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06/28/2006 Barros' lawyer wants charges dismissed
06/28/2006 Allahabad University dismisses paper leak claim as rumour
06/28/2006 Arroyo lawyer warns of dismissal as fourth impeach bid filed
06/28/2006 Chelsea dismiss Robben claims
06/28/2006 PM dismisses work protests
06/28/2006 Referees dismissed from World Cup
06/28/2006 Iran leader dismisses nuke talks
06/28/2006 Civil Suit Dismissed Against Priest
06/28/2006 PM dismisses critique of Afghanistan mission
06/28/2006 Berkley parking ticket case dismissed
06/28/2006 Cong dismisses reports on PM's comments on Left
06/28/2006 Namibia Ithana Dismisses NSHR Reports
06/28/2006 Judge Dismisses Rave-bust Lawsuit
06/28/2006 Judge Dismisses Rave-Bust Lawsuit With Prejudice
06/28/2006 DOJ moves to dismiss House Democrat lawsuit over erroneous budget bill
06/28/2006 http://www.pr-inside.com/rss/lindsay-lohan-has-dismissed-mcfly-drummer-harry-judds-claim-that-they-had-sex-as-nothing-r9548.htm
06/27/2006 U.S. dismisses Iranian supreme leader's apparent rejection of talks
06/27/2006 Iran's Khamenei dismisses future negotiation with U.S.
06/27/2006 U.S. Asks Judge to Dismiss Budget Lawsuit
06/27/2006 Supreme Court Dismisses Case on Tax Breaks
06/27/2006 NC Judge Dismisses Dell Incentives Suit; Appeal Promised
06/27/2006 Blair camp strives to dismiss Clarke attack as sour grapes
06/27/2006 Iranian President Dismisses Western Pressure
06/27/2006 Judge dismisses appeal by prisoner
06/27/2006 VHP demands dismissal of J&K govt
06/27/2006 Iran leader dismisses nuke talks
06/27/2006 White House Dismisses Comments by Iranian Leader
06/27/2006 Judge dismisses child rape case after attorney late for court
06/27/2006 Iran's Supreme Leader Dismisses Iran-US Talks
06/27/2006 Khamenei dismisses Iran-US talks
06/27/2006 Kenny anger at McGlynn dismissal
06/27/2006 US think-tank report dismissed as biased
06/27/2006 Attorneys want molestation lawsuit dismissed
06/27/2006 Judge advises dismissal of inmate’s lawsuit
06/26/2006 Dismissals, plea end fraud case in Miami
06/26/2006 Kenya Armenians Probe team dismisses LSK suit threat
06/26/2006 Woman dismissed after cheese find
06/26/2006 MMR vaccine scare must be dismissed
06/26/2006 Bush Dismisses Complaints About Troop Level Decisions
06/26/2006 Salesianum attorney asks for sex-abuse case to be dismissed
06/26/2006 Judge Dismisses Data Breach Lawsuit
06/25/2006 Barak may dismiss judge in father-daughter incest case
06/25/2006 Na'amat promises to pay pregnant worker it dismissed
06/25/2006 Judge wont dismiss disabled care suit
06/25/2006 Swedes attack Lucic dismissal
06/25/2006 Thailand's PM dismisses claims of electoral fraud
06/24/2006 PM dismisses minister's outburst over fuel prices
06/24/2006 Woodland Park Zoo Asks For Dismissal Of Elephant Lawsuit
06/24/2006 Ford calls GOP opponents 'stooges,' dismisses family criticism
06/24/2006 Windies peg India back with Sehwag dismissal
06/24/2006 Armstrong dismisses latest doping allegations
06/24/2006 Fired case worker appeals dismissal over childs death
06/23/2006 Armstrong dismisses drug claim as absurd
06/23/2006 Homicide charges in Wisconsin boating accident dismissed
06/23/2006 White House demands dismissal of spy suit
06/23/2006 Homicide charges in boating accident dismissed
06/23/2006 Grand Jury Dismisses Two Charges Against Man Linked To Belleville Park Attack
06/23/2006 Port authority lawsuit dismissed
06/23/2006 Japan Court Dismissed Shrine Lawsuit
06/23/2006 Fired case worker appeals dismissal, claims to be scapegoat
06/23/2006 Japan court dismissed shrine lawsuit
06/23/2006 UK appeals court dismisses human rights challenge to fox hunting ban
06/23/2006 Court dismisses lawsuit in merchant data-breach case
06/23/2006 LabCorp loses patent dispute when Supreme Court dismisses case
06/23/2006 Polish finance minister dismissed in vetting affair
06/23/2006 Football League claim against Hammonds is dismissed
06/23/2006 Communist youth dismiss ANC donor claim
06/23/2006 White House Demands Dismissal of Spy Suit
06/23/2006 Parliament upper chamber dismisses fifth member in month
06/23/2006 Administration wants a domestic spying lawsuit dismissed
06/23/2006 Union found guilty of unfair dismissal
06/22/2006 Murder charges against man accused of drowning wife are dismissed
06/22/2006 Bush administration demanding spy lawsuit dismissal
06/22/2006 Judge dismisses racial bias lawsuit filed against Lilly
06/22/2006 RWAs demands dismissal of BYPL, warn against price hike
06/22/2006 Ark. court dismisses widow's malpractice case
06/22/2006 Bush To Dismiss U.S. Ban On Military Aid To Saudi
06/22/2006 More Round Rock protest cases dismissed
06/22/2006 Mounting debts at ZAKA prompts dismissal of chairman, 6 others
06/22/2006 Police officer held for rape; dismissed from service
06/22/2006 Mayor won't dismiss embattled fire chief Amy Doolittle / THE
06/22/2006 High Court Dismisses Patent Ruling Case
06/22/2006 Prosecutors dismiss assault charge against convicted ex-surgeon
06/22/2006 Delhi cop dismissed for rape
06/22/2006 Rape case dismissal angers accuser's mom, defense
06/22/2006 Delhi cop dismissed on rape charge
06/22/2006 Govt dismisses Al Qaeda plot report
06/21/2006 SI arrested on rape charges, dismissed from service
06/21/2006 SI arrested on rape charges; dismissed from service
06/21/2006 U.S. dismisses talks with Pyongyang David Sands / THE
06/21/2006 Chuck E. Cheese child, mom's case dismissed
06/21/2006 Judge Tosses Rape Case After Lawyer T
06/21/2006 Judge tosses rape case because of tardiness, irking both sides
06/21/2006 Judge Tosses Rape Case After Lawyer Tardy
06/21/2006 Rape Case Dismissed Over Late Lawyer
06/21/2006 New Hanover sheriff dismisses complaints about jail food
06/21/2006 Election chief dismisses chance of vote fraud
06/21/2006 Putin aide dismisses N.Korean missile reports as "psycho factor"
06/21/2006 'Dozing' Juror Dismissed In Capital Murder Case
06/20/2006 'Over the top' Senate fears dismissed
06/20/2006 'Over the top' Senate fears dismissed
06/20/2006 Dismissal of state employees for expressing opinions violates international human rights
06/20/2006 Suit Against Health Insurers Dismissed
06/20/2006 Court dismisses class-action lawsuit against Journal Communications
06/20/2006 Belarus Dismisses Latest US Sanctions
06/20/2006 Judge dismisses UnitedHealth racketeering lawsuit
06/20/2006 Some Round Rock protest cases dismissed
06/20/2006 Putin aide dismisses N.Korean missile reports as "psycho factor"
06/20/2006 Judge Dismisses Child Rape Case After Attorney Late For Court
06/20/2006 Florida judge dismisses claims against UnitedHealthcare
06/20/2006 Howard dismisses MPs' warnings on Bashir issue
06/20/2006 Federal charges dismissed against late Alabama booster
06/20/2006 Area Koreans dismiss threat
06/19/2006 Niger army dismisses alleged mutineers
06/19/2006 French Court Dismisses 'Syriana' Suit
06/19/2006 Could Charges Against Governor Be Dismissed?
06/19/2006 George Clooney 'Syriana' lawsuit dismissed
06/19/2006 Artist rape charge dismissed
06/19/2006 Swadhayay Parivar dismisses allegations of murdering NRI
06/19/2006 Officials dismissed students' threat
06/17/2006 Judge dismisses suit against state
06/17/2006 Burma Dismisses Eight Deputy Ministers
06/17/2006 NSW dismisses plan to control state funding of rural hospitals
06/17/2006 Burma Dismisses Eight Deputy Ministers
06/17/2006 Lawsuit agains Kalamazoo police officer dismissed
06/17/2006 AWOL soldier's reasons not easily dismissed
06/17/2006 Teacher dismissed for online nudity
06/16/2006 9th Circuit Rebukes Bankruptcy Court for Dismissing Sex Bias Claims
06/16/2006 Judge denies request to dismiss drug charge
06/16/2006 Ark. ethics panel dismisses complaint against Beebe
06/16/2006 Grand Prix lawsuit dismissed
06/16/2006 Ethics panel dismisses complaint against Beebe
06/16/2006 Class Dismissed
06/16/2006 Japan appeals court dismisses Chinese WWII forced labor lawsuit
06/16/2006 Sony Dismisses PS3 Downgrade Rumors
06/16/2006 Ceebraid Acquisition Corporation Announces Court Ordered Dismissal of Bankruptcy
06/16/2006 Formula One Lawsuit Dismissed
06/16/2006 Myanmar Dismisses 8 Deputy Ministers
06/15/2006 Most counts of New Hampshire GOP phone jamming lawsuit dismissed
06/15/2006 Green Hills Software Dismisses Express Logic's Arbitration Demand as an Act of Desperation
06/15/2006 Calgary West MP sued for wrongful dismissal
06/15/2006 Judge Dismisses Most of Phone-Jamming Suit
06/15/2006 Judge dismisses most of Democrats' phone-jamming lawsuit
06/15/2006 State lawmaker dismisses criticism over saying 'queers'
06/15/2006 Arena Dismisses Claims of Confusion
06/15/2006 Lawsuit Against Ames School District Dismissed
06/15/2006 Haynesworth Charges Partly Dismissed
06/15/2006 Bush Dismisses Calls for Withdrawal from Iraq
06/15/2006 Bush Dismisses Calls for Pullout from Iraq
06/14/2006 Eriksson dismisses Owen rift talk
06/14/2006 Bassett appeals dismissal of lawsuit
06/14/2006 Bracks defends dismissal of ministerial staff
06/14/2006 Court dismisses class action against Great Wolf
06/14/2006 Tobacco companies ask judge to dismiss Medicare lawsuit
06/14/2006 Tobacco companies ask judget to dismiss Medicare lawsuit
06/14/2006 Bassett Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit vs. UK, NCAA
06/14/2006 Bassett appeals dismissal of lawsuit
06/14/2006 Judge Dismisses Juror in Trial Linked to Abramoff Scandal
06/14/2006 Jaya petitions dismissed
06/14/2006 Many Iraqis dismiss Bush visit as stunt
06/14/2006 March sues legislature over dismissal
06/14/2006 Palestinian die in W. Bank as Annan dismisses Israeli claims on Gaza beach massacre
06/14/2006 Red Hat dismisses Microsoft as HPC competition
06/14/2006 Judge dismisses portion of charge against W.R. Grace
06/13/2006 'Washingtonienne' Blogger Files Motion to Dismiss Anti-Defamation Suit
06/13/2006 High Court dismisses child detainees' citizenship appeal
06/13/2006 Teacher Dismissed For Reading Students' Papers Aloud
06/13/2006 Court dismisses Archibald prize challenge
06/13/2006 Panel Calls For Dismissal Of Ward Churchill
06/13/2006 Many Iraqis Dismiss Bush Visit As Political Stunt
06/13/2006 Many Iraqis Dismiss Bush Visit As Political Stunt
06/13/2006 Judge Considers Dismissing Juror in Abramoff-Linked Trial
06/13/2006 Many Iraqis dismiss Bush visit as stunt
06/13/2006 Charges against Springfield superintendent dismissed
06/13/2006 Broussard Dismisses Possibility of DNF Being Rushed
06/13/2006 Federal judge dismisses criminal charge against WR Grace in asbestos case
06/13/2006 Panel Calls For Dismissal Of Ward Churchill
06/13/2006 Teacher Might Be Dismissed For Pictures
06/13/2006 Magistrate weighs dismissing charges over fake disappearance
06/13/2006 Insight seeks dismissal of broadband customers lawsuit
06/13/2006 Judge dismisses charge vs. W.R. Grace
06/13/2006 Judge dismisses knowing endangerment issue in Grace case
06/13/2006 Judge dismisses charge against W.R. Grace over Libby mine
06/13/2006 Judge Dismisses Criminal Charge Vs. Grace
06/13/2006 Kenya Member of Parliament Dismisses Kibaki's Deportation Move
06/13/2006 Judge denies Bush's request to summarily dismiss anti-wiretapping lawsuit
06/13/2006 EU judge advises Court of Justice to dismiss German opposition to tobacco laws
06/12/2006 Companies Seek Dismissal of Thousands of Asbestos Cases
06/12/2006 Hunting Witches Tabloid press, cultural conformism & political dismissal at RMI
06/12/2006 Judge dismisses 'conspiracy' charge against W.R. Grace defendants
06/12/2006 For once, doesn't dismiss presidential talk
06/12/2006 Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against PA Payraise
06/12/2006 Ark. terror suspect asks for dismissal of 2 charges
06/12/2006 Former wrestler's lawsuit dismissed
06/12/2006 Liberia President Sirleaf Dismisses Three Senior Officials for Corruption
06/12/2006 Iraq, US dismiss al-Qaeda threats
06/11/2006 US dismisses suicides as PR stunt
06/11/2006 US, Iraq dismiss 'empty' Internet threat from Al Qaeda
06/11/2006 Gen Casey dismisses charges that Zarqawi was beaten to death
06/11/2006 Minister dismisses Welsh law call
06/11/2006 Ark. terror suspect asks for dismissal of 2 charges
06/10/2006 Govt dismisses latest Alkatiri death threat claims
06/10/2006 Judge dismisses 18-year-old small schools lawsuit
06/10/2006 Some Democrats Dismiss Zarqawi Air Strike - WTimes
06/10/2006 Mbeki dismisses loud voices
06/10/2006 Edward Messner, 78; teacher, clinician was dismissed priest's psychiatrist
06/09/2006 Exxon, BP ask judge to dismiss lawsuit
06/09/2006 Charges dismissed in murder-for-hire case
06/09/2006 Galloway dismisses police boycott threat
06/09/2006 India dismisses US 'go-ahead' for Agni-III launch
06/09/2006 India dismisses US âgo-aheadâ for Agni-III launch
06/09/2006 Off the wire Symbian dismisses smartphone security risk
06/08/2006 Appeals panel dismisses Dawson's request for execution stay
06/08/2006 Appeals panel dismisses request for execution stay
06/08/2006 LHC dismisses rapist’s bail application
06/08/2006 Classed dismissed for final time Henry Paideia Academy
06/08/2006 Czechs dismiss Nedved injury scare
06/08/2006 Confusion over numbers dismissed
06/08/2006 U.S. dismisses EU report on secret prisons as "rehash"
06/08/2006 Federal Judge Denies Vatican Dismissal in Sex Abuse Case
06/08/2006 Judge dismisses Waikiki sex assault charges
06/08/2006 Europeans, US dismiss CIA rendition accusations as baseless, libel
06/08/2006 The receiver of the Sabena bankruptcy is dismissed
06/07/2006 U.S. dismisses EU report on secret prisons as "rehash"
06/07/2006 Federal judge denies Vatican dismissal motion in sex abuse case
06/07/2006 Judge denies Vatican dismissal motion in sex abuse case
06/07/2006 Vizard spokesman dismisses perjury accusations
06/07/2006 Judge denies Vatican dismissal motion in sex abuse case
06/07/2006 Military dismisses report Cdn. soldiers captured
06/07/2006 US Dismisses EU Report on Secret CIA Prisons
06/07/2006 Military officials dismiss Afghan kidnap claims
06/07/2006 Ethics Board Dismisses Complaint About Easley
06/07/2006 Malawis Press Secretary Dismisses Anti-Strike Rumor
06/07/2006 Ethics board head recommends dismissal of complaint about Easley
06/07/2006 Ethics board head dismisses complaint about Easley
06/07/2006 Conservative author dismisses Nine-Eleven activists as 'self-obsessed'
06/07/2006 Broker who brought prostitute to office loses wrongful dismissal case
06/07/2006 McGuinty dismisses Caledonia inquiry call
06/06/2006 Harassment lawsuit dismissed
06/06/2006 Justice Minister threatens to dismiss 15 rabbinical court judges
06/06/2006 Eugene asks judge to dismiss racial profiling case
06/06/2006 Off the wire Fake ID sellers dismiss tamperproof push
06/06/2006 Miss. Appeals Court upholds dismissal of lawsuit against Catholic diocese
06/06/2006 Yelstin—era chief prosecutor dismissed
06/06/2006 Michigan lawsuit against Taser dismissed
06/06/2006 China Dismisses U.S. Military Criticism
06/06/2006 Energy minister dismisses clean coal idea
06/06/2006 Beijing Dismisses U.S. Military Criticism
06/06/2006 CalPERS Appeals Dismissal Of NYSE Trading Suit
06/06/2006 Blair dismisses Muslim 'backlash'
06/06/2006 Conspiracy indictment dismissed by judge
06/06/2006 20th Product Liability Lawsuit Dismissed Against TASER International
06/06/2006 Beijing dismisses U.S. criticism over military
06/06/2006 Five sex-sting suspects move for case dismissals
06/06/2006 County clerks’ dismissal request denied
06/05/2006 Daly asks for dismissal of libel suit filed by former fiancee
06/05/2006 Judge dismisses Genesis suit
06/05/2006 Russian Lawmaker Faces Dismissal
06/05/2006 Basharat dismisses Leghari’s concerns for DG Khan
06/05/2006 Judge Dismisses Inmate Double-Bunking Suit
06/05/2006 Kenya House team dismisses revised anti-terrorism Bill
06/05/2006 Mohawk Case Dismissed
06/05/2006 Petition on IFanaa/I dismissed
06/05/2006 Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging "double-celling" of prisoners
06/05/2006 Judge dismisses Genesis suit against city
06/05/2006 Judge Dismisses Double-Bunking Lawsuit
06/05/2006 Judge Dismisses Double-Bunking Lawsuit
06/05/2006 Kenya Moi Dismisses Ruto's Elevation to Kalenjin Elder
06/05/2006 Swift Boat Attacks on Kerry Dismissed As Urban Legends
06/05/2006 Rafsanjani dismisses enemies' show of publicity against Iran
06/05/2006 ANSTO dismisses conflict of interest claims
06/05/2006 Rice Dismisses Iranian Cleric's Warning on Oil
06/04/2006 SC dismisses petition on Fanaa screening
06/04/2006 Rice dismisses warning of disruption in oil supply if U.S. attacks
06/04/2006 Kenya Moi dismisses Ruto’s elevation to Kalenjin elder
06/04/2006 Suit Citing Abuse by Ind. Priest Dismissed
06/04/2006 Suit Citing Abuse by Ind. Priest Dismissed
06/04/2006 Minor, others ask judge to dismiss charges
06/04/2006 Rice Dismisses Iranian Leader's Threat
06/04/2006 Judge Dismisses Clergy Abuse Lawsuit
06/04/2006 Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging abuse by priest
06/03/2006 Memphis officers could get charges dismissed
06/03/2006 Gayle, Lara dismissals hurt Windies
06/03/2006 Zimbabwe MDC Dismisses Coltart's Claims
06/03/2006 Lawsuit against church dismissed
06/03/2006 `Eagles' dismiss Stones comparison
06/03/2006 Eagles dismiss Stones comparison
06/02/2006 Foreign Lawyer Wins Dismissal of Conviction in 'Pump and Dump' Case
06/02/2006 Shahabuddin's law college Principal's bail plea dismissed
06/02/2006 Iranian President Dismisses Package of Incentives
06/02/2006 WHO dismisses human-to-human bird flu spread in Indonesia
06/02/2006 Judge Dismisses Wal-Mart Pharmacist's Contraception Suit
06/02/2006 Suit by pharmacist who refused to dispense birth control is dismissed by judge
06/02/2006 Judge Dismisses New Hill Lawsuit
06/02/2006 Putin Dismisses Russia's Chief Prosecutor
06/02/2006 Fake ID Sellers Dismiss Tamperproof Push
06/02/2006 Fake ID Sellers Dismiss Tamperproof Push
06/02/2006 Judge dismisses driving charge against cop
06/02/2006 Judge dismisses suit by pharmacist against Wal-Mart
06/02/2006 Putin dismisses idea of giving Kuril Islands to Japan
06/02/2006 Wrap Russia chief prosecutor Ustinov dismissed
06/02/2006 Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart
06/02/2006 Putin Dismisses Russias Chief Prosecutor
06/02/2006 Judge dismisses lawsuit by pharmacist involving birth control
06/02/2006 Yelstin-era chief prosecutor dismissed
06/02/2006 Judge dismisses lawsuit in deputy's shooting of suspect
06/02/2006 Putin dismisses his prosecutor general
06/02/2006 Palestinian foreign minister dismisses 'impractical' Arab peace initiative
06/02/2006 Russian Chief Prosecutor Dismissed
06/02/2006 Russian prosecutor general dismissed UPDATE
06/02/2006 WHO dismisses human-to-human bird flu spread in Indonesia
06/02/2006 Russian prosecutor general dismissed
06/02/2006 Teens' terror charges dismissed
06/01/2006 U.S. offers direct talks on nuclear issue; Iran dismisses as 'propaganda'
06/01/2006 French court dismisses L'Oréal racism charge
06/01/2006 Terror charges dismissed againt Winslow High 'plotters'
06/01/2006 India Dismisses Danger of Sri Lankan Refugee Flood
06/01/2006 Early Dismissal at Saucon Valley High School
06/01/2006 Court dismisses Rs 143 crore medical negligence claim
06/01/2006 Apex Consumer court dismisses Rs 143 crore negligence claim
06/01/2006 Iranians dismiss U.S. talks offer
06/01/2006 Judge denies Unger's bid to dismiss wife murder case
06/01/2006 Court dismisses suit about felon voters
06/01/2006 Russia dismisses Georgian complaints over peacekeepers rotation
05/31/2006 Court dismisses SEC suit against ex-Gateway CEO
05/31/2006 Police dismiss report of man's abduction
05/31/2006 Kenya Electoral Commission Dismisses Corruption Report
05/31/2006 Iran dismisses U.S. talks as ‘propaganda move’
05/31/2006 Court dismisses Taylor's bid to prevent change of trial venue
05/31/2006 Iran dismisses US offer as 'propaganda move'
05/31/2006 Unger's attorneys ask for dismissal
05/31/2006 No admissions for dismissed SSS students
05/31/2006 Elizabeth Taylor dismisses tabloid stories of Alzheimer's
05/31/2006 Liz Taylor dismisses Alzheimer's report
05/31/2006 Liz Taylor dismisses Alzheimer's report
05/30/2006 Elizabeth Taylor dismisses Alzheimer rumours
05/30/2006 Elizabeth Taylor dismisses tabloid stories of Alzheimer's
05/30/2006 Taylor dismisses Alzheimer's reports
05/30/2006 Taylor Dismisses Alzheimer's Reports
05/30/2006 Lawyer Moves for Dismissal for NYC DJ
05/30/2006 Lawyer For NYC DJ In Sex Rant Moves For Dismissal
05/30/2006 Judge dismisses Rogers' second-degree murder charge; no death sentence possible
05/30/2006 Britains' BAA dismisses Ferrovial offer
05/30/2006 Britains` BAA dismisses Ferrovial offer
05/30/2006 Noe asks to dismiss state corruption charge
05/30/2006 Judge dismisses inmate's claim of love in widow fraud case
05/29/2006 Frist dismisses controversy over search of congressman's office
05/29/2006 Frist dismisses office search controversy
05/28/2006 Burma leaders dismiss criticism of Aung San Suu Kyi detention
05/28/2006 Myanmar dismisses criticism of Suu Kyi detention
05/28/2006 DOJ wants NSA wiretapping suits dismissed on state secrets basis
05/28/2006 Rare Coin Dealer Asks Court To Dismiss State Corruption Charge
05/28/2006 WHO dismisses market fears after bird flu deaths
05/28/2006 BD Garment Owners Dismisses Labor Unrest
05/28/2006 Security cited in bid to dismiss NSA lawsuits
05/28/2006 Bush Administration Wants Spy Lawsuits Dismissed
05/27/2006 Dismissal of Lawsuits Over NSA Eavesdropping Sought
05/27/2006 US asks for dismissal of NSA wiretapping suits
05/27/2006 Government asks for dismissal of NSA wiretapping suits
05/27/2006 White House Asks Federal Judges to Dismiss NSA Lawsuits
05/27/2006 Doctors on unauthorised leave to be dismissed
05/27/2006 'American Idol' Winner Nearly Dismissed Due To Drug Charges
05/27/2006 Noe asks corruption charge be dismissed; ex-coin dealer faces racketeering count
05/27/2006 UK to Israeli Profs Class Dismissed
05/26/2006 Direct recruitment of traffic wardens High Court dismisses identical petitions
05/26/2006 Court dismisses Point Thomson lawsuit
05/26/2006 APHC dismisses Indian PM’s peace talks as a ‘useless seminar’
05/26/2006 Zimbabwe dismisses talk of UN role in its crisis
05/25/2006 Case dismissed against coaches accused of D.U.I.
05/25/2006 Attorneys for Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. file motion to dismiss case
05/25/2006 Early Dismissal
05/25/2006 Zimbabwe dismisses talk of UN role
05/25/2006 Judge dismisses confessed killer’s complaint
05/25/2006 BNP race sacking claim dismissed