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06/20/2006 How burglaries shatter peace of mind
06/19/2006 Police say burglary ring is becoming more bold
06/19/2006 Cabin burglary leaves large loss of property
06/19/2006 Man Faces Burglary & Robbery Charges
06/19/2006 Would-be burglar may have tried again
06/18/2006 AIG Personal data on 970,000 lost in burglary
06/18/2006 Teen Charged Burglary, Robbery
06/17/2006 Police dog helps nab SW Bend burglar
06/17/2006 Houston police halt burglary suspect in store
06/17/2006 Burglar held by owner jailed
06/17/2006 Burglary charges hook son of oil billionaire
06/16/2006 Police suspect TV story altered teen burglars' habits
06/16/2006 Insurance giant loses data on 970,000 consumers through burglary
06/16/2006 Son of Billionaire Charged With Burglary
06/16/2006 Caught on tape Palais Royal burglars
06/16/2006 Police arrest two suspected burglars
06/16/2006 Louisville police bust burglary ring
06/16/2006 Billionaire's Son Charged With Burglary
06/16/2006 Texas oil tycoon's son charged with burglary
06/16/2006 Burglars set fireworks stand blaze
06/16/2006 Billionaire's son charged with burglary
06/16/2006 2 Phoenix residents linked to string of 50 burglaries
06/16/2006 Son of billionaire oil tycoon charged with burglary
06/16/2006 Dallas billionaire's son charged with burglary
06/16/2006 2 Phoenix residents linked to string of 50 burglaries
06/16/2006 Billionaire' son charged with burglary
06/16/2006 2 linked to string of 50 burglaries
06/16/2006 Norman police warn of burglars
06/16/2006 Son of billionaire charged with burglary
06/15/2006 Burglar Enters Home With Knife, Leaves With Two Bullet Wounds
06/15/2006 Rash Of Car Burglaries Strikes E. Austin Neighborhood
06/15/2006 Police arrest man on suspicion of leading Franklin-Grand Isle burglary ring
06/15/2006 Arlington burglary suspects caught on surveillance tape
06/15/2006 Increase of auto burglaries prompts Edmond police to warn park patrons
06/15/2006 2 arrested for burglary
06/14/2006 Burglary Spree
06/14/2006 Muslim family thought police raid were armed burglars
06/14/2006 Search for Suspected Burglars
06/14/2006 Wounded Burglar Escapes Hospital, Naked And Bloody
06/14/2006 Arlington burglary suspects caught on surveillance tape
06/14/2006 Smash-And-Grab Burglary Caught On Tape
06/14/2006 Church Targeted By Burglars
06/13/2006 Three men in custody after burglary, pursuit
06/13/2006 More implicated in slaying, burglary
06/13/2006 Saddle Creeks Burglars Point Finger at Selves
06/13/2006 Teen Burglars Caught Red-Handed, Deputy Says
06/13/2006 Police looking for burglary suspects who assaulted, robbed man in hotel room
06/13/2006 Two sought on burglary, lynching charges in Richland Co.
06/13/2006 Pappa John's burglary has police puzzled
06/13/2006 Officer's SUV burglarized
06/13/2006 Teens Arrested For School Burglaries
06/13/2006 Suspect arrested after two burglaries
06/13/2006 Drugs, jail crowding cited in burglary rise
06/12/2006 Lafayette burglaries
06/12/2006 Burglars strike at police inspector's quarters
06/12/2006 Home Burglaries Going Up in Some Neighborhoods
06/12/2006 Post Office Burglarized
06/12/2006 Two 16-year-old arrested for burglary
06/11/2006 Brazen burglars flood streets with stolen guns
06/11/2006 Boys, 15, charged with tattoo parlor burglaries
06/11/2006 Foiled Burglar Sues Store Employees for Emotional Distress
06/10/2006 Okanogan County sheriff's sergeant arrested in school burglary
06/10/2006 Foiled burglar sues for emotional distress
06/10/2006 Foiled Burglar Sues Store for 'Emotional Distress'
06/10/2006 Foiled Burglar Sues Store Employees for 'Emotional Distress'
06/10/2006 6 arrested in East End car break-ins, home burglaries
06/10/2006 Make your house safe from burglars
06/09/2006 Possible Burglary Leads Authorities To Drug House
06/09/2006 Using knowledge of security systems, burglars hit multiple locations
06/09/2006 6 arrested in series of East End burglaries
06/09/2006 Sheriff Sergeant arrested for burglary
06/09/2006 Routine burglary cited in ID theft
06/09/2006 Grand Rapids man charged with 8 counts of burglary
06/09/2006 Burglar Make Off With Saucy Abi Pics
06/08/2006 Grand Rapids man faces burglary charges
06/08/2006 Police uncover major commercial burglary ring
06/08/2006 Lafayette burglary arrests
06/08/2006 Husband and wife charged with burglaries in the Rogers area
06/08/2006 Rogers couple arrested on burglary charges
06/08/2006 Violent burglar gets 24-year sentence
06/08/2006 Burglary suspect is headed to court
06/07/2006 Information sought on burglary
06/07/2006 Lawyer Client too fat to be burglar
06/07/2006 Thieves use moving vans to fool neighbors, rob homes 528 PM
06/07/2006 Thieves use moving vans to fool neighbors, rob homes 405 PM
06/07/2006 Grand Rapids man charged with 8 counts of burglary
06/07/2006 Man charged in series of home burglaries
06/07/2006 Burglars Using Garage Door Openers To Enter Homes
06/07/2006 Burglary Victim Posts Sign
06/07/2006 Burglary suspects busted
06/07/2006 Burglary Suspect Nabbed After Chase
06/06/2006 Burglars caught robbing same store 748 PM
06/06/2006 Burglars caught robbing same store 748 PM
06/06/2006 Store Burglarized Three Times
06/06/2006 13 Year Old Stares Down Barrel of Gun in Burglary
06/06/2006 Metro Police seek burglary suspects
06/06/2006 Would-be burglars come up empty at sub shop
06/06/2006 Police alerted to overnight fire by burglar alarm 1005 AM Photos
06/06/2006 Couple return to find their home burglarized
06/06/2006 A few easy steps can keep burglars from your home
06/05/2006 Burglar, Shot, BB
06/05/2006 Report Indy Massacre Victim Pulled Gun on Burglars
06/05/2006 Dover man charged in burglaries at 7 businesses
06/05/2006 Burglary Suspect Caught on Camera
06/04/2006 Police probe three burglaries
06/04/2006 Trio indicted in Yukon River cabin burglary
06/04/2006 Teen boys arrested in string of burglaries; nearly all stolen items found
06/04/2006 Venezuelan documents found in home of suspected burglar
06/03/2006 UO student accused of laptop thefts
06/03/2006 2 burglary suspects linked to auto thefts
06/02/2006 Burglars steal £30,000 in jewels
06/02/2006 On Tape Burglar Gets Trapped
06/02/2006 Texas Burglar Falls On Head, Has Smoke, Arrested
06/02/2006 Pensioner shocked after burglary
06/02/2006 Trapped Burglar Caught On Tape
06/02/2006 Foil burglars when you're on vacation
06/02/2006 Fort Worth Burglar Tumbles Into Trouble
06/01/2006 Apparent cat burglar missteps through Ft. Worth liquor store roof
06/01/2006 POLICE PROGRAM Civilians will help look into burglaries
06/01/2006 Surveillance Video Shows Burglar Stealing Jar of Money
06/01/2006 POLICE PROGRAM Civilians will help look into burglaries
05/31/2006 Pompano Serial Burglary Suspect Caught
05/31/2006 Idaho Woman Breaks Into Dog Pound
05/31/2006 Delray car-burglary arrests come after canal jump, Tasering
05/31/2006 Burglars Break Into Strip Mall Businesses
05/31/2006 Man shoots, wounds burglary suspect at his Gwinnett home
05/31/2006 Who’s watching your home when on holiday? …neighbours…burglars…security system…
05/30/2006 Man charged in second burglary at drugstore
05/30/2006 BSO Seeks Serial Credit Card Burglar
05/30/2006 Midtown Burglar Doesn't Get Away With Much Cash
05/30/2006 Animal attraction burglarized, set on fire
05/30/2006 Green Bay Church Burglarized
05/30/2006 Two Arrested In Castro Valley School Burglary
05/30/2006 Burglars steal laptops from dowtown office
05/29/2006 POLICE PROGRAM Civilians will help look into burglaries
05/29/2006 Midtown town businesses targeted by burglars
05/29/2006 Orange County Sheriffs studying DNA use for burglary
05/29/2006 Suspected burglar shot
05/29/2006 Two Saylorsburg men face trial on burglary, stolen gun charges
05/29/2006 Thief Burglarizes Texas Tom's Restaurant
05/29/2006 DNA Can Catch Burglars Too
05/27/2006 2 Bellefonte men charged in burglaries
05/26/2006 Grand jury indicts 11 in burglaries, several in Weld
05/26/2006 Police investigate string of car burglaries
05/26/2006 Burglars Leave Snack Trail For Police
05/26/2006 Hungry burglars leave trail for police
05/26/2006 Developing Police question suspects in Hilton burglaries
05/26/2006 2 Bellefonte men charged in burglaries
05/26/2006 Burglars busted by snack-cake trail
05/26/2006 Police Burglars Bring Toddler Along During Crime
05/26/2006 Toddler Goes Along For Ride With Burglars, Police Say
05/26/2006 Burglars crack police safe in Benoni
05/26/2006 Car brings no leads in Mill Creek burglaries
05/25/2006 Acadia burglary
05/25/2006 VA head heard of burglary through office gossip
05/25/2006 Hungry burglars leave trail for police
05/25/2006 VA head heard of burglary though office gossip
05/25/2006 Burglars Break Into Kearns Home, Stab Dog
05/25/2006 12-Year-Old Heartbroken After Burglars Steal Family Dog
05/25/2006 Snack Wrappers Foil Burglary
05/25/2006 Burglar nabbed after leaving trail of Little Debbie snack wrappers
05/25/2006 Teenager suspected of numerous burglaries
05/25/2006 Burglars struck six businesses Tuesday
05/25/2006 Police find car that may hold clues to burglaries
05/24/2006 Convicted voyeur facing new burglary charges
05/24/2006 Burglars land sensitive data on 26.5 million veterans
05/24/2006 Neighborhood grocery store the latest victim of burglary
05/24/2006 Alert Neighbor Gives Police Big Clue in Burglary
05/24/2006 Vieira's villa gassed in burglary
05/24/2006 CDT police report Vandalism, burglary
05/24/2006 Unregistered sex offender arrested for aggravated assault and burglary
05/23/2006 Burglars land sensitive data on 26.5 million veterans
05/23/2006 78-Year-Old Fends Off Teenage Burglary Suspect
05/23/2006 "Burglary Binge" Makes for Nervous Neighbors
05/23/2006 News U.S. veterans personal information exposed, after alleged burglary
05/23/2006 Personal data of 26.5 million veterans stolen in burglary
05/23/2006 Glendale man arrested in string of mall burglaries
05/23/2006 Burglary Suspect Stuck in Chimney
05/23/2006 Personal data of 26.5 million veterans stolen in burglary at Veteran Affairs employee's home
05/23/2006 Burglaries In Winnebago County May Be Related
05/23/2006 Suspect in Brevard burglary ring held
05/23/2006 Burglary exposes millions of veterans to identity theft
05/22/2006 Personal data of 26.5 million veterans stolen in burglary at VA employee's home
05/22/2006 Burglary Leaves Millions of Veterans at Risk of Identity Theft
05/22/2006 Man accused of helping Palm Bay burglaries
05/22/2006 Burglary suspects end standoff, surrender peacefully to police
05/22/2006 VA Idiot Loses Veterans Info to Burglars
05/22/2006 Veterans data stolen during home burglary
05/22/2006 Personal data of 26.5 million veterans stolen in burglary
05/22/2006 Police Follow Burglary Suspects to Hotel, Standoff Ensues
05/22/2006 Burglary Prevention Month
05/22/2006 Personal data of 26.5 million veterans stolen after burglary at employee's home
05/22/2006 Burglary suspects end standoff, surrender peacefully to police
05/22/2006 News Alleged burglar leads police on high-speed chase
05/22/2006 Police seek surrender of holed-up burglary suspects
05/22/2006 Police surround motel seeking burglary suspects
05/22/2006 Montana couple arrested for burglary of Pierre restaurant
05/22/2006 Spike in home burglaries seen near lakeshore area
05/21/2006 SWAT Team Called Out For Burglary Suspect
05/20/2006 How to burglar proof your home
05/20/2006 Burglars plague Mill Creek
05/19/2006 Burglary suspect jumps off bridge in attempted escape
05/19/2006 Suspected burglar tailed by college student captured
05/19/2006 Video Captures Suspected Burglar on East Washington St.
05/19/2006 Burglary Suspect Found Asleep in Coffin
05/19/2006 Six Houses Hit in Daylight Burglaries
05/19/2006 Man details door-to-door burglary spree
05/18/2006 Man Falls Asleep in
05/18/2006 Man Falls Asleep in Coffin at Funeral Home
05/18/2006 Church burglar pleads guilty
05/18/2006 Cigarettes taken in early-morning burglary
05/18/2006 Man Who Linked Watergate Burglars To President Nixon Dies
05/18/2006 Lake O man accused in locker room thefts
05/18/2006 Suspect Arrested in Locker Room Burglaries
05/18/2006 Suspect in Superior burglaries set for arraignment
05/18/2006 Black Miss. man cleared in 1960 burglary
05/17/2006 Traffic stop nets burglary suspect
05/17/2006 Burglars Hit Public Defenders Office
05/17/2006 Burglary Spree Uncovered
05/17/2006 7-Year Old Girl Raped By A Burglar In Her Home
05/17/2006 Is that YOUR car the burglars are casing?
05/17/2006 Burglars Prey On Home Destroyed By Fire
05/16/2006 DNA links man to 3-year-old burglary
05/16/2006 DNA links man to three-year-old burglary
05/16/2006 Home Burglarized After Being Destroyed by Fire
05/16/2006 Eight Roseburg businesses burglarized
05/16/2006 Burglar beats 79-year-old woman, kills dog
05/16/2006 Newark police name suspect in burglaries
05/16/2006 DNA links man to old burglary
05/16/2006 Alton Couple Charged In Church Burglaries
05/16/2006 Burglars target vehicles of parishioners
05/15/2006 Four arrested in pot burglary attempt
05/15/2006 Burglar stuck in chimney
05/15/2006 Burglars strike Spokane Valley businesses
05/15/2006 Suspected burglar rescued from chimney
05/15/2006 Man Arrested in Ogden Burglary, Fire
05/15/2006 Burglar gets stuck in N.Y. chimney
05/15/2006 New York woman hears voice of burglar stuck in chimney
05/15/2006 GB Officer On Routine Patrol Nabs Burglars
05/15/2006 3 Teens Arrested in Overnight Burglary
05/14/2006 Suspected Burglar Rescued From NYC Chimney
05/13/2006 Local man charged with retaliation, burglary
05/13/2006 Alton police arrest suspected church burglars
05/13/2006 Church Burglars Caught In The Act
05/13/2006 House-sitter shoots would-be burglar
05/13/2006 4 Arrested in Pot Burglary Attempt
05/13/2006 Two men arrested in connection to burglary
05/12/2006 Burglar treats victim to massage
05/12/2006 Iced heist for burglar
05/12/2006 4 arrested in pot burglary attempt
05/12/2006 Burglars leave video of selves for police
05/12/2006 Unlocked vehicles lead to boom in burglaries
05/12/2006 Miami police nab the ''touchy'' burglar suspect
05/12/2006 Burglar gives massage to victim
05/12/2006 State College police probe burglary
05/12/2006 Home burglarized, salons vandalized
05/12/2006 Woman gets massage from burglar
05/12/2006 Apartment building burglarized four times
05/11/2006 Burglars' note to self Don't leave the video behind
05/11/2006 Burglary in progress The major mistake police admit they made
05/11/2006 Gallery Burglary Suspect
05/11/2006 Burglar has hit Fremont apartment building four times
05/11/2006 Police Searching For Fremont Burglar
05/11/2006 Do You Recognize This Alleged Burglar?
05/11/2006 Bend K-9 wounds hiding burglary suspect
05/11/2006 Police probe 4 burglaries in Philipsburg Tuesday
05/11/2006 Burglars hot zone
05/10/2006 Burglary victims can expect police to visit the scene
05/10/2006 Medical Office Burglaries
05/10/2006 Burglars disturb Olive Branch neighborhoods
05/10/2006 Attempt to burn evidence backfires for three burglars
05/10/2006 Police Arrest Seven Suspects in Connection with Possible Burglary Ring
05/10/2006 Business Owners Using High-Tech Equipment To Track Down Burglary Suspects
05/10/2006 Newark police track daytime burglar
05/10/2006 Hampton man charged with stealing golf equipment
05/10/2006 Arrest made in Tempe burglaries, assaults
05/10/2006 Serial Burglar Sentenced
05/09/2006 City Of Dallas Changing Burglary Response Policy
05/09/2006 Several downtown offices burglarized
05/09/2006 Suspected burglar arrested in Tempe
05/09/2006 Convenience Store Burglarized
05/09/2006 HPD Woman shoots suspected burglar
05/08/2006 Burglar Caught on Tape
05/08/2006 Burglary suspect wanted
05/08/2006 Westmont Man Arrested For Vehicle Burglary
05/08/2006 Web Cam Used To Catch House Burglary Suspect
05/06/2006 Pair found guilty of battery, residential burglary
05/06/2006 Burglars strike Hampton medical offices
05/05/2006 Nicholasville Man Jailed for Allegedly Burglarizing Several Homes
05/05/2006 Two men indicted after burglary spree
05/05/2006 Burglar Accused Of Raping Teen Neighbor
05/05/2006 Mother, son charged in string of burglaries
05/04/2006 Two men indicted on 68 counts in drug-fueled burglary spree
05/04/2006 Egg-Farm Filmer Acquitted of Burglary
05/04/2006 4 Arrested In Watsonville Airport Burglaries
05/04/2006 UPDATE Suffolk Burglary Investigation
05/04/2006 Bend man arrested in Redmond burglary
05/04/2006 Animal-rights activist who filmed egg farm acquitted of burglary
05/04/2006 Brazen Thieves Determined To Burglarize Bellingham Store
05/04/2006 Officer shoots burglary suspect
05/04/2006 Suffolk police surround burglarized gas station
05/04/2006 Accused Burglars Charged With More Thefts
05/04/2006 Burglars Caught in the Act
05/03/2006 Burglary gang busted with the arrest of two women
05/03/2006 Burglary Call Leads To Fox Valley Drug Busts
05/03/2006 Neighbour grabbed burglar who was carrying gun
05/02/2006 Brothers Indicted Following Local Store Burglary
05/02/2006 Rayne Burglary
05/02/2006 Suspect in Lynnwood burglaries arrested
05/02/2006 String of burglaries targets Cincinnati churches
05/02/2006 Cheaper electronics equals less burglary
05/02/2006 Ex-preacher already convicted of vehicle burglary in trouble again
05/02/2006 Ex-preacher convicted of vehicle burglary in trouble again
05/02/2006 Burglars Strike While Victims Sleep
05/01/2006 Burglary no longer worth the effort
05/01/2006 Walnut Hills Churches Burglarized
05/01/2006 Guns Stolen in Two Different Danville Burglaries
05/01/2006 Beating off burglar earns £300 reward
04/29/2006 Neighbors Help Catch Burglars
04/29/2006 Two sought in burglaries
04/28/2006 Burglar using bicycle to escape crime scene
04/27/2006 Miss. high court upholds Lee Co. rape, burglary convictions
04/27/2006 Man faces burglary charge
04/27/2006 Burglary threatens theater school's future
04/27/2006 Man charged in burglaries
04/27/2006 Burglary suspect nabbed after he flees on surfboard
04/27/2006 Awarded £300 for tackling burglar
04/26/2006 Edmond police are investigating burglary, thefts
04/26/2006 Corrections officer injured by burglary suspect
04/26/2006 Two men, woman sentenced in Hazleton burglary
04/25/2006 Lynnwood police warn of brazen intruder
04/25/2006 Thief burglarizes, ransacks Peoria paintball store
04/25/2006 Football star burglar brother
04/25/2006 Titusville man's camera leads to burglary arrest
04/24/2006 Nighttime intruder targets women in Lynnwood
04/24/2006 Burglars Hit Salinas Home
04/24/2006 MacBook Pro burglar alarm ships
04/24/2006 Photo helps police nab burglary suspect
04/24/2006 How to outwit a burglar
04/23/2006 Manager interrupts drugstore burglary
04/22/2006 Burglars high on drugs raped widow
04/21/2006 Salinas Woman Arrested On Burglary, Other Charges
04/21/2006 Court overturns burglary decision
04/19/2006 Warning over repeated burglaries
04/18/2006 Nottingham 'UK burglary capital'
04/17/2006 Man charged over burglaries
04/16/2006 Burglar steals keys, cell phone
04/14/2006 Concern over a rise in burglaries
04/13/2006 07:01:52a Laptops taken in college burglary
04/12/2006 10:56:04a Accused Burglar Takes Cameras, Leaves Tape
04/11/2006 06:39:05p Accused Burglar Takes Cameras, Leaves Tape
04/05/2006 10:03:14p SC woman discovers burglar in bedroom
04/05/2006 03:38:37p Shocked burglar runs into 20 sumos
04/04/2006 03:14:05a Pub burglars served free beers
04/03/2006 11:50:58p Police launch burglary crackdown
04/03/2006 02:53:51p Police launch burglary crackdown
03/30/2006 11:03:03a Rapists plead guilty to burglary
03/30/2006 11:01:04a Rapists plead guilty to burglary
03/30/2006 09:55:05a Jailed burglar targeted churches
03/30/2006 09:49:42a Text message service catches church burglar
03/30/2006 07:02:08a Jailed burglar targeted churches
03/30/2006 06:20:37a Jailed burglar targeted churches
03/29/2006 06:53:17a Teen truant exposed by "burglar" boyfriend
03/29/2006 06:30:51a Teen truant exposed by "burglar" boyfriend
03/28/2006 02:01:58p Pair's burglary charges withdrawn
03/28/2006 01:58:58p Pair's burglary charges withdrawn
03/24/2006 08:00:20a Traffic accident, burglary reunites father and son
03/23/2006 12:47:32a Bid to trace burglary getaway car
03/23/2006 12:42:34a Bid to trace burglary getaway car
03/22/2006 12:41:53p Shop burglars in asbestos scare
03/21/2006 11:06:09p Open garage doors lead to string of burglaries
03/21/2006 04:31:51p Hair Salon Burglary Leads to Pot Bust
03/21/2006 02:05:41p Hair Salon Burglary Leads to Pot Bust
03/21/2006 11:40:01a Shop burglars in asbestos scare
03/21/2006 11:06:14a Shop burglars in asbestos scare