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07/18/2006 Award presented to Iowa State scientists
07/18/2006 Notebook Ringgold grad earns PSAC Award
07/18/2006 Murtha to receive public service award
07/18/2006 BLM Gets Green-Building Awards
07/18/2006 Cabell Huntington Hospital Awarded Critical License
07/18/2006 Award Presented To Iowa State Scientists
07/18/2006 Conncourse contract awarded
07/18/2006 Awaaz awards, benchmark for brands
07/18/2006 Godfrey Phillips India confers bravery awards
07/18/2006 Thinkpath Secures Over US 2.6 Million New Contract Awards
07/18/2006 Judge Overturns 307M USD Rambus Award
07/18/2006 Network Magic Home Networking Software Receives LAPTOP Magazine Editors? Choice Award
07/18/2006 Unisys Awarded Information Management Contract from PA Public Utility Commission
07/18/2006 U.S. judge overturns 307 mln award to Rambus
07/17/2006 J. Ray McDermott awarded contract offshore Qatar
07/17/2006 McDowell Co. Organization Receiving National Award http//www.wvnstv/story.cfm?func=viewstory&storyid=12357
07/17/2006 The Oman Today Restaurant Awards 2006
07/17/2006 Purchasing agent to award jail job
07/17/2006 Sensor awarded major geophone contract in the Middle East
07/17/2006 Triple-I and Booz Allen Hamilton Awarded the ITES-2S Contract
07/17/2006 Grant Awarded For Molecule Synthesizing
07/17/2006 John Reid & Sons Strucsteel Ltd wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise International Trade 2006
07/17/2006 More than 16M in highway contacts awarded
07/17/2006 Media Advisory/First in Lingerie Industry Contours International Lingerie Awards 'CILA' and Fashion Show
07/17/2006 Nigeria Oshunkeye, Nigerian Journalist Wins CNN African Journalist Award
07/17/2006 Smart Card Alliance Invites Nominations for Its Annual "Outstanding Smart Card Achievement" Awards
07/17/2006 Public relations organizations to hold awards event
07/17/2006 Trinity-IMI Graduate School of Management to award Sean Lemass Gold Medal for Business Leadership
07/17/2006 Top awards for Bahrain
07/17/2006 Spielberg 'speechless' at Cruise's award surprise
07/17/2006 National award recognises school's farm-focused science program
07/17/2006 New "Diamond" Scores at ESPN's ESPY Awards
07/16/2006 McDowell Co. Organization Receiving National Award
07/16/2006 Ghazal king Mehdi Hasan gets lifetime achievement award
07/16/2006 Aquiline Awarded Ownership of Navidad
07/16/2006 Nigerian Writer Oshunkeye Wins CNN Award
07/16/2006 National award recognises school's farm-focused science program
07/16/2006 Swazi govt cuts scholarships Ministry of Education will stop awarding scholarships to students who wish to further their studies.
07/16/2006 WCPO-TV Staff Wins Ohio Emmy Awards
07/16/2006 Businesses win national award
07/16/2006 Nigerian wins 2006 African journalist award
07/16/2006 News-Review claims nine first-place awards in contest
07/16/2006 Natural Health Media Group Wins Awards for Publication Excellence
07/15/2006 Emerging leader humbled by Blake award
07/15/2006 Emerging leader humbled by Blake award
07/15/2006 Family ranch earns top conservation award
07/15/2006 Armstrong renews French bashing during US awards show
07/15/2006 Punjab confers sports awards on 123 players
07/15/2006 Alleged Lashkar terrorist a presidential awardee police
07/15/2006 Jackson Urges Jury To Award Schaffel 'Nothing'
07/15/2006 Former jail employee awarded 825,000 in retaliation lawsuit
07/15/2006 India gets Luther L. Terry award for anti-tobacco advocacy
07/15/2006 Road work contracts awarded
07/15/2006 Ex-jail workers awarded 832,000
07/15/2006 Transit programs awarded grants
07/15/2006 Jury Awards Over 11.5 Million in Asbestos Case
07/14/2006 Indiaâs Tata Memorial Centre wins global award
07/14/2006 Jury Awards Money To Michael Jackson, Adviser Who Sued
07/14/2006 Jackson lawsuit jury awards money to ex-associate and pop star
07/14/2006 Michael Jackson jury splits award
07/14/2006 Jury Awards Michael Jackson, Adviser Money in Split Decision
07/14/2006 Split decision Jury awards money to Jackson and adviser who sued
07/14/2006 Jackson jury orders joint awards
07/14/2006 Additional 4.2B Awarded To Louisiana's Long Term Recovery
07/14/2006 Rockford-Montgomery Labs Awards 65 Million Launch to ASG, Inc.
07/14/2006 U.S. awards 1.16 billlion contract for border scanning gear
07/14/2006 Bay State companies win 12M in SBIR awards
07/14/2006 Raytheon wins part of radiation detector award
07/14/2006 Great American Financial wins CIO 100 award
07/14/2006 TigerTel/UTR Toronto Branch Receives Consumer Choice Award
07/14/2006 Fort Mill company awarded 750K
07/14/2006 MarketingSherpa Top 10 Best Blogs & Best Podcast of 2006 Readers Choice Award Results
07/14/2006 Shelby chamber accepting award nominations
07/14/2006 Award winner
07/14/2006 Ramdev wins UK award
07/14/2006 Tatyana Mitchiner chooses IDX/MLS Search Application for Century 21 Award Website
07/13/2006 Science in the paddock wins award for school
07/13/2006 Razzi Let ZZ keep award
07/13/2006 WPC gets bravery award
07/13/2006 Port Authority to award contract
07/13/2006 Maternal instincts earn policewoman an award
07/13/2006 Jon Heyman Some bold predictions, first-half awards and more
07/13/2006 State awards 630K for Triangle traffic reduction
07/13/2006 No increase in punitive damages awards, study shows
07/13/2006 Armstrong Hosts ESPYs, Claims Fourth Straight Award
07/13/2006 Materazzi Zidane deserves award
07/13/2006 Materazzi says Zidane deserves award despite actions
07/13/2006 Bio-science firm picks up award
07/13/2006 Plainfield family awarded 350,000
07/13/2006 Materazzi says Zidane deserved Golden Ball award
07/13/2006 U.S. 412, Gregg Avenue work awarded
07/13/2006 Pachauri, Ela Bhatt, Swaminathan to receive French awards
07/13/2006 TSC board awards Woodland bid
07/13/2006 ArmorGroup awarded 7 mln usd mine contract in Sudan UPDATE
07/13/2006 Armstrong, Sorenstam ESPY's top athletes
07/12/2006 Computer News Middle East recognises IT commitment with regional SOA Vision awards
07/12/2006 Metal Storm Awarded US331,426 Contract to Develop 18mm Stacked Round Firing Systems
07/12/2006 Students awarded Seaman Scholarships
07/12/2006 Visit aims to inspire Aust Day Award nominations
07/12/2006 "We-Tip" Award
07/12/2006 VA's EHR System Wins Harvard Award
07/12/2006 Abramson seeks Louisville's "Good Neighbors"
07/12/2006 M-DOT awards contract to reconstruct I-59's S-curve in Laurel
07/12/2006 Mozambique Uranium Licences Awarded
07/12/2006 Azeri president awarded prize of Turkish magazine
07/12/2006 NewsGator Honored by AlwaysOn in Top 100 Private Companies Awards
07/12/2006 Virco Earns California Environmental Award for 5th Time
07/12/2006 Zidane could be stripped of award
07/12/2006 BSA Awards Software Piracy Bounties
07/12/2006 Punjab revives sports awards after 10 years
07/12/2006 Eastwood To Receive Stanley Kubrick Award
07/12/2006 DAVE.TVTM Selected by AlwaysOn as AO100 Private Company Award Winner
07/12/2006 DDD Awarded Further Patents Covering 2D to 3D Conversion and Transmission
07/12/2006 Mukherjee awards certificates to fashion graduates
07/12/2006 Blatter Zidane could lose award
07/12/2006 Zabeel Investments awards Tiara Residence development to Arabtec
07/12/2006 Prestigious "Digie" Award Presented to Intelligent Buildings
07/11/2006 Contracts awarded for Yukon Bridge work
07/11/2006 Teen Choice Awards Chooses Simpson As Host
07/11/2006 Big Lou Nominated for a Record 4 Underground Music Awards
07/11/2006 Landmark wrongful dismissal award overturned
07/11/2006 Jessica Simpson to Co-Host Teen Choice Awards
07/11/2006 Andre Ethier Gets NL Weekly Award
07/11/2006 Canadian Business Magazine Recognizes Descartes as Best Canadian Company During International Business Awards
07/11/2006 Local Vietnam vet to be awarded Bronze Star
07/11/2006 PMC-Sierra Receives Gold Medal Supplier Award from Huawei
07/11/2006 Aspiring comic wins top award
07/11/2006 Tim Storm Honored with the Wayne Porter Affiliate Marketing Legend Award
07/10/2006 Podcast Awards seeing 12,000 hits a hour
07/10/2006 Cole receives Exchange Club's Golden Deeds award
07/10/2006 Zidane wins World Cup's best player award
07/10/2006 Italy's prime minister awards medal to world champions
07/10/2006 Zidane chosen for `Golden Ball' award
07/10/2006 Lucas-TVS wins JIT Grand Prix award again
07/10/2006 Hanna receives national award
07/10/2006 Conservation program draws 100,000 award
07/10/2006 Money awarded for Blackfoot River project
07/10/2006 Winners of the 10th Annual Citation of Excellence Awards Announced
07/10/2006 France Captain Zidane Wins World Cup Best Player Award
07/10/2006 RTI scientist wins award drug addiction research
07/10/2006 Doug Michels to Receive Award at SCOForum
07/10/2006 Nice try for a Darwin Award
07/10/2006 Busch Gardens Williamsburg Wins Prestigious Award
07/10/2006 VA Gets Innovation Award For Health Records System
07/10/2006 Ghana Award for J.B. Danquah
07/10/2006 Zidane wins World Cup's best player award
07/10/2006 Zidane Wins World Cup's Best Player Award
07/10/2006 VA receives innovation award for health records system
07/10/2006 Indianapolis mayor to receive innovation award
07/10/2006 Brazil, Spain get Fifa Fair Play Award
07/10/2006 Zidane wins Golden Ball Award
07/10/2006 Zidane wins World Cup best player award
07/10/2006 Zidane wins Golden Boot award
07/10/2006 VA Gets Award for Health Records System
07/10/2006 Shamed Zidane wins World Cup award
07/10/2006 Lake Murray awarded grant
07/10/2006 Business awards
07/10/2006 Ecology Coatings Wins NanoTech Briefs Nano 50 Award
07/10/2006 SETEC, Inc. Awarded Contract to Modernize the Oldest Running Passenger Elevator in Texas
07/10/2006 VisiStat Web Site Tracking Nominated for Prestigious Inman Innovator Award
07/09/2006 Peterson wins innovation award for charter school work
07/09/2006 No big jump in awarding penalty points
07/09/2006 Popular professor wins Nat Nakasa Award
07/09/2006 Klose wins Golden Shoe award
07/09/2006 Prestigious social worker award for Manoj Pardasani
07/09/2006 Kenya's Citibank voted company of the year of Kenya has been bestowed with the prestigeous best company of the year 2006 award.
07/09/2006 Online editor wins national award
07/09/2006 Fourth of July parade awards announced
07/09/2006 STC awards Huawei UMTS commercial contract
07/09/2006 Cara Martin Receives Nineteen Big "W" Awards
07/08/2006 Emmy Award Winning Actor Commits Suicide
07/08/2006 Chief of Defence Staff receives Noble Awards
07/08/2006 Single father awarded for "unfair dismissal"
07/08/2006 Tata Memorial Centre wins global award for fighting cancer
07/08/2006 Canadians capture top 2 spots in sci-fi prize
07/08/2006 Illinois court awards victims of Israeli terror attack Iranian artifacts
07/08/2006 Anti-child-abuse awards to be made
07/08/2006 Johnny Depp awarded Paris’ highest honors
07/08/2006 Journal reporters win top national awards
07/08/2006 2 in Texas Women's Hall of Fame
07/08/2006 Daughter awarded 772,500 in patch case
07/08/2006 Teavana's Growth Celebrated with ICSC “Hot Retailer Award”
07/08/2006 Ergotron Awarded ISO 90012000 Certification for Excellence in Quality Management
07/08/2006 Cisco Systems Canada Honours UNIS LUMIN with Partner Innovation Award
07/07/2006 ONGC to award Rs 950 cr CBM contract to MECL-led consortium
07/07/2006 German Forward Steals Award From Ronaldo
07/07/2006 Bucci/Dietz Scholarship Awarded
07/07/2006 Local Laboratories Recieve National Awards
07/07/2006 Luke team is awarded Desert Peaks region honor
07/07/2006 Hewlett-Packard awards grants to Sac State, Florin High
07/07/2006 Depp awarded top French honour
07/07/2006 Maharaja Ranjit Singh award
07/07/2006 Zeus Technology Named Finalist For CNET Technology Awards 2006
07/07/2006 StartupNation Blog Honored in MarketingSherpa’s Readers’ Choice Awards
07/07/2006 Reaction to Emmy Award Nominations
07/07/2006 Shortlists for CNET tech awards unveiled
07/07/2006 BAE Systems awarded 14.7 million in gun system contracts
07/07/2006 Court reinstates damage award to family of malpractice victim
07/07/2006 Permission Award-Winning PSA About Marriage Fairness
07/07/2006 Triumph Modular Completes Award-Winning 1.2 Million Mammography Center for Cambridge Hospital
07/07/2006 Silgan Containers Earns 13th Consecutive “Spirit of Excellence” Award from Hormel Foods
07/07/2006 East team wins several MESA awards
07/07/2006 Contract awarded for Trimble County coal plant
07/07/2006 24, Greys Anatomy among top Emmy award nominations
07/07/2006 Centerton family gets farm award
07/07/2006 OAP's young rescuers in line for award
07/07/2006 Finisar Awarded Additional Damages in Patent Infringement Case Against DIRECTV
07/07/2006 Ronaldo Misses Out Top Award
07/07/2006 Farms branch out with £3.3m award
07/07/2006 Podolski claims young player award
07/07/2006 Podolski wins Fifa young player award
07/07/2006 GAIL CMD, SAIL bag SCOPE award
07/07/2006 US Mortgage and Habitat for Humanity Announce Award
07/07/2006 Viewpoint Creative Wins 8 Promax/BDA Awards
07/06/2006 ESPY award nominee pins all obstacles
07/06/2006 French Award Valentino Medal
07/06/2006 Big Award on Tobacco Is Rejected by Court
07/06/2006 Six decades later, vet gets his awards
07/06/2006 Fla. Court Throws Out 145B Smokers' Award
07/06/2006 Up In Smoke Florida High Court Rejects Tobacco Damage Award
07/06/2006 Projects up for top design award
07/06/2006 RESPONSE, LLC Wins 4th Nationally Recognized Marketing Award for 2006
07/06/2006 Huge Award For Ex-Smokers Rejected By Fla. Supreme Court
07/06/2006 AIM Accepting Nominations for Reed Irvine Award
07/06/2006 Florida high court rejects record tobacco punitive damages award
07/06/2006 Cristiano Ronaldo tops voting list for `Best Young Player' award
07/06/2006 Fla. court rhrows out 145M smokers' award
07/06/2006 Swedish researcher awarded top meteorological prize by UN agency
07/06/2006 Plexmar Resources Inc. Geophysical Contracts Awarded
07/06/2006 State awards design contract for new forensic center
07/06/2006 Fla. high court rejects tobacco award
07/06/2006 DoD Announces 2006 Freedom Award Recipients
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court rejects 145B award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 Army awards 169M pact to Harris Corp.
07/06/2006 Florida high court rejects 145 billion award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 Fla. Court Rejects 145B Award In Tobacco Case
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court Rejects 145 Billion Award In Smokers Trial
07/06/2006 Court Rejects 145B Award To Smokers
07/06/2006 Fla. court rejects 145B smokers award
07/06/2006 Huge tobacco damages award tossed
07/06/2006 Reaction to Emmy Award Nominations
07/06/2006 Florida High Court Tosses 145B Award in Tobacco Trial
07/06/2006 High Court rejects 145B damage award against tobacco cos.
07/06/2006 Nominees Announced for 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
07/06/2006 Florida rejects anti-tobacco award
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court rejects 145 billion award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 145 Billion Smokers award Rejected
07/06/2006 Florida High Court Tosses 145B Award in Tobacco Trial
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court rejects huge award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 Global Manufacturer of Storage Products Awards Contract to StrikeForce Technologies
07/06/2006 Zidane nominated for Golden Ball
07/06/2006 Italians, French in running for best player award
07/06/2006 'Anatomy' and '24' among top Emmy nominees
07/06/2006 Iowa ethanol group awards E85 grants
07/06/2006 University awarded pathology role
07/06/2006 Zidane shortlisted for Golden Ball award
07/06/2006 Stabile Homes wins seven awards
07/06/2006 Award places scaffolder in pole position
07/06/2006 Ronaldo in young player award race
07/06/2006 GSECE toppers given Abdul Jalil Al Fahim Awards
07/05/2006 Nigeria Awards 1.85 Billion Contract For Niger Delta Road-TV
07/05/2006 Lab earns six awards for top inventions
07/05/2006 Disqualified swimmer a good sport at awards ceremony
07/05/2006 ASH Katrina Relief Program receives ASAE's 2006 Associations Advance America Award of Excellence
07/05/2006 ER Urgent Care Centers Signs Grammy Award Winner as Spokesperson
07/05/2006 State receives Guard award for `Welcome Home' bill
07/05/2006 Seven Young Scientists Receive AAFC Awards at Canada-Wide Science Fair
07/05/2006 Update Symantec Awards En Pointe Technologies, Inc. as Partner of the Year
07/05/2006 The RIAA is giving out Ring Tone Awards
07/05/2006 ORNL garners 6 R&D 100 Awards
07/05/2006 ICE Hosts 10 Best Pastry Chefs Awards
07/05/2006 S.D. family gets weather record-keeping award for more than a century of service
07/05/2006 Buffalo Expands Its Award-Winning Line of NAS Devices With the LinkStation Pro
07/05/2006 Holland & Knight wins appeal for clients' large award
07/05/2006 Family Gets Weather Record-Keeping Award
07/05/2006 NADEP wins safety award
07/05/2006 KUA wins international awards for publication
07/05/2006 Family Gets Weather Record-Keeping Award
07/05/2006 Food Science Grant Awarded to The University of Maine
07/05/2006 U. T. Dallas Scientists Win Two Awards For Nanotechnology Breakthroughs
07/05/2006 Paragon Wireless Receives TMC Labs 2006 Innovation Award for INTERNET TELEPHONYR Magazine
07/05/2006 Few Medals of Honor awarded in recent wars
07/05/2006 Citrix GoToMyPC wins 2006 World Class Award
07/05/2006 EvCC students win national awards
07/05/2006 SiPix Electronic Paper Display Awarded Display Application of the Year by Information Display Magazine
07/05/2006 Food Science Grant Awarded to The University of Maine
07/05/2006 U. T. Dallas Scientists Win Two Awards For Nanotechnology Breakthroughs
07/05/2006 Audrey Devine chooses IDX/MLS Search Application for her Century 21 Award Website
07/04/2006 Family gets weather record-keeping award
07/04/2006 Pirates' first-round pick earns award
07/04/2006 Few Medals of Honor awarded in recent wars
07/04/2006 Former ABC Correspondent Awarded 180,000
07/04/2006 Depardieu Picks Up Lifetime Achievement Award
07/04/2006 Emmys Award Prizes For New Media Platforms
07/04/2006 Japanese optometrist given U.N. award for helping refugees
07/04/2006 US money award for al-Qaida leaders in Iraq
07/04/2006 Portugalâs Ronaldo leads for young player award
07/04/2006 Judge Increases Spanking Lawsuit Award
07/04/2006 National Science Foundation awards Carroll College 100,000
07/04/2006 Bessemer civic leader to receive national award
07/04/2006 2006 Nansen Refugee Award goes to Japanese man with global vision
07/04/2006 Grammy Award Winner Gets 4 Years in Dubai Prison
07/04/2006 Caucasus Muslims award Orthodox leader for peace efforts
07/04/2006 DoT awards Letter of Intent to Tulip IT Services
07/04/2006 Pacquiao gets Palace Hall of Fame award
07/04/2006 PCGG No deal with victims on US award
07/04/2006 Samsung wins award for Braille mobile
07/04/2006 ECB main refi average rate 2.81 pct; marginal rate 2.78; awards 326 bln eur
07/04/2006 Japanese businessman to receive UN refugee award
07/04/2006 Mashreqbank gains Euromoney Magazine 'Best Bank in the UAE' award
07/04/2006 Big Yin awarded honorary degree
07/03/2006 Karnataka coop bank gets Nabard award
07/03/2006 Jury Awards 5.5 Million For Deadly Police Chase
07/03/2006 Langham Triumphs At Tv Awards
07/03/2006 Utility Hurricane Guide, Annual Report Win International Awards
07/03/2006 Clay Chamber wins award for marketing campaign
07/03/2006 Soul singer finally gets her due
07/03/2006 Wasim Jaffer awarded Grade C contract
07/03/2006 Bollywood Superstar and Grammy award winning musicians to support London charity
07/03/2006 Utah Athletes Nominated for ESPY Awards
07/03/2006 Namibian Human Rights Activist Receives MISA Award
07/03/2006 'Quality' award for Buffalo Niagara
07/03/2006 Awards given to computer course crew
07/03/2006 Innovation Award entries due in 6 weeks
07/03/2006 Vietnam veteran Hogan wins hero award
07/03/2006 Jayawardene proud of ruthless Sri Lanka
07/03/2006 Microsoft Gulf State Area Partners Honor Connexia Consulting with Manager’s Excellence Award
07/03/2006 Indie Filmmaker Releases Award-Winning Feature-Length Movie as Pay-For Internet Download, DRM Free
07/02/2006 American Idol's Carrie Underwood Honored with 2006 Music Row Critics' Pick Award
07/02/2006 Miss Pennsylvania Awards Breakfast
07/02/2006 Award for online mastitis sensor
07/02/2006 Montana awarded 1.3 million in Enron case
07/02/2006 Comedy award for accused actor
07/02/2006 LR3 awarded Auto Express New Car Honor For 2006
07/02/2006 Accused actor wins comedy award
07/02/2006 Pakistan series wins first-place honors
07/01/2006 Israel Diamond Industry Awards Presented at WDC
07/01/2006 Is the 'Award Syndrome' Clouding Our Judgment editorial
07/01/2006 Jurors award 500k to Pine Bluff woman in school discrimination case
07/01/2006 Jurors award 550k to Pine Bluff woman in school discrimination case
07/01/2006 Botswana Is the 'Award Syndrome' Clouding Our Judgment
07/01/2006 Printer wins award in case against Drew Pritt
07/01/2006 Union National Bank holds the Second Best Service Branch Award 'BSBA' Ceremony
07/01/2006 Top award for lifesaving joiner
07/01/2006 Mall of the Emirates wins twice at prestigious Retail and Leisure Awards in London
07/01/2006 Podcast Awards Nominations Open Now
07/01/2006 Aldar Properties awards architectural design contract for Marina Residence at Al Raha Beach
07/01/2006 8 Dubai restaurants awarded prestigious Thai government award
07/01/2006 Spark Nabs Five Philly Gold Awards, Besting All Lehigh Valley ad Agencies
06/30/2006 BNP Paribas ECEP receives Euromoney's Best Project Finance House in Middle East Award
06/30/2006 Tung Chee Hwa awarded with HK Grand Bauhinia Medal
06/30/2006 28 million malpractice award tossed out
06/30/2006 20,000 in scholarships awarded at Junior Miss preliminaries
06/30/2006 Philadelphia educator receives award for volunteer work
06/30/2006 Las Vegan Receives American Business Award’s "Best Technician 2006"
06/30/2006 School district awarded grant
06/30/2006 WHAS11 wins two gold and silver awards at Promax
06/30/2006 Military awards Labatt a 25 million food-service contract extension
06/30/2006 PGA Champions Tour Pro Walter Morgan to Receive 2006 African-American Legend of Golf Award
06/30/2006 Court OKs Ohio wrongful imprisonment award
06/30/2006 'The Sacred Trusts' Receive Best Design Award
06/30/2006 UT Dallas scientist wins nanotechnology award
06/30/2006 Motorola Wins China Marketing Award