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05/02/2006 “Sex & Camping” is an Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival
05/02/2006 Late push needed to staff polls in county for primary election
05/02/2006 Defiant Prescott to join election trail
05/02/2006 Italy's Berlusconi expected to resign
05/01/2006 Palestinian election reveals US, EU hypocrisy on democracy ...
05/01/2006 IN Secretary Of State, Democrats Have Election Hotlines
05/01/2006 Election Officials Encourage Voters To Vote Early
05/01/2006 Church slams new DRC election date
05/01/2006 Memphis voters are skeptical about Tuesday's elections
05/01/2006 School Elections Begin Tomorrow
05/01/2006 Mainstream News 56 clergy charge OH pulpits used for 'electioneering'
05/01/2006 New Voting Equipment To Greet Ohio Voters
05/01/2006 Software Implementation follows Software Selection Process
05/01/2006 Jury Selection Begins in Sniper's 2nd Trial
05/01/2006 Politics News
05/01/2006 Unresolved Thai elections leaves questions
05/01/2006 Palestinian election reveals U.S., EU hypocrisy on democracy activist
05/01/2006 Durham DA, Morgan seat top N.C. primary elections
05/01/2006 Jury Selection Begins in Sniper's 2nd Trial
05/01/2006 Two Local Races Steal Election Spotlight
05/01/2006 Congo Congo Delays Elections Again
05/01/2006 Apathy favored in GRPS election
05/01/2006 Decision 2006 Election preview
05/01/2006 Jury selection to begin Tuesday in Guité fraud trial
05/01/2006 Elections In The DRC Get Postponed Again
05/01/2006 Chad Radio Director Held Incommunicado on Eve of Elections
05/01/2006 Jury selection process to begin in Guite trial
05/01/2006 Judge throws out GOP fine for 2004 election ad
05/01/2006 State Certifies Election Software
05/01/2006 BMV Open Extra Hours to Prepare for Primary Election
05/01/2006 Local election campaigns continue
05/01/2006 Jury selection begins in second trial for Washington-area sniper
05/01/2006 House leader withdraws re-election bid
05/01/2006 Perdue kicks off re-election campaign
05/01/2006 Jury Selection Under way In Sniper Trial
05/01/2006 Jury selection to begin in second sniper case
05/01/2006 Italian president urges rival politicians to ease tensions after elections
05/01/2006 Jury selection starts in Washington area sniper case
05/01/2006 Jury selection underway in Ashland City
05/01/2006 Congo-Kinshasa Elections to Be Held On 30 July, Polls Body Says
05/01/2006 Jury selection under way in bus driver slaying
05/01/2006 Jury Selection Starts in Second D.C. Sniper Trial
05/01/2006 Jury Selection To Begin Monday In Second Trial For Washington-Area Sniper
05/01/2006 Maryland Jury Selection to Begin for Convicted 'D.C. Sniper'
05/01/2006 Berlusconi, Prodi still divided over presidential election
05/01/2006 Jury selection to begin in Muhammad trial in Maryland
05/01/2006 Think-tank supports compulsory voting at elections
05/01/2006 Controversy over Saleh's re-election rises
05/01/2006 Chad Election Campaign Ends Amid Doubts Of A Fair Vote
05/01/2006 DRC Elections to be held on 30 July, polls body says
05/01/2006 Second-day draft selections
05/01/2006 Jury Selection to Begin in 2nd Sniper Case
05/01/2006 AT-LARGE ELECTION '06 Gray is tops in raising money
05/01/2006 Nepal's Parliament Calls Elections
05/01/2006 Thai court begins deliberation on legality of elections
04/30/2006 Thai Court Mulling Election Nullification
04/30/2006 Sniper jury selection set to begin
04/30/2006 Congo delays elections again
04/30/2006 Election sees unique Lib/Con pact
04/30/2006 Nepalese parliament votes for elections for new statute
04/30/2006 Software Selection Easier for Manufacturers and Distributors
04/30/2006 PML-N begins search for election candidates
04/30/2006 Nepal lawmakers call for peace talks with rebels, assembly elections
04/30/2006 Election Issues on Tuesday's ballot
04/30/2006 Jury Selection Monday for Door County Sex-Slave Trial
04/30/2006 Nepal lawmakers urge cease-fire and elections
04/30/2006 Parliament nod for election to Constituent Assembly
04/30/2006 Report says illegal voting, other election problems rampant
04/30/2006 Rokita predicts smooth election despite equipment woes
04/30/2006 Brazil party backs Lula election bid and alliances
04/30/2006 Labour Faces Election Backlash
04/30/2006 Nepal Lawmakers Urge Cease-Fire, Elections
04/30/2006 Battle for votes continues in Singapore ahead of general election
04/30/2006 Assembly expected to certify results of election
04/30/2006 After messy affair, Pa. congressman faces election challenges
04/30/2006 Prodi gears up for government
04/30/2006 Communists assured landslide win in Laotian elections
04/30/2006 'I ask you to stand with us in this election.'
04/30/2006 Communist Laos holds election for legislators
04/30/2006 Elections will be tough for GOP
04/30/2006 Rampaging mob protests local election results in Java town
04/30/2006 Communists Assured Landslide Win in Laos
04/30/2006 Clay election stands chance of being clean
04/29/2006 Early voting in elections begins Mondays
04/29/2006 NFL Draft Selections Team-By-Team
04/29/2006 Non-Ohioans Pour Nearly 2 Million Into Governor's Race
04/29/2006 While Applauding Palestinian Elections, European Press Cautious ...
04/29/2006 Hawks Tapp D-line with second selection
04/29/2006 Losing election ‘wasn't the easiest,' Martin says
04/29/2006 Kuwaitis locked in bitter debate over election reform
04/29/2006 Election Commission Reprimands Schmidt
04/29/2006 Selection of retail outlets by oil companies resumed
04/29/2006 Berlusconi 'ready to resign as PM'
04/29/2006 Hoosiers to vote on 'Infinity' machine; Election Commission gives approval
04/29/2006 Primary Election Tuesday video included
04/29/2006 Berlusconi ready to resign, officials say
04/29/2006 Prodi wins first major battle
04/29/2006 Nepal's PM Proposes Elections for Assembly to Write New Constitution
04/29/2006 Nepals PM Proposes Elections for Assembly to Write New Constitution
04/29/2006 administrative court calls off by-elections as electoral crisis deepens
04/29/2006 Kenya Narc-Kenya Unveils Plan for Elections
04/29/2006 Prodi's candidate elected speaker
04/29/2006 Vilsack says ’better plan’ is the key to elections
04/29/2006 Dryden focuses on election
04/28/2006 Iran decries Israel's 'ridiculous' election to UN Disarmament Commission
04/28/2006 Morgan faces tough primary election
04/28/2006 Elections Petition Granted
04/28/2006 Mainstream News Election 2008 Democrats by 12
04/28/2006 Republicans Struggle Ahead of Fall Election
04/28/2006 Election to UN’s Human Rights Council
04/28/2006 Idea election contest on SMS and Voice
04/28/2006 Board of Elections chairman resigns
04/28/2006 Board of Elections Chairman Roger Begin resigns
04/28/2006 Analysis Blair faces elections amid woes
04/28/2006 Election board passes on web complaint
04/28/2006 Wenke announces re-election bid
04/28/2006 Countdown To Primary Elections
04/28/2006 Police question election candidate
04/28/2006 Chad Pressured to Postpone Election
04/28/2006 Arcelor investors back chairman in election
04/28/2006 N.S. opposition suspect spring election call
04/28/2006 SNP celebrate by-election victory
04/28/2006 Chad's Government Dismisses Pressure to Postpone Elections
04/28/2006 Unger trial jury selection in Day 3
04/28/2006 N.S. gov't spending means an election opposition
04/28/2006 Chads Government Dismisses Pressure to Postpone Elections
04/28/2006 Thai court cancels weekend elections as top judges seek solution to political deadlock
04/28/2006 Former Rebels in Indonesia's Aceh Get Ready for Elections
04/28/2006 Palestine ChronicleMiko Peled Israeli Elections Promise Little Change
04/28/2006 Thai court suspends by-election
04/28/2006 Thai court cancels weekend elections
04/28/2006 Thai court rules April 2 general election unlawful
04/28/2006 Prodi fails parliamentary test
04/28/2006 Thai Court Casts Doubt on Validity of Recent Elections
04/28/2006 Former Rebels in Indonesias Aceh Get Ready for Elections
04/28/2006 Webb Attacks President Bush Policy On Iraq On Election Campaign Tour
04/28/2006 Miss. governor helped company implicated in election dirty tricks
04/28/2006 Local election voting boost hope
04/28/2006 Police examine election blunder
04/28/2006 Thai by-elections halted by court ruling
04/28/2006 Thai court suspends new by-elections
04/28/2006 Iran Denounces Israel Election to UN Panel
04/28/2006 Thai court suspends by-elections
04/28/2006 SNP boosts Holyrood hopes with Moray by-election win
04/28/2006 Thai judges fail to reach decision on scrapping elections
04/28/2006 MP offered peerage not to fight election
04/28/2006 Thai judges fail to reach decision on scrapping April election results
04/28/2006 A MONTH BEFORE NATIONAL ELECTIONS Sister of former Colombian president kidnapped and killed
04/28/2006 Iran Denounces Israel Election to UN Panel
04/28/2006 Finkbeiner says he won't seek re-election
04/28/2006 Top Thai judges consider scrapping April snap election results
04/28/2006 Harlandale election could result in a rookie majority
04/27/2006 Top Thai judges consider scrapping election
04/27/2006 Election Commission expected to approve voting software
04/27/2006 Election Commission refuses to be drawn into discussion over Sonia issue
04/27/2006 Republicans Raise Money for Election Season
04/27/2006 New York election board sets machine standards
04/27/2006 SNP in Moray by-election victory
04/27/2006 Singapore political parties to hold election rallies from Friday
04/27/2006 Bush congratulates Hungarian PM on election victory
04/27/2006 First Minister stalls nuclear decision until after election
04/27/2006 Jury selection continues in high-profile murder case
04/27/2006 Sen. Bill Finkbeiner Announces He Won't Seek Re-Election
04/27/2006 Polls closed in Moray by-election
04/27/2006 State Sen. Finkbeiner won't seek re-election
04/27/2006 Police probe election nominations
04/27/2006 AG asked to probe Peres election funds irregularities
04/27/2006 Singapore party to fight election
04/27/2006 Millions of Indians Voting in 3rd Phase of West Bengal Election
04/27/2006 Thai judges consider annulling election
04/27/2006 Thai judges mull possible election invalidation
04/27/2006 Tories consider plans for fixed election dates
04/27/2006 Polls open in Moray by-election
04/26/2006 Tories offer plan for fixed election dates
04/26/2006 Put 2 stamps on mail ballots, election officials say
04/26/2006 Doyle launches appeal of election-law fine
04/26/2006 Candidate Interview Jim Petro
04/26/2006 Rendell pulls DJ selection<img border="0"> http//www.centredaily/mld/centredaily/news/politics/14382862.htm?source=rss&channel=centredaily_politics
04/26/2006 Vuln Mozilla Enigmail Incorrect Encryption Key Selection Vulnerability
04/26/2006 More than 50 dead on Iraq's deadliest post-election day
04/26/2006 Media and state clash ahead of Chad elections
04/26/2006 Chad 'Dialogue First, Elections After' Say Opposition
04/26/2006 Humala To Face Garcia In Peruvian Election
04/26/2006 Jury selection begins in murder trial
04/26/2006 Election Workers Jailed For Vandalism
04/26/2006 Bill to shorten hours on election day fails
04/26/2006 4 sentenced for election day tire slashing
04/26/2006 Jury Selection Begins in Rape Trial
04/26/2006 Mexican conservative on the rise in election battle
04/26/2006 4 Sentenced for Election Day Tire Slashing
04/26/2006 Election propaganda in Bethlehem University kicks off
04/26/2006 Arrest over election fraud
04/26/2006 Arrested Over Election Fraud Scam
04/26/2006 News Election Commission expected to approve voting software
04/26/2006 Jury selection begins in murder trial
04/26/2006 Humala to face Garcia in Peruvian election
04/26/2006 Downer plays down role in Kooyong preselection
04/26/2006 Meeks says he and Blagojevich discussed election compromise
04/26/2006 IN Election Commission Expected To Approve Voting Software
04/26/2006 80,000 election ballots in Porter County must be reprinted
04/26/2006 High court ruling lets Rizzo seek re-election
04/26/2006 Empty chair and slurs mar Mexico election debate
04/25/2006 Thailand's top courts to decide whether to nullify election
04/25/2006 Thailand's chief justices to decide whether to nullify election
04/25/2006 Thai king asks courts to intervene
04/25/2006 Diplomat U.S. talked with Chadian president about postponing election
04/25/2006 Mexico's Front-Runner Skips Debate
04/25/2006 Diplomat Discussed Delaying Chad Election
04/25/2006 Empty chair, slurs mar Mexico election debate
04/25/2006 Andrus jury selection
04/25/2006 Ethiopia Ethiopia probes post-election violence
04/25/2006 DR Congo ahead of elections UN sends peacekeepers
04/25/2006 Investigate Election Fraud, Not Judges
04/25/2006 Nepalese Peace in U.N. Election?
04/25/2006 Counties Weigh Options Heading Into Election
04/25/2006 Software Selection Tool Kit Made Available to All Manufacturing and Distribution Companies
04/25/2006 Ethiopia probes post-election violence
04/25/2006 Democrats call for scrapping Thai by-election results
04/25/2006 For Democrats, Route to Midterm Elections Wins Is Through th
04/25/2006 Uganda Museveni Spent Shs50b On Re-Election
04/25/2006 Analysis Nepalese peace in U.N. election?
04/25/2006 TChad Media and state clash ahead of Chad elections
04/25/2006 Mexico Front-Runner Plans to Skip Debate
04/25/2006 GOP says Napolitano violated election law
04/25/2006 Elections will be given top priority SPA
04/25/2006 Media and state clash ahead of Chad elections
04/25/2006 Local elections Q&A
04/25/2006 Mexico election race now open as favorite stumbles
04/25/2006 Jury Selection Complete in Reading Murder Trial
04/25/2006 Congo-Kinshasa List of Presidential Candidates Finalised But Still No Election Date
04/25/2006 Inquiry into Ethiopia's post-election violence has mandate extended
04/25/2006 Tanzania No other election for Zanzibar before 2010 chief minister
04/25/2006 DRC List of presidential candidates finalised but still no election date
04/25/2006 Partial Election Results Show Preval's Party with About One Third of Senate Seats
04/25/2006 Vietnamese party election poses new features
04/25/2006 Partial Election Results Show Prevals Party with About One Third of Senate Seats
04/25/2006 EU election monitors lined up for controversial Capital vote
04/25/2006 Solomon Islands' opposition boycotts Deputy Speaker election
04/25/2006 Tanzania bans election handouts
04/25/2006 What California's special election means for Democrats and Republicans
04/25/2006 What the Italian elections mean
04/25/2006 Civil War Looms Ahead of Elections
04/25/2006 McKinney draws re-election foe, loses attorney
04/25/2006 Deadly bombings follow premier&#8217;s selection
04/25/2006 Peru's Garcia Nears Runoff Against Humala
04/25/2006 Britain's main parties count cost of election spin
04/24/2006 Thailand to hold new by-elections this week to defuse crisis
04/24/2006 Benazir, Sharif demand free and fair elections in Pakistan
04/24/2006 Size matters in macho Mexico's election
04/24/2006 Natural selection at single gene demonstrated
04/24/2006 Annan proposes new UN office to help East Timor through elections
04/24/2006 Annan lauds Haiti's parliamentary elections as crucial step toward peace
04/24/2006 At Least 1 Million Haitians Cast Ballots
04/24/2006 PPP assured elections will be under caretaker govt
04/24/2006 ‘Election boycott only way to oust Musharraf’
04/24/2006 Elections under Musharraf unacceptable Benazir, Nawaz
04/24/2006 New Orleans Elections Good Vote Turnout Despite Obstacle
04/24/2006 U.N. hails Haiti parliamentary elections
04/24/2006 Rice selection of Iraqi prime minister important milestone
04/24/2006 Forman endorses Landrieu in New Orleans mayoral race
04/24/2006 Annan hails Haiti's parliamentary elections as crucial step on road to peace
04/24/2006 BRAZIL Activists for Reelection of Lula, but With Reduced Hopes
04/24/2006 AU support for meeting on Mauritanian 2007 elections
04/24/2006 Rep. McKinney Files to Run for Re-Election
04/24/2006 Labour and Tories paid their election gurus £1 million
04/24/2006 Unresolved Thai elections pose new constitutional questions
04/24/2006 McKinney Files Papers for Re-Election
04/24/2006 Glance at Mexican Presidential Candidates
04/24/2006 Thailand's Political Uncertainty Continues After By-Elections
04/24/2006 Hungary opposition leader offers to resign after election defeat
04/24/2006 Thailand faces new uncertainty after by-election blow
04/24/2006 Thailand by-election fails to fill parliament, end political crisis
04/24/2006 Unresolved Thai elections leaves questions
04/24/2006 Kenner runoff election on Saturday to pick city's Mayor
04/24/2006 Successful Software Selection Project by Following the Right Process
04/24/2006 POLITICS-US Six Months to Midterm Elections, Bush's Popularity at Record Low
04/24/2006 New Orleans Election Leads to Run-Off
04/24/2006 Thailands Political Uncertainty Continues After By-Elections
04/24/2006 Indian-American sees humour in election
04/24/2006 Two killed, dozens injured as violence mars occupied Kashmir by-elections
04/24/2006 Indian-American sees humor in election
04/24/2006 Indonesia Says Aceh Elections to Be Held in August
04/24/2006 Socialist-led coalition wins Hungary's general elections
04/24/2006 Koizumi's party suffers blow with Japan by-election defeat
04/24/2006 Thai Elections Pose New Questions
04/24/2006 Unresolved Thai elections pose new questions
04/24/2006 Hungary's ruling Socialists win election
04/24/2006 Absentee ballots drive up election costs
04/24/2006 By election blow for Thaksin's Thai Rak Thai party
04/24/2006 Thailand Election Reruns Fail to End Political Crisis
04/24/2006 Thai election reruns end with attacks
04/24/2006 Outgoing Thai PM's party suffers new blow in by-elections
04/24/2006 Koizumi's party suffers blow with Japan by-election defeat
04/24/2006 Chicago predicting faster election results
04/24/2006 Blasts as voting for state elections held in Occupied Kashmir
04/24/2006 HUNGARY ELECTIONS Socialists expect to secure small majority
04/24/2006 Raju in HCA election fray
04/24/2006 Business to vote for Singapore, election no issue
04/24/2006 Thais Vote in Parliamentary By-Elections, Fate of New Legislature Unclear
04/24/2006 Small-town election has big implications
04/24/2006 Defer consideration of OBC Bill, says Election Commission
04/24/2006 A possible cakewalk for Gandhi in May 8 by-election
04/24/2006 Review of current EPF rate after Assembly elections
04/23/2006 Nagin, Landrieu appear headed for runoff
04/23/2006 Voting begins in Japan's closely-watched by-election
04/23/2006 Thais vote in crucial by-elections that could reignite crisis
04/23/2006 Polls open in Hungary for decisive runoff general elections
04/23/2006 Hungarians voting decisive runoff general elections
04/23/2006 Hungary's Socialist-led coalition wins re-election by big margin
04/23/2006 Hungary's Socialist-led coalition wins historic re-election
04/23/2006 Socialists Win Hungarys Elections
04/23/2006 New Orleans Mayoral Election Goes to Runoff
04/23/2006 Quotes from candidates, voters in New Orleans election
04/23/2006 New Orleans Mayoral Election Down to Two
04/23/2006 Hungarian polls open in decisive election round
04/23/2006 Governing coalition wins re-election in Hungary
04/23/2006 Nagin and Landrieu Head to Runoff Election in New Orleans
04/23/2006 Election was a Big Easy
04/23/2006 Georgiou crushes rivals in preselection
04/22/2006 Committee announces endorsements for elections
04/22/2006 Runoff Election Is Set for New Orleans Mayor's Race
04/22/2006 Quality of life to tip next election, says poll
04/22/2006 Thailand holds by-election amid tight security
04/22/2006 Nagin, rival head for showdown
04/22/2006 Dandy debut LeBron gives Cavs 1-0 lead on Wizards
04/22/2006 Nagin, Landrieu head for New Orleans runoff
04/22/2006 Voters Return to New Orleans for Mayoral Election
04/22/2006 Singapore's election
04/22/2006 Georgiou wins Kooyong preselection
04/22/2006 New Orleans Election Returns
04/22/2006 Iraqi Vows to Finish Building Government
04/22/2006 Thais vote in by-elections amid tightened security
04/22/2006 Ex-Peruvian Leader Close to Runoff Slot
04/22/2006 Georgiou wins preselection ballot
04/22/2006 Nagin breaks away from field in New Orleans vote
04/22/2006 washingtonpost washingtonpost elections, campaigns, government and politics news and headlines.
04/22/2006 Terri Schiavo Case Is Emerging As Factor In Race For Governor TAMPA The political deba TAMPA The political debate over Terri Schiavo's death is emerging as an issue in the 2006 election campaign./
04/22/2006 Ewing dynasty enters by-election fray with attack on Conservative's 'folly'
04/22/2006 Officials Begin Ballot Count for Haiti Elections
04/22/2006 Turnout Steady In New Orleans Mayoral Election
04/22/2006 Hungarians Set to Vote in Tense Final Round Of Elections
04/22/2006 Comoros Primary Elections Show New Constitution in Action
04/22/2006 Battered New Orleans votes as world watches
04/22/2006 Court Confirms Italian Election Results
04/22/2006 City Elections Held in New Orleans
04/22/2006 Cancel Rae Bareli byelection, says Swamy
04/22/2006 Voters Return to New Orleans for Mayoral Election
04/22/2006 Hungary's leftist coalition set to win reelection as campaigning ends
04/22/2006 Libs set to decide on Georgiou preselection
04/22/2006 New Orleans Residents Vote In First Post-Katrina Elections
04/22/2006 New Orleans votes for comeback leader
04/22/2006 Bush Congratulates Prodi on Italian Election Victory
04/22/2006 New Orleans faces 'hugely important' vote
04/22/2006 Ravaged New Orleans starts to pick leader
04/22/2006 New Orleans decides on new mayor
04/22/2006 Election lures more voters
04/22/2006 Mayoral, City Council Elections Under Way In New Orleans
04/22/2006 New Orleans heads to mayoral poll
04/22/2006 Nussle plans launch of election-year&#146;s first TV ad
04/22/2006 Polls open in New Orleans
04/22/2006 Election spotlight shines on Katrina
04/22/2006 Ukraine’s Parliamentary Elections What Next?
04/22/2006 Egyptians Support Competitive Election
04/22/2006 Egypt backs election change, US blasts crackdown
04/21/2006 Fear and fatigue cloud Thai by-elections
04/21/2006 New Orleans set for election
04/21/2006 New Orleans election in 'uncharted waters'
04/21/2006 Bush calls for Italian election clearup
04/21/2006 Scattered Residents Voting in New Orleans Mayoral Election Saturday
04/21/2006 Cherie's election hair bill £7,700
04/21/2006 Sen. Chafee's Wife Tries to Save Re-Election Campaign
04/21/2006 New Orleans mayor gets 'flipped the bird' during colorful campaign
04/21/2006 Haitians Vote In Parliamentary Elections