Fire News : Fire History

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07/06/2006 Fireworks fly over Pops show
07/06/2006 Immunity for forces in Iraq under fire
07/06/2006 Lightning triggers fires in Eastern Washington
07/06/2006 Fireworks theft shortens show
07/06/2006 Fire destroys large chicken barn in Guilford County
07/06/2006 FACTBOX-Rocket fire, Israeli push deepen Gaza crisis
07/06/2006 Defence MInister Under Fire
07/06/2006 Illegal Fireworks Set Fire to Simi Valley Home
07/06/2006 Amid Smoky Street Fireworks, Riverside Boy Dies in a Hit-and-Run
07/06/2006 DPRK says it may fire more missiles
07/06/2006 Fire races up Lake Union piers, damages NOAA ships
07/06/2006 100 firefighters battle Lake Union blaze
07/05/2006 Clayton Has a Lot of Irons in the Fire
07/05/2006 City officials credit fireworks enforcement
07/05/2006 300-acre fire at Phipps Diamond X Ranch nearly put out
07/05/2006 FOURTH OF JULY PROVES DEADLY, DESTRUCTIVE Blame it on fireworks
07/05/2006 Post-Fireworks Egress Gets a Glowing Review
07/05/2006 Firework displays draw big crowds
07/05/2006 Fire kills paraplegic in locked room
07/05/2006 Hamas rocket fired from Israeli-vacated land
07/05/2006 Fires continue to burn across the West
07/05/2006 Authorities report no fireworks arrests, fires or injuries
07/05/2006 Sony plant fire caused 50,000 in damages
07/05/2006 Fire burns 3 houses in Braddock
07/05/2006 Syracuse City Attorney Fired video included
07/05/2006 Vet In Induced Coma After Surgery For Fireworks Injury
07/05/2006 Fireworks display at lake draws 90,000
07/05/2006 Fire At Highpointe Business Under Investigation
07/05/2006 B.C. fire threat lessens
07/05/2006 Residents should have plans for escape if fire breaks out
07/05/2006 Crews Mopping Up On Bull Complex Fires
07/05/2006 Miami County to again host the Ohio Police and Fire Games
07/05/2006 Fire damages NOAA piers, four boats and two buildings in Seattle
07/05/2006 Wildfire burns near apartment building
07/05/2006 Israel retaliates Hamas' rocket fire
07/05/2006 Gunmen open fire on soccer fans in Somalia
07/05/2006 Israel expands Gaza offensive after rocket fire
07/05/2006 Confusing Fire Danger Status
07/05/2006 Fireworks Tickets
07/05/2006 Joke backfires after store worker sends his boss a tarantula
07/05/2006 Police have suspect for school arson, says fire chief
07/05/2006 Glencoe Fire Chief In Critical Condition
07/05/2006 Pier Fire Smolders Throughout The Day
07/05/2006 Stop the ACLU Under Fire
07/05/2006 Fire Sweeps Across 2 Piers in Seattle
07/05/2006 N. Korea Misfire Blessing And Burden
07/05/2006 Major fire at Emmett apartment complex
07/05/2006 Co-workers, Community Help Russian Immigrant Who Lost All in Fire
07/05/2006 Fireworks Mess
07/05/2006 Fireworks Explosion
07/05/2006 Govt under fire over native vegetation regulations
07/05/2006 Weather ripe for fires to flare again
07/05/2006 Blast at Pa. fireworks display hurts 16
07/05/2006 Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Man Lighting Fireworks
07/05/2006 Fireworks Delayed in Brevard
07/05/2006 Lightning strikes spark fires
07/05/2006 The 4th Keeps Fire Crews Busy
07/05/2006 Aberdeen Monopoly game comes under fire
07/05/2006 Officials Fireworks started Mt. Jumbo fire
07/05/2006 Bosses 'in clear' over hostel fire
07/05/2006 Man reunited with lost dog following fireworks scare
07/05/2006 Hamas fires second rocket into major Israeli city
07/05/2006 Fires burn in Billings, Missoula areas
07/05/2006 Nobody hurt in fire at West End business
07/05/2006 UHP Confiscated Stashes of Illegal Fireworks
07/05/2006 Fireworks Start Fire at Florence Home
07/05/2006 Chicken House On Fire
07/05/2006 N. Korea Misfire Blessing And Burden
07/05/2006 Morgantown Firework Delay Investigated
07/05/2006 Two Structural Fires Burning In Daly City
07/05/2006 Chandler family sees its home gutted by fire on the Fourth
07/05/2006 Salvage yard fire
07/05/2006 Fire evacuations ordered in the Cariboo-Chilcotin
07/05/2006 Strangers Alert Residents to House Fire
07/05/2006 Family mourns after girl dies in fire
07/05/2006 Saturdays Fire in Reading Ruled an Arson
07/05/2006 16 Hurt in King of Prussia Fireworks Explosion
07/05/2006 FOURTH OF JULY SHOW Fireworks professional is a wizard of 'oohs' and 'ahhs'
07/05/2006 Firefighters, police race for bragging rights
07/05/2006 Man Finds Out Fireworks Injury Is Gunshot Wound
07/05/2006 Albertson's under fire from EEOC
07/05/2006 Duplex Fire Injures Four
07/05/2006 Lightning strikes spark fires in Eastern Washington
07/05/2006 St. Charles Police Investigating Assault At Fireworks Stand, Gas Station
07/05/2006 Time out before organizers plan G.R.'s 2004 fireworks show
07/05/2006 Police Get Hundreds Of Fireworks Complaints
07/05/2006 Poultry house fire kills 3,000 chickens
07/05/2006 Starfire to move into larger digs
07/05/2006 Fires started after storm, fireworks fun
07/05/2006 Fire Still Burning in Tooele County
07/05/2006 Homemade fireworks injure Gillette man, daughters
07/05/2006 Israel orders stepped up ground operation in Gaza after rocket fired on Israeli city
07/05/2006 Church fire causes 700K in damage
07/05/2006 Police Investigate Shots Fired at House
07/05/2006 Fire Strikes Another Fayette County Church
07/05/2006 How to safely connect from anywhere to your closed Linux firewall
07/05/2006 Record number of people cited for illegal fireworks in Boise
07/05/2006 Seattle Firefighters Battle Huge Dock Fire
07/05/2006 Iran Test-Fires Another 'Top Secret' Missile
07/05/2006 Nordegg residents flee as forest fire nears
07/05/2006 Fire threat abates for B.C. town
07/05/2006 Fired carnival worker held on assault charges
07/05/2006 Firearms Training Systems lands Lockheed deal
07/05/2006 City Fireworks Show Worth Every Penny
07/05/2006 Police open fire, 2 killed
07/05/2006 16 Injured During Fireworks Display Near Philadelphia
07/05/2006 Israeli incursion continues while Palestinians fire rocket
07/05/2006 San Marcos reschedules fireworks for Saturday
07/05/2006 Fire burns Seattle pier
07/05/2006 Smoke Rises From Fire Scene
07/05/2006 Second forest-fire crash in 2 days kills Ontario pilot
07/05/2006 Urban fire alert for Greater Vancouver
07/05/2006 Valley firefighters still battling compost fire
07/05/2006 Metra service interrupted due to fire
07/05/2006 Fire destroys Eagle landmark
07/05/2006 Tumbler Ridge residents allowed to return home
07/05/2006 Houston Healthcare chief fired
07/05/2006 Firefighters Report Progress In Nevada
07/05/2006 Firefighters Waiting For Mother Nature's 'Bag Of Tricks'
07/05/2006 Tumbler Ridge residents fear for homes
07/05/2006 Police to address 4th of July fights
07/05/2006 Afghans bonfire consumes 40 tons of drugs
07/05/2006 Investigators may never know what sparked scrap yard fire
07/05/2006 Smoke from fire could be a health concern
07/05/2006 Off the wire VoIP turns up the heat on firewalls
07/05/2006 Two Homes Destroyed in Cutler Fire
07/05/2006 Cause Of Historic Hotel Fire Found
07/05/2006 Fire destroys Eagle landmark near Highway 55
07/05/2006 I was abducted and set on fire, woman tells police
07/05/2006 Central Oregon gets new fires from recent thunderstorm
07/05/2006 Soldier's Diary No Fireworks in Iraq for Fourth of July
07/05/2006 Welding spark ignites fire at meatpacking plant
07/05/2006 Shelter Fire
07/05/2006 Fire evacuations ordered in the Cariboo
07/05/2006 Wealthy Street fire claims two story house
07/05/2006 Caregiving Fireworks and PTSD
07/05/2006 Defiant N. Korea test-fires 7th missile Joseph Coleman / ASSOCIATED PRESS
07/05/2006 Bayview Fireworks Ignite Grass Fires
07/05/2006 Police Helpless To Stop Illegal Fireworks
07/05/2006 Fireworks Explosion in KOP
07/05/2006 Neighbor saves child from fire
07/05/2006 Teenagers accused of setting fire
07/05/2006 Firefox architect IE 7 looks pretty good
07/05/2006 Gunfire Epidemic In Hub
07/05/2006 At least 16 injured in fireworks show
07/05/2006 Blaze tears through Lake Union pier, boats
07/05/2006 Islamists open fire on World Cup viewers in Somalia, killing two
07/05/2006 Fire forces Lake Union residents to evacuate
07/05/2006 UK boffins douse China's Great Firewall
07/05/2006 2 firefighters hurt in Tulsa blaze
07/05/2006 Ariz. Wildfire That Marooned Canyon Tourists is Contained
07/05/2006 Firefox architect IE 7 'looks pretty good'
07/05/2006 Blaze destroys pier, boats on Lake Union
07/05/2006 Fire Damages Three Boats at NOAA Center
07/05/2006 Illegal fireworks being sold in Kentucky
07/05/2006 Fire outside old courthouse put out by workmen
07/05/2006 Seneca Man Dies 3 Months After Fire
07/05/2006 Green Bay Fire Sends Two-Year-Old To The Hospital
07/05/2006 Fireworks-caused blaze chars park
07/05/2006 Red White and Boom fireworks show a success
07/05/2006 Fireworks sparked car fire on 4th of July
07/05/2006 JAPAN Soft Policy on Burma Under Fire
07/05/2006 Hamas fires Qassam rocket into Israeli city
07/05/2006 Rain forecast as B.C. residents wait out fires
07/05/2006 Purepoint Uranium Group Inc Initiates Exploration at Fire Eye Project
07/05/2006 Several Injured in Fireworks Blast in Pa.
07/05/2006 SEO for FireFox Launches!
07/05/2006 One Hospitalized in House Fire
07/05/2006 C. Florida fireworks ignite boat on lake
07/05/2006 Apartment Fire Subdued In East Palo Alto
07/05/2006 Fire breaks out on Mount Jumbo above Missoula
07/05/2006 Fireworks injury
07/05/2006 Firefighters Douse School Fire
07/05/2006 Child Watching Fireworks Killed In Hit and Run
07/05/2006 Four Injured in Duplex Fire
07/05/2006 HiS Radeon X1600 Pro 128MB Single & Crossfire
07/05/2006 Explosion injures 16 at Upper Merion Twp. fireworks show
07/05/2006 Shots Fired In Henderson Park
07/05/2006 Police Busy Responding to Fireworks Calls
07/05/2006 Fireworks Drop-Off Site
07/05/2006 Evacuees in B.C. wait out wildfire
07/05/2006 Blair under fire as Muslims split on "martyr" bombers
07/05/2006 Fireworks Explosion in Montgomery County
07/05/2006 Fire crews able to save church
07/05/2006 Fire damages government pier, three boats
07/05/2006 Israeli PM warns of far-reaching consequences for Qassam fire
07/05/2006 Fireworks light up the Missoula sky
07/05/2006 Fireworks and Fido often don't mix well
07/05/2006 The End User Firefox users decide fate
07/05/2006 Atlanta Firefighters Fight for Higher Pay
07/05/2006 Hamas fired new rocket from old Israeli settlement
07/05/2006 Glencoe Fire Chief Injured In Accident
07/05/2006 At least two people were killed when Islamic gunmen opened fire on...
07/05/2006 Police fire in air; cane charge mob at Bhiwandi
07/05/2006 Breaking News Blaze damages pier, boats on Lake Union
07/05/2006 Michigan City newspaper fire probed
07/05/2006 Researchers find 'Great Firewall of China' workaround
07/05/2006 Fire burns on Mount Jumbo in Missoula
07/05/2006 Four taken to hospital in duplex fire
07/05/2006 Charlotte arrests 24 in post-fireworks violence
07/05/2006 Fire crews battle Braddock blaze
07/05/2006 Whg. Symphony Plays but Fireworks are Rescheduled For Tonight In Wheeling
07/05/2006 Wildfires Force Evacuations in Western Canada
07/05/2006 Parades, fireworks mark July 4 festivities
07/05/2006 Fire damages three businesses in Warwick shopping plaza
07/05/2006 Arson suspect in fire at Michigan City newspaper
07/05/2006 Google fires off warning to US telcos
07/05/2006 Firefighter Fills Swimming Pool Using County Tanker Truck
07/05/2006 Fireworks set off inside supermarket
07/05/2006 16 injured in explosion during fireworks display
07/05/2006 Boy, 12, charged with setting school on fire
07/05/2006 4th Fest entertains crowds before finale of fireworks
07/05/2006 Explosion during fireworks display injures 16
07/05/2006 Deerfield Officials Look Into Regulating Fire Pits
07/05/2006 Identity of fire victim released
07/05/2006 Fireworks injure man in Providence
07/05/2006 Boy injured by fireworks
07/05/2006 Gunfire Strikes Home And Vehicle In Appleton
07/05/2006 Fireworks suspected in several brushfires
07/05/2006 Crews Battle Massive Marina Fire
07/05/2006 Pa. Firehouse Catches Fire,
07/05/2006 How Software Makes Fireworks' Booms Beautiful
07/05/2006 Fire Destroys Furniture Store In Kissimmee
07/05/2006 JAPAN Soft Policy on Burma Under Fire
07/05/2006 Busy Fourth of July for firefighters in Rhode Island
07/05/2006 Pawtucket fire leaves one person injured and 20 families homeless
07/05/2006 Independence Day spirit found in fireworks, family fun
07/05/2006 Seneca man dies three months after being burned in mobile home fire
07/05/2006 DM complaints about fireworks up
07/05/2006 Breaking News Firefighters battle 4-alarm Lake Union blaze
07/05/2006 Breaking News Firefighters battle 4-alarm Lake Union blaze
07/05/2006 Fire Severely Damages Oshkosh Home
07/05/2006 Massive forest fire still threatens B.C. town
07/05/2006 Lightning injures man, causes fire
07/05/2006 Explosion during fireworks display injures 16
07/05/2006 Fireworks show sizzles for thousands along Maumee in downtown Toledo
07/05/2006 Google fires off warning to US telcos
07/05/2006 Firefighters Battle Massive Blaze On Lake Union
07/05/2006 Fla. boy lighting fireworks killed by car
07/05/2006 The Big Bang How Fireworks Became the World's Most Popular Explosive
07/05/2006 Russia suggests 10 N. Korean missiles fired, working on data
07/05/2006 Two Fires Leave Several Homeless
07/05/2006 DPRK fires 7th missile of today, report
07/05/2006 Man Burned By Fireworks Tossed Into His Car
07/05/2006 Prescott under fire over US trip
07/05/2006 Eight killed, two injured in Ukraine bus fire
07/05/2006 Fireworks across America
07/05/2006 Fire damages church activities building
07/05/2006 Two dozen arrests after the fireworks
07/05/2006 Fla. Boy Fatally Struck By Car While Lighting Fireworks
07/05/2006 Man climbs crane to see fireworks
07/05/2006 Gunmen open fire in Somalia World Cup protest
07/05/2006 Two die, 350 lose homes as Cape fires rage
07/05/2006 ATI RD500 becomes Crossfire 1600 for Intel
07/05/2006 Writers Get Fired by MasterPapers
07/05/2006 Fireworks spark wildfire in Stevens Co.
07/05/2006 N Korea 'fires seventh missile'
07/05/2006 'Collyers' Mansion' Is Code for Firefighters' Nightmare
07/05/2006 DISPLAY OF FIREPOWER N. Korean missile test condemned
07/05/2006 Fire and spice light up a spirited Fourth
07/05/2006 Fire chief looks for mischief on Fourth patrol
07/05/2006 Israeli incursion continues while Palestinians fire rocket
07/05/2006 Researchers claim Great Firewall workaround
07/05/2006 Parades, Fireworks Mark July 4 Festivities
07/05/2006 Korea test-fires missiles
07/05/2006 Mariners Notebook Fireworks in Hargrove's office
07/05/2006 Boffins break China's great firewall
07/05/2006 Fire Rips Through Newport News Condos
07/05/2006 Picnics, parades, fireworks - and wilting heat
07/05/2006 Defiant N. Korea fires 6 missiles
07/05/2006 Firefighters, police race for bragging rights
07/05/2006 Fireworks likely cause of house fire
07/04/2006 Thirsty toddler saves family from fire when she wakes up mom
07/04/2006 Fire continue hot streak at Bridgeview
07/04/2006 Fireworks-caused blaze chars park
07/04/2006 Tumbler Ridge fire smaller than first reported
07/04/2006 DPRK fires 6th missile: report
07/04/2006 Blast At Pennsylvania Fireworks Show Injures Several
07/04/2006 New fireworks legislation goes into effect next year
07/04/2006 N. Korea test-fires six missiles
07/04/2006 Explosion injures 16 at Upper Merion Twp. fireworks show
07/04/2006 Full containment declared on 2 wildfires
07/04/2006 Compost fire keeps crews busy
07/04/2006 Lawyers agree Childers hostel fire not operators' fault
07/04/2006 Several Injured in Fireworks Blast in Pa.
07/04/2006 Fireworks-caused blaze chars Phipps Diamond X Ranch
07/04/2006 Glencoe Fire Chief Injured In Fire Truck Flip
07/04/2006 Several Injured In Fireworks Accidents Across Ohio
07/04/2006 Firefighters Gaining Ground On Bull Complex Fire
07/04/2006 Several injured in blast at Pennsylvania fireworks show
07/04/2006 Wildfire that marooned tourists contained
07/04/2006 Fireworks bust for break-in victim
07/04/2006 Rain delays some fireworks
07/04/2006 Sports White Sox with Fireworks on 4th
07/04/2006 New York Sky Lights Up for Independence Day
07/04/2006 Police watch for illegal fireworks use on Independence Day.
07/04/2006 Local City to Decide When to Reschedule Fireworks
07/04/2006 F5 FirePass Input Validation Holes in Multiple Fields Permit Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
07/04/2006 Fireworks spark house fire
07/04/2006 N Korea sparks crisis by firing missiles
07/04/2006 IRAN 'Israel will burn in the fire started by itself'...
07/04/2006 Israeli PM Warns of Consequences for Qassam Fire
07/04/2006 Storms Fail to Spoil Fireworks
07/04/2006 Home rises from the ashes after 2005 fire
07/04/2006 Fourth of July fireworks light up Zilker Park
07/04/2006 Officials Looking Out For Illegal Fireworks
07/04/2006 N Korea stuns US, test-fires missile
07/04/2006 CNN: DPRK test-fires 3 missiles
07/04/2006 N Korea test-fires missiles
07/04/2006 Province looking for more people to fight wildfires
07/04/2006 Fireworks in Bethlehem Dazzle Residents
07/04/2006 Fireworks in the neighbrhood
07/04/2006 Wabash Valley fireworks displays
07/04/2006 Wizards-Fire, Sums
07/04/2006 Tribe fireworks barrage blasts Yanks 19-1
07/04/2006 Increased security for Uptown fireworks show
07/04/2006 News Second fire in one week at Sturgis Iron and Metal
07/04/2006 Thief Takes the Sparkle Out of July 4th
07/04/2006 Herron Leads Fire Past Wizards 1-0
07/04/2006 Fireworks scheduled for Tuesday
07/04/2006 New Fireworks Law For People Who Run Big Shows
07/04/2006 July 4th Fireworks Safety Tips
07/04/2006 Pa. Firehouse Catches Fire, Injuring 3
07/04/2006 Firefighters on Lookout for Illegal Fireworks
07/04/2006 DPRK fires 6th missile Japanese Defense Agency
07/04/2006 Lightning sparks two Kent County fires
07/04/2006 Fireworks Fun! video included
07/04/2006 Motel fire started in a room decorated for a celebration
07/04/2006 Rocket fired from Gaza hits Israeli school
07/04/2006 Israeli PM warns of far-reaching consequences for Qassam fire
07/04/2006 Fireworks Spark House Fire video included
07/04/2006 Aboriginals train volunteers to fight Sask. fires
07/04/2006 Lightning-sparked fire damages Brandywine Hundred home
07/04/2006 Rain putting damper on firework sales
07/04/2006 Cadbury under fire over poor testing for salmonella
07/04/2006 DPRK test fires at least three missiles reports
07/04/2006 Flames devour boats at Bellingham Marina
07/04/2006 Dover cancels some Independence Day activities; fireworks still planned
07/04/2006 What Does The ER Say About Fireworks Injuries?
07/04/2006 Defiant N. Korea fires series of missiles
07/04/2006 Boaters Add a little water to your fireworks
07/04/2006 Regional events Fireworks and festivals
07/04/2006 Angels bring the fireworks; down the M's 14-6
07/04/2006 Firework Thefts
07/04/2006 Several injured in fireworks accidents around Ohio
07/04/2006 Man Injured After Freak Firework Accident
07/04/2006 Where to see fireworks
07/04/2006 Frazeysburg, Cambridge Cancel Fireworks
07/04/2006 Point fireworks on; others postponed
07/04/2006 N. Korea test-fires long-range missile
07/04/2006 Fireworks Take All Day to Get Ready
07/04/2006 Fireat Orioles Lodege in Lehighton
07/04/2006 Fireworks Preparations in Bethlehem
07/04/2006 Fire damages soup kitchen
07/04/2006 Del Piero fires Italy into final
07/04/2006 Man Dies In Country Walk Fire
07/04/2006 Fire crews crack down on illegal fireworks
07/04/2006 Fire Department battles 4th of July blaze
07/04/2006 Indiana's New Fireworks Law Proving Controversial
07/04/2006 N Korea fires up to 4 missiles
07/04/2006 N. Korea Fires Long-Range Missile, Others
07/04/2006 Fair St. Louis fireworks to fire off rain or shine
07/04/2006 Zero Tolerance For Fireworks In Oakland
07/04/2006 Utah Company Makes Fireworks
07/04/2006 G.R. fireworks will go on despite tight budget
07/04/2006 Pampering pets during fireworks not the answer for their anxiety
07/04/2006 Firefighters try to tame blaze in Tumbler Ridge
07/04/2006 New, Tougher Firework Laws Begin 2007
07/04/2006 N. Korea test-fires at least 3 missiles reports
07/04/2006 Fireworks Still On For Tonight In Zanesville
07/04/2006 Fido Doesn't Like the Fireworks as Much as You Do
07/04/2006 N. Korea Reportedly Fires 3 Missiles
07/04/2006 Report N. Korea Test Fires Non-Intercontinental Missile
07/04/2006 A Damper on Charleston Fireworks