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07/29/2006 Chinese man who underwent partial face transplant goes home
07/29/2006 TRADE Chinese Flower Power Hits Thai Growers
07/29/2006 Chinese Web site targets asexuals who want to wed
07/29/2006 Blast at Chinese chemical plant kills 22
07/28/2006 \'Meeting with Chinese minister fruitful\'
07/28/2006 Peaceful solution to Iran nuclear issue is best option Chinese FM
07/28/2006 Chinese FM meets with U.S. secretary of state
07/28/2006 TCS Chinese JV starts on a sound footing
07/28/2006 Chinese firms urged to invest in palm oil products
07/28/2006 Chinese Sarawak Students Check Out DBP Role In Malay Language
07/28/2006 TCS Chinese JV starts on a sound footing
07/28/2006 Motorola Gets Into Gaming in Chinese Marketplace
07/28/2006 Disney and McDonald's probe unrest at Chinese factory
07/28/2006 Chinese economy is still on the boil
07/28/2006 Chinese, Japanese foreign ministers meet in Kuala Lumpur
07/28/2006 Chinese check U.N. observer's death
07/28/2006 Explosion At Chinese Chemical Plant Kills At Least 12
07/28/2006 Disney and McDonald's probe unrest at Chinese factory
07/28/2006 Chinese authorities conclude paralyzed activist's injury was self-inflicted, his son says
07/28/2006 Blast at Chinese Chemical Plant Kills 12
07/28/2006 12 Dead in Chinese Chemical Plant Blast
07/28/2006 Underground church leaders sent to Chinese labour camps
07/28/2006 Ethnic Chinese face uphill battle in Korea
07/28/2006 Chinese machines on display in HCM City
07/28/2006 Chinese Economy Fears "Overheating"
07/28/2006 Chinese Chemical Plant Explosion Kills 4
07/27/2006 1,000 workers riot at Chinese factory
07/27/2006 Chinese rule-of-law activist becomes a case in point
07/27/2006 Chinese Chemical Plant Explosion Kills 4
07/27/2006 Chinese Premier on stemming somewhat fast developing economy from turning overheated
07/27/2006 Chinese banks sued over new charges for ATM enquiries
07/27/2006 Dozens Arrested After Protests At Chinese Factory Group
07/27/2006 Chinese U.N. Observer Killed in Lebanon Explosion
07/27/2006 Paralysed Yangtze dam campaigner broke own neck, say Chinese police
07/27/2006 Chinese team leaves Beijing for Israel on aftermath of Chinese UN
07/27/2006 Chinese, Japanese foreign ministers meet in Kuala Lumpur
07/27/2006 Chinese premier says land use must be controlled
07/27/2006 Chinese police warned against torture
07/27/2006 Labor Group Arrests at Chinese Factory
07/27/2006 Chinese Covert Agent Sentenced to Prison in Conspiracy Case
07/27/2006 1,000 workers riot at Chinese factory
07/27/2006 Chinese PM vows to cool economy
07/27/2006 20,000 Chinese threatened as levee collapses
07/27/2006 China commits to East Asia cooperation Chinese FM
07/27/2006 President Hu expresses deep condolences over death of Chinese UN observer
07/27/2006 Google lags Yahoo, Baidu in Chinese search
07/27/2006 Mooney cites benefits in second Chinese sister city
07/26/2006 Six Chinese military personnel dead, 38 missing in torrent
07/26/2006 Bloggers Help Free Chinese Filmmaker
07/26/2006 President Hu expresses deep condolences over death of Chinese UN observer
07/26/2006 Chinese contribution to UN peacekeeping missions
07/26/2006 UK support for chinese plant conservation
07/26/2006 China commits to East Asia cooperation Chinese FM
07/26/2006 Chinese premier calls for steady economic development
07/26/2006 Chinese Crewmen Celebrate War Victory Day in DPRK
07/26/2006 Chinese and Russian journalists on road trip of discovery
07/26/2006 EnerSys Acquires Chinese Battery Business
07/26/2006 A musical challenges Chinese history
07/26/2006 Chinese premier calls for controls to slow booming economy
07/26/2006 Chinese court delays verdict, again, for Times researcher
07/26/2006 Power not socialism is today's Chinese ideology
07/26/2006 Chinese man critical after attack
07/26/2006 Chinese Covert Agent Sentenced to Prison in Conspiracy Case
07/26/2006 Some Pittsburgh Schools To Offer Chinese, Russian
07/26/2006 BP Says No To Taiwan Chinese Petro's Planned Abu Dhabi JV
07/26/2006 China condemns Israeli killing of Chinese UN worker, demands apology
07/26/2006 Chinese man critical after attack
07/26/2006 Incat to buy a Chinese firm
07/26/2006 Chinese UN observer killed in Israeli air strike
07/26/2006 Chinese acrobats wow the crowd
07/26/2006 Chinese tomb controversy
07/26/2006 A musical challenges Chinese history
07/26/2006 Chinese, Japanese FMs to meet at forum
07/26/2006 Vietnam denies Chinese agents abducted two Taiwan spies
07/25/2006 Chinese toll in tropical storm hits 612
07/25/2006 Chinese UN observer killed by Israel bomb
07/25/2006 4 UN observers killed in Israeli attack in Lebanon, including 1 Chinese
07/25/2006 Chinese lady 'spy' held in Dalai yard
07/25/2006 Botswana Chinese P55 Million Loan to BHC Debated
07/25/2006 Rising resources prices top concern among Chinese cos survey
07/25/2006 Chinese table tennis champion Kong detained for drink driving
07/25/2006 Chinese vice premier asks central bank to improve service quality
07/25/2006 Chinese president seeks to temper torrid economy
07/25/2006 Chinese journalist dies after beating by cop chief
07/24/2006 55 mn Chinese farmers lose land due to massive urbanisation
07/24/2006 Chinese Vice Minister arrives capital on July 27
07/24/2006 Canadian steel industry calls for action to address Chinese steel production subsidies
07/24/2006 TCS Set To Launch Chinese Operations, Counts Microsoft As Investor And Customer
07/24/2006 Chinese police detains smuggler of panda cub fur
07/24/2006 Chinese Police Detains Smuggler of Panda Cub Fur
07/24/2006 Chinese death toll from Tropical Storm Bilis hits 612
07/24/2006 Millions of Chinese farmers loose land to cities
07/24/2006 Media Advocacy Groups Launch Appeal for Detained Chinese Journalist Ching Cheong
07/24/2006 TCS signs up Microsoft, Chinese firms
07/24/2006 25 Chinese banks enter world's top 1000
07/24/2006 Chinese site launches marriage for asexuals
07/24/2006 Chinese cyclists need more exposure and better training
07/24/2006 Chinese newcomer Pang crowned at world shooting championships
07/24/2006 Dunhill doubles its Chinese sales growth
07/23/2006 Chinese nun arrested in Dharamsala
07/23/2006 Chinese woman arrested in Himachal
07/23/2006 Results from Chinese Super League soccer
07/23/2006 Rumsfeld, Chinese discuss N. Korea
07/23/2006 Chinese automobiles are on way, with fuel cells planned to follow
07/23/2006 Chinese, Russian scientists begin joint research on Siberia
07/23/2006 Chinese company starts small with hydrogen-powered car
07/22/2006 US govt rejects petition to investigate Chinese labor practices
07/22/2006 MOC confirms export of PBT resin from Japan and Taiwan to Chinese
07/22/2006 China beats Chinese Taipei in women's Asian Cup
07/22/2006 Cardiff City blanks Chinese boys
07/22/2006 Chinese authorities kill chickens in bird flu alert
07/22/2006 Chinese-American singer at cutting edge of Mandarin pop
07/22/2006 Chinese censors clip six minutes off “insulting footage before “Mi3 release
07/22/2006 Chinese company starts small with hydrogen-powered car
07/22/2006 Chinese Censors Remove Scene From MI 3
07/22/2006 US rejects inquiry into Chinese labor practices
07/22/2006 Chinese Managers Stir Taiwan
07/21/2006 U.S. gov't rejects petition to investigate Chinese labor practices
07/21/2006 Nearly two lakh Chinese die in disasters in 2005
07/21/2006 Bush administration rejects request to investigate Chinese labor practices
07/21/2006 Chinese billionares say wealth brings sense of insecurity
07/21/2006 Chinese central bank to raise deposit reserve ratio by 0.5
07/21/2006 Chinese mainland's washing machine export up 74 pct report
07/21/2006 Bush administration rejects union petition on Chinese labor practices
07/21/2006 Chinese Game Developers Gather on Creative Night
07/21/2006 Chinese peacekeepers in Lebanon "safe and sound" FM spokesman
07/21/2006 Administration rejects petition to launch investigation of Chinese labor practices
07/21/2006 Chinese central bank hikes bank reserve ratio to cool economy
07/21/2006 Hundreds of Chinese killed in tropical storm
07/21/2006 5 naxals killed, Chinese hand grenade recovered in C'garh
07/21/2006 Botswana Opposition Unhappy With Chinese Loan Terms
07/21/2006 Chinese divers keep impressive at World Cup
07/20/2006 Chinese wait; Tibetans wonder Gavin Rabinowitz / ASSOCIATED PRESS
07/20/2006 Flaming dog meat sets Chinese school afire
07/20/2006 Chinese non-communist party leaders briefed on nation's railway
07/20/2006 Chinese, Russian FM hold talks via phone
07/20/2006 Chinese police in national hunt for two DVD pirates
07/20/2006 Fifth batch of Chinese arrive in Cyprus after being evacuated from
07/20/2006 Chinese President, Swedish King agree to expand co-op for
07/20/2006 Housing prices up 5.8 pct in 70 major Chinese cities
07/20/2006 Foreign acquisitions of Chinese property surge as gov't moves in to
07/20/2006 Chinese senior citizens create market demand
07/20/2006 British doctors issue cancer warning over Chinese liver tonic
07/20/2006 Bush talks with top Chinese officer
07/20/2006 Amnesty slams IT giants for Chinese 'hypocrisy'
07/20/2006 Chinese Editorial Road to Middle East is Paved With Mistakes
07/20/2006 China Direct Trading Corp Receives NOA for Chinese Roof Tile
07/20/2006 Internet providers bow to chinese censors
07/20/2006 A week is a long time in Chinese game
07/20/2006 Chinese farmer sets himself on fire on Tiananmen Square
07/20/2006 Taiwan Holds Drill for Chinese Invasion
07/20/2006 Chinese vets, dentists to implant teeth on injured panda
07/20/2006 Over 2 million US, Chinese people visit each other's countries
07/20/2006 Chinese millionaires feel insecure
07/20/2006 Chinese FM talks with Lebanese Future Movement Bloc leader via phone
07/20/2006 Chinese divers dominant as World Cup opens
07/20/2006 Chinese firms go headhunting in prison
07/19/2006 Chinese, Swedish FMs talk on Middle East, UN and bilateral ties
07/19/2006 8 Chinese Communist Officials Punished
07/19/2006 8 Chinese Communist officials punished
07/19/2006 8 Chinese Communist Party officials punished for buying, selling official posts
07/19/2006 Over two million US, Chinese people visit each other's countries in
07/19/2006 Chinese, Swedish FMs talk on Middle East, UN and bilateral ties
07/19/2006 Chinese FM talks with Lebanese Future Movement Bloc leader via
07/19/2006 Centrex seals Chinese export deal
07/19/2006 Geomagic expands Chinese ops
07/19/2006 Chinese Scale Model of Mountain Range for Military Training
07/19/2006 Top Chinese General Visits Washington
07/19/2006 No Chinese request for US-Pak nuke deal Boucher
07/19/2006 LEHMAN, LEE & XU Featured in Chinese Media
07/19/2006 55 million Chinese women illiterate
07/18/2006 Chinese government urged to legalise more betting products
07/18/2006 Chinese vice premier calls for continuous flood-control
07/18/2006 Senior Chinese official meets Powell, highlighting importance of
07/18/2006 Chinese economy missing out on gambling revenue
07/18/2006 Sr. Chinese general discusses N.Korea with US
07/18/2006 Chinese give Rumsfeld shootdown info
07/18/2006 Chinese economy bounces big time
07/18/2006 Chinese Economy Surges In 2nd Quarter
07/18/2006 Chinese General Meets With Rumsfeld
07/18/2006 Chinese President Hu meets with Putin in St. Petersburg
07/18/2006 DLA hires GM GC to boost Chinese operations
07/18/2006 Chinese embassy begins to evacuate Lebanon
07/18/2006 Space environment prediction technology helps prevent radiation harm to Chinese astronauts
07/18/2006 Peaceful utilization of outer space are rights of all nations, Chinese president
07/18/2006 Chinese airlines lose 2.5 bln yuan in first half year
07/18/2006 Chinese growth surges in second quarter
07/18/2006 Chinese economy surges 10.9 per cent in first half year
07/17/2006 Silkworm to be on the menu for Chinese astronauts http//www.newkerala/news3.php?action=fullnews&id=24284
07/17/2006 Chinese official says not decided yet to increase interests rate in
07/17/2006 Chinese embassy staff in Lebanon head for home from Syria
07/17/2006 Chinese lawyer who exposed forced abortions on trial
07/17/2006 Four Chinese space scientists added to IAA membership
07/17/2006 Chinese president urges efforts to ensure global energy
07/17/2006 Chinese, Russian presidents call for more cooperation on energy
07/17/2006 Chinese, Russian presidents call for early resumption of
07/17/2006 Chinese President Hu meets Putin
07/17/2006 Chinese president calls for pushing forward Doha round talks
07/17/2006 Chinese president meets world leaders in St. Petersburg
07/17/2006 Chinese general on week-long visit to U.S.for closer ties
07/17/2006 Chinese, French presidents vow to boost cooperation
07/17/2006 Chinese president meets Italian PM
07/17/2006 MPs Divided Over Chinese Loan
07/17/2006 Chinese bank US21b float to be world biggest
07/17/2006 Botswana MPs Divided Over Chinese Loan
07/17/2006 Chinese lawyer faces jail after birth control protests
07/17/2006 UP could get Chinese office
07/17/2006 64 Chinese coal miners die in two accidents
07/17/2006 Chinese president meets Bush
07/17/2006 Impact of Japan's "Positive List System" on Chinese agricultural exports
07/17/2006 Chinese mine blast toll rises
07/16/2006 Expats need to register to buy Chinese homes
07/16/2006 Toll rises after Chinese floods
07/16/2006 Explosion in Chinese coal mine kills at least 50 miners
07/16/2006 Explosion in Chinese coal mine kills 50
07/16/2006 State Plans To Add More Chinese, Arabic Classes
07/16/2006 Chinese children draw a better environment in future
07/16/2006 Chinese president arrives in St. Petersburg for outreach session of
07/16/2006 Chinese Premier calls for protection of farmers' incomes
07/16/2006 Chinese president calls on developing countries to promote
07/16/2006 Chinese president calls for more efforts to help African countries
07/16/2006 Chinese president calls for resuming talks on Iran
07/16/2006 Chinese president calls for early resumption of six-party talks
07/16/2006 Chinese President Hu Jintao meets U.S. President Bush
07/16/2006 Chinese death toll from Typhoon Bilis rises to 115
07/16/2006 Chinese banks alerted against investment risks
07/16/2006 Yet another Chinese first
07/16/2006 Berlin hopes World Cup will kick off Chinese tourist boom
07/16/2006 Scores killed in Chinese floods
07/16/2006 Iran Expects Russian, Chinese Support in Nuclear Crisis
07/16/2006 Chinese storm claims 48 lives, cuts rail links
07/16/2006 Chinese mine accidents kill 18
07/15/2006 Chinese president departs for outreach session of G8 summit in Russia
07/15/2006 Chinese death toll from typhoon Bilis rises to 42
07/15/2006 Chinese universities short of world-class teachers Stanford
07/15/2006 3 Chinese attacked in Georgia
07/15/2006 Chinese coal mine blast kills 18, traps 39
07/15/2006 Report Chinese Mine Explosion Kills 18
07/15/2006 Rally Against Chinese Government
07/15/2006 Chinese company claims to have cracked Skype protocol
07/15/2006 Chinese vice president holds talks with Spain's Crown Prince
07/14/2006 Chinese State Councilor calls for further exchanges with Japan
07/14/2006 Chinese Premier meets Spanish Crown Prince
07/14/2006 Chinese Premier meets Sri Lankan FM
07/14/2006 Chinese Premier meets Cambodian Deputy PM
07/14/2006 Wave of Chinese tourist shoppers floods the high streets of Europe
07/14/2006 Chinese company claims Skype protocol cracked
07/14/2006 Magill is on board for a chinese carpet ride
07/14/2006 A Chinese cure for infertility
07/14/2006 Chinese company says it cracked Skype
07/14/2006 ONGC loses Angolan bid to Chinese consortium
07/14/2006 Wilkinson targeted by Chinese FA
07/13/2006 20 Chinese firms among Fortune 500
07/13/2006 Mauritania Mauritania grateful for Chinese aid package
07/13/2006 Chinese, US leaders to meet at G8 talks
07/13/2006 Chinese expert calls for major reforms to housing security system
07/13/2006 Fortune 20 Chinese firms among world's 500 largest
07/13/2006 DPRK top legislator meets Chinese vice premier on bilateral ties
07/13/2006 Chinese FM talks with Lebanese PM on Middle East situation via
07/13/2006 Rayonier Gets Chinese Contract
07/13/2006 Chinese inspires Chhattisgarh's new mine policy
07/13/2006 Art of the deal It's different in China
07/13/2006 Chinese firms to check out Columbus
07/13/2006 European Parliament president hails release of jailed Chinese blogger
07/13/2006 Chinese automaker plans new MG assembly plant in Oklahoma
07/13/2006 Indian and Chinese take aways pose health hazards to Brits!
07/12/2006 Korea US envoy to meet Chinese minister
07/12/2006 Chinese crisis Economic boom is plaguing planners
07/12/2006 Chinese Carmaker to Open Plant in Oklahoma
07/12/2006 State Councilor Chinese universities must eradicate dishonesty
07/12/2006 Chinese state councilor attends DPRK reception commemorating
07/12/2006 Chinese FM spokeswoman criticizes Japanese remarks of "preemptive
07/12/2006 China continues support to Zambian economic development Chinese envoy
07/12/2006 Uproar over KBC-China deal Kenya Broadcasting Corporation has allowed a Chinese radio station to broadcast using its frequencies.
07/12/2006 Chinese firm to make MG cars in Oklahoma
07/12/2006 Chinese to open car plant in Oklahoma
07/12/2006 New EU rules hit Chinese appliance exports
07/12/2006 Chinese, Japanese leaders not to meet at G-8 summit, diplomat says
07/12/2006 Chinese, Mauritian FMs hold talks on bilateral ties
07/11/2006 Paul Lee's Chinese Kitchen in Avondale closes; follows closure of Gilbert eatery
07/11/2006 Chinese fans wake up to World Cup hangover
07/11/2006 Murder trial for Chinese student ends without verdict
07/11/2006 New invention makes Chinese learning easier
07/11/2006 2,000 Chinese to burst into song to set Guinness record
07/11/2006 Chinese president urges N. Korea restraint
07/11/2006 Rabobank, IFC acquire first stakes in Chinese
07/11/2006 Nigerian gov't urged to give green light to Chinese investors
07/11/2006 University heads convene for 3rd Chinese-Foreign University
07/11/2006 Chinese president urges N. Korea restraint
07/11/2006 Italian designers, Chinese workers and the bluejeans boom
07/11/2006 Government negotiates Chinese loan for rural ICT
07/11/2006 Chinese Filmmaker Released After 5 Months
07/11/2006 Chinese President Appeals to N. Korea
07/11/2006 Two Chinese men in court for abalone theft
07/11/2006 Chinese vice president vows to further ties with Mauritius
07/11/2006 Chinese vice premier meets DPRK premier on friendship, cooperation
07/11/2006 Chinese begin trial in Purdue student killing
07/11/2006 IU signs Internet deal with Chinese university
07/11/2006 Chinese President to attend outreach session of G-8 Summit
07/11/2006 Chinese gov't encourages farmers to set up more economic
07/11/2006 Rabobank, IFC acquire first stakes in Chinese rural
07/11/2006 Riley visits Chinese Auburn grad
07/11/2006 Chinese economy producing orphans
07/11/2006 IU, Chinese university sign deal
07/10/2006 Chinese mainland adopts temporary antidumping measures against
07/10/2006 Chinese government issues urgent circular to ensure safety in flood
07/10/2006 Chinese state councilor urges more exchanges with U.S.
07/10/2006 Chinese, Japanese experts end excavation of
07/10/2006 Chinese state councilor calls for progress of six-party talks
07/10/2006 UN NKorea resolution on hold as Chinese delegates visit Pyongyang
07/10/2006 Senior officials of Chinese, Israeli communist parties meet
07/10/2006 IU to partner with Chinese university
07/10/2006 Chinese pair wins title
07/10/2006 Tempe firm's Chinese venture begins production
07/10/2006 Chinese twin dies after separation surgery
07/10/2006 Citroen building Chinese car factory
07/10/2006 Gas leak puts 164 Chinese in hospital
07/10/2006 Chinese conjoined twin dies
07/10/2006 UN NKorea vote delayed pending Chinese mission Rice
07/10/2006 Breaking! Chinese Auto Sales Up 47%
07/10/2006 One of Chinese Conjoined Twins Dies Following Surgery
07/10/2006 Briefly Chinese car sales rose almost 50% in first half
07/10/2006 Surplus spurs Chinese trade policy debate
07/10/2006 4th man accused of killing Chinese student appears in NZ court
07/10/2006 Chinese Loan Growth Slows Slightly
07/10/2006 U.S. envoy in Japan to discuss N. Korea as Chinese diplomats arrive in Pyongyang
07/10/2006 Chinese energy official announces rapid development of oil reserve bases
07/10/2006 Chinese man survives, 2 missing in jet crash
07/10/2006 Chinese delegation arrives in NKorea amid missile uproar
07/09/2006 Chinese loan growth slows marginally
07/09/2006 Chinese delegation leaves for NKorea amid missile uproar
07/09/2006 Chinese vice premier arrives in Pyongyang
07/09/2006 Chinese duo captures doubles title
07/09/2006 Chinese vice premier leaves Beijing for DPRK
07/09/2006 Chinese FM talks with 12 FMs via phone on DPRK's test-firing of missiles
07/09/2006 Chinese FM talks with 12 FMs via phone on DPRK's
07/09/2006 Chinese FM talks with 12 FMs via phone
07/09/2006 Chinese, ROK's hi-tech industrial zones agree to share infromation
07/09/2006 Tennis Chinese duo wins doubles
07/09/2006 Chinese-Filipino group backs plan to amend BOT law
07/09/2006 Chinese Pair Win 2nd Grand Slam Title
07/09/2006 Chinese surgeons separate conjoined twins, one critical
07/09/2006 Pellets from 3000-year-old Yin Ruins might be Chinese missiles
07/09/2006 Chinese airlines set to incur loss of USD 375 million
07/09/2006 Newborn baby dumped on Chinese road crushed by cars
07/09/2006 Chinese, Russian FMs talk over phone on UN response to DPRK missile tests
07/09/2006 Miss Phoenix Chinese is crowned
07/09/2006 As Chinese competition grows, Europe seeks more market access
07/09/2006 Folk China e-Magazine A Windows Through Which the World Can Come to Know Chinese
07/08/2006 Chinese, Russian FMs talk over phone on UN
07/08/2006 Chinese government asks better emergency response as flood season
07/08/2006 Senior Chinese official appeals to young Japanese legislators to
07/08/2006 China launches Web site to teach, promote Chinese
07/08/2006 Want to learn Chinese, China wants to teach you
07/08/2006 China launches Web site to teach Chinese
07/08/2006 Orphans of the Chinese economy
07/07/2006 Chinese Premier inspects customs headquarters
07/07/2006 Senior officials of Chinese, Japanese ruling parties meet in
07/07/2006 47 killed in explosion in Chinese village
07/07/2006 Chinese lunar satellite to beam music to earth; people asked to select playlist
07/07/2006 Largest Chinese airline buys 50 Airbus jets
07/07/2006 Chinese food telephone prank
07/07/2006 Chinese premier meets Montenegrin foreign minister
07/07/2006 Chinese airlines lose three billion yuan in first half
07/07/2006 Report Explosion In Chinese Village Kills At Least 43 People
07/07/2006 Explosion in Chinese village that killed at least 47 people
07/07/2006 Structure of Chinese instant messaging market changing dramatically
07/07/2006 Ford says H1 Chinese vehicle sales up 102 pct
07/06/2006 Chinese embassy denies organ harvesting report
07/06/2006 43 killed in explosion in Chinese village
07/06/2006 Blast kills at least 43 in Chinese village
07/06/2006 Blast in Chinese house kills 43
07/06/2006 Report Explosion In Chinese Village Kills At Least 43 People
07/06/2006 Chinese Airline to Buy 50 Airbus Jets
07/06/2006 Nepal promotes new tourism brand to Chinese travel trade operators