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06/30/2006 Israel delays Gaza push
06/30/2006 New water pipes for Old Town area
06/30/2006 Palestinian Premier Says Israel Seeks to Cripple Government
06/30/2006 Coalition Forces Kill 14 Militants in Eastern Afghanistan
06/30/2006 Kenyan deputy mayorheld after hospital raid
06/30/2006 Coalition troops kill 14 Taliban militants in eastern Afghanistan
06/30/2006 I-64 east blocked near Grinstead
06/30/2006 Mideast End the cycle of retaliation
06/30/2006 Putin discusses Middle East with Israeli PM
06/30/2006 Kuwaiti women undeterred by parliamentary defeat
06/30/2006 East Timor official New gov't within days
06/30/2006 Reward offered for Iraq killers
06/30/2006 Second 1995 murder charge
06/30/2006 Iran condemns arrests of Hamas leadership
06/30/2006 Kuwait reformists win 33 seats, women none, in Kuwaiti elections
06/30/2006 Israeli air strikes hit at least 30 targets in Gaza
06/30/2006 Israeli jets blitz Gaza, Hamas vows it won't be crushed
06/30/2006 East Phoenix standoff ends
06/30/2006 U.S. Army investigates 4 civilian deaths
06/30/2006 Sunnis condemn Iraq amnesty plan
06/30/2006 Hamas PM says working to free Israeli soldier
06/30/2006 US 'to probe new Iraq killings'
06/30/2006 Israel pounds Gaza again
06/30/2006 Five Iraqis killed around Kirkuk, four corpses found
06/30/2006 Army probing reports soldiers killed 4 Iraqi civilians
06/30/2006 Fiery Shiite cleric demands rebuilding of Iraq shrine
06/30/2006 Thousands protest across Middle East against Gaza offensive
06/30/2006 Hamas demands end to raids
06/30/2006 Bin Laden tape praises al-Zarqawi
06/30/2006 Court won't supervise MySpace teen
06/30/2006 Russia offers 10-million-dollar reward over embassy hostage-taking
06/30/2006 Bin Laden tape mourns al-Zarqawi's
06/30/2006 East Timor Calm as UN Plans Expanded Peacekeeping Force
06/30/2006 Floodwaters Recede in Easton
06/30/2006 Soil samples put factory in clear
06/30/2006 Five killed, four bullet-riddled bodies found in Iraq
06/30/2006 Hamas urges end to raids
06/30/2006 So far so good for Iraq's Maliki
06/30/2006 Petro-hysteria grips a superpower
06/30/2006 Israeli airstrikes pound Gaza targets
06/30/2006 Coalition troops kill 12 militants in eastern Afghanistan attack
06/30/2006 There will be no Palestinian referendum Hamas PM
06/30/2006 Palestinian Israel aims to topple gov't
06/30/2006 Efforts still underway to secure soldier's release Hamas PM
06/30/2006 Indian troops kill at least 13 in occupied Kashmir
06/30/2006 Israel suspends Gaza incursions
06/30/2006 Bin fire causes gas pipe to leak
06/30/2006 Israel expels detained MPs
06/30/2006 Women lose out in Kuwait vote
06/30/2006 Israel expels detained Hamas MPs
06/30/2006 Palestinian shot dead in Israel arrest operation
06/30/2006 Yemen opposition names candidate
06/30/2006 Iraqis try not to lose cool amid summer blackouts
06/30/2006 Israel revokes Jerusalem residency for Hamas minister, MPs
06/30/2006 Police plea over children incidents
06/30/2006 Former East Timor PM urges supporters to fight at polls
06/30/2006 Israel suspends further incursions
06/30/2006 Israel goes after ~~I~~both~~/I~~ Hamas leaderships
06/30/2006 Gaza troubles may affect Israel withdrawal
06/30/2006 Airstrikes, artillery pound Gaza
06/30/2006 Palestinian militant dies after air strike
06/30/2006 East Timor's foreign minister says new gov't will be appointed in days
06/30/2006 Israelis arrest Hamas officials
06/30/2006 Craziest Guitar Player EVER, and hes just a kid! or at least young!
06/30/2006 Bin Laden praises Zarqawi as ''the lion of jihad''
06/30/2006 Gains are seen against insurgency
06/30/2006 Kuwaiti women go to polls for legislature
06/30/2006 Memorial service set for Mount Si student
06/30/2006 Group Health making move
06/30/2006 Uncovered loads Errant golf balls
06/30/2006 Murder charge filed in stabbing
06/30/2006 Iraq fight will go on despite Zarqawi death bin Laden tape
06/30/2006 Robbers here get 425,000 in jewels
06/30/2006 Shotgun blast during robbery leaves attacker, 16, dead
06/30/2006 Both sides in Mideast have their mental artillery
06/30/2006 Israel blitzes Gaza, Egypt reveals Hamas offer
06/30/2006 Gaza Is Epicenter of Mideast Tension
06/30/2006 Breast Cancer Research Benefiting from Innovative Funding Sources
06/29/2006 AU shuns Somalia Islamists as tension grows
06/29/2006 'We dodged a bullet'
06/29/2006 Israeli planes strike Gaza
06/29/2006 Governor on flooding 'We dodged a bullet'
06/29/2006 Funny Microsoft Word Easter Egg
06/29/2006 Pennsylvania governor on flooding 'We dodged a bullet'
06/29/2006 Mideast love quest lands teen in hot water
06/29/2006 East Timor president appeals to Alkatiri supporters
06/29/2006 'UAE, Middle East Should Follow US in Generating Sales'
06/29/2006 Mideast conflict escalates, Israel bombs government buildings
06/29/2006 NEWSLINE 29 Jun 2006 Israel detains Palestinian officials as Middle East crisis escalates
06/29/2006 Israel arrests Hamas leadership, attacks interior ministry
06/29/2006 East Timor's Ousted PM Ignores Summons
06/29/2006 Israeli helicopters raid Hamas-led Interior Ministry
06/29/2006 New Jobs in East Tennessee?
06/29/2006 East Timor's former PM fails to appear before prosecutors
06/29/2006 Israeli planes attack Palestinian ministry as kidnap crisis deepens
06/29/2006 Bin Laden tape praises al-Zarqawi as great 'knight'
06/29/2006 New 'Bin Laden message' released
06/29/2006 On tape, bin Laden mourns al-Zarqawi's death
06/29/2006 Mummy my breast friend
06/29/2006 Kuwaiti women vote for first time
06/29/2006 Futile alligator hunt at least an entertaining spectacle
06/29/2006 Young corporal may hold fate of Middle East
06/29/2006 Israeli warplanes strike Palestinian Interior Ministry
06/29/2006 Kenya Artur brothers ‘were to be deported to Armenia’
06/29/2006 Prosecutors due to question East Timor's former PM
06/29/2006 Pensioners killer to spend at least 20 years behind bars
06/29/2006 Air raid against Palestinian interior ministry in Gaza
06/29/2006 Delaware River in Easton Starting to Recede
06/29/2006 Islamists move to expand their authority
06/29/2006 Israel arrests most of Hamas leadership in West Bank 2nd Roundup
06/29/2006 Kenya Mathare youth rule in Moshi
06/29/2006  Arab states request UN meeting on Middle East
06/29/2006 Jordan urges 'immediate halt' to Israel's Gaza attack Roundup
06/29/2006 East Timor's president appeals for calm
06/29/2006 Monkey Found In East Palo Alto Neighborhood
06/29/2006 Israeli air strike destroys Interior Ministry in Gaza
06/29/2006 Count begins in key Kuwait poll
06/29/2006 Iran rejects early nuclear reply
06/29/2006 UN warns Gaza nears humanitarian crisis
06/29/2006 East St. Paul police downloaded porn report
06/29/2006 Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Easter Eggs & Errata
06/29/2006 Rally in East Timor
06/29/2006 Militants, children await Israeli attack
06/29/2006 Darfur Crisis Testimonies From Eastern Chad
06/29/2006 UN envoy claims torture practised in Jordanian prisons
06/29/2006 Israelis arrest Hamas politicians
06/29/2006 KOMO-TV Story On Inflammatory Breast Cancer Gets 10 Million Hits
06/29/2006 Huge interest in station's Web story on breast cancer
06/29/2006 Bomber kills mourners at soldier's funeral
06/29/2006 Palestinians Electric transformers hit
06/29/2006 Bomber strikes funeral in Iraq; 4 killed
06/29/2006 Bomber kills mourners at Iraq soldier's funeral
06/29/2006 Microquake east of Forks
06/29/2006 East Side Clean Up Underway
06/29/2006 Winston Peters NZ aim is to stop East Timor chaos
06/29/2006 Arrests part of Israeli strategy to clamp down on Hamas
06/29/2006 Crowds throng East Timor capital
06/29/2006 Arab governments brace for pro-Palestinian outrage
06/29/2006 Amnesty International Report Calls Eastern Chad an Unfolding Human Rights Tragedy
06/29/2006 G8 foreign ministers focus on Iran, Mideast at Moscow talks
06/29/2006 Israeli forces arrest Hamas Cabinet ministers, dig into Gaza
06/29/2006 Metro East teen dies after gunshot during robbery attempt
06/29/2006 G8 ministers urge restraint in Israeli-Palestinian conflict
06/29/2006 I-R-S closed for at least a month to repair flood damage
06/29/2006 G8 calls for Iran nuclear answer
06/29/2006 Rice calls for 'responsibility' in Middle East
06/29/2006 Uganda Poor rains threaten crop production in Karamoja
06/29/2006 Flood evacuees can go home
06/29/2006 Most foreign fighters in Iraq come from Egypt US military
06/29/2006 Iran again says no answer before August
06/29/2006 Suspect dies during attempted robbery
06/29/2006 At least one N.S. retail chain to open Sunday
06/29/2006 Palestinians blow hole in Gaza-Egypt border wall
06/29/2006 Israel justifies H
06/29/2006 Gazans stock up on supplies as offensive intensifies
06/29/2006 First-time vote for women in Kuwaiti
06/29/2006 The World From Berlin Middle East Peace a Distant, Fading Prospect
06/29/2006 Panel named to investigate violence in East Timor
06/29/2006 Sixty kidnapped oil refinery workers released
06/29/2006 US, Iraqi forces clash with Shi'ite militia
06/29/2006 Syria backs Hamas despite renewed Israeli threat
06/29/2006 Israel justifies Hamas MP arrests
06/29/2006 Israel arrests nearly entire Hamas leadership in West Bank
06/29/2006 Kuwaiti women vote, run for office in watershed poll
06/29/2006 Jordanian authorities release three Islamists on bail
06/29/2006 Lebanese leaders denounce Israel's 'state terrorism'
06/29/2006  G8 calls for calm in Middle East escalation
06/29/2006 Acts of war Middle East on edge
06/29/2006 East Timor reveals sobering truths
06/29/2006 Wilkes-Barre evacuees can go home
06/29/2006 East African bank engages China East African Development Bank and China Development Bank have signed a framework agreement on cooperation.
06/29/2006 G-8 Leaders Set Deadline for Iranian Response
06/29/2006 Israel Steps Up Confrontation in Gaza Strip
06/29/2006 Dancer Sues, Claiming Large Breasts Got Her Fired
06/29/2006 M's Continue Feasting On The National League
06/29/2006 East Africa Nile Basin Countries in 140 Million Power Sharing Deal
06/29/2006 Wilkes-Barre evacuees can soon go home
06/29/2006 Syria vows to defend itself after Israeli overflight
06/29/2006 Israel offensive stirs anger in Egypt
06/29/2006 East Asian companies eye Dubai Internet City as launch pad for Middle East expansion
06/29/2006 'MySpace' teen's trip leads to family court
06/29/2006 East Rock Block Takeback
06/29/2006 Flood evacuees can go home soon
06/29/2006 'MySpace' Teen's Trip Leads to Family Court
06/29/2006 Mid-East 'learns oil-boom lesson'
06/29/2006 US raids in Iraq generate questions, resentment
06/29/2006 “EAST VILLAGE MAMELE 'Sweetheart, That's the Greatest Thing I've Ever Seen!'” by
06/29/2006 Accident at I-65 and Eastern Parkway
06/29/2006 East Timor president appeals for calm
06/29/2006 Hamas praises abduction, denies role
06/29/2006 MIDDLE EAST Weekly roundup of human rights violations
06/29/2006 Palestinian militants blow hole in wall
06/29/2006 Syria denounces Israeli planes' fly-by
06/29/2006 Eve Easton
06/29/2006 Syria denounces Israeli planes' fly-by
06/29/2006 Press furore over offensive
06/29/2006 Israel must stop harming civilians Russia
06/29/2006 Iran could have nuclear bomb means by 2009
06/29/2006 REMINDER ORLive Presents AxiaLIF - The Least Invasive Solution for Lumbar Fusion
06/29/2006 Atlas Mining Company Awarded Mining Contract at Stillwater Mining East Boulder Mine
06/29/2006 Court says Aziz held in Iraqi custody for two years
06/29/2006 Thousands Gather in East Timors Capital in Show of Support for Former Prime Minister
06/29/2006 Thousands Gather in East Timor's Capital in Show of Support for Former Prime Minister
06/29/2006 In Tehran, things just got more complex
06/29/2006 Why Iran is taking its time
06/29/2006 Israeli aircraft strike car in Gaza
06/29/2006 A90 roadworks speed camera trap
06/29/2006 Middle East Crisis Deepens Israel Detains Hamas Leaders, Settler Killed
06/29/2006 Iran tops agenda at G8 ministers' meeting
06/29/2006 Israel keeps up Gaza pressure
06/29/2006 Israel seizes Hamas leaders
06/29/2006 Annan warns of spread of conflict
06/29/2006 Ancient garland in Egyptian tomb
06/29/2006 Settler's body found; Israel pounds Gaza
06/29/2006 Maliki's tough terms complicate bid for Iraqi reconciliation
06/29/2006 Annan Appeals for Middle East Calm
06/29/2006 Strong quake shakes Iran island in the Gulf
06/29/2006 Iraq says Al Qaeda cell bombed Shi'ite shrine in February
06/29/2006 Buried, but not nameless, in Iraq's desert
06/29/2006 Thousands Rally for East Timor's Ousted PM
06/29/2006 Ruling party supporters mob East Timor city
06/29/2006 Thousands Rally for East Timor Ousted PM
06/29/2006 At least seven killed in Baghdad violence
06/29/2006 Supporters of ousted East Timor PM march on Dili
06/29/2006 Eastwood Has 'Ties' With Father's Company
06/29/2006 Michigan teen's Mideast journey could have legal consequences
06/29/2006 Woman attacked at knifepoint
06/29/2006 Supporters of East Timor's ousted prime minister march on capital
06/29/2006 Iran given two weeks to respond to nuclear plan
06/29/2006 Suspects cleared of drug trafficking
06/29/2006 EAST COAST FLOODINGDEATH TOLL AT 12 Rivers may continue deadly rise
06/29/2006 Israel seizes Hamas leaders, pursues Gaza campaign
06/29/2006 Israeli police find body of missing man
06/29/2006 Israeli aircraft fire missiles in Gaza
06/29/2006 Teen's journey may have legal consequences
06/29/2006 Yemens President Reneges on Democracy
06/29/2006 Acer unveils its first HD DVD notebook in Middle East
06/29/2006 Israel turns up heat on Hamas as slain settler found
06/29/2006 Tomb found in Valley of the Kings reveals flowers, but no mummies
06/29/2006 Gaza power plant hit by Israeli airstrike is insured by US agency
06/29/2006 Kirkland fireworks The show will go on
06/29/2006 Bothell woman dies after crash
06/29/2006 Musician's Portland commute a classic
06/29/2006 Fourth of July events on the Eastside
06/29/2006 Israel keeps up pressure on Gaza
06/29/2006 At least 3 students killed in Anhui tornado
06/29/2006 Thousands enter East Timor capital to back ex-premier
06/29/2006 Israel keeps up pressure
06/29/2006 East-West All-Star Football Game Rosters
06/29/2006 More violence erupts in East Timor
06/29/2006 Israel intensifies pressure over soldier's kidnapping
06/29/2006 Hundreds of mourners attend funeral for former Guantanamo prisoner
06/29/2006 New voting may loom for at least 6 House seats
06/29/2006 BBC News Examines Practice Of 'Breast Ironing' On Adolescent Girls In Cameroon
06/28/2006 Israel on alert for Hezbollah strikes after warning to Syria
06/28/2006 Synovate PAX shows media reach into Middle East elites
06/28/2006 Missing man found dead near wrecked truck
06/28/2006 Israel arrests Hamas leaders, pursues Gaza campaign
06/28/2006 East Timor's president says elections only way to resolve crisis
06/28/2006 Palestinians anxious as Israel strikes
06/28/2006 Women vote in Kuwaiti poll
06/28/2006 Flooding in eastern US claims 16 lives
06/28/2006 Soldier in Afghanistan US-led force killed by mine
06/28/2006 Eastburg man missing after falling into creek
06/28/2006 Early poll tipped for East Timor
06/28/2006 At least seven dead in US floods, 200,000 evacuated
06/28/2006 No end to military drive in Gaza
06/28/2006 Israeli army poised to step up Gaza offensive
06/28/2006 East Young Achiever
06/28/2006 East Police Blotter
06/28/2006 Landmark Kuwaiti poll set to open
06/28/2006 Israelis Batter Gaza and Seize Hamas Officials
06/28/2006 Kenya Minister explains expulsion of Artur brothers
06/28/2006 Israel intensifies airstrikes, arrests Hamas leaders
06/28/2006 Tensions rise in Middle East
06/28/2006 Metro East police will soon have bait car to catch car thieves
06/28/2006 At least 16 die in floods
06/28/2006 explainerWhat's with the "al-" names in the Middle EastDaniel Engber
06/28/2006 Keep Track of Israel Hamas/Syria News Ticker
06/28/2006 US backs sustained UN presence in East Timor
06/28/2006 US backs sustained UN presence in East Timor
06/28/2006 Israel finds body of missing settler source
06/28/2006 Rice arrives in Russia to discuss Iran, Mideast with G8
06/28/2006 Germanys Ballack Bridges East and West
06/28/2006 Iraq War Ends Silently for One American Soldier
06/28/2006 Chevron provides interim update
06/28/2006 Bob Simon provides some context on the latest Middle East conflict. 6/28/06
06/28/2006 East Coast residents are dealing with floods caused by record rains. 6/28/06
06/28/2006 Palestinian group says killed missing settler radio
06/28/2006 Gaza militants say fired chemical-tipped warhead
06/28/2006 China's special envoy holds talks with Jordanian FM on Mideast
06/28/2006 Clark urges UN to speed up East Timor response
06/28/2006 Palestinian group says killed missing Israeli radio
06/28/2006 US Official Says East Timor Needs UN Help to Overcome Crisis
06/28/2006 Clark urges UN to speed up East Timor response
06/28/2006 Militants say they killed Israeli settler
06/28/2006 Bush accuses some Democrats of surrender on Iraq
06/28/2006 Flooding kills at least 12
06/28/2006 Rescuing Cairo Lost Heritage
06/28/2006 200,000 evacuated in Pennsylvania
06/28/2006 Body of kidnapped Israeli settler found Palestinians
06/28/2006 US backs UN presence in East Timor
06/28/2006 Israel arrests deputy Palestinian PM
06/28/2006 Militants say they killed Israeli settler
06/28/2006 Hamas leaders arrested; Israeli executed
06/28/2006 Israel arrests deputy Palestinian prime minister
06/28/2006 At least 16 die in floods
06/28/2006 Hamas attacks US over Gaza action
06/28/2006 Israel Attacks Gaza After Soldier Captured
06/28/2006 Flooding kills at least 12
06/28/2006 Israeli flyover disputed by Syria, called 'unjustified provocation'
06/28/2006 Israel launches offensive in Gaza to free soldier 2nd Roundup
06/28/2006 Israel bombs Islamic University in Gaza witnesses
06/28/2006 Hamas attacks US over Gaza raid
06/28/2006 Lafayette seeks to annex eastward
06/28/2006 Israeli army poised to step up offensive
06/28/2006 Loud blast heard in Gaza City witnesses
06/28/2006 East and West, Ballack unifies German hopes of a triumph
06/28/2006 US backs sustained UN presence in East Timor
06/28/2006 Israel arrests Hamas minister
06/28/2006 US backs sustained UN presence in East Timor
06/28/2006 Annan Appeals for Middle East Calm
06/28/2006 Tensions on the rise again in East Timor
06/28/2006 Australian troops to be redeployed
06/28/2006 Home Sales Still Hot in East Tennessee
06/28/2006 Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar Ending FAQ
06/28/2006 Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar Ending FAQ
06/28/2006 Israel arrests Hamas minister security sources
06/28/2006 Q&A Israeli operation could escalate into protracted conflict
06/28/2006 Women vote and run in Kuwaiti poll for first time
06/28/2006 Tensions run high in the Middle East
06/28/2006 Floods Swamp Eastern Corridor
06/28/2006 Iraq PM positive on amnesty plan
06/28/2006 Nine dead in eastern US floods
06/28/2006 Angola repatriate illegal immigrants least 61 foreign citizens from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville, were recently repatriated by the Foreigners and Migration Services,in Angola.
06/28/2006 Database of World of Warcraft Easter Eggs
06/28/2006 X-Rays Studied for Breast Cancer Risk
06/28/2006 Gangs clash in East Timor
06/28/2006 Sudan Annan to meet al-Bashir over UN force in Darfur
06/28/2006 Water Use Restrictions for Customers of Easton System
06/28/2006 Nine dead as rain causes floods in eastern US
06/28/2006 X-rays linked to enhanced breast cancer risk
06/28/2006 Chest X-rays could raise breast cancer risk
06/28/2006 Nine dead as rain causes floods in eastern U.S
06/28/2006 Israeli warplanes make "warning" flight over Syria
06/28/2006 10 dead in flooding; thousands evacuated
06/28/2006 Valley of the Kings Journal Egyptologists Disagree on Mummyless Tomb
06/28/2006 Syria says defenses fired on Israeli jets
06/28/2006 Israel to widen Gaza offensive, militants await fight
06/28/2006 Floods cause 10 deaths, thousands of evacuations
06/28/2006 Floods kill, prompt evacuations
06/28/2006 Israeli forces appear to increase pressure in Gaza
06/28/2006 Fretilin says it may take a month to choose new PM for East Timor
06/28/2006 Floods cause 9 deaths, thousands of evacuations
06/28/2006 Two LLNL supercomputers named world's fastest
06/28/2006 A car's middle back seat may be least desirable, but it's the safest
06/28/2006 East India Investment shares' transfer annulled
06/28/2006 US supports Gaza assault, but warns Israel on civilians
06/28/2006 Israel launches offensive in Gaza to free soldier Roundup
06/28/2006 Baghdad says foreigners involved in Samarra blast
06/28/2006 Text service for deaf helps woman
06/28/2006 Middle East Comment The Ongoing War against Reality
06/28/2006 Missing Belleville man found dead three days after accident
06/28/2006 Gangs clash in East Timor, but march turned back
06/28/2006 New Violence in East Timor as Former PMs Supporters Protest
06/28/2006 Floods along U.S. East Coast kill nine
06/28/2006 Police seek suspects in East York
06/28/2006 Finding of a new molecular marker of resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer
06/28/2006 Israeli troops enter West Bank town
06/28/2006 A new 'Thirty Years War' in the Middle East
06/28/2006 Oppose Israeli nukes too, Moussa tells US
06/28/2006 White House Presses for Israeli's Release
06/28/2006 New Violence in East Timor as Former PM's Supporters Protest