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05/26/2006 White-Collar Crime's Milestone
05/26/2006 Rodrigues brother appears in court
05/26/2006 Knysna murder case postponed
05/26/2006 Taekwondo coach charged with 800 sex crimes
05/26/2006 Two plead guilty in Bloom, Goldin case
05/26/2006 Foreign gangs blamed for rising crime rate in China
05/26/2006 Impact Evaluation of COPS Grants in Large Cities
05/26/2006 India, Japan to enhance cooperation to tackle trans-national crimes
05/26/2006 Bosnian Serb Gets 20 Years For War Crimes
05/26/2006 Bosnian Serb sentenced to 20 years for war crimes
05/26/2006 Confident U.S. Generals Commit War Crimes
05/26/2006 Uncertain results for federal "Impact Teams" on violent crime
05/26/2006 Efficacy of Anti-Crime Project Disputed
05/26/2006 Police say man was stabbed, house set afire to hide crime
05/26/2006 Drugs case against doctor postponed
05/26/2006 Bosnian Serb Sentenced to 20 Years
05/26/2006 Lib Dems take tougher line on crime and foreign offenders
05/26/2006 Senators vote to lift statute of limitations on sex crimes
05/26/2006 Bosnian Serb gets 20 years for war crimes
05/26/2006 FBI ties security chief to organized crime
05/26/2006 German racial crime rises ahead of World Cup
05/26/2006 Physically challenged man jailed for battery
05/26/2006 Search for Jimmy Hoffa slows as digging begins
05/26/2006 Lib Dems tackle 'soft on crime' image
05/26/2006 Two held for poaching near Hout Bay
05/26/2006 Three men arrested for gang-raping girl
05/26/2006 Liberia Investigate Taylor's Son for Torture, War Crimes
05/26/2006 Commissioners condemns Selebi report
05/26/2006 New crime agency joins Scots forces
05/26/2006 Police Burglars Bring Toddler Along During Crime
05/26/2006 SOCA saves UK high-tech crime unit offline
05/26/2006 Lib Dems get tough on crime
05/26/2006 Burglars crack police safe in Benoni
05/26/2006 Airport heist millions now stolen from police
05/26/2006 SIERRA LEONE New war crimes court president pleads for extra funds
05/26/2006 Police tight-lipped about train arrests
05/26/2006 Four arrested for Hillbrow kidnapping
05/25/2006 Fugitive Couple Surrender in Missouri
05/25/2006 Selebi linked to Kebble contacts report
05/25/2006 Coal probes crime scenes
05/25/2006 Zionist Architects of Iraq Crime Wanted Civil War All Along
05/25/2006 Bosnia PM to form war crimes commission
05/25/2006 W3C Phishing remains root of flourishing e-crime
05/25/2006 SCRO under fire after latest dispute over print at crime scene
05/25/2006 Provinces team up against organized crime
05/25/2006 Off the wire Phishing pushes e-crime further upstream
05/25/2006 Three provinces join forces against organized crime
05/25/2006 Rape victim receives compensation 50 years on
05/25/2006 Digging slows search for Jimmy Hoffa
05/25/2006 How long should the U.S. underwrite Israeli crimes?
05/25/2006 Bosnian PM Forms Commission to Investigate War Crimes in Sarajevo
05/25/2006 Sierra Leone New War Crimes Court President Pleads for Extra Funds
05/25/2006 DNA Law 'Huge' in Fighting Crime, Slain Woman's Father Says
05/25/2006 Phishing pushes e-crime further upstream
05/25/2006 Gun crime program team wins award
05/25/2006 US veterans' data theft may cost 500 million
05/25/2006 Robbers killed in attempted heist
05/25/2006 Man accused of hacking step dad to death
05/25/2006 KZN doctors arrested for fraud
05/25/2006 Deportation delayed for accused Chinese fugitive
05/25/2006 SANDF swindling case postponed
05/25/2006 Three arrested after Limpopo farm attack
05/25/2006 Argument Disrupts Susan Polk Trial
05/25/2006 Farm murder accused pleads not guilty
05/25/2006 Suburban crime briefs
05/25/2006 Cop believed to have worked for suspected crime family
05/25/2006 New nationwide ATM scam hits clients
05/25/2006 Fishy discovery leads to Australia drug bust
05/25/2006 STF given free hand to curb crime Bihar Home Secy
05/25/2006 Joseph’s ex-wife I was asked about possible crime ties
05/24/2006 Bill allows death penalty for sex crimes against children
05/24/2006 Watson says crime no bar to governing
05/24/2006 Murder defendant tries to strangle lawyer in court
05/24/2006 Walnut Hills Crime Crackdown
05/24/2006 Blame The WiFi Even When It Has Nothing To Do With The Crime
05/24/2006 Nigeria Senators Rise Against Financial Crimes Commission
05/24/2006 Police work 24/7 solivng violent crimes
05/24/2006 Court orders guards to behave during strike
05/24/2006 The Manson Family Album
05/24/2006 FBI tears down barn in search for Jimmy Hoffa
05/24/2006 Track Crime On Your Block
05/24/2006 KZN securtity official shot dead
05/24/2006 Veteran's war crime claims in question
05/24/2006 Knife amnesty begins
05/24/2006 Report FBI missed China spying warning signs
05/24/2006 Cameras Considered For High Crime Areas
05/24/2006 Homeless man jailed after mini crime spree
05/24/2006 Miner workers slam adultery opinion on Zuma
05/24/2006 Great Falls man receives 13 life sentences for sex crimes
05/24/2006 Top 10 Crime Call Locations
05/24/2006 Task force focuses on computer crimes
05/24/2006 St. Petersburg governor says race-hate crimes have Moscow roots
05/24/2006 Ruling to impact non-registered marriages
05/24/2006 Compulsory rehab programmes set for prisons
05/24/2006 Cops to crack down on corrupt truck drivers
05/24/2006 Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal Denies Transfer
05/24/2006 Ethnically Motivated Crime Falling In Kosovo
05/24/2006 Bikes to Fight Crime? A Lance Armstrong Story...
05/24/2006 Off the wire Cybercrime prosecutors need guidance
05/24/2006 Crime table misleading New research criticised by police
05/24/2006 UK knife amnesty begins
05/24/2006 Trial begins for ex-Bush official tied to lobbyist
05/24/2006 Taxi driver drunk at death scene, court told
05/23/2006 Slashing Crime Knife Amnesty Begins
05/23/2006 Commission warns police over conduct in crime family case
05/23/2006 Vic to end suspended sentences for serious crimes
05/23/2006 Richmond Police Get Tougher On Crime
05/23/2006 N.S. premier emphasizes anti-crime agenda
05/23/2006 Malvo Outlines Snipers' Plan of Terror
05/23/2006 Kempton Park smash leaves three injured
05/23/2006 Farmer, businessman in court after shootings
05/23/2006 Latest Holloway Suspect Released
05/23/2006 Former miners told to go home
05/23/2006 Mystery Robot Said to Solve Crimes, Find Mines in Chile
05/23/2006 Police see surge in crime near Clark Co. Wal-Mart
05/23/2006 Cops probe miner protest
05/23/2006 Canine Crime Sweep In Miami
05/23/2006 Malaysia to set up anti-piracy court ahead of US trade talks
05/23/2006 FLASHBACK A War Crime or an Act of War
05/23/2006 N.S. premier emphasizes anti-crime agenda
05/23/2006 Vittone wins Loslyf battle
05/23/2006 Film School returns to scene of the crime
05/23/2006 Most crime-ridden place?
05/23/2006 Oklahoma City part of Electronic Crime Task Force
05/23/2006 Nottingham 'highest crime area'
05/23/2006 Man arrested for taxi driver murder
05/23/2006 New York's "Son of Sam" will appear in court
05/23/2006 Sex trial of advocates postponed
05/23/2006 Officials work together to reduce crime in UNCC area 844 AM 
05/23/2006 Former youth minister pleads guilty to sex crimes against minor
05/23/2006 Holiday town reels after night of crime hell
05/23/2006 Is Nottingham most crime-ridden place?
05/23/2006 Nottingham is crime hub
05/23/2006 Panel sends warning letter over police ties to crime family
05/23/2006 State law establishes Internet child crimes unit
05/23/2006 Group challenges Pearce's stats linking migrants, crime
05/23/2006 Nottingham hits back at label of most criminal city
05/23/2006 From doing time to punching city time clocks
05/23/2006 Mystery Robot Solves Crimes, Finds Mines in Chile
05/23/2006 The Crimean authorities raise awareness about the problems of deported Tatars
05/23/2006 Murder, rape suspects escape police
05/23/2006 Mercenary bill shot down in parliament
05/23/2006 Sex crime suspect back in jail
05/23/2006 England's new late-night crime spree watering gardens
05/23/2006 Britain brands nearly 1,500 citizens criminals by mistake
05/22/2006 'Stalking' Is Becoming a Widespread Crime
05/22/2006 Mom claims million rand after boy dies
05/22/2006 80 economic crime cases transferred to police in 2005
05/22/2006 Chinese police crack over 60,000 economic crime cases
05/22/2006 Freeway donkeys cause pile-up in Johannesburg
05/22/2006 Cash van targeted in Jet Park attack
05/22/2006 Woman fights to have marriage recognised
05/22/2006 Anger as HIV mother is denied full custody
05/22/2006 No favours for Hlophe son law firm
05/22/2006 Officials work together to reduce crime in UNCC area1151 PM
05/22/2006 UK's Most Crime-Ridden Place Revealed
05/22/2006 Cyber Crime Sleuths Hunker Down in the Utmost of Safe Places
05/22/2006 eBay security chief slams online crime 'hype'
05/22/2006 Girl injured in Germiston accident
05/22/2006 Crime 'hotspot' study angers city
05/22/2006 Neo-Nazi crimes increase in Germany report
05/22/2006 Milberg Weiss gave top Democrats funding
05/22/2006 Crime watch Police Dept persists in disobeying court orders
05/22/2006 Is Louisville becoming a more dangerous place to live?
05/22/2006 City of outlaws leads the league of crime hotspots
05/22/2006 High-Tech Crimes Overwhelm Small-Town Police
05/22/2006 'Son of Sam' will appear in court
05/22/2006 "Son of Sam" will appear in court
05/22/2006 UK attorney general considering war crimes charges against Israeli soldiers
05/22/2006 Lawman's Neighborhood Tops in Crime
05/22/2006 Weekend Crime Roundup
05/22/2006 Mexico left seeks Fox crime probe over election
05/22/2006 Governor Doyle Signs Tougher Sex-Crime Laws
05/22/2006 Worker Arrested For Computer Crimes
05/22/2006 Evolve strategy to combat crime aboard train, Kalam asks Railways
05/22/2006 UN’s Rwanda war crimes tribunal denies transfer of genocide case to Norway
05/22/2006 Rwanda UN's War Crimes Tribunal Denies Transfer of Genocide Case to Norway
05/22/2006 Personal data on millions of US veterans stolen
05/22/2006 Crime blog Man charged in connection with 1987 murder
05/22/2006 US says personal data on millions of veterans stolen
05/22/2006 Cops confiscate dagga worth R3m
05/22/2006 AG touts 80 arrests by cyber crime unit
05/22/2006 Tulsa lowers fees for crime reports
05/22/2006 Prime Minister Admits Israel Is Plagued With Organized Crime
05/22/2006 Crime blog Man dies crossing Orlando road
05/22/2006 Kenya Mercy for Suspects Fuels Wave of Crime And Revenge
05/22/2006 Double murder reported in Trombay
05/22/2006 Scottish prosecutors get tough on knife crime
05/22/2006 The Chairman of the Crimean Cabinet visits London
05/22/2006 Crime victims 'could determine' release of prisoners
05/22/2006 Man shot in stomach during shoot-out
05/22/2006 Gonzales Says Publishing Leaks Is A Crime
05/22/2006 Thieves make off with a ton of abalone
05/22/2006 Work out a "special strategy" to combat train crimes Kalam
05/22/2006 Law chief in Israeli war crimes probe
05/22/2006 Travelgate agency director arrested
05/22/2006 Alleged heist robber arrested in Virginia
05/22/2006 DR of Congo Dozens of crimes by soldiers
05/22/2006 13 men arrested as cops foil robbery
05/22/2006 Bulldogs kill farmer
05/22/2006 Woman, 80, strangled in Stutterheim
05/22/2006 Woman beaten to death with a plank
05/22/2006 Two sisters raped in Piet Retief
05/22/2006 Cyber Crime Sleuths Hunker Down in the Utmost of Safe Places
05/21/2006 Suspected poachers face serious charge
05/21/2006 Nqakula in tribute to fallen police officers
05/21/2006 War Crimes Push Against Britons' Killers
05/21/2006 Crime Victims Could Get Greater Say
05/21/2006 Hlophe may face another JSC investigation
05/21/2006 SA agents help snag Colombian drug kingpin
05/21/2006 Troy man dead after crash in Tipp City
05/21/2006 Stiffer sanctions on knife crime
05/21/2006 Five dead after Louisiana church shootings
05/21/2006 Stiffer sanctions on knife crime
05/21/2006 War crimes charges possible over shot Britons
05/21/2006 Two Nashville firefighters charged with violent crimes
05/21/2006 Five dead after church shooting
05/21/2006 Three Killed in Baton Rouge Church Shooting
05/21/2006 New Arrest in Natalee Holloway Case
05/21/2006 A graveyard of empty shells
05/21/2006 So whose soil is this anyway?
05/21/2006 Security guard strike death toll now at 16
05/21/2006 Somalia Somali MPs want warlords charged with war crimes By Guled Mohamed
05/21/2006 Vicente Fox Needs to Study Illegal Immigration and Crime
05/21/2006 Senior prosecutor questions Turkey court assailant
05/21/2006 Crime boss Asi Abutbul arrested on suspicions of weapons trading
05/21/2006 Experts differ on how to handle kids who commit sex crimes
05/21/2006 2 Nashville firefighters accused of violent crimes
05/21/2006 Compensation boost for July 7 victims
05/21/2006 Three arrested after Spar hold-up
05/21/2006 New turn in Hlophe controversy
05/21/2006 BRIAN DICKERSON'S NEWS QUIZ A week of crime and politics
05/21/2006 Hundreds falsely accused of crime
05/21/2006 Phoenix official, athletes wipe out evidence of ugly crimes
05/21/2006 MP probes SA deportation
05/21/2006 Family sees top cop die
05/21/2006 White Shadow takes fictional trip to a real crime in old Tampa
05/20/2006 John Evander Couey Wants Confession Tossed
05/20/2006 Specter faults colleges on crime
05/20/2006 Reid Give victims of crime a say on parole
05/20/2006 3 teens charged in fatal Beeville crime spree
05/20/2006 Florida Child Molester Gets 90 Years
05/20/2006 Jackson Accuser's Mom to Face Fraud Trial
05/20/2006 Crime Bosses Menace Brazil from Inside Prison
05/20/2006 Congo-Kinshasa UN Mission Reports Dozens of Crimes By Soldiers
05/20/2006 Somali MPs want warlords charged with war crimes
05/20/2006 Man shoots himself, turns gun on himself
05/20/2006 Policemen and official in the dock for fraud
05/20/2006 Court tells Mgoqi to go
05/20/2006 Industry names The Star's crime blog best in the business
05/19/2006 Belgians Seek Roots of Racist Crimes
05/19/2006 U.N. Congo army responsible for crimes
05/19/2006 Crime Victims Council Looking for Volunteers
05/19/2006 Catching criminals by the numbers
05/19/2006 Youth arrested over knife murder of boy outside London school
05/19/2006 Police Brutality in Brazil Breeds Crime
05/19/2006 Escaped prisoner found after nearly 38 years
05/19/2006 Crime Scene KC wins online media award
05/19/2006 Somalia Somali MPs want warlords charged with war crimes
05/19/2006 Escaped Calif prisoner found after nearly 38 years
05/19/2006 Killers of anti-crime campaigner given life
05/19/2006 Crime Scene KC wins award
05/19/2006 Crime Scene KC wins online media award
05/19/2006 Ghana, UK police to fight organised crime
05/19/2006 UN mission reports dozens of crimes by DR of Congo’s soldiers
05/19/2006 Road-rage appeal dismissed
05/19/2006 Police Brutality in Brazil Breeds Crime
05/19/2006 Two Jailed For Crime Fighter's Murder
05/19/2006 Two arrested for armed robbery
05/19/2006 Small police departments lack resources to fight high-tech crime
05/19/2006 U.N. wants Senegal to extradite war crimes suspect
05/19/2006 Mfeketo decision was fatally flawed
05/19/2006 Somali MPs want warlords charged with war crimes
05/19/2006 Teenage boy stabbed to death outside London school was promising footballer
05/19/2006 Children charged with drink-fuelled crime soars
05/19/2006 Drunk youths committing more crimes
05/19/2006 Crime victim...before he was even born.
05/19/2006 Documents key to prosecution of corruption
05/19/2006 Residents’ group sues D.M. landlord over crime
05/19/2006 Pastors plan Da Vinci campaign
05/19/2006 ICD existence questioned
05/19/2006 Life sentences for rapist of five-year-old
05/19/2006 Crime encroaching; city must fund police
05/19/2006 Marine war crimes probe goes on
05/19/2006 Brazilian police kill more gang suspects in counter-attack
05/19/2006 Nature's Crime Fighter
05/18/2006 Ballard residents take stand against hate crime
05/18/2006 Duke Player Heckled in Tense Courtroom
05/18/2006 Man seeks damages after cooldrink calamity
05/18/2006 Scorpions will dig deep during Kebble probe
05/18/2006 Canada thief strips, fails to give police the slip
05/18/2006 Task force fights cyber crime
05/18/2006 Attorney General's office secures grant to fight child Internet crimes
05/18/2006 Concourt rules in favour of open bets
05/18/2006 Businessman accused of killing ex-employee
05/18/2006 Vagrant shot dead in beach toilet
05/18/2006 The OToole/Menino Legacy High Crime and Cop Shortage
05/18/2006 Cybercrime continues to rise
05/18/2006 DA urges Nqakula to commit to fighting crime
05/18/2006 Serbia court upholds war crime sentences
05/18/2006 Serbia court upholds war crime sentences
05/18/2006 Video Crime scene evidence Kalamazoo tops in U.S.
05/18/2006 Bethlehem Town Meeting on Crime Tonight
05/18/2006 "Price Gouging" Cant Be Objectively Defined--and Should Not Be a Crime
05/18/2006 Off-duty cop killed in shootout
05/18/2006 Quiet before the expected violent storm
05/18/2006 FBI searching farm for Hoffa's body paper
05/18/2006 Tough ruling on domestic violence
05/18/2006 Joburg wants to put a stop to crime and grime
05/18/2006 Olmert talks tough on crime
05/17/2006 Crime Pays for CBS
05/17/2006 Susan Polk Tells Jury 'I'm A Mutation'
05/17/2006 Scott Rapoport talks to the cast of 'Smith,' a new crime thriller series.
05/17/2006 City sanitation worker helps clean up crime
05/17/2006 Curbside Crime
05/17/2006 Yengeni gears up for his final legal battle
05/17/2006 Tracker workers suspended as probe continues
05/17/2006 Vodka bribe ecured firearm for inmate
05/17/2006 Mainstream News War CrimesProbe Marines killed Iraqis ‘in cold blood’
05/17/2006 Official calls for crackdown on cybercrimes
05/17/2006 Lawsuit Claims Church Covered Up Priest Crimes
05/17/2006 Former Bush campaign official sentenced to prison
05/17/2006 MSPs told of claim officer let McKie into crime scene
05/17/2006 Brazilian police in bloody crackdown on gang suspects
05/17/2006 Colombia, US smash cocaine ring
05/17/2006 Several hurt as buses roll on Transkei roads
05/17/2006 Illegal slot machines thrown down mine shaft
05/17/2006 Attackers used toy gun for shop robbery
05/17/2006 Ex-Lockheed agent pleads guilty to China arms plot
05/17/2006 Dozens of striking guards held in Durban
05/17/2006 Cabinet approves amended firearms bill
05/17/2006 Abbas condemns Israeli crime in Nablus
05/17/2006 Business owners meet again to discuss crime
05/17/2006 Hayward Pair Charged With Kidnapping, Sex Crimes
05/17/2006 New York Judge to Rule on Van der Sloot Lawsuit
05/17/2006 Serbia New electronic ID to contain crime
05/17/2006 Suspected Islamist gunman kills Turkish judge in court shooting
05/17/2006 Top Law Enforcement Brass Meet with Business Owners Worried About Crime
05/17/2006 Colombia, US smash major cocaine ring
05/17/2006 Cordless Recordings to Release The Residents' Groundbreaking "River Of Crime" Subscription CD-R Package
05/17/2006 Prime Minister admits Israel is plagued with organized crime
05/17/2006 Suspected Islamist gunman kills Turkish judge
05/17/2006 Robber gets 47 years for violent crime wave
05/17/2006 Cabinet rejects irregularities in Zuma case
05/17/2006 Armed gang pounce on Mpumalanga businessman
05/17/2006 NYT Still MIA, All Media Invited to Follow Money, Crime
05/17/2006 Union members appear for public violence
05/17/2006 Blair hits back over crime failures
05/17/2006 Gunman shouting 'Allah is great' shoots five at Turkish Council of State
05/17/2006 Jewelry Store Robbery may be part of Crime Spree
05/17/2006 Crime-fighting computer kits distributed to police
05/17/2006 Brazilian crime group defies police
05/17/2006 Striking union apologises for violence
05/17/2006 Violence flares up again in Cape Town
05/17/2006 Genocide a crime lost in definition
05/17/2006 Street Cleaners Urged To Fight Crime
05/17/2006 Domestic Violence an 'Epidemic' Researchers Report
05/17/2006 Samson Shelton Released on 800,000 Bond
05/17/2006 Center ties hate crimes to border debate
05/17/2006 Students take on hate crime at mock trial
05/17/2006 More suspensions in car thefts saga
05/16/2006 Crime up on the MAX line
05/16/2006 City turned into war zone
05/16/2006 Man pays R70 000 after dogs maul child
05/16/2006 UK will run crime checks on new hires
05/16/2006 WPB boxer feels sting of downtown crime
05/16/2006 City Committee Works to Prevent Crime
05/16/2006 Four out of five crimes unsolved
05/16/2006 Fight crime, street cleaners told
05/16/2006 Crime threatening PNG businesses Australian police chief
05/16/2006 Mass. man admits to Calif. shooting, part of crime spree
05/16/2006 Georgia inmate admits to Calif. shooting during nationwide crime spree
05/16/2006 Man admits to Big Sur shooting, part of nationwide crime spree