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06/06/2006 Kenya State Hires French Firm for Embassy Auction Case
06/06/2006 French publisher sues Google for piracy
06/06/2006 Venus Williams Loses at French Open
06/06/2006 French Open Vaidisova dumps Venus to breeze into semis
06/06/2006 Kuznetsova reaches French Open semifinals
06/06/2006 German, French deficits would surge if costs of ageing not addressed S P
06/06/2006 Hingis headed for serious test
06/06/2006 French May services PMI 60.6 vs 59.4 in April
06/06/2006 French embrace Socialist renegade
06/06/2006 French Open Victory lands Hingis in quarterfinal round
06/05/2006 Hingis back in French quarters
06/05/2006 French PM urges Iran not to use uranium for military purpose
06/05/2006 French Open Nadal knocks off Hewitt
06/05/2006 Hingis advances to French quarterfinals
06/05/2006 Rocking the boat of French socialism
06/05/2006 Kenya French Firm to Represent Country At the Hague
06/05/2006 Program needs host families for visiting French, Spanish students
06/05/2006 French Rally co-driver killed in Morocco
06/05/2006 Informants in the French tradition
06/05/2006 Djokovic ends Monfils's run at French Open
06/05/2006 Nadal digs deep to overcome Hewitt
06/05/2006 Ljubicic, Benneteau in French Open quarterfinals
06/05/2006 Hingis sets up meeting with Clijsters
06/05/2006 Blake bested by teen, crowd at French
06/05/2006 Hingis in French Open quarters
06/05/2006 Swiss Hingis resists Peer pressure
06/05/2006 Martina Hingis advances at French Open
06/05/2006 French Lick casino to lure workers
06/05/2006 Bhupathi-Malisse crash out of French Open
06/05/2006 Double upset in women's singles
06/05/2006 Venus last American in French Open
06/05/2006 French Treasury allocates further 409 mln eur in T-bonds
06/05/2006 French Open Mauresmo's loss could help Williams' quest
06/04/2006 Bush talks with French, Russian, German leaders by telephone
06/04/2006 Last U.S. man ousted at French Open
06/04/2006 Report French president losing authority
06/04/2006 Darling of French Left in row over boot camps
06/04/2006 Federer rolls on in French Open
06/04/2006 Attitudes toward French changing in Maine
06/04/2006 Sharapova, Mauresmo lose at French Open
06/04/2006 French Jews launch fight for tolerance
06/04/2006 Federer in French Open quarter-finals
06/04/2006 This frog was no French delicacy
06/04/2006 French Open
06/04/2006 Safina rallies past Sharapova at French Open
06/04/2006 Sharapova Falls at French Open
06/04/2006 Safina upsets Sharapova at French Open
06/04/2006 French Open glance
06/04/2006 Bhupathi, Malisse reach quarters French Open
06/04/2006 Melandri wins as Rossiís Yamaha fails in French GP
06/04/2006 Nadal gets a little choked up in win
06/04/2006 Socialist contender talks tough on French violence
06/04/2006 French cheer bear return
06/04/2006 The bears are back in French Pyrenees
06/03/2006 Defending Champ Nadal Chokes During French Open
06/03/2006 French Open Nadal outlasts Garros in marathon
06/03/2006 French tell US beauties, spare your blushers
06/03/2006 Long-Scorned in Maine, French Has Renaissance
06/03/2006 Henin-Hardenne, Hingis advance in Paris
06/03/2006 Israel's Shahar Peer advances to fourth round of French Open
06/03/2006 Stigmatized for Decades, French Has Renaissance
06/03/2006 Hingis into last 16 at French Open
06/03/2006 Dementieva out of French Open
06/03/2006 Informants in the French tradition
06/03/2006 Greek and French Unite Against Ankara
06/03/2006 Hewitt in French Open fourth round
06/03/2006 Clijsters in French Open fourth round
06/03/2006 Hewitt all set for Nadal showdown
06/03/2006 Henin-Hardenne enjoys revenge win
06/03/2006 1,500 French elite personalities urge government, EU to resume assistance to Palestinian people
06/03/2006 Henin-Hardenne avenges 2004 upset defeat
06/03/2006 Myskina reaches French Open fourth round
06/03/2006 American Blake keeps on rolling
06/03/2006 Indo-French trade to reach 5 billion
06/03/2006 Blake puts end to his clay jinx at French Open
06/02/2006 Feisty French mayor target of delinquents Colin Randall / LONDON
06/02/2006 Socialist hopeful stirs controversy with army plan for delinquent French teenagers
06/02/2006 French Open Peer reaches third round of women's doubles
06/02/2006 French lotto loser wins £315,000 to halt lawsuit
06/02/2006 Voilà! Franco-Americans regain their tongue
06/02/2006 Blake Advances to 3rd Round at French Open
06/02/2006 Les fiendish French beat us to Su Doku
06/02/2006 The French Institute Opens Fall Enrollment Early
06/02/2006 Human Skeleton Found With Art in French Cave a Rare Find
06/02/2006 French Open Nadal makes it 55 straight on clay; Federer wins
06/02/2006 Federer in French Open fourth round
06/02/2006 Sharapova in last 16 at French Open
06/02/2006 Confusion over French holiday
06/02/2006 Frenchwoman takes hard stance on violence
06/02/2006 ChronoSync Adds French, German, and Japanese Localization
06/02/2006 Mauresmo in fourth round at French Open
06/02/2006 Rafael Nadal advances at French Open
06/02/2006 French Open Hingis, Clijsters register emphatic wins
06/02/2006 Youth is served at French Open
06/02/2006 Schnyder reaches fourth round French Open
06/02/2006 FICCI ties up with French group to focus on luxury brands
06/02/2006 French May car sales up 1.9 pct on year with seasonal, workday adjustments
06/02/2006 Henin-Hardenne wins easily at French Open
06/02/2006 Radioactive champagne could be fruit of French nuclear energy
06/02/2006 French Treasury launches new 3.50 pct 5-year T-bill
06/02/2006 Teens Monfils, Djokovic claw ahead through the rain
06/02/2006 French film satirises Chirac
06/02/2006 French Finance Minister Breton sees 'very good' Q2
06/02/2006 Murders halt rainforest research in French Guiana
06/01/2006 French rooster needs special visa to get into Romania
06/01/2006 Ex-EADS executive placed under investigation in French dirty tricks scandal
06/01/2006 French Open Tennis Mr. January falls on a cool June day
06/01/2006 A star among French leftists leans to the right
06/01/2006 French court dismisses L'Oréal racism charge
06/01/2006 Baghdatis, Allergic to Clay, Loses at French Open
06/01/2006 Sania advances in French Open doubles
06/01/2006 Top French honour for Fr. Cedric Prakash
06/01/2006 Rajnikant, French fame
06/01/2006 Frenchwoman Takes Hard Stance on Vio
06/01/2006 French youths return to nights of rioting
06/01/2006 French newspaper stands by Armstrong doping allegations
06/01/2006 Gonzalez knocked out of French Open
06/01/2006 French Open Henin-Hardenne advances
06/01/2006 Frenchwoman Takes Hard Stance on Violence
06/01/2006 Mumia Exploits French Good Will
06/01/2006 Half of French Prisoners are Muslims
06/01/2006 French Suburbs Burn in Rage Again
06/01/2006 French bank agrees to buy champagne house Taittinger
06/01/2006 French Open Paes-Damm crash out of doubles
06/01/2006 Benneteau beats Baghdatis in epic
06/01/2006 Hewitt, Myskina in French Open third round
06/01/2006 French Open results
06/01/2006 Ivanovic, Myskina advance at French Open
06/01/2006 French Open Sharapova, Federer through
06/01/2006 Yeltsin in Paris to support Russian tennis stars at French Open
06/01/2006 Villepin reaffirms French GDP growing at rate above 2 pct UPDATE
06/01/2006 Villepin reaffirms French GDP growing at rate above 2 pct
06/01/2006 French Treasury bond auction 10-yr yield 4.02 pct
06/01/2006 Williams bundles up on ugly day in Paris
06/01/2006 French youth unrest rises again
06/01/2006 French Open clay affected by rain, heat and wind
05/31/2006 French police secure poor Paris suburb
05/31/2006 Man turns French-Indian war play into movie
05/31/2006 French Foreign Min Welcomes Change In US Stance On Iran
05/31/2006 Sania Mirza gets over singles blues at the French Open
05/31/2006 Book French wanted to kidnap Abu Hamza
05/31/2006 Sharapova soars into third round of French Open
05/31/2006 French Open Federer advances on a rainy day
05/31/2006 Sharapova reigns in showery Paris
05/31/2006 Federer on course to complete set
05/31/2006 Federer advances on a rainy day at Roland Garros
05/31/2006 Sharapova into French Open third round
05/31/2006 French judges probe PSG Nike deal
05/31/2006 Bhupathi, Malisse enter 2nd round of French Open
05/31/2006 French PM Villepin under fire after tough first year
05/31/2006 French Open elicits jeers, cheers
05/31/2006 Greenpeace Says Nuclear Waste Seeping into Groundwater from French Storage Site
05/31/2006 French Open clay affected by rain, heat and wind
05/31/2006 Youths clash with French police
05/31/2006 French 'iPod bill' seeks digital music player interoperability
05/31/2006 Roddick Retires In French Open First Round
05/31/2006 OnFrench and Less-goo
05/31/2006 Roddick's trip to Paris ends up 'a lost cause'
05/31/2006 Indo-French art show high point of Destination India
05/31/2006 French April PPI up 0.6 pct from March, up 3.6 pct yr-on-yr
05/31/2006 Teen at origin of French youth riots arrested in fresh unrest
05/31/2006 French Open Crowd boos as Roddick walks away in 3rd set
05/31/2006 Teen at origin of French youth riots arrested in fresh unrest
05/31/2006 French May consumer confidence indicator 30 vs 27 in April; below forecasts
05/30/2006 Fresh Violence Breaks Out in French Suburbs
05/30/2006 French youths target mayor in fresh violence
05/30/2006 Police in troubled French suburbs report new violence
05/30/2006 New violence in troubled French suburbs
05/30/2006 Violence erupts in still-smouldering French suburbs
05/30/2006 Roddick retires in French Open first round
05/30/2006 Industrialist in custody over French scandal
05/30/2006 French revel in reviled 'Marie-Antoinette'
05/30/2006 French plot to kidnap Abu Hamza and save the World Cup
05/30/2006 visionGATEWAY Announces Agreement to Acquire Prominent French VoIP Solution Provider Centile
05/30/2006 Violence breaks out anew in still-smoldering French suburbs
05/30/2006 French youths clash with police in Paris
05/30/2006 Yahoo's Not A French War Criminal, According To The Supreme Court
05/30/2006 Youth gang battles police in French suburb
05/30/2006 French Open Serves up Intense Pressure on Tennis Pros
05/30/2006 French April jobless rate 9.3 pct, down 0.2 pct
05/30/2006 Roddick retires in 3rd set at French Open
05/30/2006 Letters Those canny French
05/30/2006 Murray crashes out of French Open
05/30/2006 Injured Roddick out of French Open
05/30/2006 Injured Murray mauled by Monfils
05/30/2006 Nadia Petrova crashes out of French Open
05/30/2006 Ljubicic eases into French Open second round
05/30/2006 French Indian animation deal sealed
05/30/2006 Sania loses in French Open
05/30/2006 Nadal Sets Clay Record At French Open
05/30/2006 Clijsters, V. Williams Win French Openers
05/30/2006 Hingis makes successful return at Roland Garros
05/30/2006 Nadal begins French defense with record
05/30/2006 Sania crashes out of French Open
05/30/2006 French 'poison pen' man quizzed
05/30/2006 Sania bows out of French Open
05/30/2006 FRENCH OPEN Nadal wins 54th straight clay match
05/30/2006 Indo-French JCM tomorrow; Nath leads FICCI CEOs delegation
05/30/2006 Kamal Nath leaves for France to attend Indo-French joint committee meeting
05/30/2006 Mainstream News French youths clash with police in Paris suburbs again
05/30/2006 Crest animation bags 18 mn deal with French firm
05/30/2006 Mainstream News 'Loosers' being sued by the French
05/30/2006 Incompatibility of digital music irks French consumers
05/30/2006 French Open Tennis Nadal molds record on clay
05/29/2006 Nadal creates history on French clay
05/29/2006 Raymond Triboulet, 99, French Resistance Fighter and Politician, Is Dead
05/29/2006 French youths clash with police in Paris suburbs
05/29/2006 One year on, French still split over EU charter
05/29/2006 Nadal Gets 54th Win on Clay at French Open
05/29/2006 Makers of "Syriana" deny plagiarism in French court
05/29/2006 French-Israel Relations Warming Up
05/29/2006 Nadal sets clay record at French Open
05/29/2006 Clijsters, V. Williams win French openers
05/29/2006 Tursunov Lives in U.S., Plays for Russia
05/29/2006 Nadal sets clay record at French Open
05/29/2006 A Look at the French Open on Monday
05/29/2006 Venus Williams Rankled by Low Ranking
05/29/2006 Nadal breaks clay-court record at French Open
05/29/2006 For the crucial alliance, a day of decision
05/29/2006 French try to scuttle Mallya now
05/29/2006 Mallya opts out of race for French brewery Taittinger
05/29/2006 Clijsters goes through after scare
05/29/2006 Blake beats Paradorn at French Open
05/29/2006 Gaudio advances at Roland Garros
05/29/2006 Frenzied Lobbying Over 'iPod Law' Rattles French Legislators
05/29/2006 BA brief look at the French Open on Sunday/B
05/29/2006 Indian bid for French winemaker withdrawn
05/29/2006 French left ignores past errors
05/29/2006 French Open Schnyder sails into second round
05/29/2006 French firm eclipses Mallya's bid for Taittinger
05/29/2006 Early start at French rankles Sharapova
05/29/2006 French still divided over EU charter poll
05/29/2006 FRENCH OPEN No surprises on Sunday's start
05/29/2006 French Open Sunday start bothers players
05/28/2006 Sharapova Squeaks by at French Open
05/28/2006 Federer criticizes the French Open
05/28/2006 Federer slams Sunday start at French Open
05/28/2006 Federer Defeats Hartfield at French Open
05/28/2006 Federer wants to avoid Sampras’ fate at French
05/28/2006 Safina Tops Zvonareva to Open French Open
05/28/2006 Safina starts French Open with win
05/28/2006 Federer faces Nadal challenge at French Open
05/28/2006 Michelin, head of the iconic French tyre maker, dies in boating accident
05/28/2006 Tennis Rivals top 2 seeds for French Open
05/28/2006 French-born engineer wins top job at Caltech
05/27/2006 India is a major partner and world power French diplomat
05/27/2006 One French soldier's 'cross'
05/27/2006 Malouda is the French matchwinner
05/27/2006 Frenchman’s make-believe story lives on
05/27/2006 French curators visit art museum
05/27/2006 FRENCH OPEN Possibilities bleak for Americans in Paris
05/26/2006 Head of Michelin tyre company drowns off French coast
05/26/2006 Venus the only seeded U.S. woman at French Open
05/26/2006 Que. radio stations want to air less French music
05/26/2006 French resistance fighter Triboulet dies
05/26/2006 Goldmine threatens French Amazonia
05/26/2006 French military helicopter crashes in Ivory Coast
05/26/2006 French 'Beauty' at Taxpayer Cost
05/26/2006 Pierce withdraws from the French Open
05/26/2006 Nadal Animated Over Coaching Question
05/26/2006 U.S. Women Draw Tough Draw at French Open
05/26/2006 Bankruptcy judge OKs exit financing for J.L. French
05/26/2006 Federer avoids past French champions
05/26/2006 Iraqization of Afghanistan Worries the French Army
05/26/2006 Nadal and Federer on final course
05/26/2006 Mary Pierce Pulls Out of French Open
05/26/2006 Top-Ranked Federer Avoids French Champions
05/26/2006 Pierce pulls out of French Open
05/26/2006 Injured Pierce out of French Open
05/26/2006 French Treasury to auction 2.5-3 bln eur Treasury bonds Thursday
05/26/2006 French cement position in Swiss building sector
05/25/2006 Olympian Drut Given Presidential Pardon
05/25/2006 Iraqization of Afghanistan Worries the French Army
05/25/2006 Calif. winemakers best French rivals
05/25/2006 Even in aging, U.S. wine outshines French
05/25/2006 War film exposes hidden chapter in French history at Cannes
05/25/2006 California Wines Defeat Revered French Counterparts Once Again
05/25/2006 US Plonk Better Than French Again
05/25/2006 The papers Pity the French
05/25/2006 Briefs Roddick might miss French Open
05/25/2006 Israel Peres Meets French Minister for Regional Development Estrosi
05/24/2006 Fiji to send trade mission to French Pacific territories
05/24/2006 ‚Kabhi Alvida‚¶‚ has German, French buyers Karan Johar
05/24/2006 French sugar tax fights obesity
05/24/2006 French Pet Food Company Bringing New Jobs To Greenwood
05/24/2006 French Open doubt as Roddick quits
05/24/2006 Soccer star Vieira and family gassed in raid on French home
05/24/2006 NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS French Treasury/4.0 bln eur of OATS, BTANs
05/24/2006 French Treasury buys 4 bln eur of OAT, BTAN bonds in reverse auction
05/24/2006 French protest over car job cuts
05/24/2006 Americans worst, French best vacationers
05/24/2006 French Treasury to buy back upto 4.0 bln eur of OATS, BTANs on Thursday
05/24/2006 French company advises Beijing on falling water in Summer Palace
05/23/2006 French PM slams false efforts to finger him
05/23/2006 French president to visit Brazil, Chile
05/23/2006 RIGHTS Children Face Expulsion, to Save French Identity
05/23/2006 Le Guen swoops for French youngsters
05/23/2006 Budapest hires French for new trains
05/23/2006 EMI backs Apple on French DRM law
05/23/2006 EMI Backs Apple On French Law
05/23/2006 Brazilian, Russian, Frenchman die on descent from summit of Mount Everest
05/23/2006 Workers at french fry factory evacuated after armaments found in potatoes
05/23/2006 French employers' group warns Clearstream affair harming country's reputation
05/23/2006 Bombs Found In British French Fries
05/22/2006 British firm spins off French unit
05/22/2006 ARGENTINA/URUGUAY Paper Plant Row Extends to French Bank
05/22/2006 ARGENTINA/URUGUAY Paper Plant Row Extends to French Bank
05/22/2006 Spymaster's silence serves to deepen scandal engulfing French leaders
05/22/2006 Eighty-five percent of French internet users pay their bill online survey
05/22/2006 French Street Named After Phila. Cop Killer
05/22/2006 French motorists warned to drive economically
05/22/2006 French household debt reached record 64 pct of revenues in 2005 BOF study
05/22/2006 Injured Coria Pulls Out of French Open
05/22/2006 French `Da Vinci Code' chateau has real-life tangled past
05/22/2006 Rwanda French Catholic Priest Tops List of Fugitives Wanted By Govt
05/22/2006 'French Watergate' Shakes Paris, A Bit
05/22/2006 French motorist warned to drive economically
05/22/2006 Injured Coria to miss French Open
05/22/2006 Saudis, French to build refinery
05/22/2006 French spy chief defies inquiry
05/22/2006 Key witness in French scandal defies investigators
05/22/2006 French Treasury allocates further 227 mln eur T-bonds
05/22/2006 French ex-spy escorted to judges
05/22/2006 French Treasury allocates further 767 mln eur annual coupon T-bills
05/22/2006 Wong Kar Wai made French Knight
05/22/2006 Witness in French scandal forcibly taken to investigators
05/22/2006 But can they laugh in French?
05/21/2006 Movers Centrica goes to EU over French gas deal
05/21/2006 British travelers French most unfriendly
05/21/2006 British travelers French most unfriendly
05/21/2006 French are unfriendly and boring, say Brits
05/21/2006 Firefights kill one French, 16 Afghan troops
05/21/2006 Car bomb kills 3 Afghans; French soldier dies
05/21/2006 Centrica raps French gas merger
05/21/2006 Firefights Kill 1 French, 16 Afghan Troops
05/21/2006 French are unfriendly and boring, says Brits
05/20/2006 French and U.S. Soldiers Die in Afghan Violence
05/20/2006 French, US soldiers among 15 dead in new Afghan battles
05/20/2006 Kenya Dennis oliech takes French leave
05/20/2006 Taliban fighters ambush coalition, kill two French soldiers
05/20/2006 Two French soldiers die in clashes with Taliban
05/20/2006 Taliban fighters ambush coalition, kill two French soldiers
05/20/2006 French, US soldiers among 15 dead in Afghan battles
05/20/2006 French-Saudi oil talks as Total prepares to sign refinery deal
05/20/2006 Fighting in Afghanistan kills 34, including U.S. and French soldiers
05/20/2006 Two French soldiers die in Afghan battle
05/20/2006 French, US soldiers among 15 dead in new Afghan battles
05/20/2006 2 French servicemen killed in combat in Afghanistan
05/20/2006 French Unions Repeal Labor Law in 10 Days, or Else
05/20/2006 Two French soldiers killed in combat in Afghanistan
05/20/2006 BENIN Protestors slam visiting French minister for immigration bill
05/20/2006 French presidential favourite raps Blair over Peugeot
05/20/2006 French are rudest, most boring people on earth British poll
05/19/2006 French masseur to the stars jailed for rape
05/19/2006 Healthier french fries
05/19/2006 French scientists find 'living fossil'
05/19/2006 French Scientists Find 'Living Fossil'
05/19/2006 Briefing Spending and trade speed French growth
05/19/2006 French scientists find 'living fossil'
05/19/2006 French finance minister vows to cut debt via privatization of public assets
05/19/2006 Benin Protestors Slam Visiting French Minister for Immigration Bill
05/19/2006 Hundreds protest as French minister visits Benin
05/19/2006 French MPs shelve genocide vote
05/19/2006 French Parliament Makes US Senate Look Weak on Immigration Reform
05/19/2006 French Economy Grows 0.5 Percent in 1Q
05/19/2006 DATAWATCH disappointing French Q1 GDP belies bullish govt FY forecast
05/19/2006 Breton says French economy can cope with current euro/dollar range
05/19/2006 Indian Catholic priest wins top French award
05/19/2006 French March current account deficit 1.793 bln eur vs revised deficit 1.721 bln
05/19/2006 French FY 2005 GDP growth 1.2 pct vs previous estimate 1.4 pct
05/18/2006 French Group Alters Bank Bid
05/18/2006 French arms boss admits role in scandal
05/18/2006 No lull in French scandal
05/18/2006 French Minister Defends Immigration Proposals