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07/25/2006 Judge Ban on Sunday car sales is constitutional
07/25/2006 POLL Most Tennesseans support amendment to state constitution banning gay marriage
07/24/2006 American Bar Association Bush is Destroying the Constitution
07/24/2006 Bar panel Bush statements are unconstitutional
07/24/2006 U.S. lawyers' group says Bush flouts constitution
07/24/2006 Mainstream News American Bar Association Bush violating Constitution
07/24/2006 President's Use of 'Signing Statements' Raises Constitutional Concerns
07/24/2006 ABA Bush is violating the Constitution
07/24/2006 Bar goup Bush is violating the Constitution
07/24/2006 Lawyers Bush is violating Constitution
07/24/2006 Govt slammed for avalanche of parliamentary statements
07/24/2006 Bar panel Bush statements are unconstitutional
07/23/2006 Bush is flouting Constitution, bar says
07/23/2006 Ensure constitutional rights of people
07/23/2006 Bhutanese refugees in Nepal take to streets against draft constitution
07/22/2006 Bhutanese refugees draft parallel constitution
07/22/2006 New Army chief vows to remain loyal to chain of command, Constitution
07/22/2006 Judge rules N.C. anti-cohabitation law unconstitutional
07/22/2006 No compromise with Constitution BJP
07/21/2006 Sci-fi has strong appeal for rabbi Atlanta Journal-Constitution
07/21/2006 Take Another Look At the Constitution
07/21/2006 Taking oath in the name of Allah held constitutional
07/21/2006 Constitutional delegates `reconvene' again
07/21/2006 Judge Anti-cohabitation law unconstitutional
07/21/2006 State's cohabitation law is ruled unconstitutional
07/20/2006 SC rules national ID plan constitutional
07/20/2006 Judge Cohabitation Law Unconstitutional
07/20/2006 Judge rules N.C. anti-cohabitation law unconstitutional
07/19/2006 Prescott rejects corruption claims
07/18/2006 Ombudsman probe violates Constitution, says lawyer
07/17/2006 President's appointment of Committee was unconstitutional-SC
07/17/2006 US House to vote on constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage
07/16/2006 Bush Hijacks The Constitution
07/16/2006 Zuma accuses media of unconstitutional agenda
07/14/2006 McMaster says part of new sex offender law unconstitutional
07/14/2006 Neb. Gay Marriage Ban Constitutional, Court Rules
07/14/2006 House Version of Voting Rights Act Called 'Unconstitutional'
07/14/2006 White House agrees to senator's wiretapping bill, constitutional test for program
07/14/2006 Police question ministers in honours row
07/13/2006 Constitutional democracy should be the justification for all Govts-Kufuor
07/13/2006 Levy arrest 'not just a gesture'
07/13/2006 Honours system 'must be more transparent'
07/13/2006 MPs quiz police over honours probe
07/12/2006 President Acted Unconstitutionally
07/12/2006 Roll call vote to recess the constitutional convention
07/12/2006 Malaysia high court rules turban ban in schools constitutional
07/12/2006 Lawmakers open constitutional convention, gay marriage on agenda
07/12/2006 Chancellor says state's tax on illegal drugs unconstitutional
07/12/2006 Straw This is the time for Lords reform
07/12/2006 Parliament to start interviewing Constitutional Council applicants
07/12/2006 The Constitutional jCourt swearing-in ceremony to be held under two conditions
07/11/2006 Krauthammer Has It All Wrong The Constitution is for War and Peace
07/11/2006 FBI's search of office ruled constitutional
07/11/2006 Sri Lanka soldier killed as constitution talks start
07/10/2006 FBI Search of Jefferson's Office Constitutional, Judge Rules
07/10/2006 Capitol Hill search ruled constitutional
07/10/2006 Sri Lanka to Talk Constitution Change, Tigers Out
07/10/2006 FBI Raid On Congressman Ruled Constitutional
07/10/2006 Constitutionality Upheld In Raid On Congressman
07/10/2006 Sri Lanka may amend constitution
07/10/2006 Guide to 'constitution' launched
07/10/2006 Report on Guantanamo torture is released by Center for Constitutional Rights
07/10/2006 Mainstream News Rep. Congressman Impeach Bush For Violating Constitution
07/10/2006 Constitution requires balance between power, spending
07/10/2006 Sri Lanka to talk constitution change, Tigers out
07/09/2006 Mainstream News Neal Boortz shows ignorance of our Constitution!
07/09/2006 CPI for constitutional amendment on treaty ratifications
07/08/2006 Georgia judge blocks voter ID law as unconstitutional
07/08/2006 US tycoon cancels Prescott meeting
07/08/2006 Nigeria PRONACO Enahoro Receives Draft Constitution
07/07/2006 Keep up the faith reposed by Constitution makers Judge
07/07/2006 Judge Camera that catches speeders is unconstitutional
07/07/2006 Germany parliament passes major constitutional reform legislation
07/07/2006 Germany Approves Constitution Shake-up
07/06/2006 Poll EU majority against constitution
07/06/2006 Nepal government, Maoist rebels begin joint work on interim constitution
07/06/2006 Reconstitution of CCI ‘a major development’ Aziz
07/06/2006 Zimbabwe Association To Adopt New Constitution
07/06/2006 Constitution work starts after delay
07/06/2006 Nepal panel begins drafting interim constitution
07/06/2006 IRAQ Constitution revision key to reconciliation, analysts say
07/05/2006 Playing Fast and Loose with the Constitution
07/05/2006 Mr. Fish Playing Fast and Loose with the Constitution
07/05/2006 Finland PM promises consensus strategy on EU constitution
07/05/2006 English votes plan 'completely wrong'
07/05/2006 Joseph S. Larisa Jr. Casino's constitutional catastrophe
07/05/2006 Constitution gives press freedom that outrages Bush and backers
07/05/2006 Musharraf's re-election would mean death of Constitution, Democracy ex-Pakistan chief justice
07/04/2006 New lord speaker elected
07/03/2006 Bolivia ruling party falls short in election for constitutional reform assembly
07/03/2006 Bolivia Elects Delegates to Constitutional Assembly
07/02/2006 Bolivians Elect Assembly to Revise Constitution
07/02/2006 Bolivia Morales' party wins majority in constitutional assembly exit poll
07/02/2006 Bolivia votes on constitutional reform assembly
07/02/2006 Bolivians vote for assembly to rewrite constitution
07/02/2006 USS Constitution's latest battle is against weather
07/02/2006 Bolivians Vote on Referendum to Rewrite Constitution
07/02/2006 Bolivians vote on reform and regional autonomy
07/02/2006 Levin, Stabenow split on constitutional ban on flag desecration
07/02/2006 Shrine visits seen as issue under Japan Constitution
07/02/2006 Japanese lawmaker says Koizumi's war shrine visit may be unconstitutional
07/01/2006 Bolivians to vote for assembly to rewrite constitution
07/01/2006 Mainstream News Powell Key aid "Doesn't Care About The Constitution&qu
06/30/2006 Texas redistricting plan constitutional
06/30/2006 NASDAQ Closing Cross Had Record Day for Third Year on Russell Index Reconstitution
06/30/2006 German lower house approves landmark constitutional reform
06/30/2006 Is Bush Signing Away the Constitution?
06/30/2006 Nigeria 2007 Electoral Act Not Superior to Constitution Ribadu
06/29/2006 Rulings against anti-terror laws creating 'constitutional crisis' UK MP
06/29/2006 U.S. military tribunals in Guantanamo Bay unconstitutional
06/29/2006 POLITICS-US Signing Away the Constitution?
06/29/2006 POLITICS-US Signing Away the Constitution?
06/29/2006 Terror law clash threatens constitutional crisis
06/29/2006 Finns predict new EU constitution
06/29/2006 Texas redistricting plan constitutional
06/28/2006 Bolivians prepare for vote to rewrite constitution
06/28/2006 Redistricting U.S. Supreme Court Rules All But One District Constitutional
06/28/2006 Nepal interim constitution drafting delayed while committee membership set
06/28/2006 Morocco King lauds vote on Mauritanian constitution King Mohammed VI has sent a message of congratulations to the head of the ruling military junta in Mauritania.
06/28/2006 Constitutional changes get nod in Mauritania
06/28/2006 Lords' speaker election begins
06/28/2006 Freedom of information 'could be better'
06/28/2006 New constitution for Sri Lanka sought
06/28/2006 Campaign Launched to Purchase Constitution for President Bush
06/27/2006 Senate rejects constitutional amendment banning flag desecration
06/27/2006 Senate rejects constitutional amendment banning flag desecration by a single vote
06/27/2006 Sen. Dick Durbin Says Flag Protection Amendment Would Defile the Constitution
06/27/2006 Bush defends constitutionality of line-item veto bill
06/27/2006 Senate rejects constitutional amendment banning flag desecration
06/27/2006 Senate Debates Flag Burning Constitutional Amendment
06/27/2006 Debating the Constitutional Flag Burning Amendment
06/27/2006 Mauritanians vote for new constitution
06/27/2006 Italians Reject Changes to Constitution
06/27/2006 Party Constitution
06/27/2006 Italian Voters Reject Changes To Constitution
06/27/2006 Constitutional change rejected
06/27/2006 Musharraf vows to contest polls within constitutional parameters
06/27/2006 Italians Reject Constitutional Changes
06/26/2006 Constitutional changes get nod in Mauritania
06/26/2006 Death penalty upheld High court finds state law constitutional
06/26/2006 Italy rejects plan to overhaul constitution
06/26/2006 Italians Reject Constitutional Amendments
06/26/2006 Italy voters reject constitutional amendments by large margin
06/26/2006 Judge upholds constitutionality of Tennessee meth law
06/26/2006 Rhonda Chriss Lokeman Bush Administration Stomps on Constitutional Rights
06/26/2006 Mauritania approves constitutional change, preliminary results show
06/26/2006 Italians reject Berlusconi's constitutional reforms
06/26/2006 High Court Upholds Execution Constitutionality
06/26/2006 Partial returns indicate Italians have rejected changes to constitution
06/26/2006 Mauritanians give massive backing to new constitution
06/26/2006 Early Results Show Italian Voters Rejecting Constitutional Changes
06/26/2006 Nepal's constitution drafting committee begins work
06/26/2006 Italians Reject Changes to Constitution
06/26/2006 Italian voters reject constitutional referendum early indications
06/26/2006 Vt. Campaign Finance Law Unconstitutional
06/26/2006 LATE-BREAKING NEWS Supreme Court Rules Kansas Death Penalty Law Constitutional
06/26/2006 Hearings Setting the Stage for a Constitutional Showdown
06/26/2006 UK wants US-style Constitution
06/26/2006 Nepal begins drafting new constitution
06/26/2006 Italy holds vote to overhaul constitution
06/26/2006 Baxa Ltd Launches New CyTwo-Fer™ Needle for Safe Drug Reconstitution and Transfer
06/26/2006 Italy votes on overhaul of constitution
06/26/2006 Voters Go to Polls on Constitutional Reforms
06/25/2006 BJP accuses Cong of dynastic politics, misusing Constitution
06/25/2006 Nepal's constitution drafting committee to begin work on Monday
06/25/2006 Italy votes on constitution
06/25/2006 Italy holds referendum on major constitutional reform package
06/25/2006 Mauritania votes in constitutional referendum on presidential term limits
06/25/2006 Mauritanians expected to approve new constitution
06/25/2006 Italians vote on major constitutional reforms
06/25/2006 Low turnout on first day of constitutional referendum
06/25/2006 Mainstream News Italy Votes on Massive Constitution Reform
06/25/2006 Italy Begins Voting on Massive Constitutional Changes
06/25/2006 Italians vote on massive reform of constitution
06/25/2006 Italy votes on constitutional referendum
06/25/2006 Italy Votes on Massive Constitution Reform
06/25/2006 Mauritania Goes to Polls in Constitutional Referendum
06/25/2006 Italians Vote on Constitutional Reform
06/25/2006 Italians vote on controversial constitution change
06/24/2006 Italians voting on controversial constitution change
06/24/2006 Italians vote in referendum on massive reform to Italy's postwar constitution
06/24/2006 Ralliers Say Constitutional Rights Were Violated
06/24/2006 Italians vote on changing post-war constitution
06/24/2006 Benin's Lawmakers Vote to Change Constitution
06/24/2006 Benins Lawmakers Vote to Change Constitution
06/24/2006 NSCNI-M demand new constitution
06/24/2006 NSCN demand new Constitution for peace
06/24/2006 Italians Vote on Constitutional Reform
06/24/2006 Rebels demand new constitution for peace
06/24/2006 No constitutional bar for electing Musharraf in uniform
06/23/2006 Gay Marriage Amendment Supporters Seek Constitutional Convention?
06/23/2006 Top court upholds shrine trip, dodges constitutionality
06/23/2006 21 constitutional changes to be decided this fall
06/23/2006 Librarian disciplined for upholding Constitution
06/22/2006 Nepali gov't, guerrillas assure to help Interim Constitution Drafting Committee
06/22/2006 Rift Develops Between Evangelical Homeschoolers & Constitutional Individualists
06/22/2006 Fijian government's affirmative action ruled unconstitutional
06/21/2006 State working on new basic law to set process for constitution
06/21/2006 Constitution has to change, say voters
06/21/2006 Ban on book about Cuba unconstitutional
06/21/2006 Nepal begins consultations on interim constitution
06/21/2006 Constitution added to classroom-flags bill
06/20/2006 Indiana Supreme Court rejects claims that toll road lease unconstitutional
06/20/2006 Constitution woes plague EU
06/20/2006 EU rules out substantial change to constitution
06/20/2006 PM to get Blair Force One
06/20/2006 OU member on the Constitutional Court of Ukraine
06/20/2006 Sunni Kurds want Islamic law as basis of regional Iraq constitution
06/19/2006 Sunni Kurds want Islamic law as basis of regional Iraq constitution
06/19/2006 'No consensus' on EU constitution
06/19/2006 Analysis EU puts constitution on hold
06/19/2006 Role of Islam in regional constitution sparks debate
06/19/2006 IRAQ Role of Islam in regional constitution sparks debate
06/18/2006 Much at stake in Italy's constitutional referendum
06/18/2006 Pakistan needs new Constitution in post-9/11 era Altaf
06/16/2006 Roundup EU sets roadmap to salvage constitution
06/16/2006 Roundup EU constitution impasse lingers on
06/16/2006 'No back door Euro constitution'
06/16/2006 Indecision causes EU constitution delay
06/16/2006 Nepal government makes deal with Maoist rebels on drafting interim constitution
06/16/2006 EU sets 2008 deadline for decision on reviving European constitution
06/16/2006 Much at stake for Berlusconi, Prodi in Italy's constitutional referendum
06/16/2006 EU constitution limbo until 2008, tougher enlargement terms
06/16/2006 EU loses its way amid discord on constitution and expansion
06/16/2006 EU leaders tackle constitution questions
06/16/2006 EU sets constitution deadline
06/16/2006 EU constitution deadlock unbroken
06/16/2006 EU Leaders Shelve Constitution
06/16/2006 Media Advisory Groups challenge constitutionality of NAFTA
06/16/2006 'No back door Euro constitution'
06/16/2006 New Constitutional-Amendment Campaign Announced
06/15/2006 EU delays decision on constitution by two years
06/15/2006 EU leaders look to revive the constitution in 2008
06/15/2006 EU delays decision on constitution by two years 2nd Roundup
06/15/2006 EU leaders agree to put constitution on hold
06/15/2006 2008 cut-off for EU constitution decision
06/15/2006 EU Meeting To Discuss Expansion, Constitution
06/15/2006 EU set to delay decision on constitution by two years
06/15/2006 EU leaders set to postpone decision of constitution
06/15/2006 Subverting the Constitution by Supporting the Flag
06/15/2006 EU summit calls for Franco-German rescue of constitution
06/15/2006 EU leaders to delay constitution decision, focus on citizens
06/15/2006 EU leaders consider constitution's future
06/15/2006 EU Seeks Extra Time to Keep Constitution in Play
06/14/2006 Politicians, Yet Again, Think The Constitution Doesn't Apply To Video Games
06/14/2006 News Flag burning could become unconstitutional
06/14/2006 News Analysis EU summit to set tone on Constitution, enlargement
06/14/2006 Poll Illinoisans Oppose Rewriting Constitution to Ban Gay Marriage
06/14/2006 Italy PM urges new efforts on European constitution
06/14/2006 OUTLOOK EU summit's focus on constitution to overshadow economic concerns
06/14/2006 EU chief warns of dangers of delaying reforms
06/14/2006 EU SUMMIT Barroso urges quick resolution to constitution issue
06/14/2006 UAW constitutional convention this week
06/13/2006 Gusmao vows to guard Constitution
06/13/2006 Polish, Austrian PMs advocate extending reflection period for EU constitution
06/13/2006 Sixteen New Alternative Energy Stocks Added to Ardour Global Index in Semi-Annual Reconstitution
06/13/2006 Entertainment Software Association says new Oklahoma law unconstitutional, plans to sue
06/12/2006 Security certificates are constitutional Day
06/12/2006 Q&A Oil and Gas Resources, Constitutional rights of the Regions and the Governorates
06/12/2006 Court to hold first hearing on whether U.S. domestic surveillance is constitutional
06/12/2006 The Israeli constitution is based on immoral and impractical concept!
06/11/2006 East Timor president urged to suspend constitution
06/11/2006 Azem Bishara Israeli Constitutional Chauvinism
06/11/2006 Security certificates are unconstitutional Lawyer
06/11/2006 Campaign Complain Letter to Home Affairs & Constitutional Affairs Committees
06/11/2006 East Timor's President under pressure to suspend constitution
06/11/2006 Home Affairs Committee & Constitutional Affairs Committee
06/10/2006 Campaigning Begins in Mauritania for Constitutional Referendum
06/10/2006 Cherokee Nation tribunal approves new Constitution
06/10/2006 PLC to mull constitutionality of Abbas' call for referendum
06/10/2006 Reasoned Decision Revealed Gulen does not Aim at Changing Constitutional System
06/09/2006 A Happy Couple On the Heels of Bush's Failed Constitutional Amendment
06/09/2006 Dont deface Constitution by tacking on social policy
06/08/2006 McDonnell Warns of 'Constitutional Crisis'
06/08/2006 John Kerry on Senate Vote to Defeat Election-Year Constitutional Amendment on Same Sex Marriage
06/08/2006 Oklahoma sex offender legislation raises constitutional questions
06/08/2006 Lords condemn 'constitutionally questionable' bill
06/08/2006 BJP for continuation of Constitutional Monarchy in Nepal
06/08/2006 The 'nocebo' effect Constitutional amendments on gay marriage and...
06/08/2006 New law appears to be unconstitutional
06/07/2006 Marriage Amendment to the Constitution Fails U.S. Senate
06/07/2006 Senate defeats constitutional gay marriage ban
06/07/2006 Senate Rejects a Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage
06/07/2006 Kenya Kiplagat's Verdict on New Constitution
06/07/2006 Senate defeats constitutional gay marriage ban
06/07/2006 Constitutional Amendment on Marriage Fails in Senate
06/07/2006 Senate Vote A Repeat of 2004 No On Constitutional Amendment
06/07/2006 U.S. Senate votes down anti-gay constitutional amendment
06/07/2006 Constitutional Amendment on Marriage Fails
06/07/2006 Senate rejects constitutional ban on gay marriage
06/06/2006 Debate continues over gay marriage, despite certain defeat for constitutional amendment
06/06/2006 German Chancellor Wants to Revive EU Constitution
06/06/2006 Merkel aims to revive EU constitution
06/06/2006 Ministers accused of 'challenging parliament'
06/06/2006 Germany, France Vow New Push for EU Constitution
06/06/2006 Snowe, Collins oppose constitutional ban on same-sex marriage
06/05/2006 Debate underway again over constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage
06/05/2006 Bush says no other choice but amending the constitution in gay marriage debate
06/05/2006 President Bush Calls For Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage
06/05/2006 Bush Supports Constitutional Amendment on Marriage
06/05/2006 Judge says prison ministry is unconstitutional
06/05/2006 President Bush calls for constitutional ban on gay marriage
06/05/2006 Bush Wants Marriage Defined In Constitution
06/05/2006 Rwanda Constitution for Amendment If Country Joins EAC
06/05/2006 Seminar to examine constitution's guarantee of clean environment
06/05/2006 Eight nominees for lord speaker job
06/05/2006 Bush to back constitutional ban on gay marriage
06/05/2006 Bush to push for passage of Constitutional ban on gay marriage
06/05/2006 MPs defend McDonald's World Cup tickets
06/05/2006 Bush To Push For Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage
06/05/2006 Bush to push for passage of Constitutional ban on gay marriage
06/04/2006 Judge rules religious prison program is unconstitutional
06/04/2006 Christian prison program is ruled unconstitutional
06/04/2006 Cameron's A-list rejected by party activists
06/03/2006 Bush pushes constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage ahead of Senate vote
06/03/2006 Judge Rules Iowa Prison's Religious Program Unconstitutional
06/03/2006 Bush wants to amend Constitution
06/03/2006 Judge Rules Jail Project Unconstitutional
06/03/2006 Bush backs Constitutional marriage amendment
06/03/2006 Judge rules jail project unconstitutional
06/03/2006 Judge rules jail project unconstitutional
06/03/2006 Bush urges constitutional ban on gay marriage
06/03/2006 Bush urges constitutional gay marriage ban
06/03/2006 Bush urges gay marriage ban enshrined in Constitution
06/03/2006 Nigeria Respect Constitution, Obasanjo Warns Armed Forces
06/02/2006 Iowa judge rules prison's religious program unconstitutional
06/02/2006 Bush Pushes Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage
06/02/2006 Legislative Director against CA Circumvention of US Constitution
06/02/2006 Florida pledge law ruled unconstitutional
06/02/2006 Jan LaRue Why Marriage Is a Constitutional Matter
06/01/2006 State's pledge requirement ruled unconstitutional
06/01/2006 Bush To Promote Constitutional Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage
06/01/2006 Pledge requirement ruled unconstitutional
06/01/2006 Uphold and Defend the Constitution
06/01/2006 Raid Controversy Has Roots in US Constitution
06/01/2006 Raid Controversy Has Roots in US Constitution
06/01/2006 Rejecting Presidents questions is denying what democracy, Constitution mean
06/01/2006 School Vouchers Constitutionally Permissible in Arizona
06/01/2006 Nigeria Zoning Unconstitutional, Says Umar
05/31/2006 Irish law on underage sex unconstitutional
05/30/2006 Bolivia's ruling party issues constitutional reform plan
05/30/2006 DOJ insists Jefferson office search constitutional
05/30/2006 Starrett to run for governor as Constitution Party candidate
05/30/2006 Constitutional procedure Congress
05/30/2006 Ugandas Constitutional Amendment Extends Presidential Term Limits
05/30/2006 Kansas Constitution Hall gets new look
05/30/2006 Torsella to temporarily lead Constitution Center
05/30/2006 Zimbabwe Constitutional Activist Madhuku Defends Leadership Amendment
05/30/2006 The Ogiek of Kenya Strive for Constitutional Protection
05/30/2006 Africas Presidential Term Limits Whats Involved in Constitutional Change?
05/29/2006 Amendments in BJP constitution to strengthen RSS `pracharaks'
05/29/2006 Constitution lingers in land of undead
05/29/2006 Despite 'no' votes, there's hope for an EU constitution
05/29/2006 Washington State Republican Party Challenges Constitution
05/29/2006 Constitution Party expects candidate to be challenge for Saxton
05/29/2006 EU ministers mull re-naming constitution to enhance ratification chances
05/28/2006 One year on, France still split over EU charter vote
05/28/2006 EU May Rename Constitution in Bid to Secure Approval
05/28/2006 EU may rename constitution to gain approval
05/28/2006 Ministers consider name change to save stalled constitution
05/28/2006 Foreign ministers consider plan to salvage EU constitution
05/28/2006 EU needs more time for constitution
05/28/2006 EU hopes to revive aspects of constitution
05/28/2006 Still split on constitution, EU bids to rebrand text
05/28/2006 Constitution guarantees freedom of speech Somnath
05/28/2006 Embattled EU seeks more time to resurrect constitution
05/28/2006 Embattled EU seeks more time to resurrect constitution
05/28/2006 Aināt Nothing Like a Good Constitutional Squabble
05/27/2006 EU Nations Constitution Set Aside For Another Year
05/27/2006 EU Constitution Delayed by Another Year
05/27/2006 EU Constitution Delayed by Another Year
05/27/2006 EU Getting Another Year on Constitution
05/27/2006 EU foreign ministers skeptical of progress on constitution during German presidency
05/27/2006 EU chiefs say constitution must wait
05/27/2006 Embattled EU seeks more time to revive near-dead pact