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06/26/2006 Federal contracts up 86% under Bush; Halliburton rises 600%
06/26/2006 Alcatel wins 3G/UMTS contract from Celcom
06/26/2006 Rege's contract extended to July 2009
06/26/2006 Contractors on Kodiak can be hard to come by
06/26/2006 BHEL bags Rs.550 mn Bangladesh power contract
06/26/2006 Acergy S.A. Wins 125 Million Deepwater Construction Contract in Angola
06/26/2006 Racetrack Contract
06/26/2006 Briefs Hurricanes coach Laviolette gets 5-year contract
06/25/2006 BHEL bags Rs 55 cr contract in Bangladesh
06/25/2006 Lawsuit Doyle aide steered contract to political affiliate
06/25/2006 NCCo contracts with developer for affordable housing
06/25/2006 Big Ten announces new TV contract with ABC/ESPN and creation of new cable channel
06/25/2006 Kuwait signs multi million dollar contract with SITA
06/25/2006 UPS, pilots continue contract talks
06/25/2006 Trabelsi offered Arsenal contract
06/25/2006 Health costs divide bargainers in talks on 14 town contracts
06/24/2006 Seattle's Kvichak Marine Wins 600 Million Federal Contract
06/24/2006 Rich Rodriguez Gets Contract Extension
06/24/2006 U.S. small businesses get 25 percent of federal contracts
06/24/2006 Marinette Marine wins 600 million Coast Guard contract
06/24/2006 Avalanche's Blake hopeful for contract before NHL deadline
06/24/2006 Contractor pleads not guilty in immigration case, trial postponed
06/24/2006 City top 10 officials have invalid contract
06/24/2006 Alcoa workers ratify four-year contract, benefits
06/24/2006 Lidstrom leaves without contract
06/24/2006 Wisconsin to allow small purchases outside of contract
06/24/2006 Hill lands Bawadi contract
06/23/2006 Hospital poised to terminate contract with insurer
06/23/2006 Manitowoc Co. lands Coast Guard contract
06/23/2006 Kern County Man Contracts West Nile Virus
06/23/2006 Manitowoc County Awarded 600 Million Contract
06/23/2006 Clark Some contract renegotiation possible
06/23/2006 United Steelworkers Ratify 4-Year Contract With Alcoa
06/23/2006 In reversal, state to allow purchases outside of mandatory contract
06/23/2006 Workers ratify 4-year contract with Alcoa
06/23/2006 County Nurses Reach Tentative Contract Agreement
06/23/2006 Marinette Marine wins 617 million Coast Guard contract
06/23/2006 Kaka signs extended Milan contract
06/23/2006 United Steelworkers ratify 4-year contract with Alcoa
06/23/2006 Union ratifies contract covering Louisville Alcoa plant and 14 others
06/23/2006 Contractors Severely Burned in Remodeling Accident
06/23/2006 USW ratifies Alcoa contract
06/23/2006 United Steelworkers ratify four-year contract with Alcoa
06/23/2006 Alcoa, union agree to new contract
06/23/2006 United Steelworkers ratify contract with Alcoa
06/23/2006 Blake's contract status won't affect Avs' draft
06/23/2006 Union ratifies 4-year Alcoa contract
06/23/2006 United losing mail delivery contract with Postal Service
06/23/2006 DRS Technologies receives 14 million contract
06/23/2006 City ditches Mgoqi Ikhwezi team contracts
06/23/2006 Contract signed for floating nuclear plant
06/23/2006 World Bank lists 13 more contracts involving corrupt
06/23/2006 Alcoa workers ratify contract
06/23/2006 Contract to give Bellevue free life-saving equipment
06/22/2006 Galapagos expands chemistry services through contracts with Indian companies
06/22/2006 Lafayette Alcoa steelworkers approve contract
06/22/2006 Microsoft to eliminate 14 jobs and contract out work
06/22/2006 Israeli police investigating contractors
06/22/2006 NIGC Approves Management Contract Between Ellis Gaming and Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma
06/22/2006 Israeli Police Investigating Contractors
06/22/2006 Air Force extends Versar's environment contract five extra years
06/22/2006 Transocean lands big contracts from Norway
06/22/2006 United Airlines loses postal contract
06/22/2006 Mesaba Airlines to Ask Judge to Throw Out Contracts
06/22/2006 Herley Announces Foreign Contract Awards Totaling 1.6 Million
06/22/2006 San Jose Mayor Arrested Amid Waste Contract Probe
06/22/2006 TNT Logistics wins contract for Ford's Canadian plant
06/22/2006 BT Wins Italy Digital-Highway Contract
06/22/2006 Transocean rig to rake in 950M from drilling contracts
06/22/2006 Knicks Fire Brown, Refusing to Pay Out Contract
06/22/2006 Hydro Enters Rig Contract with Fred. Olsen Energy
06/22/2006 Government Accused of Fabricating Latest Small Business Contracting Statistics by Advocacy Group
06/22/2006 Union To Vote On Alcoa Contract
06/22/2006 Big Ten scores a new TV contract
06/22/2006 House panel rakes Native contracts
06/22/2006 'Considerate contractors' rewarded for work
06/22/2006 Convicted contractor in Rowland case faces bribery charge
06/22/2006 Bill would force state contractors to verify workers
06/22/2006 House panel rakes Native corporation contracts
06/21/2006 BHEL gets Rs 82 cr contracts from APGenco
06/21/2006 Marotta followed rules with contract, he says
06/21/2006 Borough needs road work contractor
06/21/2006 RAK standard property contract
06/21/2006 Tenet, 2 Others to Advise Contractor on Terrorism
06/21/2006 Congressional criticism for no-bid federal contract program
06/21/2006 A 1 million dollar contract to play Halo 2
06/21/2006 Contractors laws will cut pay ACTU
06/21/2006 Contractors laws will cut pay ACTU
06/21/2006 Adobe-Google Sign Distribution Deal
06/21/2006 Legislature boosts union power in contract talks
06/21/2006 University of Tennessee approves tuition increase, president contract
06/21/2006 James Confident About Contract With Cavs
06/21/2006 Proteon signs contract for drug development services
06/21/2006 Raytheon gets 43 million contract
06/21/2006 Spectrum Signal Processing Announces Notice of Termination for Convenience of Globalstar Contract
06/21/2006 Convicted contractor in Rowland case faces bribery charge
06/21/2006 Poole and Kent reaches deal with city, will again vie for contracts
06/21/2006 Former Doyle aide says he stayed out of contract decisions
06/21/2006 Big Contracts for Pro Gamers
06/21/2006 Big Ten creates cable channel, inks new TV contract
06/21/2006 Big Ten announces new TV contract with ABC/ESPN and creation of new cable channel
06/21/2006 IRAQ Army Cancels Contract for Iraqi Prison
06/21/2006 2 area defense contractors approved for funding
06/21/2006 IBM and Alberta Sign 10 Million Contract to Deploy Electronic Health Records
06/21/2006 Contract clash risking progress on new test
06/21/2006 Comair to ask again to impose new contract on flight attendants
06/21/2006 Asiainfo signs channel management system contract with Shanghai Mobile
06/21/2006 Contractor dies in accident in Iraq
06/21/2006 Native contracts scrutinized
06/21/2006 AGLP wins Emirates training centre contract
06/21/2006 Private Contracts Take Beating in Report
06/21/2006 IXEurope Announces Orange Business Services Contract Win
06/21/2006 Parity grows Irish Operations to support contract wins valued in excess of 13 million
06/21/2006 Boeing says F-15 fighter crash won't affect S. Korea contract
06/20/2006 CME to launch new Chinese yuan futures contracts
06/20/2006 Malaysian firm 108m contract
06/20/2006 Question re KBR work conditions in Afghanistan
06/20/2006 City and Toledo Police Command Officers reach tentative agreement on contract
06/20/2006 Contract row casts shadow over Windies camp
06/20/2006 Mainstream News Army Cancels Contract for Iraqi Prison
06/20/2006 Paper-mill workers in Nova Scotia accept contract
06/20/2006 Chafee breaks party line in vote on military contracts
06/20/2006 Dispute fails to delay contractors Bill
06/20/2006 AZCAR Awarded Integration Contract By NFL Network
06/20/2006 Honeywell wins 105 million contract
06/20/2006 Raytheon wins 65M contract to support Navy satellite systems
06/20/2006 Herley Announces Contract Awards Totaling 2.1 Million
06/20/2006 Lockheed, Sikorsky joint venture win 205 million Navy contract
06/20/2006 Wyoming Votes For Pool Contract
06/20/2006 Contract row WI players threaten action
06/20/2006 Order Logistics Signs 5-Year Contract With Premier Resources International
06/20/2006 Motorola Wins Warid Contract In Bangladesh
06/20/2006 Human Genome Sciences wins 165M anthrax drug contract
06/20/2006 Vital Signs Announces New Three-Year Contract
06/20/2006 Two FHS teachers added to contract renewal list
06/20/2006 Parsons loses Baghdad prison contract
06/20/2006 Comair to ask again to impose new contract on flight attendants
06/20/2006 Lucent announces new contracts, launches Acuity portfolio
06/20/2006 Althea Technologies Contracted by PowderMed to Produce Innovative Plasmid DNA-Based Influenza Vaccine
06/20/2006 Worcester teachers ratify proposed contract
06/20/2006 GM, Delphi creditors in contract fight
06/20/2006 Acergy S.A. Awarded 245 Million Contract in Brazil
06/20/2006 Price wants assurances for minority contractors
06/20/2006 Amiantit's Indian joint venture wins USD22.5 million in contracts
06/20/2006 Venezuela president to sign fighter purchase contract on Russia
06/20/2006 Reconstruction Army Cancels Contract for Iraqi Prison
06/19/2006 Board gets contract signed
06/19/2006 Army Cancels Contract for New Iraqi Prison
06/19/2006 Dubai Pearl, 136m tower contract
06/19/2006 Sinopec to sign Iranian contract
06/19/2006 Wild Exercise Option on Rolston's Contract
06/19/2006 Joyce contests contractor IR laws
06/19/2006 Mainstream News Dollars, Not Sense Government Contracting Under Bush
06/19/2006 IBM Puts Sales Contracts Online
06/19/2006 CCA gets Wyoming contract
06/19/2006 Comair to ask again to impose new contract on flight attendants
06/19/2006 Fluor lands big Mexican contract
06/19/2006 MedImmune gets new military contract for Flumist
06/19/2006 SolaCom Technologies and AJT & Associates, Inc. Deliver Solutions for Contract Towers in Texas
06/19/2006 World Hockey Association Corp. Signs a Five Year Contract With Sherwood Hockey Co.
06/19/2006 Mainstream News Federal contracts up 86% under Bush; Halliburton rises 600%
06/19/2006 ASE lands 1.7M Middle East contract
06/19/2006 DeMoss, Barnhart Agree to New Contract
06/19/2006 Willbros locks in 300M in new project contracts
06/19/2006 Ingram Micro Serves Up RFP Tool For Government Contracts
06/19/2006 Fluor company lands 108M contract
06/19/2006 Astro-Med Awarded Contract From DRS Technologies for Ruggedized Ethernet Switch for Military Vehicle
06/19/2006 PlanetLink Announces Fourth Sales Contract from R&R Sales Group
06/19/2006 IBM pushes online contract management
06/19/2006 IBM Out With Paperless Contract Platform
06/19/2006 McAfee nets DoD network security contract
06/19/2006 Parity Grows Irish Operations to Support Contract Wins Valued in Excess of £13 Million
06/19/2006 Gazprom signs first contract with Denmark
06/19/2006 Corrections Corporation of America Enters Into New Contract With the State of Wyoming
06/19/2006 OSI Geospatial Signs U.S. Air Force Contracts Valued at C1.7 million
06/19/2006 AmerenUE contract worker electrocuted
06/19/2006 Acer gets Emirates contract
06/19/2006 TCS bags two contracts worth 30 mn in Latin America
06/19/2006 Singapore compensates health workers who contracted SARS
06/19/2006 Hutch extends contract with Nokia
06/19/2006 Motorola gets managed services contract from Wateen Telecom-Pakistan
06/19/2006 Alstom wins Australian energy contract
06/19/2006 Hazira looking at long-term gas supply contracts
06/19/2006 Embattled contractor under fire for forgery
06/18/2006 IBM Delivers Paperless Contract Technology to Drive Down Costs for Small and Medium-Sized Business
06/18/2006 Contract will bring in millions
06/18/2006 Contracts with research center burnish corporate resumés
06/18/2006 KBR cutting staff 3%
06/18/2006 Blacklisted firm got DRDOs super-sensitive contract
06/18/2006 New Contract Deal Averts SEIU Strike
06/18/2006 State says contractor has cleaned up mess in oyster beds
06/18/2006 Lawmaker introduces bill to better regulate contractors
06/18/2006 Burst Awarded Contract for Idaho Public TV HD Upgrade
06/17/2006 Contractor pay lures ex-security officials
06/17/2006 Baseball's give and take set up in 2002 contract
06/17/2006 Homeland Security Inc. Contractor Pay Lures Counterterror Officials
06/17/2006 Canadian tourist contracts malaria in Bahamas
06/17/2006 What is the Secret.. to get on with KBR
06/17/2006 Russian, Chinese companies sign 2.5 bln contracts at Harbin fair
06/16/2006 Contractor who bilked customers gets 120 days
06/16/2006 Casey contract talks on the horizon
06/16/2006 Ex-contractor's bond helps to repair buses
06/16/2006 County, contractor competed for guards
06/16/2006 BHEL eyes Rs.79 bn contract in Bangladesh
06/16/2006 Accused Murderer Close to Finishing Army Contract
06/16/2006 Demands for investigation over Finnie contract row
06/16/2006 Aquila buys out tolling contract
06/16/2006 Winter Hawks sign two to contracts
06/16/2006 Former DNR officials Contract a bad deal
06/16/2006 Indiana Raytheon unit snares Air Force contract
06/16/2006 Judicial Watch Obtains Documents from Army Related to Halliburton Subsidiary’s No-Bid Iraq Contract
06/16/2006 Aquila Buys Out of Contract
06/16/2006 BREAKING Released Docs Show Cheney Involvement in Halliburton Contract
06/16/2006 GE Aircraft Engines wins 20M contract upgrade for F/A-18
06/16/2006 Contract could be worth 50M to ICS
06/16/2006 Orbital lands Montgomery transit contract
06/16/2006 Cleves firm wins EPA contract
06/16/2006 Aquila Reaches Agreement on New Ownership for Elwood Tolling Contracts
06/16/2006 Senate committee chooses contractor to renovate offices
06/16/2006 Contract issue threatens 362 jobs
06/16/2006 HOUSE CARE How to hire a contractor
06/16/2006 Seadrill Secures Contract for West Epsilon
06/15/2006 Hey, Ben Football is a contract sport
06/15/2006 Israel Aircraft Industries likely to win S. Korean military contract
06/15/2006 Gasline contract may not speed up construction of project
06/15/2006 SISD awards contracts for improvements
06/15/2006 New law strengthens requirements for 'pre-need' funeral contracts
06/15/2006 Alcoa union workers to vote on tentative labor contract
06/15/2006 Halliburton unit no-bid Iraq contract released
06/15/2006 Short of volunteers, Minutemen hire contractors for fence project
06/15/2006 Tom Petty Signs Exclusive Recording Contract With American Recordings
06/15/2006 Cray Signs 200 Million Contract to Deliver World's Largest Supercomputer to Oak Ridge
06/15/2006 Finnie denies conflict of interest in contract for his shipbuilder friend
06/15/2006 Homeowners Get Justice After Long Battle With Contractor
06/15/2006 UN Cancels Aid Contract With Group Led by Indonesian Cleric
06/15/2006 Contractor Hired to Build Fence
06/15/2006 Minutemen hire contractor to build fence
06/15/2006 Short-handed Minutemen hire contractors to build fence
06/15/2006 OCPS, teachers reach tentative contract deal
06/15/2006 Delphi creditors support Delphi's request to void GM contracts
06/15/2006 EaglePicher Technologies, LLC Announces Significant Contract for Li-Ion Batteries
06/15/2006 L & T wins Rs. 750 crore highway contract
06/15/2006 bmi signs contract with Kale Consultants
06/15/2006 4 contractors with Ala. co. killed in Iraq
06/15/2006 Fidelity extends senior exec's contract
06/15/2006 4 contractors with Ala. co. killed in Iraq
06/15/2006 Mainstream News Army Corps lied about Cheney role in Halliburton contract
06/15/2006 Shell to buy gas under long term contracts
06/15/2006 UN scraps contract with group chaired by Bali bomb cleric
06/15/2006 UN Cancels Aid Contract With Group Led by Indonesian Cleric
06/15/2006 U.S. Army awards Va. engineering firm 9.6 million contract
06/15/2006 Ericsson Wins 85M Avea Contract
06/15/2006 Raytheon Wins Navy Communications Contract
06/15/2006 Imageventure bags Canadian contract worth US2.5 Million
06/15/2006 Kuwait's PWC wins US Army's US1.5b transport contract
06/15/2006 UN cancels Bashir-linked earthquake relief contract
06/15/2006 Boeing lands 4 billion contract, sees shares soar
06/15/2006 L&T bags Rs.7.5 bn highway contract in Gujarat
06/15/2006 UAW CONVENTION Preparation for 2007 contracts starts now
06/15/2006 UN cancels aid contract over Bashir links
06/15/2006 Hanford contractor ordered to return government money
06/15/2006 Showcare Wins Contract to Provide Event Solutions to VNU's Virginia Based Expo Division
06/14/2006 N2 Gateway contractors to wait for payment
06/14/2006 Session over, but debate over gasline contract continues
06/14/2006 Eastern Oregon faculty ratify revised contract
06/14/2006 CBS Extends Big East Basketball Contract
06/14/2006 Union Rejects New International Contract
06/14/2006 Low on funds, UP dacoit steps out of the Chambal, grabs 7 Rajasthan contractors
06/14/2006 State Official Resigns After Travel Contract Fraud
06/14/2006 Contractor faces more charges
06/14/2006 Emerson unit wins Canadian contract
06/14/2006 Emerson gets contract for Canadian oil project
06/14/2006 Kansas State signs AD to 10-year contract rollover
06/14/2006 Raytheon unit lands 42.8M contract upgrade
06/14/2006 Report Contractor Failed to Test Doomed Genesis Space Probe
06/14/2006 Kamada wins NIS 1m transferrin contract from European co
06/14/2006 Roethlisberger Warned About Jeopardizing Contract Before Accident
06/14/2006 Sedgwick County Commission approves AirTran contract
06/14/2006 Electro Energy Receives 850,000 Contract From the U.S. Army Communications and Electronics Command
06/14/2006 Hawaiian Air contracts for work on newest jets
06/14/2006 More contracts woes for West Indies
06/14/2006 Raytheon lands 10.5M Patriot missile test facility contract
06/14/2006 Covance Gets 187 Million Contract
06/14/2006 RSIS selected for 111M contract
06/14/2006 NetSol Technologies Inks New 500,000 Office Automation Contract for Real Estate Industry Leader
06/14/2006 PlanetLink Announces Contracts with Two More All My Sons Locations
06/14/2006 OSI Geospatial Awarded U.S. Army Contracts Valued at C2.5 million
06/14/2006 Baggage handlers, ramp workers approve contract
06/14/2006 Australia's Leighton Has A545 Million Qatar Contract
06/14/2006 Fluor in EPC contract for Texas coal plant
06/14/2006 Bharti Telesoft wins SMSC contract from Airtel
06/14/2006 Postal contractor charged after guns go missing
06/14/2006 Rosenergoatom, Sevmash sign contract to build floating NPP
06/14/2006 House commission proposes tougher penalties on rogue contractors
06/14/2006 Dubai Lagoon inks turnkey contract with Korean-based engineering ...
06/14/2006 The Hub signs a contract with Spiderz International to develop website expansion
06/14/2006 Railways to penalise contractors serving poor quality food
06/13/2006 Verdict in travel contract case puts Doyle on defense
06/13/2006 State Prepaid funeral contracts improper
06/13/2006 People Power Forces Oxy Oil Contract Cancellation
06/13/2006 Fluor lands coal plant contract
06/13/2006 Wyoming Football Coach Gets Extension
06/13/2006 Mainstream News Iraq contractors make billions on the front line
06/13/2006 Former MVP skips Patriots camp during contract dispute
06/13/2006 Florida co. contracted for Medicaid cases
06/13/2006 Harris Gets Army Contract
06/13/2006 General Dynamics IT division wins 32M Army contract
06/13/2006 Ciber Inc. wins state public health contract for Web site
06/13/2006 Microvision gets 900K Air Force contract
06/13/2006 Tyler Technologies lands contract with Florida county
06/13/2006 Jacobs Engineering announces two contracts
06/13/2006 Textileather contract approved
06/13/2006 Jacobs Gets Two Contracts
06/13/2006 Engineering society warns public about contractor
06/13/2006 2 U.S. labs race for new A-bomb contract
06/13/2006 Lockheed Martin to buy defense contractor
06/13/2006 General Dynamics gets 32M Army contract
06/13/2006 Ukrainian army to switch to contract service before 2010
06/13/2006 BagButton LLC. Continues World Wide Growth through Distribution Contracts
06/13/2006 RolloverSystems lands contract
06/13/2006 Kollmorgen wins 17.2M upgrade on U.S. Navy contract
06/13/2006 Viisage receives 48M in contracts
06/13/2006 Contractors in Iraq earn billions
06/13/2006 Iraq contractors make billions on the front line
06/13/2006 San Diego Contractor Air Junkets Pay Off
06/13/2006 House commission proposes tougher penalties on rogue contractors
06/13/2006 No Contract Extension For JCPS Superintendent
06/13/2006 Military contractors making billions in Iraq
06/13/2006 BPO, musicians re-up on contract
06/13/2006 Board withholds contract extension from Louisville superintendent
06/13/2006 Daeschner wont get contract extension
06/13/2006 Student cheats contract out work
06/13/2006 Daeschner isnt given contract extension
06/13/2006 MACH secures major contract as 'du' launches in UAE
06/13/2006 Official convicted in state contract deal
06/13/2006 BagButton LLC. Continues World Wide Growth through Distribution Contracts
06/12/2006 Contractors make billions on Iraq front line
06/12/2006 Quebec invokes closure to impose doctors' contract
06/12/2006 School board wont extend Daeschner contract
06/12/2006 Contractors make billions on Iraq front line
06/12/2006 Food service employees settle contract with school district
06/12/2006 Jury Convicts Wisonsin Official of Fraud
06/12/2006 Mesaba renews request to throw out labor contracts
06/12/2006 Military contractors make billions on the front line
06/12/2006 BagButton LLC. Continues World Wide Growth through Distribution Contracts.
06/12/2006 K-State's Huggins to Earn 800,000
06/12/2006 Iraq contractors make billions on the front line
06/12/2006 WI Travel Contract Advisory
06/12/2006 Energy Department Contacts Contractors With IDs Stolen
06/12/2006 ACS lands renewal contract with Riverside, Calif.
06/12/2006 Bell workers reject contract offer
06/12/2006 4D Seismic FDSM Awarded Contract for Humble Oil Field
06/12/2006 Yuma Contract Up in Air after Local Business Cries Foul
06/12/2006 INNOTELCO Announces Contract With Pan Atlantik S.A.
06/12/2006 'Ghost Whisperer' creator signs contract
06/12/2006 MP demands ship contract inquiry
06/12/2006 Raytheon gets contract for laser bomb kits
06/12/2006 Dubai Mercantile Exchange Unveils Details of Oman Crude Oil Futures Contract, Reports Progress...
06/12/2006 Infineon's Qimonda lands key Microsoft contract
06/12/2006 Armor gets 10M contract modification
06/12/2006 Angola Cabinet OKs Fisheries Ministry, Espirito Santo Bank Financing Contract
06/12/2006 DME reveals oil contract
06/12/2006 Contractors cleared in videotaped attacks in Iraq
06/12/2006 Brevard County, Florida Awards Accela 2.6 Million Contract for New Enterprise E-Government Solution
06/12/2006 Arbiter entering contract impasse in LR
06/12/2006 Injured Shoaib gets new contract
06/12/2006 DRS awarded 396M Army contract
06/12/2006 Sevmash to sign floating nuclear reactor contract on June 14
06/12/2006 Bus drivers' contract vote goes into overtime
06/12/2006 Bad Contractors Watch Out!
06/12/2006 Seadrill Limited Contract Extensions for Tender Rigs in West Africa