/06/2006 5 military fugitives, lawyer nabbed - Ermita
07/06/2006 Wanted Fugitive
07/06/2006 Oklahoma fugitives spotted in Wichita
07/06/2006 Oklahoma fugitives, once thought to be in Ark., may be in Wichita
07/06/2006 Wanted fugitive arrested in Indianapolis
07/06/2006 Authorities arrest fugitive wanted for bank robbery
07/05/2006 Traffic stop snares fugitive
07/05/2006 Authorities arrest fugitive bank robber
07/05/2006 Pittsburgh-Area Murder Suspect May Be In Tri-state
07/05/2006 Former Federal Fugitive In Court
07/05/2006 Police closer to fugitive conwoman than they thought
07/05/2006 West Bank fugitive killed
07/05/2006 Police may have been closer to fugitive conwoman than they thought
07/04/2006 Fugitive has to call police for help
07/02/2006 Fugitive commits suicide in downtown Olympia hotel
07/02/2006 Report Italy to Request Return of Fugitive Bear Slain in Germany
07/02/2006 Report Italy to Request Return of Fugitive Bear
07/02/2006 Report Italy to request return of bear
07/02/2006 Iraq lists Saddam's wife, daughter, as most wanted fugitives
07/01/2006 Fugitive in killing captured
07/01/2006 Elusive SA fugitive finally busted
06/30/2006 Law officers catch Jackson fugitive
06/30/2006 S.C. fugitive sought here in mother's death
06/30/2006 Moved by plight, French shelter illegals
06/29/2006 Anonymous tip credited for fugitive's arrest
06/29/2006 Judge Proceeds with Case Against Suspected Fugitive
06/29/2006 16 Fugitive Watch Jeremy Griffin
06/29/2006 Fugitive arrested after two-hour standoff in Boise neighborhood
06/29/2006 Russian MP Zhirinovsky expects extradition of fugitive tycoons
06/29/2006 Search for fugitive continues after sighting
06/28/2006 Hamilton Police Nab Nevada Fugitive
06/28/2006 Fugitive From Minnesota Caught In Tri-state
06/28/2006 Weighty convict fugitive from justice
06/28/2006 Police say they found fugitive's ATV, guns
06/28/2006 Boise home surrounded as police seek CA fugitive
06/28/2006 Fugitive Arrested in Florence County
06/28/2006 Fugitive suspect in trooper shooting spotted in Chautauqua County
06/28/2006 More U-S deaths; Iraqi fugitive captured
06/28/2006 Search For Fugitive Mob Boss Leads To Chicago
06/28/2006 Search for fugitive mob boss Bulger leads to Chicago
06/27/2006 Italy protests death of bear in Germany
06/27/2006 Fugitive Survives Swamp
06/27/2006 Vanderburgh Co. Fugitive Arrested
06/27/2006 Fugitive Arrested in Henderson Swamp
06/27/2006 Parole Fugitive Surrenders After Standoff
06/27/2006 CIA and MI6 join manhunt for fugitive general
06/26/2006 SWAT Officers Capture Fugitive
06/26/2006 Raleigh County Fugitive Captured
06/26/2006 Fugitive Arrested At Hidden Valley Lake
06/26/2006 Police arrest U.S. fugitive accused in loan scams
06/26/2006 Fugitive cable exec back in Miami
06/26/2006 Hunters kill bear who wandered into Germany from Italy
06/26/2006 Fugitive Miami cable exec back in U.S.
06/26/2006 Fugitive Bear in Shot Dead After Killing Livestock
06/26/2006 Fugitive Brown Bear Shot Dead in Germany
06/26/2006 Fugitive shooting suspect remains at large
06/26/2006 Poor health keeps captured fugitive from court
06/25/2006 Afghan leader says top Taliban fugitive lacks courage
06/24/2006 Fugitive otter makes her way to Rangitoto
06/24/2006 Germany, Austria warn they may have to shoot wandering bear
06/24/2006 FBI arrest fugitive wanted in Maryland on sex charges
06/24/2006 Fugitive Found Dead In Columbus
06/24/2006 Stray European Bear's Days May Be Numbered
06/24/2006 Fugitive Darren Mack Surrenders To Authorities
06/24/2006 Nevada fugitive arrested in Mexico
06/24/2006 Fugitive back in U.S. after surrendering in Mexico in wife's slaying, judge's shooting
06/24/2006 Summer
06/24/2006 Fugitive gives up in Falmouth
06/23/2006 War-crime fugitive Mladic 'near death'
06/23/2006 Reno muder victim's brother relieved her fugitive husband is in custody.
06/23/2006 'America's Most Wanted' fugitive caught in Richmond
06/23/2006 Local Police Teams With U.S. Marshals To Hunt Down Fugitives, Battle Violent Crime
06/23/2006 Police Dead Deer Was Clue To Finding Florida Fugitive
06/23/2006 Nevada fugitive arrested in Mexico
06/23/2006 Police Arrest Nevada Fugitive Wanted For Killing Wife, Shooting Judge
06/23/2006 Bosnia war fugitive Mladic "terminally ill" paper
06/23/2006 Fugitive Darren Mack in Custody
06/23/2006 Police dead deer was clue to finding fugitive
06/23/2006 Nevada Fugitive Darren Mack in Custody
06/23/2006 Leads to fugitives dead ends, lawmen say
06/22/2006 16 Fugitive Watch Thomas Ostrega
06/22/2006 Fugitive who shot Reno judge apparently in Mexico
06/22/2006 Fugitive apparently in Mexico
06/22/2006 Fugitive Reported Sighted In Mexico
06/22/2006 'Most Wanted' Fugitive Killed In Oakland
06/22/2006 Toronto police arrest American fugitive wanted in concert scam
06/22/2006 Fugitive Bear Faces Execution Order Bruno's Days Are Numbered
06/22/2006 Fugitive Wanted in Overnight Shooting
06/21/2006 US Marshals Say Sex Offender May Be In Tri-state
06/21/2006 Fugitive Caught
06/21/2006 Acadia fugitive
06/21/2006 Fugitive commits suicide in downtown Olympia hotel
06/21/2006 Fugitive shooting suspect still on the loose
06/21/2006 Fugitive in sex scam surrenders
06/20/2006 US Marshals Arrest No. Ky. Fugitive
06/20/2006 'America's Most Wanted' Suspect Caught
06/20/2006 'America's Most Wanted' suspect captured
06/19/2006 Sharp-eyed cops nab fugitive at upstate strawberry event
06/19/2006 Fugitive Bear Tries To Hand Itself In
06/19/2006 More Than 2,100 Criminal Aliens, Gangbangers, Fugitives Nailed by Feds
06/19/2006 Fugitive Brown Bear Visits German Resort
06/18/2006 Fugitive bear in lakeside resort
06/18/2006 Fugitive Brown Bear Visits German Resort
06/18/2006 War crimes fugitive was hiding out in Serbia
06/18/2006 Fugitive bear sits down for a rest outside the police station
06/18/2006 War crimes fugitive Mladic was hiding in Serbia until last year Serb official
06/18/2006 War crimes fugitive was hiding in Serbia
06/18/2006 Serbs no closer to arresting war fugitive despite aid cut
06/18/2006 War Crimes Fugitive Was Hiding in Serbia
06/18/2006 Fugitive bear spotted, but still eludes trackers
06/17/2006 Prosecutors Seek Fugitive's Quick Return to Omaha
06/17/2006 Germany's Fugitive Bear Spotted Twice
06/17/2006 Germany's fugitive bear spotted twice
06/17/2006 Authorities in Helena arrest Kansas fugitive
06/16/2006 Manhunt Continues for Fugitive video included
06/16/2006 Former Fugitive Torn Among Three States
06/16/2006 Fugitive Italian bear unwelcome in Germany
06/16/2006 Fugitive surrenders after hostage ordeal, deputy's death
06/16/2006 Fugitive bear eludes German authorities
06/16/2006 Wanted Fugitive Arrested In Lubbock
06/16/2006 Mainstream News Fugitive calls Canadians 'idiots'
06/16/2006 Kansas Fugitive Arrested In Anderson County
06/16/2006 Manhunt for Millionaire Fugitive
06/15/2006 Police Search For A Third Fugitive This Week
06/15/2006 Fugitive Had Targeted Wounded Reno Judge
06/15/2006 Reward for fugitive suspect in trooper's shooting
06/15/2006 Two fugitives captured in Yellowstone National Park
06/15/2006 Fugitive Brown Bear Hit by C
06/15/2006 Fugitive Brown Bear Hit by Car in Germany
06/15/2006 More Than 2,100 Criminal Aliens, Gangbangers, Fugitives Nailed by Feds
06/15/2006 Oprah fugitive is sentenced
06/15/2006 Fugitive in May stabbing returned to Del. from W.Va.
06/14/2006 Moraga Cousin Talked On Phone To Reno Fugitive
06/14/2006 Wounded Reno Judge Allegedly Targeted By Fugitive
06/14/2006 Wounded Reno judge had been targeted by fugitive, spokesman says
06/14/2006 Over 2,100 Criminal Aliens, Gangbangers, Fugitives Nailed by Feds
06/14/2006 Fugitive in Reno Slaying, Judge Shooting Sought in California
06/14/2006 Operation Return to Sender More than 2,100 Criminal Aliens, Gang Members, Fugitives Nailed
06/14/2006 Cab Driver Found Fugitive a Motel
06/14/2006 Michigan fugitive’s trial reset to Aug. 8
06/13/2006 Family Speaks Out About Fugitive Son Arrested Once Again
06/13/2006 Manhunt for Reno Murder Fugitive Leads To NorCal
06/13/2006 Conversation with a Fugitive
06/13/2006 Bartender Led Police to Fugitive
06/13/2006 Prosecutor Fugitive sect leader was back
06/13/2006 Fugitive in courthouse shooting, charged with killing wife
06/13/2006 A Lake County fugitive is found
06/13/2006 Fugitive alters appearance; Trooper released from hospital
06/13/2006 Police Fugitive alters apperance; Trooper released from hospital
06/13/2006 Prosecutor Fugitive sect leader was back in town
06/13/2006 Seekonk police searching for Maine fugitive
06/13/2006 BREAKING NEWS Lubbock Authorities Track Down, Arrest Wanted Fugitive
06/13/2006 Fugitive Caught In Grand Chute; Appears In Court
06/13/2006 Kalispell man who led police on chases gets 25 years in prison
06/13/2006 Fugitive Captured
06/13/2006 Fugitive Caught At Grand Chute Hotel
06/13/2006 Fugitive is suspect in Daytona
06/12/2006 Fugitive child molester captured in Dayton
06/12/2006 Wilkins Mexico welcomed fugitive slaves and African American job-seekers
06/12/2006 Federal Fugitives Back in Chattanooga
06/12/2006 Fugitive Utah polygamist seen in Arizona
06/12/2006 Prosecutor Fugitive sect leader performed weddings
06/12/2006 Police Search For Fugitive In Wisconsin
06/11/2006 Dying fugitive court hearing moved
06/11/2006 After six years, fugitive ’tired of running’ from law
06/11/2006 Ariz. AG Fugitive Polygamist Has Returned
06/10/2006 Fugitive Sex Offender Found Dead In Jail
06/10/2006 Fugitive Sex Offender Found Dead in Jail
06/10/2006 Fugitive busted at FBI construction site
06/10/2006 Ariz. AG Fugitive polygamist has returned
06/10/2006 Bosnian Serb fugitive Zelenovic on the way to the Hague
06/08/2006 Collegedale, TN Fugitive Arrest
06/08/2006 2005 Dayton shooting suspect arrested
06/08/2006 16 Fugitive Watch Jarrel Coleman
06/08/2006 Zarqawi found, but bin Laden still eludes U.S
06/08/2006 P-fuelled fugitive risks being shot
06/08/2006 FBI director confident fugitive polygamist will be caught
06/08/2006 Captured! Baby Smuggling Fugitive at Arizona Border
06/08/2006 Baby Smuggling Fugitive Captured at Arizona Border
06/08/2006 U.S. fugitive in Ireland appeals case
06/07/2006 Fugitive Mom Wanted In Connection With Son's Death
06/07/2006 Police Say Myrtle Beach Tends to Attract Fugitives
06/07/2006 UN slams Serbia's inaction on fugitives
06/07/2006 UN war crimes tribunals call for more help from Member States in arresting fugitives
06/07/2006 F-B-I director confident fugitive polygamist will be caught
06/07/2006 U.S. Marshals Fugitive James Walker
06/07/2006 Fugitive wanted for deadly U.S. crash appeals extradition order
06/07/2006 CIA Suppressed Information About Nazi Fugitive
06/07/2006 Dying fugitive armed and on P
06/07/2006 One of Seattle's most wanted fugitives arrested in Mexico
06/07/2006 Seattle fugitive nabbed in Mexico
06/06/2006 News Fugitive caught after 10 years
06/06/2006 Fugitive On The Roof Gets Food And Fags
06/06/2006 Tip leads authorities to fugitive
06/05/2006 Fugitive couple accused of selling children arrested
06/05/2006 Fugitive's Arraignment Takes Place
06/05/2006 Fugitive Couple Accused of Selling Kids Arrested
06/05/2006 Fugitive couple accused of selling children
06/05/2006 Fugitive surrenders after standoff in York County
06/05/2006 Police Fugitive Couple Who Sold Children Arrested
06/05/2006 Fugitive couple accused of trying to sell their children
06/05/2006 Fugitive couple accused of selling children arrested
06/05/2006 Illinois fugitive kills self, authorities say
06/04/2006 One D.C. Jail Fugitive Caught
06/04/2006 One D.C. Jail Fugitive Caught
06/02/2006 Canada Stays Deportation of China Fugitive
06/02/2006 Federal agent accused of hiding fugitive
06/02/2006 ICE agent accused of hiding fugitive
06/02/2006 Canada court stays deportation of top Chinese fugitive
06/02/2006 Judge Delays Deporting Chinese Fugitive
06/01/2006 Fugitives Rounded Up In Newport News
06/01/2006 SARP aids FBI in hunt for armed, dangerous fugitive
06/01/2006 Canadian court stays deportation of Chinese fugitive who claims he would face torture
06/01/2006 Canada Stays Deportation of China Fugitive
06/01/2006 Canada Stays Deportation of China Fugitive
06/01/2006 SARP assists FBI in search for fugitive
06/01/2006 Deportation of Chinese fugitive stayed
06/01/2006 Canada Stays China Fugitive's Deportation
06/01/2006 Chinese fugitive's deportation stayed
06/01/2006 Man surrenders after four years on the run
06/01/2006 Beijing won't execute fugitive Lai if repatriated Canadian official
06/01/2006 Deputies arrest one of Spokane County's most wanted fugitives
05/31/2006 Fugitive wanted over murder arrested
05/31/2006 Raleigh County Fugitive Captured in Delaware
05/31/2006 Fugitive to learn fate Thursday
05/31/2006 New Delhi submits list of 35 wanted fugitives to Islamabad
05/31/2006 Chinese fugitive bids to stay in Canada
05/31/2006 Chinese fugitive making final deportation appeal
05/30/2006 Police officers find fugitive in their midst
05/30/2006 Back to prison for Paxton fugitive
05/30/2006 Court hears last appeal for Chinas top fugitive
05/29/2006 Arkansas Fugitive Arrested Here In Drug Deal
05/27/2006 Troopers nab Florida fugitive in Christiana Hospital
05/26/2006 Ex-fugitive Davis turned over to Independence police
05/26/2006 Girl with fugitives was relative
05/26/2006 Fugitive arrested two years after escaping from prison
05/26/2006 China now unclear on executing fugitive Lai
05/26/2006 Fugitives surrender with 5-year-old
05/26/2006 China police seize fugitive mine manager
05/25/2006 Fugitive Couple Surrender in Missouri
05/25/2006 Fugitive squad recaptures state prison escapee
05/25/2006 16 Fugitive Watch Kweli Quiroz
05/25/2006 Deportation delayed for accused Chinese fugitive
05/25/2006 Feds Capture 32 Fugitive Aliens in Pre-Dawn Raid
05/24/2006 Missouri Fugitives On The Run
05/24/2006 Israel catches Hamas fugitive called `creative and cruel' killer
05/24/2006 Israel captures a top Hamas fugitive
05/24/2006 Conditional bond granted for fugitive hedge fund manager
05/24/2006 German fugitive to be deported from Philippines for Internet fraud
05/24/2006 Israeli troops arrest top Hamas fugitive
05/24/2006 Irish judge orders extradition of fugitive
05/24/2006 Fugitive militant is captured by Israelis
05/24/2006 Hamas fugitive gives himself up to Israel
05/24/2006 Leading Hamas fugitive surrenders to Israelis
05/23/2006 Dublin judge orders fugitive on U.S. most-wanted list extradited
05/23/2006 Hamas fugitive forced from lair Mohammed Daraghmeh / ASSOCIATED PRESS
05/23/2006 Israelis capture top Hamas fugitive
05/23/2006 Fugitive captured after chase on I-70
05/23/2006 Authorities Empty-Handed In Fugitive Search
05/23/2006 A Top Hamas Fugitive Caught in West Bank
05/23/2006 A Top Hamas Fugitive Caught in West Bank
05/23/2006 A Top Hamas Fugitive Caught in West Bank
05/23/2006 Irish Judge orders return of fugitive in deaths of 3 WSU students
05/23/2006 Fugitive Frederick Russell To Be Extradited To Washington
05/23/2006 Irish Judge Orders Return Of Fugitive To Washington
05/23/2006 Chinese fugitive's lawyer to argue Ottawa biased
05/23/2006 West Bank Top Hamas fugitive arrested in Ramallah
05/22/2006 Fugitive Believed Hiding In Secret Texas Community
05/22/2006 Rwanda French Catholic Priest Tops List of Fugitives Wanted By Govt
05/22/2006 Cairo leaders urge fugitives to surrender
05/20/2006 New sighting reported of U.S. fugitive in B.C.
05/20/2006 Fugitive Caught in Allentown
05/19/2006 Escaped prisoner found after nearly 38 years
05/19/2006 Fugitive charged in sexual assault nabbed
05/19/2006 Escaped Calif prisoner found after nearly 38 years
05/19/2006 Fugitive Caught in Bullhead City
05/19/2006 U.S. Marshals Fugitive Angel Ballard
05/19/2006 Chinese fugitive makes last plea to stay in Canada
05/19/2006 Chinese fugitive ordered freed from detention
05/19/2006 Fugitive Hinkley gives up in Texas
05/19/2006 Fugitive watch
05/18/2006 Refugee board member frees Chinese fugitive
05/18/2006 Fugitive financier Hinkley turns himself in at Mexican border
05/18/2006 Feds Indict Fugitive Online Betting Operators
05/18/2006 Zimbabwe Govt Loses Interest in Fugitive Judge Paradza
05/18/2006 Rival Fugitive Polygamist Could Be in Canada
05/17/2006 Gaza Strip; new haven for Al Qaeda fugitives
05/17/2006 Calif. fugitive tells cops I wont be taken alive
05/17/2006 Runaway leads police to fugitive
05/16/2006 Manhunt shines light on polygamists
05/16/2006 Hunt for sect leader shines light on polygamists
05/16/2006 Polygamist Church Leader Remains in Hiding
05/16/2006 Alleged drug fugitive turns himself in to authorities
05/16/2006 Fugitive leader controlled followers
05/15/2006 Always a priority Fugitive cop-killers
05/15/2006 4 Afghan Taleban Fugitives Recaptured
05/14/2006 Ala. fugitive faces Del. drug charges
05/13/2006 Sinai Bombing Suspect Said to Surrender
05/13/2006 Alabama fugitive nabbed in Delaware
05/13/2006 Rwanda Govt Says EU Should Help Tribunal Apprehend Fugitives in Europe
05/13/2006 A Sect's Prophet, Teacher, Fugitive
05/12/2006 Oregon fugitive arrested in Texas
05/12/2006 Former Country Club Hills mayor is declared a fugitive
05/12/2006 Ninth militant fugitive nabbed, says Yemen
05/12/2006 Ninth militant fugitive nabbed, says Yemen
05/12/2006 Fugitive Found Hiding in Dog House
05/12/2006 Yemen 'catches al-Qaeda fugitive'
05/12/2006 Fugitive urges attack on Denmark
05/11/2006 Fugitive Bandido shoots himself
05/11/2006 16 Fugitive Watch Ken Hewitt
05/11/2006 Egyptian authorities ask Sinai residents to urge bombing fugitives to surrender
05/10/2006 Polygamists Feel Alienated as Police Search for Fugitive
05/10/2006 Drug addict, a fugitive, found shot to death in Mesa home
05/09/2006 Arizona polygamist fugitive Warren Jeffs is getting national attention
05/08/2006 Bounty hunter, fugitive, officers involved in shootout
05/08/2006 FBI Ups Reward For Fugitive Polygamist's Capture
05/08/2006 Salt Lake FBI gets limited number of calls on fugitive polygamist
05/07/2006 Fugitives arrested in record numbers
05/07/2006 Serb Police Search for Fugitive War Crimes Suspect Mladic
05/06/2006 Fugitive Jeffs on FBI's Most Wanted list
05/06/2006 Fugitive arrested after fender bender
05/05/2006 Fugitive in slaying nabbed in Washington
05/05/2006 U.S. most wanted fugitive spotted in British Columbia
05/05/2006 U.S. most wanted fugitive spotted in B.C.
05/05/2006 Female Fugitive Found Hiding in Dryer
05/04/2006 Foreign fugitive rape rap
05/04/2006 16 Fugitive Watch Bruce Anderson
05/04/2006 Where is the wanted war crimes fugitive?
05/04/2006 EU Halts Talks With Serbia Over Fugitive General
05/03/2006 Fugitive Caught in Traffic Stop
05/03/2006 Fugitive Turns Himself In
05/03/2006 Minnesota fugitive held without bond in KC <a http//www.kansascity/mld/kansascity/news/breaking_news/14492092.htm?source=rss&channel=kansascity_breaking_news
05/03/2006 Cops Find Fugitive Who Escaped 35 Years Ago
05/03/2006 Pakistan Detains al-Qaida Fugitive Nasar
05/03/2006 Report Top Al Qaeda Fugitive Detained
05/03/2006 Serbia To War Crimes Fugitive Give Up
05/03/2006 Fugitive Wanted In Waukegan Caught In Georgia
05/03/2006 EU punishes Serbia over fugitive war crimes suspects
05/03/2006 Authorities believe dangerous fugitive may be in Louisville
05/03/2006 EU SUSPENDS TALKS Serbia fails to deliver fugitive Gen. Ratko Mladic
05/03/2006 European Union suspends talks with Serbia over war-crimes fugitive
05/03/2006 Fugitive made himself at home
05/02/2006 Convicted Brazil Fugitive Arrested in U.S.
05/02/2006 Fugitive four years on run ends
05/02/2006 Minnesota fugitive arrested in KC