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06/26/2006 Buffett Gives 30 Billion to Gates Foundation
06/26/2006 Buffett donates 37 billion to charity
06/26/2006 Buffett Giving Billions to Gates Charity
06/26/2006 50-billion deal set to snag Inco, Falconbridge
06/26/2006 Mittal finally wins Arcelor with offer of 33 billion
06/26/2006 Warren Buffett to donate 37 billion USD to Bill Gate's charity
06/26/2006 Buffett to begin doling out billions
06/25/2006 Johnson & Johnson May Buy Pfizer Consumer Unit for 16 Billion, NYT Says
06/25/2006 Bulk of Buffett's billions going to Gates' foundation Josh Funk / ASSOCIATED PRESS
06/25/2006 Buffett's billions double Gateses' giving power
06/25/2006 Louisiana tax base at 9.2 billion
06/25/2006 British army demotes mascot goat, Billy
06/25/2006 Bush signs $94.5 bln war, hurricane funding bill
06/25/2006 Buffett to give away billions to Gates
06/25/2006 4,000 bill alarms resident's husband
06/25/2006 Tory Leader In Bill Of Rights Pledge
06/25/2006 Bill stiffens cyber crime penalties
06/25/2006 Warren Buffett Giving Away Billions
06/25/2006 Warren Buffett donates 37 billion to charity
06/25/2006 Buffett gives 37 billion to Gates and family foundations
06/25/2006 Money bills taking shape just before General Assembly recesses
06/25/2006 Blanco Signs Bill Banning Sale of Explicit Video Games to Those Under 18
06/25/2006 Buffett gives $37 billion to Gates and family foundations
06/25/2006 Buffett giving billions to Gates charity
06/25/2006 Buffett gives 37 billion to Gates and family foundations
06/25/2006 Buffett gives 37 billion to Gates and other foundations
06/25/2006 Linde to Raise 2.3 Billion for BOC Takeover
06/25/2006 Tories 'to introduce' rights bill
06/25/2006 Business will waste £570m on summer energy bills
06/25/2006 Climate Change Bill progress praised
06/25/2006 Billionaire gives US37b to charity
06/25/2006 US Civil War 100 bill is sold for 2.1m
06/25/2006 A 31 Billion Buffett
06/25/2006 Buffett pledges 30 billion to Gates foundation
06/25/2006 Buffett to donate fortune to Bill Gates' foundation
06/25/2006 Buffett pledges 30 billion to Gates foundation
06/25/2006 Buffett to add billions to Gates foundation
06/25/2006 Buffett Set to Give Billions to Charity
06/25/2006 Investor Buffett to give billions to charity
06/25/2006 Buffett to give away billions
06/25/2006 Buffett pledges $30 billion to Gates foundation
06/25/2006 Buffett to give billions to charity
06/25/2006 Buffett joins Gates in the great billion-dollar giveaway
06/25/2006 Changes in nuclear bill to focus on FMCT
06/25/2006 Warren Buffet To Give Away 42-Billion Fortune
06/25/2006 Buffett plans to give billions to charity
06/25/2006 Billions Donated to Charity
06/25/2006 Warren Buffett to Give Away Bulk of His 42 Billion Fortune
06/25/2006 Buffett to give away billions to charity
06/25/2006 Press Availability with Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates
06/25/2006 Buffett to Give Billions to Gates Charity and Others
06/25/2006 Warren Buffett says he'll give away most of his 42 billion
06/25/2006 Buffett to begin disbursing 42 billion fortune
06/25/2006 Bush urges Congress to pass line-item veto bill in weekend radio address
06/25/2006 Clearstone bullish; picks up stake in BillDesk
06/25/2006 Canadians wary of counterfeit bills survey
06/25/2006 New Bill to usher in broadcast regulator
06/25/2006 Warren Buffett to Give Away Billions
06/25/2006 Warren Buffet Gives 40 Billion To Gates Foundation
06/25/2006 World's 2nd Richest Man Give Away Fortune To Bill Gate's Foundation
06/25/2006 Michael Richardson Security vital in billion-dollar trade
06/25/2006 Bill would drop military aid ban against countries not signing ICC immunity deals
06/25/2006 'Pension bill' for civil servants
06/25/2006 House committee to hear testimony on campaign finance bills
06/25/2006 Cameron Considers Bill of Rights
06/25/2006 Anger over multiple water bills
06/25/2006 Pepsi splits twin bill at Eugene for second win
06/25/2006 Cameron seeks UK bill of rights
06/25/2006 Joan and Bill Cissna
06/25/2006 Legislature needs to act now on Global Warming Bill
06/25/2006 Cantwell says she opposes flag bill
06/25/2006 Whitefish coach steps down
06/25/2006 Alberta reps push 24/7 crossing
06/25/2006 Rose whiffs 13 in Scarlets' win
06/25/2006 Energy consultant Keep eye on dust
06/25/2006 Burke leading UW athletics for now
06/25/2006 Crow historian ties songs into big battle
06/25/2006 Karp having hot early summer in the saddle
06/25/2006 Educators brainstorm ways to inject culture into classroom
06/25/2006 Wyoming nonprofits on upswing
06/25/2006 Mustangs pitchers shut down Helena, 9-1
06/25/2006 Schweitzer missing coal opportunity, critics say
06/25/2006 Harley gets a Harley after riding Hondas
06/25/2006 Wyoming leads Montana in coal-to-liquid projects
06/25/2006 Outlaws crush Tri-Cities 54-18 to secure No. 1 seed
06/25/2006 Harley owners group rally draws the mild, not the wild bunch
06/25/2006 Nyaya Panchayat Bill to be introduced in Parliament’s Winter Session
06/24/2006 Nice try, but billwon't help much
06/24/2006 Plane crashes into hill near Big Timber, killing 2 aboard
06/24/2006 As session winds down, N.C. Senate has work ahead on ethics, campaign bills
06/24/2006 Abortion/contraception bills pending in Ohio
06/24/2006 Migration Bill unlikely to change Minchin
06/24/2006 Bill would drop military aid ban against countries not signing ICC immunity deals
06/24/2006 British army demotes mascot goat, Billy
06/24/2006 World Cup Soccer on the bill in Hartford
06/24/2006 Panel to draft nyaya panchayat bill
06/24/2006 Gruff justice as Billy is demoted
06/24/2006 Romney vetoes 225 million of stimulus bills
06/24/2006 Bush wants spending bill power
06/24/2006 Mich. Governor Vetoes Bill to Repeal Motorcycle Helmet Law
06/24/2006 Billings Skyview High School the target of vandals
06/24/2006 LuxuryHomeandEstates Reaches 1.5 Billion in Homes Offered for Sale
06/24/2006 Ghana Alcan Invests 2 Billion in Ghana Bauxite Industry
06/24/2006 US billionaire who battled ex-playmate dead
06/24/2006 Bill opens window on DNA testing
06/24/2006 Bush wants power to cut items in spending bills
06/24/2006 'Nyaya Panchayat' Bill in winter session Aiyar
06/24/2006 Electricity bills soar across state
06/24/2006 Governor announces action on spending bill
06/24/2006 Survey finds a billion doctor visits
06/24/2006 Mainstream News China's population to peak at 1.5 billion in 20 years
06/24/2006 House approves bill limiting growth in property taxes
06/24/2006 Lawmakers pass 6.7 billion budget
06/24/2006 Govt to introduce "Nyaya Panchayat" Bill in winter session
06/24/2006 Governor Bredesen Signs 2006-2007 Appropriations Bill
06/24/2006 Men read state-controlled media posted beneath billboards with the...
06/24/2006 BILL MCGRAW Tugs look to pull a fast one at race
06/24/2006 Time runs out on concealed-handgun bill
06/24/2006 Uninsured patients get relief in billing dispute
06/24/2006 AMD plans 3.2 billion chip plant in NY
06/24/2006 Tribal leaders tackle issues, praise warriors
06/24/2006 Railroad fights more regulation
06/24/2006 Signature effort successful, spending cap supporters say
06/24/2006 Student admission cost rising
06/24/2006 Portrayal of battle fun but serious
06/24/2006 Head of UW focuses money on energy school
06/24/2006 NBA mascot at game tonight
06/24/2006 Mustangs report Ponies' roster of high draft picks just worked out that way
06/24/2006 Players find passion in pickleball
06/24/2006 Crowd sees demise of Custer, again
06/24/2006 Ponies rally, win on walk-off error
06/24/2006 Wyoming wildfire outlook 'little bit scary'
06/24/2006 Skyview High struck by spray-paint vandals
06/24/2006 Outlaws' O-line sackless on season
06/24/2006 Paratroopers help Crow Tribe honor veterans
06/24/2006 Parking enforcement an uneven task
06/23/2006 MSME Development Bill gets President nod
06/23/2006 Bi-partisan bill on Indo-US N-deal being given final touches
06/23/2006 1 billion, 240-mile transmission line project across 4 states OK'd
06/23/2006 AMD to Build Multibillion Chip Plant in NY
06/23/2006 BJP snipes at Chidamabarm over Saral, cites Lalu's hotel bills
06/23/2006 Chinese population to peak at 1.5 billion in 2030s
06/23/2006 Bill would name bridge for local hero
06/23/2006 Taft signs 13 million bill to fund teacher training
06/23/2006 U.S. Senate adopts bill to isolate Hamas government
06/23/2006 France Waters Down iTunes Bill
06/23/2006 House committee approves tax relief bill
06/23/2006 Legislature reaches agreement on mental health bill
06/23/2006 U.S. Senate approves 517 billion dollars defense bill
06/23/2006 Anadarko to Buy Kerr-McGee, Western Gas for 21 Billion, Doubling Sales
06/23/2006 Keep Your Cool About Summer Energy Bills
06/23/2006 Univision draws 11.2 billion bid
06/23/2006 Burns, Tester to debate on live TV
06/23/2006 New York Governor Pataki plans veto of bill regarding 9/11 museum
06/23/2006 £5m bill hangs over Football League after £4 damages win
06/23/2006 Cut Scottish spending by billions Barnett
06/23/2006 Bill Graham says NDP will never replace Liberals
06/23/2006 House approves bill to allow line-item veto
06/23/2006 Persons with Disability Bill passed
06/23/2006 Group slams Pa. minimum wage bill
06/23/2006 Billy Peek CD release party
06/23/2006 House panel OK`s close-in drilling bill
06/23/2006 Ohio's 'Merlot to Go' bill gets approval
06/23/2006 Wyoming to release more beetles to battle saltcedar
06/23/2006 Warm, dry weather dries out Wyoming's range land
06/23/2006 Fire officials Wyoming headed into record wildfire season
06/23/2006 Pitt extends campaign to raise another 1 billion
06/23/2006 Lynch lets welfare bill become law, issues executive order
06/23/2006 U.S. oil giant buys two rivals for 21 billion
06/23/2006 Mich. Governor Vetoes Bill to Repeal Motorcycle Helmet Law
06/23/2006 Billings woman charged in May crash death
06/23/2006 Louisiana gov signs ESA-approved game bill
06/23/2006 Michigan no-helmet bill vetoed
06/23/2006 Billboard reveals R&B/Hip-Hop Awards finalists and Foxx rules the list
06/23/2006 Ceremonial FairFares bill signing Monday in Wichita
06/23/2006 French Lawmakers Dilute Anti-iPod Bill
06/23/2006 Pool owners face bill for safety sign
06/23/2006 Ratepayers could face giant RWC bill
06/23/2006 Lawmakers override Ehrlich rates bill veto
06/23/2006 EPL to purchase Stone Energy for 1.4 billion
06/23/2006 Flight school bill rankles aviation groups
06/23/2006 From Blogs To Billionaires, Moby Wants All Web Content To Be Equal
06/23/2006 Upstate utility admits major billing mistakes
06/23/2006 Cascade County settles pollution lawsuit for $4 million
06/23/2006 Eminent-domain bill headed for N.J. Senate
06/23/2006 Burns advocates coal-to-liquids bill
06/23/2006 Buchanan seeks professors, researchers for energy school
06/23/2006 Judge-recalling initiative to be on ballot, backers say
06/23/2006 BNSF Congressional regulation could mean less rail expansion
06/23/2006 Bill Sharply Cuts Estate Taxes
06/23/2006 Aviation groups rankled as flight school background check bill passes Senate
06/23/2006 Zimbabwe Govt External Debt At 3.9 Billion in 2005
06/23/2006 Canada government introduces bill to raise age of consent
06/23/2006 Bi-partisan bill on Indo-US N-deal being fine-tuned
06/23/2006 Santorum would spend billions on border security
06/23/2006 Credit Crunch Bills Make Americans Cut Spending
06/23/2006 Washington group buys Billings Sheraton Hotel
06/23/2006 Gillette raising salaries to compete with booming energy industry
06/23/2006 Ehrlich Vetoes Bill Offering Electricity Rate Relief
06/23/2006 Need a tow? Watch your insurance bill
06/23/2006 Up in the air with Bill Hormann
06/23/2006 Anadarko to Acquire Kerr-McGee and Western Gas Resources for 21 Billion
06/23/2006 Defense bill endorses MMR face-lift
06/23/2006 Energy Partners acquiring Stone Energy for 1.4 billion
06/23/2006 Anadarko in 2 Multibillion-Dollar Deals
06/23/2006 Billy Martin's USA Confirms Pact With HBOR Award-Winning DEADWOODR Series
06/23/2006 Anadarko pays 23 billion for Kerr-McGee
06/23/2006 Rail transit system cost estimate 3 billion
06/23/2006 Vote set on French digital music bill
06/23/2006 Big Credit Card Bills Cause Worried Americans To Slow Spending
06/23/2006 France waters down iTunes bill
06/23/2006 Kerr-McGee Agrees to 16 Billion Takeover By Anadarko
06/23/2006 Blockbuster 21 billion oil deals set
06/23/2006 Oil producer buying two rivals for 21 billion
06/23/2006 US Senate approves 517.7 billion dollar military budget
06/23/2006 Footing bill for cancer scanner
06/23/2006 Jeb signs God bill, vetoes guardrails
06/23/2006 Russian parliament chamber approves bill cutting army service
06/23/2006 Ehrlich Vetoes Bill Offering Relief
06/23/2006 Line-item veto bill clears House
06/23/2006 Goldman group snaps up AB Ports for 5 billion
06/23/2006 Business will waste £570m on summer energy bills
06/23/2006 House Sends Estate Tax Bill to Senate
06/23/2006 5 questions in 1.2 billion sale
06/23/2006 1 Bill Gates fortune
06/23/2006 Recovered Bill of Rights
06/23/2006 Lord & Taylor is sold to equity firm for 1.2 billion
06/23/2006 Romney expected to veto syringe bill
06/23/2006 At-home care bill delayed over cost
06/23/2006 AB Ports agrees to 5.2 billion Goldman bid
06/23/2006 Bill Gates admits to Internet video piracy
06/23/2006 Line-item bill passes House
06/23/2006 Pay raises packaged with state budget bill
06/23/2006 Bill cutting estate tax faces tough road in Senate
06/23/2006 Mayor finds 2.6 billion more to pay for viaduct tunnel plan
06/23/2006 New Book on Billy the Kid
06/23/2006 Finding Billionaire to Buy Times May Be Tall Order
06/22/2006 Russian monetary base up 1.21 billion in week
06/22/2006 Off the wire Bill Gates' piracy confession
06/22/2006 Fuel tax Bill expected to negatively impact on biofuels industry
06/22/2006 Biman refuses to pay fuel bills
06/22/2006 Ex-DIA analyst admits passing secrets to China Bill Gertz / THE
06/22/2006 Off the wire Bill Gates piracy confession
06/22/2006 Cherry Valley refuge bill OK'd by House panel
06/22/2006 Beijing babes. China's population will peak at 1.5 billion in about...
06/22/2006 Bill gives drivers a wakeup call
06/22/2006 Todeschini Bill Passed video included
06/22/2006 Blanco to veto legislative benefit bill
06/22/2006 Dayton Votes Against Bill Withdrawing Troops
06/22/2006 Albany County fire 30 percent contained
06/22/2006 19th-Century Bills Fetch 4.2 Million
06/22/2006 Some Americans are turning to religious faith to pay medical bills. 6/22/06
06/22/2006 19th-Century Bills Fetch 4.2 Million
06/22/2006 Line-item veto bill passes House
06/22/2006 Results of a MASSIVE Google Ban 7 BILLION Pages
06/22/2006 Appeals Court Backs N.C. in Bill of Rights
06/22/2006 Simplot recalls potentially contaminated horse feed
06/22/2006 House blames Senate, Dems for immigration bill delay
06/22/2006 1.5 billion investment in Huntley video included
06/22/2006 Bunning says bill to boost coal industry has momentum
06/22/2006 2 Bill Gates fortune
06/22/2006 Mixed reviews to Tories' sexual consent bill
06/22/2006 ScottishPower bills set to jump for the second time this year
06/22/2006 Kerb-crawling will be made illegal in new fast-track bill
06/22/2006 Congress Addresses Net Neutrality in Telecommunications Bill
06/22/2006 House Vote to Pass Watered-Down Veto Bill
06/22/2006 Blanco to Veto Health Insurance Bill for Lawmakers
06/22/2006 Syringe bill sent to Romney's desk
06/22/2006 Ehrlich vetoes electricity rate bill
06/22/2006 House panel OKs Net obligations bill
06/22/2006 Charges dropped against tribal members in bison hunt
06/22/2006 Picture framer returns Old Faithful floorboards as mirror frames
06/22/2006 House bills aim to strengthen parolee system
06/22/2006 Parents property deals pay the university bills
06/22/2006 Governor signs crime bills into law
06/22/2006 U.S. appeals court backs N.C. in ownership of Bill of Rights copy
06/22/2006 Republicans Plan Hearings, Want 2006 Border Bill
06/22/2006 Gov. Bredesen signs crime bills into law
06/22/2006 Can Dallas Co. Bill For Illegal Immigrant Care?
06/22/2006 MSU students sue professors for libel
06/22/2006 The next billion-dollar opportunity in gaming
06/22/2006 'Gifted' bill would double funding
06/22/2006 Bill to pour 8 mil into state's meth programs
06/22/2006 Rendell expected to sign bill sparked by blog posts
06/22/2006 Pataki, Legislature seek billion dollar deal
06/22/2006 Offshore Drilling Bill Advances in House
06/22/2006 As much as 5 billion could be available for viaduct, city says
06/22/2006 Florida Offshore Drilling Bill Advances
06/22/2006 Lawmakers send bill to Romney allowing open sale of syringes
06/22/2006 Get a free thermostat; save on electric bills
06/22/2006 Blanco vetoes bill to broaden legislative insurance benefits
06/22/2006 Edmonton playoff policing bill reaches 2.2 million
06/22/2006 Playoff policing bill reaches 2.2 million
06/22/2006 Bill price hike by Scottish Power
06/22/2006 Governor Signs 3 Anti-Crime Bills
06/22/2006 Second man charged in Busby murder
06/22/2006 Flush with cash, Russia to repay 22 billion Paris Club debt
06/22/2006 Bunning says bill to boost coal industry has momentum
06/22/2006 Bill calls for Senate to OK Beacon gubernatorial appointees
06/22/2006 Art, artifacts from Bair Home to reside in Billings museum
06/22/2006 Is Bill Gates learning from modded Xbox systems?
06/22/2006 Get rockabilly tickets early for fat discount
06/22/2006 House passes estate tax bill
06/22/2006 Oversight Committee never proposes deferring of quota bill
06/22/2006 The Economist Apple?s Steve Jobs is Bill Gates? secret ?Chief Software Architect? replacement wish
06/22/2006 Bill To Raise Age Of Consent
06/22/2006 Blunt signs education budget bill
06/22/2006 Bill Press A Real Plan for Iraq
06/22/2006 10 billion state budget is signed into law
06/22/2006 Old bills fetch 2.1 million at auction
06/22/2006 RBI Amendment Bill enacted
06/22/2006 Parliament adopts report on GIJ Bill
06/22/2006 Draft Bill Share rights for sports broadcast
06/22/2006 Needless stays give hospitals 1.1b bill
06/22/2006 Redneck Power! Billy Carter's Pickup on eBay
06/22/2006 Foxx tops Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Finalists
06/22/2006 Drummond ticket wins $50,000 Montana Cash jackpot
06/22/2006 Deadline for comment on wind farm extended
06/22/2006 Committee makes recommendation on "split estates"
06/22/2006 Federated to sell Lord & Taylor for 1.2 billion
06/22/2006 Scottish Power to increase bills
06/22/2006 Federated To Sell Lord & Taylor For 1.2 Billion
06/22/2006 House to vote on new estate tax bill
06/22/2006 Lord & Taylor to Be Sold for 1.2 Billion
06/22/2006 WNY power plant to get 1 billion upgrade
06/22/2006 Lord & Taylor to Be Sold for $1.2 Billion
06/22/2006 Turkish Interior Ministry Working on Draconian Bill
06/22/2006 Pierre Cardin to Help Export Figures Reach 1 Billion
06/22/2006 Bermuda lawmaker to reintroduce gay rights bill
06/22/2006 Toronto's Factory Theatre Will Premiere Four Horsemen and Singkil in 2006-07 Season
06/22/2006 Billings man gets 15 years for child porn
06/22/2006 In coverage of GOP announcement, print media ignored felony provisions in House immigration bill
06/22/2006 Law enforcement cadet charged with drunk driving, drug possession
06/22/2006 Dallas County To Bill Mexico For Immigrant Care
06/22/2006 Gov. Bush signs bill limiting satellite doctor offices
06/22/2006 House defense bill calls for new cannon
06/22/2006 Bill could lead to historic trail expansion
06/22/2006 Tories table bill to raise age of sexual consent
06/22/2006 Bush signs bill limiting satellite doctor offices
06/22/2006 Report Asia-Pacific IT outsourcing to top 10 billion
06/22/2006 Kenya Power Company To Send Bills Using Mobile Phones
06/22/2006 Consent bill introduced
06/22/2006 House GOP On The Road To Killing The Senate Immigration Bill
06/22/2006 Tories table age-of-consent bill
06/22/2006 Report Asia-Pacific IT outsourcing to top 10 billion
06/22/2006 Help With Hydro Bills<!--London-->
06/22/2006 New bill for Hanford plant 11.55 billion
06/22/2006 Teton County man pleads guilty to tax charge
06/22/2006 Former Guam Gov. Bill Daniel
06/22/2006 Harper to unveil 15-billion in defence spending
06/22/2006 House bill halves funding for GE Aviation engine project
06/22/2006 Bill would OK horse race slots at state tracks; tribes object
06/22/2006 Taylor Hicks Shoots To #1 on Billboard Charts
06/22/2006 Hearings threaten Senate immigration bill
06/22/2006 Bill Moyers Faith and Reason
06/22/2006 Prostitution Bill on table at Holyrood
06/22/2006 Compromise bill removes veto threat
06/22/2006 Florida's senators Filibuster possible on drilling bill
06/22/2006 Bills earmark 11 million for local projects
06/22/2006 Connolly rally faces poster bill
06/22/2006 Crotty has half-billion ways to pay for growth
06/22/2006 Unpaid bills force two courts to close
06/22/2006 Cellphone bill seeks to open tunnel connections
06/22/2006 Bill would force state contractors to verify workers
06/22/2006 House ready to override eminent domain bill veto
06/22/2006 Liberals refuse standing vote on Tory ethics bill
06/22/2006 Legislature rejects bill to change CPS
06/22/2006 Howard's 6-mth travel bill tops 800,000
06/22/2006 Liberals refuse standing vote on Tory ethics bill
06/22/2006 Hanford plant cost rises to 11.55 billion
06/22/2006 Bill limiting party endorsements yanked
06/22/2006 Governor approves bill to identify, map fissures
06/22/2006 Racing Industry Backs Bill to Place Gambling Machines at Tracks
06/22/2006 Bill Gates shows us what really matters