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05/16/2006 A Message from the Auditor General of Canada
05/16/2006 National Defence - NATO Flying Training in Canada
05/16/2006 Rival Wanted Polygamist Probably in Canada
05/16/2006 Canada, others eye alternative climate pact
05/16/2006 No troops on Canada-U.S. border, U.S. ambassador says
05/16/2006 Ambassador sees poetry in Canada-U.S. relations
05/16/2006 Canada says no plans for Guard on border
05/16/2006 Internet phone company offers free calls to US, Canada
05/16/2006 Canada Conservatives seek to benefit from scandal
05/16/2006 Ottawa unsatisfactory at tax collection, First Nation's programs, AG says
05/16/2006 Honk – and hit the brakes – if you love Canada geese
05/16/2006 Liberals misinformed parliament about millions spent on gun registry AG
05/16/2006 Scandal report set to boost Canada Conservatives
05/16/2006 LNG pipeline set for eastern Canada
05/16/2006 New Honda plant unlikely to be built in Canada
05/16/2006 MPs reject Harper's accountability appointment
05/16/2006 Annapolis' CBay expands in Canada, U.K.
05/16/2006 Scandal report set to boost Canada Conservatives
05/16/2006 Caledonia blockaders open one lane for traffic
05/16/2006 Canadian leader wants to extend Afghan mission
05/16/2006 U.S. Humane Society abandons seal hunt lawsuit
05/16/2006 Liberals hid costs of gun registry, Fraser says
05/16/2006 Tuberculosis kills Labrador child
05/16/2006 Vancouver fire victim 'mother' of the Congolese community
05/16/2006 Rescuers built landing pad at Sask. air crash site
05/16/2006 Guite trial bogged down with contract details
05/16/2006 Lumber groups sue over 'conspired' softwood deal
05/16/2006 Blockade removed by natives in Ont. land dispute
05/16/2006 Air Canada to cut costs, change travel
05/16/2006 Skype offers free U.S. and Canada calls
05/16/2006 Court to hear 2 tales of Trivial Pursuit's origin
05/16/2006 Committee rejects Harper nominee for ethics role
05/16/2006 U.S. victory hands Canada top spot
05/16/2006 Alberta crews fight wildfire
05/16/2006 Commons Will Debate Extending Canada's Mission In Afghanistan
05/16/2006 Federal fisheries minister apologizes to seal hunt observers
05/16/2006 Oil Clout May Improve Canada
05/16/2006 Canada a leader in labour unrest
05/16/2006 Biman passengers stranded in Canada sent to US by other airliners
05/16/2006 Clinton cautions Canada against moving to privatize health care
05/16/2006 Nortel warns of bigger first-quarter loss
05/16/2006 Van. police hunt suspected arsonist as kids mourn
05/16/2006 Canada Defends U.N. Climate Role, Overshoots Kyoto
05/16/2006 Updated SonyStyle Canada Slips Blu-ray VAIO Details
05/16/2006 Commodities rout to hit Canada
05/16/2006 Census input crucial, premier tells N.W.T. residents
05/16/2006 Cdn. schools too dependent on fundraising groups
05/16/2006 Skype users can make free calls in US, Canada Skype's new bait
05/16/2006 Clinton urges caution with private health-care
05/16/2006 Gay marriage supporters upset over 2006 census
05/16/2006 Feds will deregister long guns, shotguns CTV
05/16/2006 Tories anticipating auditor's report on gun registry
05/16/2006 Computer-to-phone calls free in US, Canada
05/16/2006 B.C. man killed in apparent street race
05/16/2006 Canada 'to extend Afghan stay'
05/16/2006 Authorities say deadly fire in Canada considered suspicious
05/16/2006 Canada grapples with radio and new music
05/15/2006 Fire kills woman, 4 kids in western Canada
05/15/2006 Vote Could Extend Canada's Commitment to Afghanistan by 2 Years
05/15/2006 Canada Liberal Party Leadership Hopefuls Split Over Mission in Afghanistan
05/15/2006 Oilers expecting a battle in game six Pronger
05/15/2006 Police seize vehicles owned by murder suspect
05/15/2006 Canada defends UN climate role, overshoots Kyoto
05/15/2006 Skype offers free calls to traditional phones in U.S., Canada
05/15/2006 Canada role at climate talks draws fire
05/15/2006 Vote could extend Canada's commitment to Afghanistan by 2 years
05/15/2006 Canada plans to extend Afghan mission to 2009 report
05/15/2006 Canada may overshoot its Kyoto targets
05/15/2006 Czech Republic bests Canada at worlds
05/15/2006 Canada beats Finland in World Championship
05/15/2006 Leaked details not accurate, says auditor
05/15/2006 Free calling from Skype in the States and Canada calling from Skype in the States and Canada
05/15/2006 Fashion model guilty of air rage in Canada
05/15/2006 Ambrose feels heat for heading UN climate-change meeting
05/15/2006 Guite produces link to Chretien PMO official
05/15/2006 Bell Canada, union reach 100M pay equity deal
05/15/2006 Montreal boy dies after inflatable pool mishap
05/15/2006 SonyStyle Canada Slips Blu-ray VAIO Details
05/15/2006 Bell Canada, union agree to 100M pay equity settlement
05/15/2006 Saskatchewan chemical plant fire leads to evacuations
05/15/2006 Skype offers free computer-to-phone calls in US, Canada
05/15/2006 Team Canada bounces back
05/15/2006 Chemical fire forces evacuations in Debden, Sask.
05/15/2006 Schools selling ads, raising funds to pay for basics, study warns
05/15/2006 More charges against driver in deadly police crash
05/15/2006 Soldiers questioned over Quebec City blast
05/15/2006 Canada Census Developers Add Linux Support
05/15/2006 Skype Offers Free Calls to Phones and Mobiles in US & Canada
05/15/2006 Angry constituents continue to hound Emerson
05/15/2006 Modzilla pleads guilty in air rage fracas
05/15/2006 Skype offers free calls to all landline, mobile phones within the US and Canada
05/15/2006 Skype offers free calling to phones in U.S., Canada
05/15/2006 Canada's Air Force set to host an "enhanced" MAPLE FLAG
05/15/2006 Future of radio tough to predict broadcasters
05/15/2006 'Bathtub murder sisters' face sentencing hearing
05/15/2006 Flaherty denies sending mixed signals to Ontario
05/15/2006 Canada census developers add Linux support
05/15/2006 Ont. pit bull law faces constitutional challenge
05/15/2006 Pit bull ban to be tested in Ontario court
05/15/2006 N.S. party leaders rev up campaigns
05/15/2006 SkypeOut now FREE for US & Canada!
05/15/2006 Bicyclist survives bear attack in Canada's Banff National Park
05/15/2006 SkypeOut Now Totally Free in US and Canada
05/15/2006 Skype launches free call promotion in US, Canada
05/15/2006 Canada defends UN climate role
05/15/2006 Skype offers free call promotion for US, Canada
05/15/2006 1 killed, 2 injured in plane crash in central Canada
05/15/2006 Explosion In Canada, Building Burning
05/15/2006 Bicyclist survives bear attack in Canada
05/15/2006 Editorial Canada as watchdog
05/15/2006 Canada lagging behind in adult literacy report
05/15/2006 Vancouver blaze kills five
05/15/2006 Five reported killed in Vancouver explosion CTV
05/15/2006 5 killed in Canada explosion TV
05/15/2006 Canadian dollar opens at 89.49 cents US, down 0.65 of a cent
05/15/2006 Sharks fans boo 'O Canada' before game
05/15/2006 First losses for Canada, Sweden
05/15/2006 'O Canada' booed
05/15/2006 Canada, Swedes suffer losses
05/15/2006 Sharks fans boo Canada's anthem
05/15/2006 Active hurricane season may affect East Coast
05/15/2006 Sisters to be sentenced for mother's murder
05/15/2006 Five dead, one hurt in Vancouver townhouse fire
05/15/2006 Sharks fans boo O Canada before Game 5
05/15/2006 Indonesian FM to visit Canada, US, Qatar
05/15/2006 Execution too easy for Bernardo, says lawyer
05/15/2006 Egyptian terror suspect Jaballah returns to court
05/15/2006 More refugees sneaking into Canada study
05/15/2006 Canada urges UN to go to Darfur
05/15/2006 There's a flaw in Mr. Harper's plan for Canada
05/15/2006 Intergenerational Travel Affects Ontario Canada's Ogopogo Resort
05/14/2006 Mexican police to discuss Ianiero murder case Monday
05/14/2006 Canada, Sweden lose for first time
05/14/2006 Miners See Riches in Canada
05/14/2006 Gunfire erupts in four T.O. weekend incidents
05/14/2006 Tories influenced by U.S. pollster activists
05/14/2006 One dead, two injured in airplane crash in Sask.
05/14/2006 Sault Ste. Marie police officer dies in auto accident
05/14/2006 Inco sweetens nickel bid to 17B
05/14/2006 2006 Canada Census responds to public demand, allows Linux
05/14/2006 NHL's Sens fans vent all night to radio show
05/14/2006 Rockslide keeps Trans-Canada closed
05/14/2006 Man dies after Saskatchewan water tanker crashes
05/14/2006 PMO spokesperson defends Tory media strategy
05/14/2006 Bear hunted down Banff cyclist, warden says
05/14/2006 Hybrid bear shot dead in Canada
05/14/2006 Ontario officer dies after cruiser hits minivan
05/14/2006 Edmonton police brace for fans as Oilers meet Sharks
05/14/2006 Canada’s Environment Minister Understands the Issue but not the Solution
05/14/2006 Lobbyists preparing for push on gun registry, control group claims
05/14/2006 Teck says offer for Inco is full and fair value
05/14/2006 Fraser's report expected to prop up Conservatives
05/14/2006 Critics say Manitoba whistleblower law falls short
05/14/2006 Canada stockpiling antiviral in case of pandemic
05/14/2006 Canada faces court issue with child killer
05/14/2006 Canada stockpiling antivirals in case of pandemic
05/14/2006 European weed edging out maple trees, trilliums in Canada
05/14/2006 Prison riot mars Haitian president's inauguration
05/14/2006 Canada should spare troops for Darfur Dallaire
05/14/2006 Haiti prepares to inaugurate new president amid heavy security
05/14/2006 Senegalese official complains of airport search
05/14/2006 Report Canada a 'haven for terrorists'
05/14/2006 Gov. Gen. commits Canada's help to troubled Haiti
05/14/2006 Police suspect Cdn. soldier in Quebec explosion
05/14/2006 Layton says MP regrets comments about RCMP
05/14/2006 Cdn. navy pursues fuel tax rebates to save cash
05/14/2006 Stampede Canada Expands Reach
05/13/2006 Senegal demands apology from Canada for Francophonie head's
05/13/2006 Rare 'Groler' bear shot in Canada
05/13/2006 High unemployment area imports Russian workers
05/13/2006 Ottawa Senators eliminated; one Cdn. team left
05/13/2006 NACO wants musicians to promise confidentiality
05/13/2006 B.C. preschooler struck by suspected drunk driver
05/13/2006 Group coming for bereaved military families
05/13/2006 OPP officer held on drug-related charges
05/13/2006 Gay rights pioneer's fight continues after death
05/13/2006 Climate change a threat to low-lying B.C. study
05/13/2006 Navy technicians blew submarine's electrical system, newspaper reports
05/13/2006 Opposition grows to US-Canada border passport plan
05/13/2006 Feds promising medicines during a pandemic
05/13/2006 Hockey fans stabbed in Edmonton riot
05/13/2006 Governor General urges Haitians to end violence
05/13/2006 Ottawa, provinces prepare for pandemic
05/13/2006 Black bear attacks mountain biker near Banff
05/13/2006 Oilers fans swarm the 'Blue Mile' after win
05/13/2006 Only five Liberal leadership candidates bilingual
05/13/2006 Bear mauls mountain biker
05/13/2006 Canada relaxes norms to make immigration easier
05/13/2006 Governor General visits Haiti
05/13/2006 Israeli envoy rebukes Canada's Arbour
05/13/2006 Canada Government 23 Cattle Potentially Ate Same Feed As BSE Cow
05/13/2006 US, Canada Reach Benchmark Lumber Accord
05/13/2006 Canada Customs Guards To Be Armed
05/13/2006 IT World Canada Global Newswatch
05/13/2006 Polygamous Sect in Canada Goes Public
05/13/2006 Nova Scotia premier announces June 13 election
05/13/2006 Hybrid bear shot dead in Canada
05/13/2006 Dropping Kyoto may hurt Canada's image
05/13/2006 Some still see Canada as option
05/13/2006 Prowling ways of Canadian lynx land them in sights of US hunters
05/13/2006 Nova Scotia has election fever
05/13/2006 Briefing note says Kyoto pullout will hurt Canada
05/13/2006 Blood Pressure Canada Calls for Urgent Action to Get More Hypertensive Canadians to Goal
05/13/2006 Mainstream News China, Canada seek crude off Cuba, but not US
05/13/2006 Hybrid bear found in Canada
05/13/2006 Newest hot spot for oil production Canada
05/12/2006 Gov. Gen. visits Haitian homeland this weekend
05/12/2006 Canada to reform foreign adoption laws
05/12/2006 4 marines killed in tank accident
05/12/2006 Taliban suspects won't be harmed, Harper believes
05/12/2006 RIM seen painting bright future at investor event
05/12/2006 BC Ferries sued by missing passenger's daughters
05/12/2006 Passport rule disturbs U.S.-Canada board
05/12/2006 Nova Scotia Tories announce 26-million land deal
05/12/2006 Technology keeps hope alive in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
05/12/2006 Kyoto has Canada in knots
05/12/2006 Court rejects Boucher appeal of murder convictions
05/12/2006 Mohawk chief says Caledonia standoff may end soon
05/12/2006 EFT Canada Grants Options to Directors
05/12/2006 Smitherman comes clean about 'party drug' habit
05/12/2006 Tories launch probe to find who leaked audit info
05/12/2006 PM won't set targets for immigrants
05/12/2006 Daughters of missing man suing BC Ferries
05/12/2006 Barred from courtroom, accused killer still serves as own lawyer
05/12/2006 Ex-premier Bouchard rules out return to politics
05/12/2006 MacEachen backs Rae for Liberal leadership
05/12/2006 Coroner Peanut kiss didn't cause death
05/12/2006 Harper announces plan to ease foreign adoptions
05/12/2006 Sex offender not welcome, N.L. town residents say
05/12/2006 Newest Oil Production Hot Spot Canada
05/12/2006 Bail denied to woman facing abduction charges
05/12/2006 Report Canada wants more lenient Kyoto after 2012
05/12/2006 Leafs expected to name Maurice as head coach
05/12/2006 NuTech Digital Inks Exclusive Distribution Agreement with DEP Distribution of Canada
05/12/2006 Creating new insight into HIV-AIDS virus wins Canada's top student biotech prize
05/12/2006 Cecilia killer Min Chen to learn parole decision
05/12/2006 Canada routs Latvia in Hockey Worlds
05/12/2006 Canada win delayed by fans
05/12/2006 The Icemen Cometh-Canada's New Prime Minister, Stephan Harper, Starts Governing
05/12/2006 Tories ramp up campaign against gun registry
05/12/2006 Heartsbreak as family flies in from Canada only to miss final
05/12/2006 Cecilia Zhang killer to learn parole decision
05/12/2006 No decision on Heathrow service Air Canada
05/11/2006 Canada's Largest Health and Safety Conference Opens Today
05/11/2006 Diplomat gets undignified welcome to Canada
05/11/2006 Dolphins likely to OK Ricky playing in Canada
05/11/2006 Air Canada banning pets in passenger cabin
05/11/2006 Softwood deal could be done by July lumber exec
05/11/2006 Grizzly-polar bear hybrid found
05/11/2006 Woman accused of helping Alberta murder suspects granted bail
05/11/2006 Harper says Canada 'limited' in what it can do in Darfur
05/11/2006 Accused in killing of sex-trade worker appears in court
05/11/2006 Canada, U.S. show similar innovation potential Statistics Canada
05/11/2006 Allegations of WWI Genocide Irk Turkey
05/11/2006 Household income linked to children's well-being StatsCan
05/11/2006 Dragging death driver sentenced to 9 years
05/11/2006 Cdn. accused of shooting U.S. cop trying for bail
05/11/2006 Woman accused of helping suspects in triple murder gets bail
05/11/2006 Activists urge Tories to reopen abortion issue
05/11/2006 Air travel complaints up 21 per cent in 2005
05/11/2006 N.S. board sides with gay teacher in rights fight
05/11/2006 Accused in Alta. prostitute murder smiles in court
05/11/2006 Whistleblower cash reward a bad idea commissioner
05/11/2006 Medicine Hat suspect released on bail
05/11/2006 Quebec teen died of asthma, not nutty kiss
05/11/2006 Solberg hints at lower immigration target
05/11/2006 Thousands gather to honour slain Windsor police officer
05/11/2006 Kennedy to resign seat soon in Ontario legislature
05/11/2006 Quebec bill would speed up accreditation of foreign professionals
05/11/2006 Turkey Quits Int'l Military Maneuvers in Canada
05/11/2006 Quebec boy with rare condition sings for Pope
05/11/2006 Airline complaints range from bad attitudes to bland fruit cups
05/11/2006 Codeine can turn toxic in nursing mothers doctor
05/11/2006 Boeing says Canada running out of time on aircraft purchase
05/11/2006 Canada confirms new case of mad cow disease
05/11/2006 Dry, hot summer likely for most, says Environment Canada
05/11/2006 Protester climbs down after 26 hours on Montreal billboard
05/11/2006 Government may sue Liberals for sponsorship funds report
05/11/2006 Thousands to honour life of fallen police officer
05/11/2006 Environmentalists call for Ambrose to resign
05/11/2006 Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Far above Target
05/11/2006 RIM, oil may lift Canada
05/11/2006 ACE swings to profit
05/11/2006 Egoyan praises Harper's stance on Armenian genocide
05/11/2006 Cabinet approves 2B residential school deal
05/11/2006 Harper considers possibility of Darfur deployment
05/11/2006 Canada, Finland Among Winners At Latvia
05/11/2006 New trial ordered in hockey player injury case
05/11/2006 Forecasters predict most of Canada will be sweltering
05/11/2006 Halifax teacher wins human-rights fight
05/11/2006 Canada's future rests with open-door immigration
05/10/2006 DNA tests show strange bear killed in Canada to be grizzly-polar hybrid
05/10/2006 Canada agrees native abuse deal
05/10/2006 Edmonton man sues police for alleged beating
05/10/2006 Greenhouse emissions way above target Ambrose
05/10/2006 New website records rowdies on the 'Blue Mile'
05/10/2006 Improve safety measures for drugs during pregnancy, Health Canada urged
05/10/2006 Canada one of the best places to be a mom
05/10/2006 Harper's Quebec strategy may alienate Ontario
05/10/2006 Canada beat United States in Riga
05/10/2006 Canada, Finland among winners at Latvia
05/10/2006 Canada needs to do more spying Day
05/10/2006 Sask. premier issues threat over equalization
05/10/2006 Tories approve 1.9-billion package for native residential students
05/10/2006 Power to lower flag rests with PM Speaker
05/10/2006 Windsor flying blue ribbons before cop's funeral
05/10/2006 Second charge laid in death of Alta. sex worker
05/10/2006 Baby found in dumpster is Vancouver's 8th murder
05/10/2006 EPOD Announces Power Storage and Solar Power Sale in Canada
05/10/2006 Official No planes, trains, autos if Canada to meet Kyoto target
05/10/2006 Canada plays down talk of an al-Qaeda attack
05/10/2006 Sailboat debris found in B.C.'s Georgia Strait
05/10/2006 Drug spending in Canada climbs to 25 B in 2005
05/10/2006 Chartwell REIT Announces the Development of 431 New Suites in Ontario and Atlantic Canada
05/10/2006 Report Terror attack on Canada 'probable'
05/10/2006 Attack in Canada 'now probable' CSIS report
05/10/2006 Canada committed to Afghan mission, says MacKay
05/10/2006 Miramichi trucker named Canada's best
05/10/2006 Montreal nanny who fell into coma faces deportation
05/10/2006 Second charge laid in death of Alberta sex-trade worker
05/10/2006 Guite's name appears on contracts, trial hears
05/10/2006 Vellacott resigns as aboriginal committee chair
05/10/2006 Canada must quit as chair of Kyoto process greens
05/10/2006 Hot, dry summer predicted for almost all of Canada
05/10/2006 Environment Canada predicting hot, dry summer for almost the entire country
05/10/2006 Canada must quit as chair of Kyoto process-greens
05/10/2006 Doctors warn of hypertension epidemic in Canada
05/10/2006 Canada faces long, hot summer
05/10/2006 Strange bear was grizzly-polar hybrid, tests show
05/10/2006 Canada committed to Afghan mission, says MacKay
05/10/2006 Attack in Canada 'now probable' CSIS report
05/10/2006 Hutterites win ruling over driver licence photos
05/10/2006 Canada elected member of UN Human Rights Council
05/10/2006 Ontario joins American anti-pollution lawsuit
05/10/2006 McGuinty asks locals for time to resolve standoff
05/10/2006 Canada committed to Afghan mission, MacKay says
05/10/2006 Teens suspected in 7 bank robberies
05/10/2006 Canada reaffirms continuous support to Afghanistan
05/10/2006 N.L. considers apologizing for Chinese head tax
05/10/2006 Filipino community fights to keep nanny in Canada
05/10/2006 Team USA loses to Canada
05/10/2006 Missiles to be fired in major military exercise off Vancouver Island
05/10/2006 Terror attack on Canada probable
05/10/2006 U.S. falls to Canada at hockey worlds
05/10/2006 Canada's commitment to Afghan mission strong MacKay
05/10/2006 Judge to rule Friday on parole for Cecilia Zhang's killer
05/10/2006 Mexican officials to visit Canada in Ianiero case
05/10/2006 Russia, China, UK, Canada among 47 states elected to UN Human Rights Council
05/10/2006 No photo required for some Hutterite drivers
05/10/2006 Tory budget on track to win Commons approval
05/10/2006 Attack on Canada `probable'
05/10/2006 Canada Defeats USA At World Championship
05/09/2006 ACE mulls Air Canada spinoff
05/09/2006 Canada's Top Teen Biotech Scientists Square off in National Competition Finals
05/09/2006 Mainstream News Al-Qaida assault on Canada 'probable'
05/09/2006 Kidnapped B.C. children escaped from trunk
05/09/2006 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Media Advisory
05/09/2006 Al-Qaida assault on Canada 'probable,' head of spy agency warns
05/09/2006 Canada elected to new UN Human Rights Council
05/09/2006 Al Qaeda attack on Canada 'probable' CSIS
05/09/2006 Man charged in death of prostitute
05/09/2006 Cuba, Canada Among Those Elected to New UN Rights Council; Iran Rejected
05/09/2006 Father accused of becoming 'unglued,' assaulting Mountie
05/09/2006 Children's rescuer asked, 'What are you doing in the trunk?'
05/09/2006 Shanahan, Canada edge U.S. at hockey worlds
05/09/2006 Bird flu pandemic will hit young people biologist
05/09/2006 PM rejects calls for firing of Saskatoon MP from committee
05/09/2006 Two 12-year-old boys among those charged in murder
05/09/2006 Shell Canada offers 2.2B for rival
05/09/2006 U.S. announces agreement lumber fight with Canada
05/09/2006 Canada warned against U.S.-style drug crackdown
05/09/2006 Official 'amazed' to find Guite-approved contract
05/09/2006 ER over-crowding hurts patient health study
05/09/2006 Savvy competition surrounds Sears Canada
05/09/2006 Show support for bilingualism, commissioner urges PM