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05/01/2006 Israeli troops face probe on rape charge
05/01/2006 Woman Charged with Theft
05/01/2006 Connecticut exporter charged with illegal technology sale to Iraq
05/01/2006 Driver charged after car hits bicyclist
05/01/2006 Principal arrested on rape charges
05/01/2006 Man Charged with Raping 9-Year-Old
05/01/2006 Fraud Charges Against Limbaugh Dismissed
05/01/2006 Stabbing suspect charged with first-degree murder
05/01/2006 Jersey Village coach charged with indecency
05/01/2006 Two Boys Charged in Brush Fires
05/01/2006 Man faces threat to kill charges
05/01/2006 Driver charged in deadly weekend crash
05/01/2006 US Tops List Of C-Charge Dodgers
05/01/2006 Hickory man charged in fatal accident
05/01/2006 Murder trial begins for man charged with killing wife and mother
05/01/2006 Ethiopia UN Rights Commissioner says Genocide Charges Hard to Articulate
05/01/2006 Brevard man charged with computer porn
05/01/2006 Portsmouth Dentist Charged With Crime Against Child
05/01/2006 Lawyer for Detroit terror case defendant seek charge dismissal
05/01/2006 Uncle faces niece murder charge
05/01/2006 Charges dropped in theft of heart
05/01/2006 Woman, 62, Fights Cable Company's Pay-Per-View Porn Charges
05/01/2006 Woman Fights Hundreds In Porn, Rap Pay-Per-View Charges
05/01/2006 Man charged with sex assault on teens
05/01/2006 Uncle charged with murder
05/01/2006 Uncle faces neice murder charge
05/01/2006 Boys, 10 and 12, Are Charged in Brush Fires
05/01/2006 Students face charges after party spills into street
05/01/2006 Olympian faces string of driving charges
05/01/2006 A Valley Man is Charged with Possibly Killing His Wife
05/01/2006 Two Boys Charged With Setting Florida Brush Fires
05/01/2006 Man, 20, charged over city death
05/01/2006 Soldier's court-martial to begin
05/01/2006 Richard Stallman Charges for Autographs
05/01/2006 Two charged with murder after man dies in hospital
05/01/2006 Missing Iowa Teen Found, Teacher Faces Charges
04/30/2006 Two boys charged with arson in Florida brush fires
04/30/2006 Man charged with murder of baby
04/30/2006 Swim coach in court over child sex charges
04/30/2006 US tops 'congestion charge debt'
04/30/2006 Two 10-Year-Olds Charged With Setting Florida Brush Fires
04/30/2006 Uncle charged with woman's murder
04/30/2006 IL Women, Charged w/ Murdering Nephew
04/30/2006 Man charged with murder after killing trespasser
04/30/2006 American held on torture charge freed in Kabul
04/30/2006 U.S. Held on Torture Charge Freed in Kabul
04/30/2006 Chinese men to face illegal fishing charges
04/30/2006 Fmr. Alabama Gov. Fights Corruption Charge While Campaigning
04/30/2006 Serial police pest caller charged
04/30/2006 Man Charged With Girlfriend's Murder Gets 1M Bond
04/30/2006 Houston police charge Katrina evacuee with murder
04/30/2006 Charges against candidate dropped
04/30/2006 One more arrested on charge of assassination of Malawi president
04/30/2006 You can recharge this battery-run computer on bicycle!
04/30/2006 Two charged in newborn kidnap attempt
04/30/2006 Pair on murder charge after death
04/30/2006 Pair charged with man's murder
04/30/2006 Grandmother charged with first degree child abuse
04/30/2006 Woman's home taken, but nobody is charged
04/30/2006 Providence man shot by police is charged with assault
04/30/2006 Man charged over mugging death
04/30/2006 Gambia charges 17 men with treason
04/30/2006 Youths Charged Over Death Of Boy, 13
04/30/2006 Teen charged in abduction, slaying
04/30/2006 Navy charges Christian chaplain for protest
04/30/2006 Man charged in Ogletown thefts
04/30/2006 Officer charged in Abu Ghraib detainee abuse scandal
04/29/2006 High School Teacher Charged With Attempted Murder Of Teenager
04/29/2006 Abu Ghraib deputy faces charges
04/29/2006 Man charged after fatal Etobicoke stabbing
04/29/2006 Trio guilty of animal cruelty charges in Pa.
04/29/2006 Police charge Pflugerville man in death of 5-year-old
04/29/2006 Democratic Hard Chargers Try to Return Party to Power
04/29/2006 Malawi Vice President Charged With Treason
04/29/2006 Police charge two women with abduction of newborn
04/29/2006 Police charge Pflugerville man in death of 5-year-old
04/29/2006 Downstate Coach Charged With Attempted Murder
04/29/2006 Man charged in girlfriend's stabbing
04/29/2006 FOCUS Rush Limbaugh Arrested on Drug Charges
04/29/2006 Abu Ghraib ex-chief to face cruelty charges
04/29/2006 Charlotte Pastor Charged With Loan Fraud And Tax Evasion
04/29/2006 Woman found badly burned, Sask. girl charged with assault
04/29/2006 Driver, 17, charged in Traverse City crash that killed 3
04/29/2006 Limbaugh arrested on felony charge for prescription drug fraud
04/29/2006 11 B.C. men charged over bald eagle poaching
04/29/2006 Charges laid in alleged eagle poaching ring
04/29/2006 Woman charged with elaborate scheme to get drugs
04/29/2006 Principal indicted on arson charges pleads not guilty
04/29/2006 DA resists deputies, charged with felonies
04/29/2006 Police shooting victim faces assault charges
04/29/2006 Charges dropped in stolen heart case
04/29/2006 Paraplegic Teen's Guardian Charged With His Murder
04/29/2006 Pflugerville candidates charged with diversifying taxes
04/29/2006 Freeburg High teacher charged with attempted murder of teen
04/29/2006 Abu Ghraib officer charged
04/29/2006 Bristol police officer charged with fraud
04/29/2006 Federal authorities arrest eight people on drug charges
04/29/2006 US Army Charges Officer in Abu Ghraib Abuse
04/29/2006 Rape charge may be conspiracy Zuma defence
04/29/2006 Driver charged with DUI in wedding crash near Tampa
04/29/2006 Teen Suspects In Restaurant Robberies Face More Charges
04/29/2006 Charges dropped in theft of dead man's heart
04/29/2006 Driver charged with DUI in Brandon crash
04/29/2006 Polish court orders arrest of teen charged in Belgian MP3 murder
04/29/2006 Man charged with capital murder acquitted; convicted on lesser charge
04/29/2006 Chandler softball coach arrested on sexual abuse charges
04/29/2006 Tulsa officer resigns amid federal charges
04/29/2006 Four charged in drunken driving death
04/29/2006 Gonic man charged in bank robbery
04/29/2006 Students Support Teacher Facing Charges
04/29/2006 Olympic Sprinter Charged with Fraud Scheme
04/29/2006 Bicyclist's death has woman facing murder charge
04/29/2006 Army Officer Charged In Abu Ghraib Scandal
04/29/2006 Rush Limbaugh charged but may avoid trial
04/29/2006 Man charged in fence fraud
04/29/2006 Limbaugh surrenders on drug charge
04/29/2006 Vice-president arrested on treason charges
04/29/2006 Ex-chief of interrogation charged
04/29/2006 Army charges Abu Ghraib officer
04/29/2006 Retired sprinter Montgomery is charged in bank-fraud scheme
04/29/2006 Issaquah man charged with rape
04/29/2006 US colonel charged over Abu Ghraib abuse
04/29/2006 Abu Ghraib top ranking officer charged
04/29/2006 Debt conversion charges shrink Mesa Air 2Q profit
04/29/2006 Revised fuel charges lessen AirTran losses
04/29/2006 Army officer charged in Abu Ghraib prison abuse
04/29/2006 Rush Limbaugh booked on drug charges, gets deal for treatment
04/29/2006 Star sprinter Montgomery charged in fraud scheme
04/29/2006 Malawian vice president arrested on treason charges
04/29/2006 Trio guilty of animal cruelty charges
04/29/2006 Malawi VP arrested on treason charges
04/29/2006 Deal drops Rush Limbaugh drug charges
04/29/2006 Best Buy employees charged with stealing from store
04/29/2006 Former cemetery workers charged with fraud
04/29/2006 Suburban Boynton man charged with posing as doctor
04/29/2006 US Officer Charged Over Prisoner Abuse
04/29/2006 Pair made puppy drink vodka, charges allege
04/29/2006 A Top Abu Ghraib Officer Is Charged
04/28/2006 Man charged with murder
04/28/2006 Bush dismisses gas 'rip-off' charges Joseph Curl / THE
04/28/2006 Officer Charged in Abu Ghraib Scandal
04/28/2006 Belmont Co. Man Charged with Illegal Operation
04/28/2006 London bombings Five deny July 21 terror charges
04/28/2006 US radio pundit on drugs charge
04/28/2006 US army colonel charged in Abu Ghraib scandal
04/28/2006 First officer is charged in Abu Ghraib scandal
04/28/2006 Hampton Man Charged With Sodomy
04/28/2006 Men face animal cruelty charges after allegedly forcing puppy to drink vodka
04/28/2006 Colonel charged in Abu Ghraib scandal
04/28/2006 U.S. Army colonel charged in Abu Ghraib scandal
04/28/2006 Ex-Abu Ghraib interrogation boss charged
04/28/2006 MP's son to face money-laundering charges
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh Turns Himself In on Pill Charges
04/28/2006 Texas Teens Won't Face Hate Crimes Charges
04/28/2006 Limbaugh arrested on drug charges
04/28/2006 Abu Ghraib interrogation chief charged with cruelty
04/28/2006 Texas Teens Won't Face Hate Crimes Charges
04/28/2006 VP Of Malawi Faces Treason Charges
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh Takes Deal on Prescription Fraud Charges
04/28/2006 Massachusetts charges reduced against high school squatter
04/28/2006 Kids Charged with Gambling at School
04/28/2006 Authorities trying to prevent release of man charged in slayings
04/28/2006 Lawmakers consider charges for not reporting lost guns
04/28/2006 Plea Charges Firm With Paying Kickbacks
04/28/2006 Former interrogation center officer at Iraq prison charged with abuse
04/28/2006 Abu Ghraib interrogation head charged with abuse
04/28/2006 Limbaugh charged in Florida drug fraud probe
04/28/2006 Abba frontman charged with tax evasion
04/28/2006 Annapolis football star charged with rape
04/28/2006 Senior officer at Abu Ghraib charged with cruelty
04/28/2006 Colonel charged over Abu Ghraib abuse
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh arrested in Fla. on drug charges
04/28/2006 Ex-Army Interrogation Chief Charged in Abu Ghraib Scandal
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh arrested on prescription fraud charges
04/28/2006 Four former MSU students plead guilty to drug charges
04/28/2006 More charges filed against Derby scalper
04/28/2006 Teen Charged With Inducing Panic
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh Arrested on Fraud Charges, Reaches Settlement
04/28/2006 Limbaugh reaches settlement in prescription drug charges
04/28/2006 Limbaugh Arrested in Fla. on Drug Charges
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh charged with drug fraud
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh reaches settlement on prescription drug charges
04/28/2006 Talker Rush Limbaugh Arrested on Drug Charges
04/28/2006 US Army Charges Officer With Cruelty at Abu Ghraib
04/28/2006 Ex-interrogation head of Abu Ghraib charged
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh reaches settlement in prescription drug charges
04/28/2006 Army Lt. Charged With Cruelty At Abu Ghraib
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh Arrested On Drug Charges
04/28/2006 Limbaugh Arrested on Fraud Charges
04/28/2006 Special Olympics RI head resigns after being charged
04/28/2006 Police Arrest Rush Limbaugh On Prescription Drug Charges
04/28/2006 Limbaugh Arrested On Prescription Fraud Charges
04/28/2006 TL Hanna High band director charged in connection with lewd act complaint
04/28/2006 Kenya Abuse of Office Charges Haunt Minister
04/28/2006 12-year-old charged with taking knife to school
04/28/2006 Mainstream News Limbaugh has been arrested on prescription fraud charges
04/28/2006 Talk show host Rush Limbaugh arrested on prescription drug charges
04/28/2006 Rush Limbaugh arrested on prescription drug charges
04/28/2006 Police Limbaugh Arrested On Fraud Charge
04/28/2006 Former interrogation center officer at Iraq prison charged with criminal offenses
04/28/2006 Charlotte pastor charged with loan fraud, tax evasion
04/28/2006 Teen looks for pizza, finds God; police file charges
04/28/2006 Limbaugh arrested on prescription drug charges
04/28/2006 Limbaugh Arrested on Fraud Charges
04/28/2006 US charges ex-Abu Ghraib officer
04/28/2006 Update Liberal Professor, Activist Faces Criminal Charges
04/28/2006 US sprinter charged with fraud
04/28/2006 Army charges former Abu Ghraib officer
04/28/2006 Abu Ghraib Charges For Army Lt.
04/28/2006 Springfield school chief to answer accident charge in court
04/28/2006 Man Charged After Allegedly Endangering Kids
04/28/2006 Telecom cellphone users in Australia overcharged
04/28/2006 Shadbolt charged with careless driving
04/28/2006 Abu Ghraib interrogation chief charged with abuse
04/28/2006 Army colonel charged in Abu Ghraib scandal
04/28/2006 Former head of interrogation at Abu Ghraib becomes highest-ranking officer charged
04/28/2006 Navy charges evangelical chaplain
04/28/2006 Charge sheet filed
04/28/2006 Hyundai Chief Jailed on Embezzling Charge
04/28/2006 WI Firefighter Charged With Possessing Child Porn
04/28/2006 High school band director charged
04/28/2006 Girls charged after posting video of cat being abused to MySpace
04/28/2006 Gold Medalist Montgomery Charged
04/28/2006 Murder charge nurse overdosed
04/28/2006 BALCO Supplier Pleads Guilty To Steroid Charge
04/28/2006 Telecom cellphone users in Australia overcharged
04/28/2006 Olympic sprinter Montgomery charged with fraud scheme
04/28/2006 Wash. Pastor Charged With Manslaughter
04/28/2006 Texas Teens Won't Face Hate-Crime Charges
04/28/2006 Ex-pastor pleads innocent to federal charges involving teenage girl
04/28/2006 Vermont man pleads guilty to health care fraud charges in N.H.
04/28/2006 Karvy refutes SEBI charges
04/28/2006 Medic charged with raping youths
04/28/2006 Breaking News Olympic sprinter Tim Montgomery arrested in Norfolk on fraud scheme charges
04/28/2006 Waukesha firefighter charged with possessing child porn
04/28/2006 Prosecutor Weighs Perjury Charges Against Rove
04/28/2006 Police Duke accuser didn't pursue prior charge
04/28/2006 Pastor Charged With Manslaughter In Death Of Bicyclist In 2003
04/28/2006 Man Charged With Threatening Sheriff
04/28/2006 No Hate Crime Charges for Teens Accused of Beating Texas Boy
04/28/2006 Prosecutor No Hate Crimes Charges For Now In Brutal Beating Case Near Houston
04/28/2006 Olympic Sprinter Tim Montgomery Charged With Fraud Scheme
04/28/2006 Charge reduced against immigrant who lived in Minn. high school
04/28/2006 Former Olympic Sprinter Tim Montgomery Charged With Fraud
04/28/2006 Eight men charged over brothers' murders
04/28/2006 Navy sailor charged with trying to solicit sex
04/28/2006 Police charge Georgia man in fatal shooting
04/28/2006 Prosecutors reduce charge against immigrant
04/28/2006 Woman Charged For Crashing SUV into Building
04/28/2006 Winn-Dixie charged in lobster sale
04/28/2006 No Charges in Homicide Case
04/28/2006 Judge Won't Restrict Padilla's Lawyers
04/28/2006 Monterey County Judge Faces Misconduct Charges
04/28/2006 Charges reduced against Serrano
04/28/2006 SCC custodian charged with forcible touching
04/28/2006 Paramedic faces child rape charges
04/28/2006 Feds Charge Olympian In Huge Money Laundering Scheme
04/28/2006 Off the wire Five face piracy charges for warez
04/28/2006 Terror suspects deny charges
04/28/2006 Hyundai Chairman Arrested on Embezzlement Charges
04/28/2006 Duke Accuser Charged Rape in 1996
04/28/2006 Marines Won\'t Answer Philippine Charges
04/28/2006 Prosecutor No hate crimes charges for now in beating case near Houston
04/28/2006 OLCC meets to replace director charged with DUI
04/28/2006 Trucker pleads guilty to charges in death of circus worker
04/28/2006 Charged & Sentenced
04/28/2006 Rodrigues brother faces intimidation charge
04/28/2006 Polish teen charged in Belgian MP3 murder
04/28/2006 Va. Tech Student Charged In Death Of Fellow Student
04/28/2006 Two Teens Charged with Hate Crime
04/28/2006 20-year-old man charged in connection with state trooper's death
04/28/2006 US marines arraigned on rape charges in Philippines
04/28/2006 Houston Teens Won't Face Hate-Crime Charge
04/28/2006 Prosecutor 2 Charged With Sodomizing Boy Won't Face Hate Charges
04/28/2006 Marines Don't Answer Philippine Rape Charges
04/28/2006 Teen faces rape, gun charges
04/28/2006 Drink-drive Pc denies charges
04/28/2006 US mine denies survivor's charge
04/28/2006 Pastor charged in disappearance of young girl
04/28/2006 Smith pleads to felony charge
04/28/2006 Charges Pending in Goat Beatings
04/28/2006 Inquiry urged into attorney's sex charges
04/28/2006 Houston teens won't face hate-crime charge
04/28/2006 State prison inmates charged in crack cocaine conspiracy
04/28/2006 Man charged with attempted murder
04/28/2006 Woman charged with simple assault following fight with man, police say
04/28/2006 U.S. Marines won't answer Philippine rape charges
04/28/2006 No charges will be brought in Hanover death
04/28/2006 State pilot who flies for Blagojevich faces felony charges
04/28/2006 Two Indiana Teens Face Animal Cruelty Charges
04/28/2006 Marines Won't Answer Philippine Charges
04/28/2006 4 Marines Won't Answer Rape Charges in Philippines
04/28/2006 Judge Wont Drop Charges Against Libby in CIA Leak Probe
04/28/2006 Empire State Building jumper charged
04/28/2006 Boy, 15, admits store rape charge
04/28/2006 Five deny July bomb plot charges
04/28/2006 Indian court demands answers on submarine kickback charge
04/28/2006 Special Olympics head resigns after being charged
04/28/2006 Oregon Liquor Control Commissioner Charged With DUI
04/28/2006 Ex-rancher charged will illegal elk possession
04/28/2006 Constable candidate charged with stalking, posing as cop
04/28/2006 Navy officer charged with trying to solicit sex
04/28/2006 Oregon liquor control chief charged with drunken driving
04/28/2006 Man charged in theft of guns from a home
04/28/2006 New Castle-area citizens prepared to take charge
04/28/2006 Lexington man faces kidnapping charge
04/28/2006 Two charged in school vandalism
04/28/2006 2 teens charged in attack at Texas party
04/28/2006 Ex-lawmaker faces charges
04/28/2006 Rape Charges Against U.S. Marines to Stand
04/28/2006 Detainee Defiantly Admits Charges
04/28/2006 No Charges in Iraq Shooting
04/28/2006 Whale teeth trafficking may bring U.S. charges
04/28/2006 Karl Rove and a False Statements Charge
04/27/2006 Texas Teens Charged With Beating, Sodomizing Boy
04/27/2006 Blood clot killed man charged with setting woman on fire, medical examiner says
04/27/2006 Teacher arrested on additional sex charges
04/27/2006 Skinkis Guilty on All Charges
04/27/2006 Egypt Charges Al-Jazeera Journalist With False Reporting
04/27/2006 Littlejohn Chargese
04/27/2006 News Police investigate criminal history of teens charged with Cpl. Severns' death
04/27/2006 Brazil's former finance minister charged
04/27/2006 No charges in Iraq shooting probe
04/27/2006 Convicted Rapist in Custody on New Charges
04/27/2006 Teens charged with animal abuse after MySpace posting
04/27/2006 Three more charged with murders
04/27/2006 Horse owner faces charges of animal cruelty
04/27/2006 Lubbock Grand Jury Indicts Man On Robbery Charge
04/27/2006 Foos Charged With Manslaughter
04/27/2006 Former Teacher Charged Again
04/27/2006 Lowcountry man charged as internet predator
04/27/2006 Strayhorn needles Gov. Perry in politically charged session
04/27/2006 Elderly man charged with killing ailing wife
04/27/2006 Two charged with killing elderly man and employee
04/27/2006 Diaz cleared on federal tax evasion charges
04/27/2006 Texas Teens Charged With Attacking Hispanic
04/27/2006 More Charges in Stolen Sign Case
04/27/2006 Freedom Cop Charged With Stalking Ex-Girlfriend
04/27/2006 Band Teacher Faces Criminal Charges
04/27/2006 Charges Follow Cruiser Crash
04/27/2006 Officials Weigh Charges in Ark. Bat Caper
04/27/2006 More Charges Filed Against Warren Jeffs
04/27/2006 Teen Charged With Dismemberment
04/27/2006 Florence Woman Charged in Connection with Child's Death is Out on Bond
04/27/2006 Man charged with slashing tails off gators, keeping deer as pet
04/27/2006 Man charged in shooting of Englewood officer
04/27/2006 Officials charge Florence mother with baby's death because of her absence
04/27/2006 Mom charged in prom keg party
04/27/2006 Jet to levy fuel surcharge
04/27/2006 UM Center Dodges Felony Charge
04/27/2006 New Charges Against Polygamous Leader Warren Jeffs
04/27/2006 Head of OLCC charged with drunken driving, resigns
04/27/2006 Special court for man on terror charges
04/27/2006 Mokbel's brother faces drug charges
04/27/2006 Vincennes man charged with killing mom, daughters
04/27/2006 Liquor Control Commission administrator charged with drunk driving
04/27/2006 Dad charged with murder after tossing baby from car
04/27/2006 No charges against Flagstaff teacher in fatal accident
04/27/2006 Call to scrap cancer drug charges
04/27/2006 Two Students Charged In School Vandalism Spree
04/27/2006 Police investigate new charges against Avigdor Lieberman
04/27/2006 Man Charged With Murder for Tossing Infant From Car
04/27/2006 Ore. Liquor Control Administrator Charged With DUI
04/27/2006 Flextronics Falls on Charges
04/27/2006 Head of Oregon liquor-control agency charged with drunken driving, resigns
04/27/2006 State liquor chief charged with DUI
04/27/2006 Cousin admits charge in hunting death of 13-year-old boy
04/27/2006 CBI chargesheet ready against 5 Army personnel
04/27/2006 Michigan State students charged with money laundering
04/27/2006 Liquor chief charged with drunken driving
04/27/2006 Danish reporters charged for Iraq reports
04/27/2006 Man charged with murder for tossing baby
04/27/2006 Judge refuses to throw out charges in CIA leak case