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07/16/2006 Israel Steps Up Assault on Beirut Suburbs
07/16/2006 Air assault intensifies in Mideast
07/16/2006 2 women assaulted at home
07/15/2006 Children Die in Convoy Attack as Israel Widens Lebanon Assault
07/15/2006 Israel steps up assault; death toll rises
07/15/2006 Israel steps up assault on Lebanon
07/15/2006 Israel Steps Up Assault; Death Toll Rises
07/15/2006 Israel Steps Up Assault, Death Toll Rises
07/15/2006 Israel Steps Up Assault on Beirut Suburbs
07/15/2006 Canadians assault Taliban stronghold
07/15/2006 Jury convicts Pasadena fugitive of sexual assault
07/15/2006 Canadian troops join major assault in Afghanistan
07/15/2006 Ex-congressman Robinson, son surrender to police in assault case
07/15/2006 Cdn. troops take part in massive Afghan assault
07/15/2006 Appeal follows schoolgirl assault
07/15/2006 Rabri Devi protests police assault on teachers
07/15/2006 Israel presses assault on Lebanon
07/15/2006 Jurors Hear Tape in Naval Academy Trial
07/15/2006 Arab foreign ministers hold emergency meeting in Cairo over Israeli assault on Lebanon
07/15/2006 Assault charge in notables' dispute
07/15/2006 Two more rap fans charged in Lakewood park assaults
07/14/2006 Travelers pay exorbitant sums to escape Israel's massive assault
07/14/2006 Jury convicts Balistreri in sexual assaults
07/14/2006 Eminem Accused Of Assault At Strip Club
07/14/2006 Bush refuses to curb Israeli assault
07/14/2006 Kids' Circus Coach Charged With Sex Assault On 7-Year-Old Student
07/14/2006 Israel presses on with Gaza air assault
07/14/2006 Sexually Assaulting Islam The Case of "Muslim" Porn
07/14/2006 Israel hits Beirut airport again, keeps up assault
07/14/2006 House arrest for mother who sexually assaulted son
07/14/2006 Guard Charged With Failing To Stop Inmate Assaults
07/14/2006 National Democrats Continue Their Assault on Catholics and Christians
07/14/2006 Four Suspects Sought In Robbery, Sexual Assault
07/14/2006 Israel continues air assault on Gaza
07/14/2006 Mayor Talks About Girl's Sexual Assault
07/14/2006 Man sentenced to 50 years for assaulting teen
07/14/2006 Israel keeps up Lebanon assault
07/14/2006 RIGHTS-FRANCE Assault Makes Zidane an Immigrant Hero
07/14/2006 Israel hits airport again, keeps up assault
07/14/2006 Israel pursues Lebanon assault unchecked by US
07/14/2006 RIGHTS-FRANCE Assault Makes Zidane an Immigrant Hero
07/14/2006 91-year-old Nepean woman reports sexual assault
07/14/2006 Naomi Faces New Claim Over Assault
07/14/2006 Iraqis slam Israeli assaults on Lebanon and Gaza
07/14/2006 Sao Paulo moves to halt gang assaults
07/14/2006 Israel presses assault on Lebanon
07/14/2006 Israel keeps up Lebanon assault
07/14/2006 Circus coach charged with aggravated sexual assault
07/14/2006 Israel continues air assault on Gaza; US vetoes UN resolution vs Israel attacks
07/14/2006 Assault on pool girl 'horrific'
07/14/2006 Israel continues assault on Lebanon
07/14/2006 Israel widens Lebanon assault
07/14/2006 Israelis intensify assault; Hezbollah retaliates
07/13/2006 Naomi faces third assault charge
07/13/2006 Israeli assault on Lebanon and Gaza continues
07/13/2006 Israel Unleashes Assaults On Hezbollah Strongholds
07/13/2006 Supermodel again sued by an employee who alleges assault
07/13/2006 Pakistan denounces Israeli assaults on Palestinians, Lebanese
07/13/2006 Lubbock Man Charged With Sexual Assault Of Child
07/13/2006 Bellevue street racer convicted of vehicular assault
07/13/2006 Israel continues assault in Lebanon
07/13/2006 Israel continue assault on Lebanon Civilian Death Tool Rises as World Oil Prices Rise
07/13/2006 Fresno Athletes Enter Plea In Assault Of Young Girl
07/13/2006 Missouri Sex-Slay Suspect Charged With Assault
07/13/2006 Suffolk Police Seek Assault & Robbery Suspect
07/13/2006 Missouri Sex-Slay Suspect Charged With Assault of 2nd Victim
07/13/2006 Shooting victim arrested on assault warrant, said police
07/13/2006 Officers indicted in jail assaults
07/13/2006 Tempe police make arrest in slaying, sexual assault
07/12/2006 HPD Man kidnapped, assaulted girl
07/12/2006 Yoyo Spurs Assault
07/12/2006 Arrest made in July 4th robbery, brutal assault
07/12/2006 Sex Assault in Portage la Prairie Winnipeg News
07/12/2006 New Coast Guard Academy leader vows new emphasis on fighting sexual assaults
07/12/2006 Man charged with sexual assault of child
07/12/2006 “Liberal Assault on Joe Could Hurt Democrats in Other Senate Races” by E.J. KESSLER
07/12/2006 Suspects Plead Not Guilty in Sexual Assault of 11-Year-Old
07/12/2006 Accuser's friend speaks at court-martial
07/12/2006 Israel launches ferocious assault on Lebanon after capture of troops
07/12/2006 Fresno athletes plead not guilty in sex assault of 11-year-old
07/12/2006 2 college athletes arraigned in sex assault of 11-year-old girl
07/12/2006 New Coast Guard Academy leader vows new emphasis on fighting sexual assaults
07/12/2006 15 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Forces in their Assault on Gaza Strip, Wednesday
07/12/2006 Coast Guard Academy Sexual assaults 'reprehensible'
07/12/2006 Coast Guard Academy Sexual assaults 'reprehensible'
07/12/2006 Russian Opposition Leader Assaulted at G8 Protest Conference
07/12/2006 HPD looking for sexual assault suspect
07/12/2006 Football players plead not guilty in sex assault on girl
07/12/2006 College Athletes Arraigned in Sex Assault
07/12/2006 Developing Man charged with assaulting policeman
07/12/2006 Man shot; suspect faces assault charge
07/12/2006 Scientologist assaults peaceful protester
07/12/2006 £375 fine for assaulting referee
07/12/2006 Hamas vows painful response to Israel assault
07/12/2006 Accuser Testifies in Naval Academy Case
07/12/2006 Police mum on mayor's assault charges
07/12/2006 Accuser describes assault in Naval Academy rape case
07/12/2006 Israel army launches air, ground assault in Lebanon
07/11/2006 Throw the book at repeat sexual assault offenders
07/11/2006 Math teacher arrested in sexual assault
07/11/2006 Duke lacrosse player convicted in DC assault
07/11/2006 Duke Lacrosse Player Convicted in D.C. Assault Case
07/11/2006 Duke Player Convicted in Assault
07/11/2006 Charges Filed in Assault of 11-Year-Old Girl
07/11/2006 Podiatrist Charged With Criminal Sexual Assault
07/11/2006 Fairview Heights man faces predatory sexual assault charges
07/11/2006 Finnerty Convicted in Georgetown Assault Case
07/11/2006 Attorney Midshipman didn't rape woman
07/11/2006 Attorney Midshipman Didn't Rape Woman
07/11/2006 Zim opposition MP in court for assault
07/11/2006 Former Flint police officer sentenced in teen's assault
07/11/2006 Phoenix officers assaulted
07/11/2006 Charges in MySpace assault case dropped
07/11/2006 Serial Rapist Pleads Guilty to Seven Sexual Assaults
07/11/2006 'Real World' cast member arrested for assault
07/11/2006 Math teacher arrested for sexual assault
07/11/2006 41 dead as Israel presses on with Gaza assault 10-07-2006
07/11/2006 Newark Council member faces assault charge
07/11/2006 Taxi upgrades to help prevent assaults
07/11/2006 Israel pushes on with Gaza assault, death toll hits 50
07/11/2006 MySpace assault case dropped
07/11/2006 Woman assaulted in churchyard
07/11/2006 Tokyu Car to Streamline Design Processes Using PLM Solutions From IBM and Dassault Systèmes
07/10/2006 Baseball bat assault brings 27-year sentence
07/10/2006 Accused Men May Have Been Driven by Hate
07/10/2006 Duke lacrosse player labeled 'instigator' in D.C. assault trial
07/10/2006 Deputies Assault of 15-year-old Clarendon County girl may be hate crime
07/10/2006 Deputies Clarendon County assault may be hate crime
07/10/2006 Local Teacher Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges
07/10/2006 Israel keeps up assault on Gaza
07/10/2006 Man arrested in connection with sexual assaults
07/10/2006 Auto Assault regional servers unite
07/10/2006 Over 100 women raped, assaulted in UK mental hospitals Report
07/10/2006 Youth, 17, arrested over assault
07/10/2006 Assault charges against Cambridge coach dismissed
07/10/2006 Mob Assaults Pair At Santa Rosa Park Sunday
07/10/2006 Assault trial begins for Duke lacrosse player
07/10/2006 <strong>Update</strong> Lakeland nurse found guilty of sexual assault
07/10/2006 Suspect sought in west end assaults
07/10/2006 Man Assaults Wife At Wreck Scene
07/10/2006 2 men charged with assaulting police
07/10/2006 Man arrested following assault
07/10/2006 Police Man assaults wife at wreck scene
07/10/2006 Suspect face charges in home invasion, sexual assaults
07/10/2006 Tel Aviv vows to continue assault
07/10/2006 Danielson man charged with assaulting trooper
07/10/2006 Israel vows to press on with Gaza assault
07/10/2006 Mental unit sex assaults 'rife'
07/10/2006 Israel vows to continue assaults
07/09/2006 Mother of alleged sexual assault victim speaks out
07/09/2006 Assault on the Allegheny http//pittsburghlive/x/pittsburghtrib/news/rss/s_461253.html/li
07/09/2006 Auburn Prison Employee Assaulted
07/09/2006 Assault on the Allegheny
07/09/2006 41 dead as Israel presses on with Gaza assault
07/09/2006 Israel presses on with Gaza assault
07/09/2006 State's attitude to Israeli assault on Gaza criticised at Dublin rally
07/09/2006 America is assaulted from within
07/09/2006 Gaza assault 'will go on'
07/09/2006 Israel continues Gaza assault
07/09/2006 SOCPA serious police assault once again outside downing street
07/09/2006 Israel to step up Gaza assault until soldier freed
07/09/2006 Men Arrested in Sexual Assault of 11-Year-Old
07/09/2006 100 women raped or assaulted in hospital
07/09/2006 Gaza assault may be open-ended
07/09/2006 Gaza assault 'may continue'
07/09/2006 Court overturns 1.25 million verdict in hospital assault
07/09/2006 Courts-Martial Cast Spotlight on Abuse
07/09/2006 Gaza assault 'may continue'
07/09/2006 Gaza assault 'may be open-ended'
07/09/2006 Girl, eight, sexually assaulted
07/09/2006 Olmert†Israel's Gaza assault has no time limit
07/09/2006 Israel continues Gaza assault
07/09/2006 In London, 6-year-old boys sexually assault 5-year-old girls!
07/09/2006 West-end assaults believed connected
07/09/2006 Captain of Harvard football team suspended in criminal assault probe
07/09/2006 Israel presses on with Gaza assault
07/09/2006 26 killed in Army assault on Gaza
07/09/2006 Photos from todays Stop the Assault on Gaza National demonstration
07/08/2006 Israel presses Gaza assault, 31 killed
07/08/2006 GAZA 24 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Assault
07/08/2006 Jury indicts hepatitis C inmate for assault after spitting on guards
07/08/2006 Israeli forces open new eastern front in assault on Gaza
07/08/2006 Kelsey‚s father charged in assault
07/08/2006 Police arrest rappers' fans after assaults in Lakewood
07/08/2006 Man charged with first-degree assault
07/08/2006 Sexual Assault Charges Withdrawn London
07/07/2006 Israeli forces open new eastern front in assault on Gaza
07/07/2006 Pro-uranium mining lobbyists assaulted
07/07/2006 Appleton Police Search for Suspects in Alleged Assault
07/07/2006 Westerly officer accused of sexual assault appears in court
07/07/2006 Israel presses Gaza assault, 31 killed
07/07/2006 Sexual assault reported at Fitger's
07/07/2006 Offender accused of assault inside van
07/07/2006 Trooper sentenced to year in jail for sexual assault
07/07/2006 Assault on singer out of character
07/07/2006 Israel presses Gaza assault, 28 killed
07/07/2006 Israel presses Gaza assault after 24 killed
07/07/2006 Assault at convenience store leads to arrest
07/07/2006 Council probes primary school 'sex assault'
07/07/2006 Antonito man to stand trial in assault case
07/07/2006 Bar owner faces assault charges
07/07/2006 Ice Cream Vendor Accused Of Assaulting Girl
07/07/2006 Girls, five, 'sexually assaulted'
07/07/2006 Gaza fighting after Israeli assault
07/07/2006 Duluth man gets probation in sexual assault case
07/07/2006 'Top rebel' snared in Iraq assault
07/07/2006 24 killed as Israel steps up Gaza assault
07/07/2006 For now, no assault charges against cyclist
07/07/2006 Woman assaulted in community service patrol van
07/06/2006 Teen walking home from work assaulted, robbed
07/06/2006 Stalking Suspect Investigated In Assault Cases
07/06/2006 Rail chief cleared of assaulting steward on train
07/06/2006 Former Alaska teacher charged with sexual assault
07/06/2006 Railway executive cleared of assault
07/06/2006 21 Palestinians killed as Israel steps up assault
07/06/2006 City employees assaulted
07/06/2006 Qatar circulates draft resolution condemning Israel's Gaza assault
07/06/2006 Israel assaults, reoccupies Gaza
07/06/2006 Rail chief cleared of assault on steward in restaurant car
07/06/2006 Judge bars assault info in Lunsford case
07/06/2006 Judge Previous Assault Charge Can't Be Used In Couey Trial
07/06/2006 IAS officer assaults staff triggering protest in secretariat
07/06/2006 Subway Rider Sliced in Power Saw Attack
07/06/2006 DWI suspect charged with aggravated assault
07/06/2006 2nd suspect arrested in assault of 15-year-old girl
07/06/2006 News Woman stabs man, after domestic dispute; man arrested on assault charges
07/06/2006 Red pitcher arrested on suspicion of assault
07/06/2006 Man receives probation in assault case
07/06/2006 Man pleads guilty to sexual assault, rape
07/06/2006 Girl indecently assaulted in daylight attack
07/06/2006 DM &#146;repo man&#146; is assaulted, sat upon
07/06/2006 Teenage girl is assaulted in daylight attack
07/06/2006 Ex-prison guard faces assault charges
07/06/2006 Police Log Man charged with assaulting of female
07/06/2006 Arrest made in kidnapping, assault
07/05/2006 Assault claims threaten police squad's survival
07/05/2006 Developer Q&A Coded Arms Assault
07/05/2006 One Suspect Linked To 3 Assault Cases
07/05/2006 St. Charles Police Investigating Assault At Fireworks Stand, Gas Station
07/05/2006 Fired carnival worker held on assault charges
07/05/2006 Zimbabwe lawmaker assaulted
07/05/2006 Man charged in three sexual assaults
07/05/2006 Former Police Officer Charged with Sexual Assault is HIV Positive
07/05/2006 Big Brother 'Assault' A Practical Joke
07/05/2006 Murderer cleared of sex assault
07/05/2006 Providence man convicted for robbery and assault gets new trial
07/05/2006 Footballer guilty of taxi assault
07/05/2006 Man convicted of robbery and assault in Warwick gets new trial
07/05/2006 Environmental Impact of Israeli Assault on Gaza
07/05/2006 Footballer denies club assaults
07/05/2006 Bellamy denies assault
07/05/2006 Police disarm explosives during assault arrest
07/05/2006 Bellamy in court on assault charges
07/05/2006 Fitchburg police looking for man carrying assault rifle
07/04/2006 Man Denies Sexually Assaulting 90-Year Old Woman calgarynews
07/04/2006 Miami Officer Charged With Assault On Girlfriend
07/04/2006 Elderly man assaulted outside home
07/04/2006 Detective's career ruined by girls' assault claims
07/04/2006 Man found beaten near Eastway center
07/04/2006 Roberts pleads not guilty to assault charge
07/04/2006 False assault claim accused withdraws not guilty plea
07/04/2006 Driver faces 5 counts of intoxication assault
07/04/2006 Accused denies assault at Calgary care home
07/04/2006 Miami-Dade Cop Jailed On Assault Charges
07/04/2006 Teacher facing sexual assault charges
07/04/2006 NBA mascot accused of assaulting officer
07/04/2006 Authorities Man climbs through bedroom window, sexually assaults Aiken woman
07/04/2006 Clerk says he was assaulted during store robbery
07/04/2006 Former council leader accused of sex assaults on boy
07/04/2006 Moor assault linked to rape case
07/04/2006 Club owner acquitted in sexual assault case
07/04/2006 Guilty plea in UConn sexual assault case
07/04/2006 Teacher Accused Of Kidnapping, Assaulting Boy
07/04/2006 Police Log Man charged with assault
07/04/2006 Briefs Washington's Taylor is sued for alleged assault
07/03/2006 Big Brother Contestant Allegedly Assaulted By Housemates
07/03/2006 Man charged with sexual assault of runaway
07/03/2006 Acuff A New Assault on Workers' Rights
07/03/2006 Police officer denies assault
07/03/2006 Teacher charged with sex assault
07/03/2006 Woman charged with assaulting St. Paul officer with her car
07/03/2006 Down with Big Brother, says Australia's PM
07/03/2006 Teen sexual assault survivors seldom complete HIV prevention therapy
07/03/2006 Teen sex assault victims rarely finish HIV meds
07/03/2006 Va. Beach police investigate sexual assault
07/03/2006 Iron Mtn officer arraigned on sex misconduct, assault charges
07/03/2006 Man dies after assault at convenience store
07/03/2006 Inquiry into England fan assault
07/03/2006 Big Brother Australia sex storm
07/03/2006 Aussie BB live sex assault claim
07/03/2006 Young woman critical after mystery assault by blonde
07/03/2006 Railroad worker assaulted
07/03/2006 City woman critical after assault
07/03/2006 2 dead, 4 hurt in separate incidents of assault
07/03/2006 'Sex Assault' On Aussie Big Brother
07/03/2006 Big Brother Australia sex probe
07/03/2006 Man held over musician assault
07/03/2006 2 British troops killed in anti-Taliban assault
07/02/2006 Keating's son faces court on assault charge
07/02/2006 Brits hit in rocket assault
07/02/2006 ex assault on Aussie BB
07/02/2006 Former PMs son in court over assault
07/02/2006 Pulled over, kidnapped and assaulted
07/02/2006 Priest stabbed in Turkey in third recent assault against Catholic clergy
07/02/2006 Israeli assault could displace 25,000 people UN
07/02/2006 Duluth police investigate kidnap, assault report
07/02/2006 Bellamy on assault charge
07/02/2006 Father and son, 13, arrested for sexually assaulting girls in Azur
07/02/2006 Man dies after assault at East Wareham connivence store
07/02/2006 Israeli assault could displace 25,000 people U.N.
07/02/2006 Liverpool footballer charged with assault
07/02/2006 Bellamy Charged With Assault On Girl
07/02/2006 Australian Big Brother contestants removed for alleged sexual assault
07/01/2006 Roberts charged with assault
07/01/2006 2 officers charged in assaults
07/01/2006 All-out assault on AIDS
07/01/2006 Man 'critical' after town assault
07/01/2006 Bush Assault on Freedom What to Stop Him?
07/01/2006 Bush&#8217;s Assault on Freedom What&#8217;s to Stop Him?
07/01/2006 sexual assault on Australian Big Brother. @ Housemates kicked out.Ashley an
07/01/2006 Van Buren man gets life terms in assaults on boys
07/01/2006 Assault victim is grateful for help with tending farm
07/01/2006 OC suspended in Sadhu Yadav assault case
06/30/2006 Ex-Carroll coach jailed in sexual assault case
06/30/2006 Woman allegedly assaulted with shoe
06/30/2006 Woman acquitted on horsewhip charge faces another assault charge
06/30/2006 Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 2 Summer Assault
06/30/2006 Rash of assaults increases police presence on trail
06/30/2006 Duluth police investigate kidnap, assault report
06/30/2006 Israeli assault on Gaza threatens wider Middle East conflagration
06/30/2006 Armed Assault Screens
06/30/2006 Correctional officers injured during alleged assault by inmate
06/30/2006 Nanaimo Sexual Assault
06/30/2006 Giant Eagle security guard charged with assault
06/30/2006 Community service for man over pizza house assault
06/30/2006 Shooting victim charged in assault
06/30/2006 Arabs slam world inaction over Israel assault
06/30/2006 Man charged with assault
06/30/2006 Principal suspended for assault, porn
06/30/2006 Little League coach accused of assaulting boy, 11
06/30/2006 Man Charged With Assaulting TV CameramenLondon
06/29/2006 Assault suspect arrested after chase
06/29/2006 Sexual assault charges against cab driver dropped
06/29/2006 Mech Assualt Phantom War Developer Diary
06/29/2006 Police Looking For Suspects Who Assault SLC Man
06/29/2006 AIPAC v. Norman Finkelstein A Debate on Israel&#8217;s Assault on Gaza
06/29/2006 Israel Arrests Dozens of Hamas Lawmakers and Ministers as Assault on Gaza Widens
06/29/2006 Father Assaults Kids Skateboarding
06/29/2006 Cal QB Pleads Not Guilty To Assault In Bar Dispute
06/29/2006 Israeli occupation forces launch brutal assault
06/29/2006 Police Seek Help in Finding Sexual Assault Suspect
06/29/2006 Belgian girls were assaulted and strangled media
06/29/2006 Hinds Co. jury convicts suspect in kidnapping and assault case
06/29/2006 Footballer faces jail for assault on female ref
06/29/2006 Indecent assault man found guilty
06/29/2006 Sadhu Yadav assaults candidate, poll postponed
06/29/2006 Three Women Sexually Assaulted
06/29/2006 Faking assault is a real crime
06/29/2006 Mainstream News Israel Ups Assault, Arrests one-third of Hamas-led Cabinet
06/28/2006 Former Warren County educator gets day in jail in teen's assault
06/28/2006 Window broken during alleged assault on bicyclist
06/28/2006 65-year-old man arrested for sexually assaulting 7 yr-old girl
06/28/2006 Warrant issued for Dayton man in sex assaults involving two children
06/28/2006 Two police officers eriously assaulted making arrest
06/28/2006 Coast Guard Cadet Gets Six Months for Sex Assault,
06/28/2006 Disabled girl assaulted
06/28/2006 Coast Guard Cadet Gets Six Months for Sex Assault, Extortion
06/28/2006 Little League coach accused of assaulting boy, 11
06/28/2006 Magazines will lead assault with bbc on the flank
06/28/2006 Bus driver assault suspect arrested in Beaverton